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request: “Hey, I like to request something with Draco Malfoy please? The reader always beat Draco in Potion class and Draco was not satisfied so he approached her and take a sudden liking towards her and the reader said that if Draco want to go on a date with her, he needs to score higher mark than her? Love your writing btw. It’s okay if don’t want to this one.” — by anon

+ “Hello! I’ve read all of your imagine and I was so hooked up! I would like to request something. Can I please have a Draco Malfoy x reader? In which the reader is a Ravenclaw (or Slytherin). The reader was the top of the Potions class and Draco was not satiesfied so he approached her for studying advices but end falling for her? He ask her on a date but she would only agree if he get higher marks than her in Potions? Thank you so much and it’s fine if don’t want to do it. 😊” — by anon

a/n: made the reader a mix of ravenclaw and slytherin? i don’t know if i pulled it off but lol. also, i’m trying to make my imagines longer to have a little bit more depth and be more satisfying to the readers or the one who requested idk 😂 also, mixed the two requests bc they are so alike it’s oddly satisfying

p.s. let’s just pretend that draco’s not stressing out on getting the vanishing cabinet done in this imagine because it takes place in half-blood prince.


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11:07 PM // It’s looking like an all-nighter tonight. 

How I Make History Flashcards

  1. Label index cards before starting. Label the key term on the top left corner of the red line in one color, and the unit number on the top right in another. 
  2. Keep all your resources available: textbooks, Quizlets, lecture notes, powerpoints off the teacher’s website, and any other study materials. As I am studying for AP US History, I have my Barron’s review book handy (for those of you who aren’t in the States, Barron’s is a test preparation company that publishes in-depth review books with practice tests for AP subjects). 
  3. Read through your review book (or textbook) and highlight important details. When you come across a term you need to define, mark it with an asterisk and find the respective index card. 
  4. I generally use a color-code system when it comes to history. If you are interested in doing this, I advise you to keep the system consistent throughout the unit. Write down main points in one color. Use arrows for details. 
  5. When another term that is important or you simply aren’t familiar with shows up, write it in another color. If that term is not significant enough to need its own index card, give space somewhere on the card to use the bullet system to draw out its main points. Then use that term’s special color to draw a bracket around its bullet points, and draw an arrow from that bracket back to the term.
  6. If there are multiple points involving the key term, try to form a question out of it and write that in a contrasting color, and answer it below with bullets. For example, instead of having a bullet for “Decline of the Federalist Party” and listing its details out under it with asterisks or arrows, you would write “What led to the decline of the Federalist Party?” and bullet the answers below. This is a system I adopted from universityandme that helps you to quiz yourself when reviewing your notes. It also helps me to better understand the content because it forces me to read the text so that I can come up with a proper phrasing for the question, so thank you Iris. 
  7. Subjects like APUSH are all about knowing why an event or a term is significant, so with a small post-it note, list out whatever the significance of that term is and stick it on the top right of the card. My review book was not so handy when it came down to identifying the importance of the key terms, so this is when you could resort to looking it up on Google/Quizlet (I would avoid doing this as much as possible, unless you are not easily distracted by the Internet). If you don’t have post-its, just write the points on the card like normal and highlight it with a bright color. 
  8. If you’re a visual learner or you fancy graphic organizers, draw your pictures and notes out on the blank side of the index card. You could also just do so on a different colored post-it and stick it in the front, or place your illustration on the bottom of the card if there is room to do so. 
  9. Use your additional resources for extra details. If there’s no room for additional details on the index card, use a slim post-it to fit them in.

This is a new method of note-taking and studying I’ve been using that comes in handy because the question-answer thing forces me to understand what it is I’m reading so that I can phrase a question to ask. By reading my review book for details, I’m soaking in the material rather than simply looking up terms on Quizlet and copying everything I see. By isolating the reasons the terms are significant, I can distinguish in my mind the more important details regarding the key term. Feel free to send me an ask if you need help or need me to post a picture specific to one of the steps; I feel as though my explanations are a bit hard to follow.

If you want to try this out, I highly recommend doing it the weekend before your exam, because a single card generally takes me personally about 5-10 minutes.

sorry for inactivity but this hellweek is almost over and then I will be Okay

Persona 5 here we go

Is this for day 1 of pride? Why not… Lol. June 5th. 30 days of pride.

Though Pride month coincides with summer borderlands bingo and Promptio week (june 26 - july 2) so we’ll see what happens this month!

First up is a little Akira/Mishima from Persona 5 because Mishima is my cinnamon roll of the game. Seriously too cute.

I have a lot of pairings I like in Persona 5 so… And its all fresh in my mind since I’m still playing it.

It wasn’t the first time Yuuki had caught himself staring. Even from across the room, and several desks back, he never felt like he had any trouble turning his head to watch the sleep rumpled head of Akira Kurusu.

Teachers never called on him in class, he had for years been plagued by a sense of being nondescript and had a tendency to fade into the background. No one bothered to care where his gaze fell or where his mind wandered…

The sun shone over Akira’s desk and over whatever textbook the relaxed boy was using to cover up whatever it was he was doing. Around him everyone was either talking amongst themselves about their weekend plans or with their heads in their books going over the old material for the review quiz they knew Mr. Ushimaru would give them once he returned from the office. The hardass.

Instead of doing any of that, Yuuki was watching Akira with rapt attention. If he looked closely enough he could see the slight flick of a tail from his desk. How no one else knew Akira’s cat followed him to class each and every day he would never know.

Yuuki thought it was adorable. He wasn’t sure when the cat had appeared, as far as he could tell, the boy had always had this cat. It had to have been within the first few weeks Akira had transferred to Tokyo.

And gosh did he dote on the thing.

Sometimes he wished he was that cat… receiving gentle scritches and those small smiles…

Knowing the cat probably curled up on his futon with him and…

God was he seriously jealous of a cat?

He felt ashamed… for months now he had been harbouring this crush. At first he felt it was just pure devotion to Akira for saving him. Though the other had tried to be sly at first and avoid the topic, Yuuki knew without a doubt that Akira was one of the Phantom Thieves.

He didn’t know how many there was… or if the transfer student was simply acting on his own. But Akira was a terrible liar. With time and gentle pushing, the boy had all but admitted it.

Yuuki wished he could be one so badly. He said as much, let me join you, let me help. Akira had shook his head, eyes hiding behind the mop of his hair and the light glaring over his glasses. “You can’t.”

It had stung. The blunt and brutal rejection. Akira didn’t need him. He didn’t know how he had made Kamoshida confess the way he did. But over time he watched the thief cause a change in countless others, whether it be small time bullies in Shujin’s own halls, or elusive threats like that mafia boss Kaneshiro…

A few days later in Ms. Chouno’s class he watched Ann pull out her phone discreetly. A moment later Akira snuck his own phone out.

The rumours in class that those two were a couple had been circulating for weeks. Sometimes he caught them leaving class together, their body language showing their casual familiarity with each other.

Yuuki knew he didn’t stand a chance. It was so bold of them to throw their relationship around at school, defying the strict rules.

The thief had stolen Yuuki’s heart too.

The only way he could distract himself was to put all of his being into the Phan-site. He’d show Akira how useful he could be. Even if he could never win Akira’s heart… he just wanted to stay close…

“You’re still working on that site, even here? You know this is supposed to be a vacation right?”

Yuuki glanced up from his phone when he heard Akira’s voice. He had been so engrossed in his work he had forgotten where he was.

Ever since the Thieves had taken out Medjed, the Phan-site had exploded. On all fronts. Modding the site had become a full time job.

He was in Hawaii on the school trip. He was rooming with Akira…

How he had managed that… Yuuki thanked his lucky stars. No one else in their class had wanted to room with them. Everyone was still too in awe yet fearful of Akira and no one seemed to know who Yuuki was still… after all of these years.

He could have kissed Ms. Kawakami for denying Ryuji the way she had… if she totally didn’t intimidate the crap out of him for some reason or another. She was kind for the most part, but there seemed to be an edge to her he felt was like a knife…

“How can I relax when the Thieves are more popular than ever? The whole world has their eyes on them. Maybe there’s a request here in Hawaii…”

Akira just huffed and fell back onto his hotel bed. “Just relax Mishima…” he mumbled, slipping his glasses off of his nose and tossed them on the bed beside him.

Brown eyes widened. “But this could be a great opportunity.”

Suddenly Yuuki was pinned in place by grey eyes. He had never seen Akira without his glasses before. His whole demeanor seemed… different. Less quiet and reserved. More… dangerous. It was exciting.

Distantly he remembered that Akira’s cat was not brought to Hawaii with them… they were truly alone…

“The thieves cant do anything right now… This is a break for us too.” Something shone in Akira’s eyes. “Now… turn off your phone and come here. Don’t make me get up and come to you.”

Yuuki’s body moved without him even telling him to. Compelled by that look in those grey eyes and the small smirk on those lips… He felt like he couldn’t breathe.

He couldn’t help the embarrassing squeak as Akira reached out and pulled him in towards his body and down onto the bed with him. Akira’s light chuckle hit his neck as his limbs wound their way around his, thigh pressing close as his other leg sprawled over Yuuki’s thigh, arms tight and Yuuki could feel the quiet strength in the body holding him close.

“Not used to sleeping without a body… “

“A-ah… With Takamaki?”

Akira made a soft puzzling noise as he… was he nuzzling his neck? Yuuki’s brain was short circuiting… he didn’t ever think…

“What about Ann?” he seemed truly puzzled, but continued to nose at Yuuki’s throat, his arms tightening slightly about the body in his arms. “I mean without Mona… he always sleeps close, his little paws kneading on my chest in his sleep… though he would never admit it…”

Akira’s voice sounded distant… as if almost talking to himself but Yuuki listened intently to the way the object of his affection talked about his pet cat as if Morgana (he had gleaned that information from Ryuji once a few months back) could actually talk to him.

Shyly, he reached up to press a palm lightly against Akira’s chest… he could feel the muscles underneath his black t-shirt…

The noise Akira made then was almost a purr. Holy…

“Akira…” Yuuki could barely breathe the other boys name… his cheeks must be scarlet.

“He’d get mad at me for staying up so late so… stay here… okay…?”

Yuuki nodded into the dark curls in front of him. He didn’t have much choice but even then… this is more than he had ever dared to dream…

“As long as I’m useful to you…” he whispered

The reply was so distant, already half under the thrall of sleep; “You’re always useful Mishima… thank you…”

Love the fandom idea of Akira having cat mannerisms. Mishima is so precious.

warmyellowbuffalo  asked:

こんにちは!ブログが便利で好きですよ!あなたは初心者のためのオンラインテストが知っていますか?I am almost finished with the 1st Genki book and I was wondering if you knew of any useful online quizzes or tests for beginners. A lot of the ones I find are either too simple (basic vocab or particle quizzes) or too advanced (everything is written in kanji with no furigana). Thanks in advance!

Hey, thanks for your message. Well done on finishing Genki 1! There are supplementary materials for Genki 1 here. If you haven’t done the accompanying Genki Workbook then I really recommend that for making sure you have lots of review and retain what you’ve studied. 

Genki 1 should cover up to around JLPT N5 level, so if you can find N5 review materials then they should suit you. The N5 parts of this book would be appropriate (this is a review quiz book).

Aside from that Japanesetest4you.com has a wide range of tests. Try the N5 level ones and they should suit you.
Good luck and please do message again if you need anything else.

mmmm anyways. gotta go tuck into my EarthSci that I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT in all the SU/OK K.O./Extra Life fun this weekend so!!!! I’ll be back to being a real person/presence again by midnight at the latest lol~


Day 18&19 / 100 days of productivity ✨ @emmastudies

I went home this weekend

▪️finished my notes for the Infection quiz next week
▪️started reviewing the first classes (cause this week is gonna be crazy)
▪️planned the week ahead
▪️spent some time re-arranging my Immunology notes so that now they are more organized and easier to study

{keep your eyes👀 on the stars✨ and your feet👣 on the ground⛰}

Well Prepared: Patrick Stump fanfiction

A/N: hey guys had another rough day but that’s ok it’s the bad days that make the good ones even better, right? Stay alive my friends. Anyways, enough of that. Thank you so much for all the love and support, (although I have been getting quite a lot of smut requests lately you silly little dirty children) haha but it’s okay I love it you guys are the best. If you could maybe say whether you want a female, male, or gender neutral character for smut that would help me out a ton though! Thanks so much. Feel free to send in more, you are all so kind and loving! Xoxo here’s another one for you all

Anonymous said:
Hey, could you do a Patrick X Reader smut with loads of fluff where he tries to distract the reader as they study for a test but they’re really stressed and he knows that? Thank u x
*gender neutral smut, my friends :)

It wasn’t that you were a bad student or that you didn’t study, it was just hard to concentrate in health class. There was this really cute boy with blonde hair and glasses who sat next to you, and while he was kind of dorky and always insisted on wearing a fedora, he was funny and extremely sweet. He was just sometimes distracting. When you would take tests, you’d glance over at him and get lost watching him, the way he tapped his pencil on the desk mesmerizing and his concentrated face absolutely adorable. A couple weeks into the class, you became good friends, and later even study buddies. You would share notes, quiz each other for review, and collaborate on assignments and homework. Health wouldn’t really be that hard, you aced most of your other classes, but this cute boy was always stealing your attention. Not like you were complaining though, he was probably the best thing that had ever happened to you.

So when Patrick Stump, the boy you had been crushing on all Health semester long, asked if you wanted to come over and study for the skeleton exam at his house, you didn’t think twice upon taking him up on the offer. You gathered up all your notes and review worksheets, and then set off for his house, your excited heart fluttering in your chest. You had never spent time with Patrick outside of school other than texting and sometimes calling, so this was new for you. He opened the door before you could even knock, and you tried on a nervous smile. “Hey y/n!” his face lit up as he ushered you in. “Uh, my parents are going to be gone tonight. I hope that’s okay with you.”

“Yeah it’s fine,” you laughed. “Don’t worry about it.”

“I just forgot to tell you,” Patrick shrugged. “I had most stuff set up on the couch there.” He gestured towards where his notecards were scattered on the sofa, television playing on mute, phone playing rock music not too loud, a couple snacks beside where he had been sitting.

“Cool. How are you doing?” you wondered, sitting down beside him.

“I’m good. Just sort of stressed, you know?” he responded. “How about you?”

“Me too,” you nodded. “I only studied a little bit.”

“You want some?” Patrick wondered, offering you a handful of black licorice.

“Nah, I’ll pass,” you shook your head. “You like that stuff?”

“I love it,” he admitted. “I know, not a whole lot of people do. Pete always gives me a hard time about it.”

“It’s fine,” you rolled your eyes. “Just different.”

“You like different?” he raised an eyebrow.

“I love it,” you winked. “But I do believe we’re getting a little off topic. Shouldn’t we be studying for the skeleton test?”

“Of course,” Patrick replied. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun with it.”

“Since when was studying fun?” you scoffed.

“Anything is possible if you try hard enough,” he reminded.

“Well let’s study first and then find a way to make it fun later,” you giggled. “Okay?”

“Fine,” he sighed playfully, picking up his notecards and taking a bite of a black licorice stick.

“What is above the thoracic vertebrate?” you read a question from a notecard, eyeing him carefully.

“Uh, I don’t know,” he laughed. “Your brain?”

“The cervical vertebrate,” you sighed. “The brain isn’t even part of the skeleton!”

“Yeah it is,” he frowned.

“The skull,” you corrected. “Not the brain.”

“That’s what I meant,” Patrick rolled his eyes. “Now where’s the cervical vertebrate again?”

“Hold on let me see the diagram-” you asked, reaching for it in his hand, but he shook his head. “Why not?”

“I want you to show me,” he smiled slyly.

“What do you mean?” you narrowed your eyes.

“On your body,” he grinned. “You don’t need a diagram to show me where your uh, what’s it called again?”

“Cervical vertebrate?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “You don’t need a diagram to show me where that is.”

“Oh um, well…” you got flustered as you ran a hand over your neck and clavicle, fingers barely touching your upper chest. “There it is.”

“Hmm,” he stared at you for a second in approval.

“What?” you tried to not blush, bringing your hand back down to pick up the notecards again. “That’s the cervical vertebrate.”

“It’s never looked that good before,” he mentioned, making you do a double take.

“What?” you looked at him, unsure he had actually just said that.

“Keep going,” he urged. “Remember? We’ve got to study.”

“Patrick,” you eyed him carefully. “Studying means going through the notecards and answering the questions.”

“Well we can have a little fun with it,” he pointed out. “Like, what’s the next one?”

“Hold on, let me see…” you stared down at the stack of notecards in your hand, moving to the next one in rotation. “Where is the sternum located?”

“I forget,” he frowned. “Maybe you can show me?”

“Enough with that,” you rolled your eyes. “If you want to see it so bad why don’t you show it yourself.”

“Maybe I will,” he smirked. “You’ve got to tell me where it’s located though.”

“It runs down the middle of your chest,” you explained. “Funny to think that I didn’t study once yet I know more than you do.”

“Hey!” he teased playfully. “I know a couple.”

“Shut up and show me your sternum,” you giggled.

“Fine,” he complied, reaching down and pulling his shirt off, showing off his pale complexion. He was actually really hot. He ran a finger down the center of his chest. “Like what you see?”

“Whatever,” you tried not to blush. You fumbled for the next notecard. “The patella is located below which bone?”

“It’s located below a lot of bones,” Patrick shrugged. “It depends how specific you want to be.”

“I actually don’t remember this one,” you admitted.

“How about for every answer someone misses, they have to do one command the other person tells them to?” he suggested.

“This isn’t some kinky party game,” you laughed. “We’re supposed to be studying.”

“What’s so kinky about trying a little black licorice?” he winked before taking another piece into his mouth, keeping eye contact with you the entire time.

“Femur,” you recited, ignoring his antics and flipping over the notecard. “The patella is located underneath the femur.”

“I’m probably the only guy in the world that likes to eat black licorice,” he sighed, leaning back and chewing on it thoughtfully.

“Enough with that bullshit,” you groaned, frustrated. “We need to learn these by tomorrow or we’re screwed for the test.”

“You never showed me your femur yet,” he reminded.

“Goddammit Patrick Stump,” you muttered. “What’s the real reason you invited me over?”

“To study,” he protested. “I swear!”

“Well you’re not doing a very good job,” you pouted, putting your hands on your hips. “You’ve got to learn to concentrate and focus. You never have this problem in class.”

“Maybe because we’re not one on one in class,” he argued.

“What? So I’m the one being distracting? I’m not even doing anything!” you sighed.

“Well I wasn’t either!” he threw his hands up in the air. “But all of a sudden the smartest kid in the class doesn’t know any of the answers on their test because they’re too busy staring at me all semester long.”

“Am not,” you rolled your eyes.

“What? Smart or staring at me? Because both of those are true,” he clarified.

“Shut up,” you shook your head. “Look, are we going to study or not?”

“We’ve been studying!” he complained. “I don’t see why you think you can’t have fun at the same time.”

“It’s not fun, it’s being distracted,” you frowned.

“So you’re telling me that this isn’t fun?” he wondered, leaning in close and tracing your knee with his fingertip gently. “You don’t like this?”

“Patrick-” you began but he shook his head.

“This is the patella,” he informed before his fingers slowly moving up your thigh. “And this is the femur. See? I’m learning something.”

“And this is the scapula,” you narrowed your eyes, pushing him away by his shoulder.

“You’re cute when you’re angry,” he winked, making your heart flutter. You took a deep breath, trying to stay cool.

“And you’d be cute if you actually focused on studying instead of flirting all the time,” you giggled. “Just saying.” You reached for the notecards but he pushed them away, instead meeting your hands and interlocking his fingers with yours, meeting your gaze.

“Let’s take a break,” he begged. For the first time tonight, you didn’t disagree.

“Okay,” you complied.

However, when his lips crashed onto yours without warning, hands on your hips, pushing you down into the couch cushions, it was definitely not the kind of break you were expecting. “You like that?” he murmured.

“Yeah,” you nodded as he kissed you again. When he pulled away you tried to hide a smile. “I think I changed my mind.”

“About what?” he wondered, pausing to catch his breath.

“That black licorice tastes really good,” you winked, watching as he met his lips with yours once more.

“I actually learned a couple of things,” he managed to tell you between kisses, his lips slowly traveling down your neck. “Skull.” He kissed your forehead. “Mandible.” He kissed your jaw. “Clavicle.” He kissed above your chest before he snuck his hands down to the hem of your t-shirt, slowly pulling it up and off of you. “Ribs.” He glided his hands down your stomach before making his way to your hips, unbuttoning your jeans and looking up and smirking.

“I’m impressed,” you admitted.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” he chuckled. He tugged off your pants before kissing you again, this time even better than the first, which you had thought wouldn’t even be humanely possible, before he took off his own pants. “You’re gorgeous you know.”

“You are too,” you smiled shyly. “Hopefully you’ll understand why I was staring so much.”

It wasn’t long before you were on top of each other, his lips roaming your body and his fingers gliding across your skin, making you feel pleasures you had not even dreamed of before, the amazing euphoria of him sinking into you, making your heart rush, and the sweet ecstasy of release. You tugged at his golden locks, whispering his name after you had both cum, begging him to kiss you once again. It was the most amazing experience you had ever had, and you wanted even more. “See?” he placed a kiss to your lips gently, tangling his fingers in your hair as you both cuddled up on the couch, clothes sprawled on the floor and sweaty bodies combined in a close embrace. “We’re studying and having fun.”

“Studying,” you rolled your eyes. “Right.”

“You think you’ll be well prepared for the test?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Oh I’m well prepared alright,” you chuckled. “I just don’t know if it’s for the test, or maybe another short break.”

“I like the sound of that,” he grinned, placing his lips on yours again, both of you losing yourselves in the entrancing sensation of bodies combined.

I find it  a problem of pointing out biology card between men and women in sports.

It dismisses the very big training level differences and thus, the exponential impact it does. Take the Australian women team vs the 14 yearold boys. It’s clear that even 14 yearolds are put to a lot more training than women’s division if they got such a large point difference in their win. I know folks keep going with biology but a lot of folks miss the fact that males train much more and much more challenging ways than girls since their teen years and that gradually builds up exponentially as they get older. That is also why the set match count for males and females are 5 and 3 respectively, despite the fact that Tennis isn’t about power at all but power control with some level of speed.

Biology can only take people so far. It’s training that makes the exponential difference over the years. And it’s generally pretty clear that in most female sports, they have another job on the side. This further shows that they would have less time to train than the males in sports. So honestly, where’s the question of females standing a chance if not outing at least 75% of the amount of intense training to even attempt doing these face offs. When I see both doing intense training and then facing off, then I will see if it’s really biology. Otherwise, biology is just the complete growth to enable the body to further push itself aka motivation versus the causation. Training is what really gets the earned wins there.

TL;DR: Quit dismissing the obvious training intensity differences. “Biology” isn’t the reason for everything. Doesn’t mean shit in jeopardy quiz review games in classes. Means shit if it fails to work hard. Hard work is the key.

anonymous asked:

What are your best tips for self-studying APs?

Ah, self-studying… There’s nothing surer than the arrival of spring break that designates self-studying season approacheth. If only we all had a Dorota to help us prepare…

Although I’ve taken a handful of AP courses (both teacher- and self-led), I can only speak from my experiences in self-studying the following exams: AP Art History, AP Macroeconomics, AP World History, and AP Psychology.

Here’s my guide to kicking ass and taking AP scores. 

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anonymous asked:

how do you organize a study group? and what do you do during one? does everybody study together or do they study their own thing? thank you!!!

study groups

i’ve had an ongoing study group with friends for a while now, we basically just meet up and study. if we have the same classes, we’ll study together (review notes, quiz each other, ask questions, etc.) but if not, we just study at the same time. 

why should you have a study group ?

  • it’s super motivating and it makes the whole studying process a bit more fun.
  • you get to hang out with your friends AND be productive ! how great ! 
  • you can help each other out, get someone to review your essay, quiz each other or anything like that. it creates a really dynamic study community (kinda like studyblr, but irl)
  • one of the best study techniques out there is teaching the material to someone, and doing it with your friends is awesome because a) you’re studying, b) you’re learning new things and c) you can create weird shit like rap songs with the names of primates (which you will still laugh about a year and a half later, speaking from experience)
  • you can force each other to work ! be like ‘hey i see you there on instagram, leave your phone alone’ !!! recently, my friends and i started doing this thing where we leave our phones in our bags and the first one to take it out has to buy everybody else a beer (i loose a lot)

some study moods we enjoy/recommend

  • the coffee shop ; coffee shops are good for regular studying. we tend to go there to have a chiller mood, with food and coffee (and free wifi !). it’s also great for just chatting (about class of course)
  • the library ; at my school, you can reserve study rooms (which is great because you can talk and stuff). we usually go to the library during mid terms/finals for those really intense study groups. also, during finals, my library is open 24/7 and we can go during the night, which is really neat 
  • home ; pretty much everyone’s favourite. we like to open a nice bottle a wine (or cheap beer), grab some take out and put on super loud music. it’s great for a more upbeat ambiance, but it does make productivity a bit more challenging.
concerning study groups . . .

so, disclaimer for my purpose in writing this: i know a ton of people who say that study groups were the reason they made it through university. and i just felt like it was necessary to clear some misconceptions up and to share my own personal experience with study groups. I LOVE study groups, but sometimes they can go off the rails if you don’t follow a couple guidelines. okay, enjoy. 

study groups should be: 

  • beneficial to everyone involved. this means the EVERYONE should be contributing an equal share. eight people should not be learning off of one person’s carefully detailed notes. everybody who wants to study together needs to do the same amount of prep before, or it’s just others mooching off the one provider of knowledge. not fair. 
  • small, if in person. I say in person because I’ve been a part of a few huge class facebook groups that all contribute to one study guide together. that’s fine if that’s how you want to roll, but again: lazy people WILL take advantage of your work ethic. smaller study groups are better because more people have to contribute and it’s easier to state ideas without someone interrupting, accidentally or otherwise. you can also cover more material.
  • held more than one night before the exam. if you get a bunch of people together the night before, they probably aren’t prepared, and they’re probably there to cram. study groups are never beneficial for cramming–they’re much better for filling out study guides together or quizzing on already known information. if you try to condense your memorizing, learning, and mastering into one night without working by yourself, the group won’t be productive and you’ll be wasting your time. 
  • purposeful. living on the honors floor all year made me realize that some people call their weekly social gathering and gossip sesh a “study group.” call it what it is, folks. study groups should be centered around something: a quiz, test, project, even reviewing last week’s lecture. If you don’t have a point, I guarantee your intended two-hour review will dissolve into who the bachelor will choose. I’m not kidding. 
  • selective. this is because, again: it is VITAL that everyone contributes. many hands make light work, but if you’ve got one brain helping five brains out with nothing in return, that brain will get worn out. you do not have to feel obligated to study with that dude who’s been texting in class all semester. chances are, he recognizes that you’ve been working your ass off and he will most definitely try to take advantage of that. your work is yours, and it is entirely up to you who you share the fruits of your labor with. 
  • fun. I know I just laid out a lot of rules here, but your study group should also be a good time. most everyone I’ve met on studyblr is pretty self-motivated and could easily study information on their own, so remember: a study group is a way to make studying more efficient, more comprehensive, and more enjoyable. pausing to make cookies and lemonade or watch a quick episode of the office does not make your study group unsuccessful–it makes it smart. you definitely need breaks, just in proportion to your studying time. 
Riarkle Drabble #12

This drabble was requested by riarkle-trash. The prompt is from this post, number 59: “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I will never leave you again.”

With one swift breath, Riley jutted out her hand and knocked on the door. It vibrated a bit as she knocked three times but she didn’t notice, she had started to wring her hands from her nerves. After a few seconds, Riley could hear footsteps from the other side of the door. Maybe it was her pounding heart, she really couldn’t be sure.

When the door swung open, she held her breath. He looked relatively the same. He was taller, if that was even possible, then when she had seen him before, and his hair looked a little darker. But what really caught her eye was the guarded way he was standing. 

“Hi,” she greeted, sheepishly.

Farkle looked at her, a strange look in his eye as he took a small step back, “Riley,” he said, cold and unwelcoming.

She gulped and kept going, “It’s nice to see you,” she mentioned, her voice becoming awkward and slightly choppy.

An annoyed look settling on his face, Farkle shook his head, “Is that what you came here for? Small talk?” he asked her, she didn’t answer. After a few seconds, he spoke again, “Nice seeing you, Riley,” he scoffed, beginning to shut the door.

“Wait. Farkle,” she shouted, quickly throwing her hand out to stop the slamming door.

In panic, the collision of the slamming door and the pushing of her hand caused Riley to almost buckle in a hot feeling shot up her arm. She let out a yelp and clutched her hand, her face contorting in pain. Immediately, Farkle flew open the door, running to Riley and holding her as she almost dropped to the ground.

“Oh my gosh, Riley, I’m so sorry,” he apologized, the words tumbling out of his mouth as he held on to her.

When she didn’t say anything but just stared at where his hands were gripping her at the waist, Farkle immediately jumped away both of them awkwardly standing there. Him rubbing his neck and her holding her arm.

He coughed to break the silence, “Here, I can help you with that,” he offered, heading inside the apartment, “Come in.”

Riley looked at him slightly confused, “Last I checked you were slamming the door in my face,” she commented.

From inside the apartment, Farkle yelled back, “And last I checked you were leaving the state without even saying goodbye,” he snapped.

She stood there flushing with embarrassment, when he appeared again he held a bag of ice and one of his old turtlenecks. 

“Sorry that was a little harsh,” he amended after seeing her face.

Riley shook her head and moved to go inside his apartment, “It was called for, don’t worry.” He motioned for her to sit on the couch and she did as she was told. Soon enough he came over, sliding her arm through his old turtleneck so it ended up going through the head hole and using the sleeves he tied the bag of ice to her arm.

After a second or two, Farkle looked up at Riley instead of her arm. She had changed so much, he’d noticed. Her hair was cut into a long bob and instead of her flowy dresses she was wearing a blazer and some jeans. It was a weird transition but he saw how underneath it, she was still that girl with the optimism.

“Why didn’t you say goodbye, Riley?” he asked her suddenly, cutting her off again when she was about to answer, “I mean, you used to tell me everything and then I went over to your house to hang out and you were just gone. And everyone knew but me.”

Riley looked down, trying to explain something to the boy that she hadn’t even let explained to herself. “I– I don’t know,” she admitted, letting out a breath. “I kept trying to tell you that I was leaving to go to this great internship across the country but every time I tried, it just didn’t happen. I mean I even wrote a letter to you that I was going to leave in your mailbox but then it was an hour until my flight and–,” Riley let her words drop off. 

Farkle looked at her, “It sucked, you know,” he said. “I came home to find the girl that I was in love with, gone. She didn’t even tell me goodbye and now she was across the country and it kind of felt like I didn’t mean anything to you.”

Without thinking, Riley grabbed his hand, “I didn’t mean to do that Farkle I–”

Ripping his hand from hers, Farkle stood up, “Don’t do that, Riley. If you didn’t mean it, you would’ve said goodbye.”

She shook her head, she started to get defensive. “What about me, Farkle? I had to leave you and my family and I couldn’t even bring myself to tell you! It was torture! I was so stressed about it everyday, it drove me insane!”

Farkle rolled his eyes, “Don’t play the ‘pity me’ card, Riley. You left me. Not the other way around,” he argued. She looked down, ashamed. “You should go,” he said, “keep the turtleneck, it’s not like I wear it anymore, right?” he joked, or attempted to.


“You know I waited for you to come home,” he interrupted. “I sat in your bay window for an hour and then Maya came in and told me you left and everything just stopped. Why didn’t you say goodbye?”

Riley sighed, “If I said goodbye then I would’ve stayed. Farkle, I loved you too,” she admitted. “Still do,” she mumbled. “So you can tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay, I won’t ever leave you again.”

When he didn’t answer, Riley got up and kissed his cheek. She muttered her goodbyes and left, bringing the light that was once in the room with her.




A couple days later, Riley was at the park, reading her book and counting the minutes until she could acceptably go home (her father had forced her to leave the apartment to get some fresh air). The bench was fairly comfortable and lucky for her, no one else decided to sit on the bench. At least not for the first hour. 

Midway into the second hour, Riley noticed a man had sat next to her, his dark clothing casting a shadow on her book.

“So I’m not saying I forgive you for leaving. But I am willing to try,” Farkle told her, waiting for her response. He got her response that she was listening when her fingers that were playing with the pages, paused for a second. “And if your offer still stands,” he took a deep breath, “I’d like you to stay.”

Riley closed her book at looked at Farkle who, surprised to say, was staring at her. “You sure?” she asked. “Because, I’m all in.”

Farkle nodded, “Me too.”

Riley looked away from him and stared straight ahead. “So you were in love with me, were you?” she teased. 

Farkle rolled his eyes, smiling, “Still am.”

She didn’t answer but just continued to read, grabbing his hand after she had finished her next chapter she felt Farkle’s hand curl around hers and this time, when Riley held on, neither of them let go.

Weekly Recap | wk 4 October

- Parasha blog post.

- Maintaining a streak reading parasha.

- Finished integumentary section of medical coding exam review.

-  Requested my next book for review.

- Started reading “Stake Sauce” by RoAnna Sylver.

- Wrote a review of “Stake Sauce” by RoAnna Sylver.

- Transplanting Cilantro in the greenhouse. I’ll be planting strawberries soon. :)

- 20,000 Series Musculoskeletal System exam prep.

- Started knitting a new pair of socks.

- Podcasts: “Deadly Manners”, “Lore”.

- Audiobook: “An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States” by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.

- 3 Peer assessments.

- Quiz

- Course Eval.

- Review Quiz.

- Discussion forum.

- Essay.

- Got an email saying my internship starts this week. *faints*

- Knitted a pair of mittens for my mom for her birthday.

- Set up Libby on my phone. Digital libraries are awesome.

- Getting ready for my final in College 101.

- Took my dog to the park.

Different reaction when you pasok in college life..

#Situation 1

***May nakitang nagtutukaan sa hallway.***

“Ay anu bayan, ginawang motel ang hallway”

(Masanay ka na. Kahit magtusukan pa sila dyan, uso ang PDA sa college.)

#Situation 2

***May nakitang pogi sa school***

“Oh my! Ang pogeeee!” ***biglang pumiltik yung kamay ng pogi*** “Ay, bakla pala.”

(Masanay ka na. Maraming pogi sa college na pogi din ang hanap)

#Situation 3

***Tingin ng tingin sa salamin at laging pinapansin ang eyebags***

“Ay, kainis naman. Lumalaki nanaman yung eyebags ko.”

(Masanay ka na. Yan ang puhunan mo sa college. Dyan ka huhusgahan ng kapwa mo estudyante kung gaano ka kasipag magpuyat.)

#Situation 4

***Nagbigay ang prof ng suprise quiz, hindi ka nag-review***

“Shete naman! Hindi pa napag-aaralan yan eh!”

(Masanay ka na. May mga prof na hindi na tinuturo at pinapa-quiz nalang agad-agad. Self-study ang katapat)

#Situation 5

*** Graduating ka na, hindi mo alam na may inc ka.***

“Thefuq naman! Di ko alam yun eh!”

(Ganyan talaga, hindi na i-re-remind sa’yo ng prof mo na may kulang ka na hindi mo pa naipapasa)

CONCLUSION: Mahirap ang college life. Hindi ka na pwedeng pa-easy-go-lucky katulad ng High-School palang. Ibang-iba  ang sistema ng high school sa college. Kaya good luck. :D