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Different Ways to Say “I love you”

Peter and you had been seeing each other for quite some time – longer than he had imagined you staying with him, anyway. Five months of his life had been dedicated to you, romantically. Peter would never tell you, but he had dedicated his life to you since your first day at Midtown High. You had met Ned in one of your classes and he had convinced you to join the decathlon on your first day. Peter had owed him ever since that day.

It was hard for Peter to ask you out – hell, it had taken him a year to even tell you that you were pretty. So, it didn’t come to a surprise to him when he found himself too terrified to tell you how deeply he felt for you. He loved you – he loved the way you were smarter than him (you knew that, but you never made him feel insignificant), he loved that when you wanted to hold his hand you’d walk next to him and let your hands brush first (you’d start tapping his fingers with yours until eventually your hand engulfed his completely), he loved how when you found out he was Spider-Man you weren’t mad that he kept it from you (“I get why you couldn’t tell me – you have to promise me you’re going to come back… you have to come back to me.” “You’re the only reason I’ll always come back… a-and Aunt May, obviously.”). He loved you – he knew he did. He had tried to tell you so many times. But, what he didn’t know was that he had already told you he loved you – in so many different ways.

“You got me this?” Peter nodded at you. “You were in Berlin – fighting alongside the Avenger’s… and you found time to get me something?” Peter couldn’t fight the blush on his face even if he tried.

“I-It’s not a big deal. I saw it in the window. I don’t know, I just – it reminded me of you.” You smiled, leaning in to peck him.

“I love it.”

“Ugh, Pete,” you whined, your eyes welling up with tears. “It’s broken.” You held up the charm bracelet that Peter had given you for your birthday. “I’m so sorry,” a couple of tears had fallen and Peter was quick to reach up and brush them away.

“Hey, hey,” he cooed, “it’s just a bracelet, it’s okay.” You shook your head.

“I loved this gift – it’s my favorite bracelet.” Peter’s heart beat a little faster.

Come here,” he whispered, “come on. Let me fix it.” And he was relieved to see the smile on your face as you made your way to him.

“I’m glad you came tonight, Peter.” You nudged him as you walked out of Liz’s house together, side-by-side.

“I am, too.” He smiled softly at you, stuffing his hands into his jeans pockets as you both fell into a comfortable silence. It was a cool night in New York and as Peter saw you wrap your arms around yourself he registered you had forgotten to bring a jacket. He automatically pulled his sweater over his head, straightening out his shirt. “Here,” he handed you his sweater. You shook your head.

“Peter, no. It’s fine, I’m fine.” He gave you a pointed look.

Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.” You reluctantly took the jacket and pulled it over yourself, feeling his scent overwhelm you and a smile ghosting on your face.

“Thank you, Peter.” You linked your arms together and pushed yourself up to kiss his cheek. Smiling when he turned red and mumbled a small ‘anytime’.

“I’m sorry that I’m ruining our date night, Peter.” Peter shook his head until he remembered you couldn’t see him over the phone.

“You’re not ruining anything, babe,” he said, packing up his backpack with the necessities May told him he’d need. “You need to focus on that sore throat.” There was silence. “Babe?”

“Huh?” He chuckled, walking out of his front door. “I’m sorry, Petey. I dozed off.”

“It’s fine, I’ll see you later. Okay?” You mumbled an incoherent response before Peter decided to end the call. He found himself outside of your home fifteen minutes later. He knocked and your mom let him in, letting him quietly use your kitchen to warm up the tea he had brought for you. He then quietly walked to your room, opening your door to see you sleeping. He almost didn’t wake you up, but knew your tea would be cold. “(Y/N)? Babe?” You stirred awake, feeling alert and sitting up when you saw Peter on your bed.

“Peter! What are you doing here? You’re going to get sick!” He shushed your hoarse voice, picking up the cup and handing it to you.

“Here,” you grabbed the cup, looking at its contents, “drink this. You’ll feel better.” You looked at his dough eyes and opened your mouth to say something, until deciding to just keep quiet and drink the tea, a soft smile on your face.

“Oh, my god.” Peter turned around from his seat at his desk, seeing your distraught expression as your eyes grazed over the test you both had received from Calculus.

“What’s wrong?” You bit your lip to stop it from quivering.

“I failed,” you whispered. You had studied with Michelle and Betty for two weeks straight. You had thought you were doing so well – even Michelle had thought so. How could you have failed?

“Hey,” you looked up at Peter, “it’s just one test. You’ll get ‘em next time.” You smiled at the use of his words – it was a phrase you’d use on him whenever he didn’t pass a quiz or test he didn’t study for due to his after-school activities.

“I guess,” you sighed, your smile fading. Peter stood up, walking over to his dresser. He opened the top drawer and shuffled through it, picking up a CD case. He sighed, counting to three before turning around to sit next to you on the bed.

“Here,” you took the CD from his hands.


You looked up at him, seeing him shrug. “You might like this,” he stated. “It makes me feel better when I feel like crap.” You reached over and hugged him, mumbling about a million thank you’s.

Now here Peter sits, next to you on his couch, watching a movie of your choice. It was one that you had seen at least a hundred times, but he didn’t mind. If you loved it, so did he. And, god, did you love it. He watched your profile, seeing your lips move as you recited the character’s lines – every character’s lines. Your hands were moving in tune with them, too. And as he looked at you he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t plan it coming out like this, but it just happened. He just – “I love you.” Your hands stopped and so did your lips. You turned to look at him quickly.

“What?” Peter nodded slowly, reaching for the remote and pausing the movie.

“I love you.” He repeated. “I love you, and I have for awhile. I don’t know when liking you stopped and loving you started – it all kind of just blends together but – yeah. I love you.” You blinked a few times, registering how your shy and reserved boyfriend, Peter Parker, got the nerve to tell you he loved you before you did. You shook your head at the thought. Peter Parker was braver than you – who knew?

“I love you, Peter.” You finally said, the look on his face telling you your silence was scaring him.

“You do?” He asked, too ecstatic, but he didn’t care. You nodded, setting the bowl of popcorn that was on your lap on top of the coffee table. You sat up and crawled closer to him, leaning over him slightly.

“I love you so much, Peter Parker.” You leaned all the way down, pressing your lips against Peter and feeling Peter wait not even a second before matching your pace.

“I love you, too,” he mumbled against your lips, but not stopping your kiss.

Even though Peter Parker had told you he loved you more than once, he felt a weight lift off of his chest after hearing it come out clear as day from the both of you.

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Cheating - Reggie Mantle

SOOOOOO guess who does Riverdale stuff now. Me. Because when I get a new fandom, it’s all I think about for like two weeks.

Originally posted by rcggiemantle

In which the reader has the locker next to Archie, her best friend since kindergarten.

Words: 871

Warnings: None

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Music man is also the sun, a talented man who has a date @ 8 🍽
(request are open)

badboy!Calum is confused about his feelings for goodgirl!Reader

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Calum Hood didn’t fall in love. He just didn’t. Of course, I mean, he likes to fuck around with girls but he never, and would never love them. It was something he made sure of because somewhere in his mind he had this fixed mindset that he didn’t need it and didn’t want something like that.

That’s why when he saw you his heart raced a little faster and he didn’t understand. He would walk up next to you and talk to you even though his reputation as a bad boy didn’t fit with talking to one of the smartest girl in school. He didn’t understand why he blushed when you laughed at his stupid jokes or why you even offered your notes to him when he needed them.

He also didn’t understand why he was so protective of you either.

“Y/n. Damn dude, I’d smash.” Ashton looked towards where you were standing, holding a megaphone and cheering on the ASB event that was currently going on. From where they were sitting on the empty tables, Calum looked up and noticed you, smiling and laughing at the pies that were being thrown at teachers for a fundraiser.

“Definitely, man.” Luke smirks, “but she’s way too goodie goodie for me.”

“Don’t talk about her like that.” Calum mumbles, looking down and picking at his shoes irritably.

“Oh, sorry I forgot, mate. You’re in love with her.” Ash teases, rubbing Cal’s hair tauntingly. Cal signs, shaking his head.

“I’m not in love with her. She’s just- Just don’t talk to her about that.” He mumbles.

“Like what, Cal? How good she’d look under me?” Luke smirks, knowing he was riling Calum up.

“Or how sexy she’d be screaming out my name?” Michael laughs.

“Say something like that again and I’ll break your nose.” Calum growls, turning and glaring at the boy with the colored hair.

The boys all snicker slightly as Cal rolls his eyes.

“Shut up.” He mumbles.

“Mate if you like her just go ask her out.” Michael says shoving him towards the courtyard.

“Hell no. You guys know my rule.” Calum says but his mind urged him to follow his friends advice.

“The rule was you weren’t gonna fall in love. After these couple weeks, mate, I think you’re in love.” Luke points out and Calum glances at them before looking down and sighing.

He really didn’t know. His mind conflicted ideas of dating and a relationship when a thought came across his mind. Did she even like him the way he liked her?

These very thoughts were the main reason Calum didn’t fall in love. He’d much rather go back to not worrying about stupid little things and his feelings, but yet, he couldn’t help himself thinking about her 24/7.

How did a tough bad boy come to this? He needed to get her out of his head.

He tried to avoid her, he really did. But when she always seemed to make time to come and say hello, it became hard.

He ignored her like they’d never met and she eventually stopped coming up to him. He told himself he didn’t care, hoping that he’d follow his own advice.

For the next couple weeks, he’d succeeded. She was probably the last thing on his mind and she ignored him, but all of that changed on the Monday of the fourth week.

“Dude, I got fuckin’ wasted, man.” Michael laughs, leaning on his locker for support and fixing his sunglasses, “I woke up in some chick’s room and had the worst hangover yet.”

Calum, who also had sunglasses on, blinked a few times before looking back at him.

“What?” He asked and the boys erupted in a fit of laughter.

“No one got as wasted as you, mate.” Ash exclaims, “I think you’re still woozy.”

Calum wasn’t his best no, but that wasn’t the reason he didn’t hear anything Michael said. Down the hall, Y/n was talking to Dylan, a star football player and someone Calum personally did not like.

He was cocky, treated girls like trash and overall not a great football player. Well, compared to Calum.

He tried hard to listen in on their conversation.

“…and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me.” Dylan speaks, smirking.

“Uh, “ Y/n starts, pushing books into her locker and grabbing things out, “I don’t know, it’s a school night and there’s a quiz in History tomorrow.” She replies and Calum chuckles. Of course, Y/n would say something like that.

“The quiz is easy, you’ll pass it.” Dylan coaxes, “But tonight is an important night, sweetheart.” Calum became irritated when he called her that, “The football team is celebrating and I want you there.”

“I guess,” She thinks aloud and Calum finally turns, ignoring what his friends were saying and makes his way down the hall, coming in between them.

“Sorry mate, but she can’t come with you.” Calum growls, standing front of him. He was very intimidating, but with the dark glasses he looked even more intimidating.

Apparently, Calum Hood obviously telling him to get lost wasn’t enough to scare the jock.

“I believe it’s her decision, Hood.” He replies. Calum chuckles lightly before slamming him into the wall of lockers.

He didn’t know why he cared so much now, but something raged inside him as an asshole tried to steal his girl. His girl? Honestly, he didn’t even care at this moment.

“You must be pretty damn tough to say something like that to me. I haven’t been myself lately, but that doesn’t mean I lose respect, got it?” Calum growls, muttering things Y/n only heard rumors about.

“Calum, get off. Stop!” Y/n says, pushing in between them. He lets go of the boy pinned to the lockers eventually, but when he sees the scared look on Y/n’s face he realized this was a part of him she hadn’t seen yet, and wasn’t thinking about how she would take it.

He turns hesitantly, finding his way out of the hallway.


“I’m gonna go for the drinks.” Ash tells Calum, pushing his way through the drunken crowd.

He looked around. He was here to clear his head. He needed to have fun and let loose, and maybe not think about the look on her face for once today.

He saw no sight of Y/n, which he thought as good.

Ashton handed him the drink and he downed it.

“I know you’re thinking about her.” Ash says, “And honestly, you’re idiotic to be losing a girl like that. But if you really want to get her off your mind, then Alicia told me trying to get with you tonight. Easy.”

“I’ll think about it.” Calum tells him and he disappears through the crowd. He looks towards Alicia and her friends and checks her out, his mind already drifting from Y/n.

Suddenly, the crowd’s voice lowered and whispers erupted around him. He turns to find what was going on when he saw her standing in the doorway, a hand wrapped around her waist.

People stared at him, wondering if the guy around her wasn’t going to be at school tomorrow, but he sighed, looking at her one last time, before turning and making his way to where Alicia was.

When Y/n saw him, she immediately made her way towards him.

“What the hell was that this morning?” She shoved him, when he ignored her.

“Nothing,Y/n, leave me alone.” He tells her, drawing his attention towards the girls in front of him.

“It wasn’t nothing! I’d never seen you-“ “Well, I’m sorry Y/n, but the person you thought you knew wasn’t real.” He growled at her.

“That’s bull, Hood.” She says.

“I’m not fighting with you.” Calum mumbles.

“Well you should! You don’t talk to me for weeks and then suddenly you’re making my decisions? Calum, if you don’t care, then you don’t care. I get that, but you can push your way into my life when you feel like it?”

“You think I don’t care?” He questions. She stares at him and he stares at her for a good 5 seconds.

“Come on.” He growls, pulling her hand. “I’m not fighting with you out here.”

He leads her into one of the boys bedrooms.

“What the hell, Calum? You can’t just push a guy into the lockers like that and-“ “I’m sorry.” He says, sitting at the edge of the bed.

“What?” She asks.

“I’m sorry, Y/n. I just- I was confused. I thought that if I stayed far enough away from you I could lose you, and I didn’t want anyone else to be with you and-“

“Cal, what are you saying?” She asks.

“Y/n, I’m in love with you. Love the way you would rather stay in class to finish a book and freak out about bands and the way you hung out with me even though I was an asshole the first couple weeks.” He laughs. “I’m so in love with you that I was scared, and God, you’re probably gonna laugh in my face and-“He doesn’t get to finish as Y/n presses her lips against his. It takes him by surprise and he doesn’t know what to do at first. He lays his hands on her waist and kisses back before she pulls away.

“You’re such an idiot for not telling me.” She scoffs.

“Yeah I can see that now.” He smirks, “But there’s one thing I need to ask you.” He starts, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Of course I do, Cal.” She smiles, and for once with her, Calum could see straight.

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Perfect To Me (Request)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 1, 567
Warnings: bitter Stiles. physical pain. low self esteem. self body shaming.
Request? yes or no
Inspired By:
Tagged: @stilescstilinski
A/N: okay so after three attempts on this story i finally realized why no one requests from me and that is because i suck at requests. but none the less i did it! thank you precious first requester nonnie!  now on to serious business. i just want to say I appreciate all of you for who you are. you are all literally perfect to me! no joke. don’t ever compare yourselves to others or celebrities. because you are you, and there will never be another you that can be youer than you. in my personal opinion you’re all cute as a button and you’re all my favorite people. so take it easy on yourselves. remember you are not just parts of your mom & dad but of your grandparents and great grandparents and so on and so forth and you and your relatives and  parents are all living proof that someone who looks just like you could get some and produce such exquisite and wonderful human beings so don’t get yourself down. you’re beautiful and if i could i would spend everyday telling you all. i love you all so so so friggin much!

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Ignored//Stiles Stilinski Feat. Theo Raeken

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Theo Raeken, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Reader.


“Stiles.” You breathe out as you approach him.

“You’re okay?” He asks. Theo watched from a distance.

“Yeah I’m fine, I-”

You watch as Lydia runs up from behind him, taking his arm. “We’ve got to go.” She looks up at him.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you about it later, Y/N.” He runs after Lydia.

How can he say that so casually? Like you got a 100 on a math quiz, or you passed your English final.

You sigh and turn to look at Theo. “You okay?” He smiles at you.

“I’m fine. He’s probably preoccupied.” You shrug. “Let’s go to my house. We probably aren’t necessities.”

“Okay.” He smiles.

This was how it went. Every time you’d get a chance to talk to him, Lydia came and he’d leave you. You felt alone. Theo was there to comfort you, but he never really helped. You just stopped trying.

You sit on the couch beside Theo and Scott. “Hey. Were you napping?” Theo asks, glancing at your clothes.

“No, I just woke up.” You lean your elbow on the couch.

“Y/N, it’s 3 p.m.” Scott leans in front of Theo to look at you.

You shrug, “Oh, well.”

“Hey…come on.” Theo gets up and drags you to the other room with him.

“Ow, what?” You pull your arm away.

“What’s going on with you?”


“Tell me what’s wrong. You know you can talk to me.”

“I’m fine.”

“I’m your best friend, Y/N. I know you’re lying.”

You sigh and cross your arms. “I don’t deserve it.”

“What? You don’t deserve what?”

“To be loved.”

“Oh come on, Y/N. Why would you say that?”

“Have you seen me with a boyfriend? Ever? Has anyone ever showed an ounce of interest in me?”

“Y/N, you just graduated high school. You haven’t even experienced life fully.”

“I don’t care.”

“Is this why you’re so detached? I mean, you didn’t even walk at graduation.”

“I don’t want to talk about it, okay? I feel how I feel, end of story.”

“No, not end of story.” Theo looks at you sadly. “This is about Stiles, isn’t it?”

“No.” You cross your arms.

“Yes. Y/N, just because Stiles is with Lydia does not mean you don’t deserve to be loved. I’ve never met a person so easy to love. Go do it. Do it right now.”

“Do what?”

“Tell him. It’s time to ‘fess up.” He points at the living room when Stiles is seated.

“I can’t. It’s not fair to Lydia.” You shake your head.

“Y/N, do it. Get it over with. Lydia’s not here, take the opportunity.”

“Fine.” You take a deep breath before walking into the living room. “Hey..can we talk?” You look at Stiles and he nods before following you out of the room. You exchange a look with Theo as you go.

“What’s up?” He smiles.

“I don’t want to beat around the bush, but I have feelings for you.” You play with your hands.

“Woah..you do?”

“Yeah. I know I should’ve said something, but-”

“Y/N, I’m with Lydia.”

“No, I know. I just needed to get it off my chest.” You look up at him and you can see the thoughts running through his head.

“How long?”

“Freshman year.”

“Then why didn’t you say anything freshman year?”

“Because, I lacked the confidence. I mean, I do even more so now, but I’m tired of carrying it around like some top secret thing. I just want you to know. I don’t expect anything.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Stiles, I said I didn’t expect anything.”

“I have to go. Lydia’s expecting me.” He turns around and walks out.

When would you get your chance? Everyone had someone. You were always the odd one out. You weren’t looking for pity, you just wanted the love and affection you felt like you weren’t worthy of.

“How’d it go?” Theo walks over to you.

“I don’t know…he just left. Didn’t even say how he felt, he just left.”

“Well are you okay?”

“I’m tired of being asked that. I’m fine. I can take care of myself.” You push out of the room.

You sat on the floor, replaying the moments in your head. You didn’t expect anything different. You just couldn’t help how you feel. You felt useless, really.

You spent the next couple days in a trance. You shouldn’t have told him. You were immediately pulled out of that trance when Stiles showed up on your doorstep.

“I’m sorry I bolted the other day.”

“It’s understandable.” You step back for him to come in.

He steps inside, looking a bit awkward. “You never told me you had feelings for me.”

“It was never easy to. I always felt like Lydia mattered more.”

“Oh, come on, Y/N.” He crosses his arms.

“It’s true! I’m not looking for any kind of pity or validation here, I just want you to know why I never said anything.”

“I still don’t know what to say. I’m with Lydia.”

“I know that. We’re just going in circles. I just wanted to get that off my chest.”

Theo had spent the night. The two of you were up late looking for an apartment together.

He came storming down the stairs, walking right up to Stiles. “What gives you the right to make her feel like that?”

Stiles steps back, “Feel like what?”

“Like she’s not worthy of being loved. Like she’s not enough.”

“Theo!” You cover your mouth. He was supposed to keep that a secret.

“You really feel that way?” Stiles looks at you and you shrug.


“Because of me?”

“Yes and no.”

“You couldn’t get your head out of Lydia Martin’s ass long enough to see what an amazing girl was right in front of you.” Theo jabs his finger into Stiles’ chest.

You try not to look at them, just staring down at your feet.

“I didn’t even know she liked me!” Stiles defends

“It wasn’t obvious? Come on, Stilinski. The girl’s in love with you.”

“You are?“ Stiles looks at you, hope glinting in his eye.

You nod, “Yeah.”

“Y/N, Jesus…why didn’t you say anything? Things would be a lot less complicated right now.”

“What do you mean?” You slowly walk over to him.

“I don’t even like Lydia all that much. She’s a great person and friend, yeah…but I love you. I just..thought you never liked me. When Theo moved back, I thought you liked him.”

“Nope. It’s always been you.”

He sighs, looking at the clock on the wall. “I have to go break Lydia Martin’s heart.”

“I’m sorry I waited.” You place a hand on his arm.

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is that now we finally told each other how we feel. I won’t kiss you now, because y'know..I’ve got a girlfriend, but when I get back…” He smirks. “Prepare yourself.”

“Don’t hype yourself up if you don’t mean it, Stilinski.”

“Oh, I mean it.”

Will this help? - Dylan Klebold

You walked throught the west entrance doors and walked down the stairs towards the parking. The sun was shining but you just wanted to get home as fast as you could. Today was a fucking shit show. On top of that your lower abdomen was killing you. You just wanted to curl in a ball and disappear for a week. You start to walk towards a bench to sit as you called you mother for a ride home. When you almost dropped to your knees in fear because a loud honk come out of no where. You turned around to see Dylan’s bright smile and unruly hair.
“What the fuck Dyl” your cheek grew red with anger and embarrassment as people looked you because of your shriek.
“Aren’t we studying tonight at my place?”
“Oh fuck, I completely forgot. I can’t today Dyl”
“Well y/n you sorta have to unless you are ready to completely fail the quiz tomorrow” He said this in a cheeky voice knowing that you absolutely need to pass this quiz if you want to graduate.
“Fuck” you muttered under your breath as you climbing into his passager seat.
“Hey what’s wrong with you grumpy pants?”
You hadn’t realized the whole time he was driving you weren’t speaking. You were too focused on not dying from the pain to even hold up a conversation.
“I’m not grumpy I’m in pain. Not that you would know how it feels” you snapped back at him. You didn’t mean too but it just sorta happened.
“Hey what do you mean? Crippling depression always leave me in pain” He started laughing. He always makes fun of himself in the weirdest ways. You smiled.
“But no seriously what’s up with you?”
You let out a sigh as he approached his house and parked his car. You started to get out of the car when you turned around and responded.
“I’m fucking dying of cramps dude. Womanhood isn’t all fun and fucking games”
He nodded really slow and handed you the keys to the house. You were a bit confused when he told you to go inside as if he wasn’t coming in. You unlocked to door and turned around to see this fucker drive off.
“What the fuck dude” you went in and dropped your bag at the end of the stairs. You grabbed the books you need and made your way to Dylan’s room. You sat on his bed for a few minutes when you heard a knock on the door frlm downstairs. You went down to open it when you realized it might be Dylan and you still had his keys. You opened the door to see Dylan holding some of your favorite snacks and a movie.
“Will this help?”

Today, Nursey realized, as he let himself into his boyfriend’s dorm, had not been Dex’s day.

“Hey babe,” he greeted. “How’s your day been?”

In response, he got a muffled noise from underneath the blankets on the bed.

“Dexey?” he asked, as he shrugged off his coat. “Wanna come out from under there so I can hear you better?”

Dex’s head appeared from under the blankets, and Nursey felt his heart clench when he saw his tear streaked face.

“Its nicer under here.” Dex said, quietly, playing with his blanket.

“Can I come under the blanket too?” Nursey asked. They’d done this before, but he knew better than to just assume Dex would let him in.

Even though he always did.

Dex nodded, and Nursey took off his shoes, before coming under the blankets with Dex. Dex pulled one over their heads, and snuggled up to Nursey. He closed his eyes and Nursey began softly carding his hand through Dex’s hair.

“Wanna talk about it?” he asked after a while. It could have been minutes, or nearly an hour. Under the blankets was their own world and nothing else mattered.

“Just.” Dex sighed. “It was just a really bad day.”

“Yeah? How come?” Nursey asked softly, encouragingly.

“I missed my first alarm, so I had to rush. Which I hate. And then I forgot some work for the first class so my professor doesn’t believe I did it.” Dex started. He took a deep breath, before continuing.

“And then I had to go to the library to collect a book I had reserved. Only there was a mix up, so someone else got my book. And now I won’t have it on time to do my project.”

“And then when I complained, they just said there was "nothing to be done”. Which is no help!!!“. Dex paused a few minutes.

"And then your phone died, right?” Nursey said, knowing Dex needed to get all this off his chest.

“Right. Then my phone died so I missed your text so I didn’t know you had to stay back in class to work so I was waiting in the cold for 45 minutes before I checked my phone and saw it had died and came back here to charge it and saw your text.”

“I’m sorry about that Dexey.” Nursey apologized

“Its not your fault. I should have charged my phone.”

Nursey pressed a kiss to his forehead, before Dex continued.

“And then I had class so I went but without my phone. And my wallet because I left it here! So in class we had a pop quiz, which I didn’t think anyone even did after high school!!!! And I’m sure I failed. And then I was going to Annie’s for coffee to cheer me up, only when I went to pay I didn’t have my wallet! Because it was here, on my stupid pillow!!” Dex said angrily.

“Hey, the pillow can’t be stupid. Its inanimate!” Nursey tried for a joke.

“Then I’m stupid” Dex said. “I’m stupid. I can’t even remember to charge my phone, or bring my wallet anywhere with me, or pass a quiz, or anything!” he said.

“Hey, Will. Will, look at me baby.”. Nursey said softly. Dex opened his eyes and looked up at him.

“You’re not stupid.”

“Derek, I-”

“You’re not stupid. You can code! And make websites! And do other computer things I don’t understand! And fix the oven! And the dryer! And the showerheads! And you can help Lardo with her art! And Chowder with his coding! And Ransom and Holster with plays! And Bitty with baking! And me with my poetry!”

“And choose an amazing boyfriend” Dex said softly, a small smile forming.

“Definitely.” Nursey said with a smile, and Dex laughed.

“Wanna sleep for a while?” Nursey asked, “and go to Annie’s later?”

Dex nodded against his chest, and Nursey kissed the top of his head lightly.

“Can you pull down the blankets though? Its kinda hard to breath. And you smell like sweat from running here.” Dex chirped and Nursey smiled as he moved the blankets, before lying back and falling asleep with Dex.

Jumin Headcanon/Theory

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.


Carry on.

I’d like to think that Jumin Han is a social reject/outcast robbed off of his childhood.

As a “chaebol” (child of a high-ranking profile), the Han’s would want their child to continue their legacy as they grow, and even hope that they will surpass them. Since birth, he encounters numbers and facts everyday. Private lessons here, private lessons there, while keeping up with actual school work from the school.

He quickly adapted into this lifestyle because it became the most natural thing for him to do. Go out with friends? Hmmm… I’ll try. Skip a class? Um, how about no. Throw a party and get fucking wasted? The first suggestion, let’s think about it. The second? Be serious.

Jumin probably became the type of kids that are not in your top list on “Persons to hang out with everyday” but you can’t bully him. Typical touch-him-and-our-company-is-as-good-as-dead. He doesn’t mind, most of the time. It’s better that way. One way or another, they don’t really care about the person in front of them. All they care about is the name of HAN being up in their list of partners/sponsors, and if that meant hanging out with this bore, then so be it.

And you know what? Jumin doesn’t care. Not anymore.

Being treated as some sort of social reject/social outcast, his little to none soft side hardened into a mask of indifference. As a kid, no matter what social class you are from, when you go to school, you’d expect to meet friends. You’d expect to meet someone that has the same interests and preferences as you. He’s a chaebol, they’re a chaebol. Surely a connection wouldn’t be that hard right? rIGHT?!


Whatever little hope he has for living and feeling like a normal kid even for a short while is gone. This is the harsh reality of the world.

So, Jumin became indifferent, hence, his preference to remain rational in every route whenever they deal with something. Have you noticed?

Another thing he developed is the ability to lie perfectly–or as perfectly as we dream to be.

Being rich means you have a reputation and that reputation is your “all”. That reputation would be your identity and power over everyone you interact with. Being the son of a business corporate, he is expected to be formal, serious and rational. He is expected to take things with a grain of salt and to be top-notch. He has to be above/better than everyone.

Having a mask of indifference surely works their wonders when you need them. (whatever you do dont think of this–)

You don’t see Jumin sighing in frustration because he can’t understand the problem. You don’t see Jumin cramming up late into the night when everyone is asleep, trying to understand the problem so he can do better. You don’t see Jumin being anxious over a quiz or an exam about that problem. You don’t see Jumin being nervous about its result. You don’t see Jumin breaking down in tears when he saw that he barely passed the quiz. You don’t see Jumin being frustrated. You don’t see him cursing the world because of his life. You don’t see him wishing he wasn’t the son of a business corporate. You don’t see the longing looks he has to his classmates who always hang out together.

You don’t.

Instead, you see Jumin keeping a mask of indifference and an air of calmness even when everything is falling apart. You see Jumin keeping his emotions in check. You see Jumin offering little to no expressions at all, and when he does it’s usually a cold, polite smile or a skeptic raised eyebrow. You see Jumin walking alone the corrigdors, heading to the library during breaks. You see Jumin being buried in books that are way too big and way too advanced for him. You see Jumin executing everything with grace and perfect ease.

That’s what you see.

You don’t see the broken boy behind his perfect face.


• he would be the most reliable seatmate eVER!

• “hey, how to you factor these–” “find their GCF, and separate those x’s and put the factors in each parenthesis.”

• will be noisy af at times (especially in music or math)

• will annoy you during a quiz

• “you’ll never pass that”

• will probably forget to bring materials for a project

• “please give me some long bondpaper”
/insert puppy eyes


• will carress your hair whenever you accidentally fell asleep in class

• or probably draw on your face

• sticks in a sticky note in your desk whenever you arrive late

• “did my seatmate slept late again??? (ノД`)”

• doesn’t listen to the teacher bUT GETS HIGH GRADES

• “are you even real??”

• always treats you to lunch

• basically a full package seatmate

im going to make this a series huehue

So I just had a bit of a dark spell just. Feeling numb and depressed, feeling like I hated my life and stuff.

But don’t worry its eased a fair bit now and I kind of feel like there’s not as much weight pressing down on my chest.

So I’m better than I was I think the darkness has faded. Not completely gone but faded a lot where my head isn’t as murky.

I’m alright now I guess. I’m gonna to relax and settle down for sleep

Drastic - [NCT] Taeyong!Au

[A/N] Inspired by Taeyong in glasses. Trying hard not to look at Jaehyun. Or Yuta. Or Mark. I swear guys in physics look mostly like Taeyong. Crazy and out-of-control. At least where I studied. Engineers, man. *shucks*

Pretty sure it was too early for you to get this mad at him, but with your sneaker wedges flying over his head, he knew you weren’t blissed today as well.

Shoving his shoulders with your own, you passed him a death glare as you picked up your shoe from the ground. Taeyong steps idly, wordlessly, not a tinge of curiosity passed his mind. ‘This is not over!’ You roared and he didn’t look back at you. Ungrateful little prick.

The class are getting filled up as time passes. Taeyong chose a seat behind everyone. As he walks, he catches a few phrases that was indirectly directed at him.

'I heard he has a tattoo.’ 'He is so scary.’ 'There’s a reason why he sits at the far back…’ 'That’s what makes him so attractive.’ 'When he props his elbows on the table?’ Mewls. 'Or when he slouches in his chair…’ Mewl again. 'His lips though…’ Claps, mewls and moans. What a bunch of dimwits. You cursed.

'You know what’s attractive? When a guy writes 10,000$ check for you,’ you slammed the quiz paper on the table, 'Don’t try to copy my answers this time, bitch.’

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Can You Believe It?

Writing Believable Fiction

Writers get bold, outlandish, bizarre ideas, and one question that we seem to be getting a lot recently is this: how do I make my story believable?

Let me start off with a general note. When we read stories, we expect to be transported somewhere we’ve never been before. The phrase, “suspending disbelief” means that we tell our logical side to take a hike for the moment so we can enjoy a story without overanalyzing it. Readers will believe the craziest ideas, so never shy away from an idea because you think it’s too weird.

However, that does not mean that readers will jump on board right away. Imagine you and your reader are standing on the edge of a cliff. You would like to jump off the cliff, knowing full well that you both have invisible parachutes on your backs. Your reader, however, can’t see these parachutes and they’re looking at you, saying, “Are you sure about this? Have you thought this through?” Readers will not loyally follow you off a cliff. They need to know that you know what you’re doing before they commit completely. You need your readers to trust you, which means you need to give them signals that your idea is well conceived, as opposed to something that you spontaneously threw together and crossed your fingers would work out.

Metaphors aside, what this means is that you can’t just present an idea and hope people swallow it. Because the first question your readers will ask is, “Why?”

Why would this person do this?
Why do these people hate each other?
Why do they like each other?
Why did humanity let this happen?
Why would the government do this?
Why would no one stand up for themselves?

Our favorite question as readers is, “Why?” And your answer better be more in depth than “Why not?” Because while “why not” works as a hook, it won’t keep your readers fulfilled as the book goes on. If you want believable fiction, you need to consider these potential why questions and offer up the requisite answers.

Sounds easy, yes? No, actually, it’s not. Because while you can sit down and write ten pages on the whys concerning your story, no one is going to want to read that in one chapter. Where the skill comes in is knowing when to answer their questions and when to keep them guessing. At what point will withholding information make them curious, and at what point will it make them say, “I don’t buy this. It’s just not believable.”

The mistake a lot of writers make is explaining the wrong things at the wrong time. If you’re writing a dystopia where the world has become an unfamiliar place, it’s tempting to explain why this happened right off the bat, because you’re afraid if you don’t, people will dismiss your dystopia as unbelievable. Instead of jumping to explain yourself, ease us into the dystopia. Allow us to get comfortable.

I’m going to reference The Hunger Games, because let’s face it, as far as dystopia fiction goes, it’s one of the best. Suzanne Collins begins her novel showing Katniss in her environment. She shows us what is normal for her, and little by little, we start to see that what’s normal for her is not normal for us, and we begin to wonder why. Why is she dreading this day? Why is the reaping so bad? What has this poor girl gone through in her life that has made her this jaded?

The problem is that some writers rush to explain before the reader has even had a chance to ask. When readers begin a story, they want to be led by the hand by something familiar. We can relate to Katniss from page one, because Collins begins with an image of her getting out of bed to start a day she’d rather run away from, and how many times have we all faced that problem? By the time we realize how unlike our world hers is, we’ve already begun to trust the author. We’ve already committed to the story. Our logical instinct to disbelieve something irrational is on the floor with the rest of our daily stress and worries.

Believability also comes from detail. If someone tells you something surprising, you may be inclined not to believe them, until they begin to explain it in more detail. Specifics make the story real, because with specifics, you’re less likely to think they just made this up out of the blue. Either they’re telling the truth, or they took the time to craft something that you might actually believe (aka storytelling).

Too much detail, on the other hand, and you’ll be staring slack jawed, thinking, “Get to the point!” So beware of too much detail as well. Detail without relevancy won’t win you readers. There’s a difference between informing your readers and enlightening them. Informing your readers is telling them something so they’ll be able to pass a quiz on your book should they have to take one. Enlightening them is allowing them to think about your novel and form an opinion, develop a like or dislike for a character/situation, and get curious to learn more. When including exposition, backstory, or detail, determine which of these categories it falls into, and pull back if it verges too much on “informing.”

Believability does not come from an idea. It comes from the execution of the idea. Anything can be believable if the writer can make us believe.


QUIZ: Only A True K-Drama Fan Will Pass This Quiz

QUIZ: Only A True K-Drama Fan Will Pass This Quiz

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You say you’ve been a K-drama fan for years and you’ve watched all the dramas out there. Even your family and friends think you’re crazy and are most likely to go to you for K-drama advice. So, do you think you have what it takes to pass this K-drama quiz? See if you can call yourself a true K-drama fan!

Hey Soompiers, what were your results? Let us know in the comments below!

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Raspberry Rain

@kurt-and-blaine-anderhummel prompted: I haven’t slept in like 3 days everything is funny and your hair smells really good (where Kurt is the one that hasn’t slept and Blaine sits next to him in class and he keeps leaning his head on Blaine’s shoulder and keeps telling Blaine that his hair smells good from his scented hair gel). Klaine Alternative Meeting AU. 4K [AO3]

“Okay, class. Settle down. Put your books, notes, and flashcards away - if you don’t know it by now, it’s too late for you to learn it. I’m going to start passing out the quiz in about one minute, as soon as it is officially 9:00,” Professor Francesca announces, her tone as cold and imperious as always. “You’ll have ten minutes to complete it and then we’ll start our new material in chapter four once they’ve all been turned in.”

Blaine shoves the color-coded note cards for his History of Theater course into his backpack, stealing a glance towards the door as he does. The seat next to his is still vacant which bodes very, very poorly for Kurt, the cute sophomore that sits beside Blaine typically. After all, their professor is a notorious stickler for punctuality. Anyone not in his seat at 9:00 am on the dot is marked absent and doesn’t get to take the quiz. And barring a catastrophic illness or injury, there are no makeups either. 

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Describing the Ultimate Storytime Actors' Voices

Thomas: melted rich chocolate, prank calls at midnight, stifled giggles, your favorite childhood stuffed animal, going on an roadtrip with friends

Nicole: singing in an empty theatre, static from an old tv, seeing a play for the first time, passing a quiz you studied hard for, seeing an old friend again

Terrence: the wind rustling through autumn leaves, crickets chirping on a warm summer night, the feeling of meeting someone new, feeling the warmth from the sun

Jay: waves crashing on a beach, the smash of breaking glass, the feeling of keeping a secret, a flickering flame in the wind, the revving of a car

Leo: smooth honey, sleeping in silk sheets, the sound of flipping through old pages in a book, an owl hooting in the distance, the dial tone from a phone


Gifs are not mine. 

Sailor Part 2

Jackson Whittemore x Reader

Summary: She recently transferred into Beacon Hills. Her sister and her decided to move for a fresh new start and they felt a certain calling from Beacon Hills. So how does she fit in Beacon Hills?

P/N: This is kind of an AU because all the characters are here. It follows the show to an extent but Malia and Stiles are a couple and Kira and Scott are a couple. I know Jackson and Malia are never in the same season, but in this short story, they are at Beacon Hills together.

Click here for Part 1.

The next morning, (y/n) walked into school feeling tension in the air. The students were surprisingly more energetic than the morning before and there seemed to be more chit chat as well. She looked through the crowd and spotted a couple of police officers in the distance. She turned to the nearest student and tapped his shoulder. “Hey, what’s going on? Why are there cops here?” She asked. The guy glanced her up and down, raising an thick eyebrow with a hint of slight amusement. “That’s not the best pick-up line. You might want to take some pointers on how to flirt.”

Finding his response distasteful, she rolled her eyes. “Who do you think you are?” Her lips twisted into a grimace, and her eyes glaring sharply at him. “You must be new, because everyone knows who I am. Jackson Whittemore.” He smugly smirked before walking away. She scoffed, watching him arrogantly walk down the hall. She tried to compose herself, although she was feeling aggravated.

She looked out into the crowd and spotted Scott walking in with Kira, hand in hand. She waved to them and slid pass the crowds of students through the hall. “Hey guys! I’m so glad to see you! You won’t believe the luck I had this morning.” Her shoulder slumped as she sighed. “What happened?” Scott asked, suddenly feeling nervous. “I was just wondering what everyone was so excited about, so I asked some guy and he was such a jerk. He said his name is Jackson Whittemore like I was supposed to know that already. I hate arrogant and narcissistic jerks like him.” She rolled her eyes, a grimace still plastered on her lips. Kira shot Scott a knowing look. “He’s co-captain on the lacrosse team. He was captain before. He considers himself a big deal. And… he dated Lydia before… um stuff happened.” Scott awkwardly explained. (Y/n) slowly nodded and sighed, “Lydia is pretty much the most popular girl in school. If I was her, I would dump him too.” She bitterly said.

Kira awkwardly chuckled and nodded along. Scott nodded along as well, understanding how (y/n) feels. “So, what is going on? Why are there so many cops here?” She asked the couple. They shot each other a look of hesitation, but Scott took the lead to explain. “Two guys were drowned in the pool. They were found dead this morning.” He explained, gesturing his head towards the closed off corner of the school, where the pool is located. “Oh my god, two?” (Y/n) exclaimed in disbelief. “That’s so crazy! I’m starting to get so freaked out! Does this happen often?” She whispered to them, feeling goosebumps on her arms. “Uh, not recently.” Kira shook her head and adjusted the strap to her backpack. The bell rung, signaling them to get to class. “I’ll catch the details later, see you guys,” She waved and started thinking about the killings as she made her way to class.

She turned the corner and shuffled into her classroom. Lost in her thoughts, she bumped into someone else going in. She jerked away and looked up. “Are you stalking me now?” Jackson smirked down at her. She scowled at him. “Unbelievable!” She pushed pass him into the room and took a seat in the back. Two coincidences in one morning, she hardly called that luck. Unfortunately for her, he was starting to enjoy tormenting her, so he took the empty seat in front of her.

He turned around in his seat and sent a wink towards her. She jerked her head back in disbelief. “You’re kidding.” She started to get up to change her seat but unfortunately the class was already full. She groaned and sat back down since the teacher was about to start class. “You really must be new. Girls don’t usually look at me that way.” Jackson leaned into his chair and whispered. “Don’t worry, I’m not interested.” She snapped at him in a quiet voice. He chuckled and shook his head, “So you like girls? I’m chill with that.” He flashed a big grin. “I like decent guys that have manners, like a gentleman. Not rude jerks.” She crossed her arms. “It’s call confidence. You would only understand if you were me.” He said, matter-of-factly.

“(Y/n)!” The teacher called out and she flinched, quickly raising her hand. “Here!” She squeaked, causing Jackson to burst into laughter. She glared daggers at him, lowering her hand when the teacher continued to call attendance. “So that’s your name. It’s cute.” He smirked and sent another wink towards you before turning back around. “Yeah and it sounds gross when you say it.” She mumbled under her breath, sinking into her seat. She knew class was going to be long and painful.

The entire class, Jackson would annoy her with petty things. He would drop his pencil and pick it up a million times, or tap his pencil against the desk. Just when he thought his pencil tricks were getting repetitive, he would switch it up to slipping tiny pieces of paper with notes or doodles behind him. By the end of class, her desk was peppered with tiny crumbled pieces of paper. It drove her nuts, especially when she’s trying to catch up with the curriculum.

“Pop quiz!” The teacher announced, earning groans and complaints from her students. While (y/n) was panicking and trying to memorize some of her notes last minute, Jackson was calm and laidback. The quiz was quick and that either meant she failed it horribly or it was hilariously easy. Honestly, she knew it was bad news. “Okay, trade it with a partner so we can grade them together.” The teacher said. She groaned dejectedly and sighed, she didn’t want others to see her crappy grade.

Jackson turned around and slapped his quiz onto her desk. “Here you go, partner.” He said, grabbing her quiz before she could snatch it away. “Give it back, I don’t want to be your partner.” She argued, reaching out to grab the quiz from him. “Nope. Too late.” He said and grabbed his pencil when the teacher started going over the correct answers.

As if Jackson wasn’t so damn annoying already, she was checking off every single answer on his quiz. With every correct answer, the grip on her pencil would tighten. It ticked her off that he barely paid attention and yet he was getting every answer correct. “Alright, return the quizzes to their owners.” The teacher said after going over the last answer. Jackson turned around with a small sincere smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “I think you should work a little harder.” He slapped her marked quiz onto her desk. She groaned when she saw the amount of X’s over each answer. He might as well had slapped her instead of the desk because that was what it felt like.

“Since I did so well…” He grabbed his quiz. “How about I offer to be your study partner and you can look over my notes.” He placed his hand dramatically over his heart. “Out of the goodness in me.” He tauntingly grinned at her. She bit down her lips hard, holding back the profanities she wanted to fire at him. It took her a couple of seconds to calm down, but she forcefully smiled politely, holding a sharp glare at him. “No, thank you. I think you’ve done enough good today.” She said, gritting her teeth. He chuckled and shook his head. “Don’t let your pride get in the way. You won’t be able to pass this class if you continue on like this. Just look over my notes and I’ll help you understand it. I totally get this stuff, it’s a breeze for me.” He shrugged casually.

She knew he was right. She couldn’t stand the thought of failing a class and she’s already so behind from transferring so late into the year. She couldn’t just let her pride get in the way. “Fine.” She defeatedly looked down at her feet. He grinned and patted her shoulder. “That was a smart decision. I have lacrosse practice after school. But we can hit the library after that.” He said. She nodded, agreeing to the plan and packed her things.

After school ended, she joined Kira and Malia in the bleachers to watch the lacrosse practice. As much as she didn’t want to, risking her grade was not an option. Not to mention, she didn’t want him to change his mind about helping her. “What are you doing here?” Malia asked, finding it strange that she was watching the practice with them. “I’m waiting for Jackson to be done.” She sighed and shrugged her backpack off. The girls all stared at her like she was crazy. “Jackson? As in narcissistic asshole Jackson?” Malia asked, her jaw dropped when (y/n) nodded. “I thought you didn’t like him.” Kira said, her eyebrows knitted in confusion. “I don’t. But I failed today’s quiz and he passed it with flying colors. He offered to tutor me and help me catch up.” She explained, leaning back against the bleacher. “Oh…” Malia nodded and sympathetically smiled.

“That doesn’t really sound like him.” Kira said, looking out into the field and frantically waved at Scott when she caught his eye contact. “Go Scott!” Kira cheered, waving happily at him. He smiled and waved back. Stiles looked over and waved at Malia. “You got this, Stiles!” Malia shouted and cheered. Stiles happily waved his lacrosse stick, only to get whacked in the back of his helmet by Jackson. (Y/n) winced after watching the rough impact.

Jackson looked out into the crowd and spotted her in the bleachers from the field. He smugly grinned and waved upon making eye contact. The girls glanced over at her in shock. She had her arms crossed and a blank poker face, refusing to acknowledge his wave. Irritated that he wasn’t getting the attention from her that he wanted, he jogged over, ignoring the coach’s barking order for him to get back in the field. The girls sat back and scooted over a few inches when Jackson approached. They did not want to get on his bad side; it wasn’t that they were afraid of him. They just didn’t want to deal with him.

Jackson pulled off his helmet and stared. “Did you not see me wave?” She shrugged, “I did.” She casually replied. He scowled his eyes at her and scoffed. “So why didn’t you wave back?” He questioned. “Whittemore, get back on the field!” The coach shouted. She peeked over to find the coach glaring daggers into Jackson’s back, face distorted with frustration. “You should get going.” She nodded her head towards the coach. Jackson rolled his eyes and grumbled under his breath as he pulled his helmet back on. “Be careful, I might just change my mind about helping you. It would probably be smart to get on my good side,” He warned her. She knew he would say something so hateful like that. “Woo! Go Jackson!” She sarcastically cheered, waving a limp arm in the air.

Thankfully, practice only lasted a hour and half. Once the guys started jogging off the field, she grabbed her backpack and slipped it on. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” She waved goodbye to Malia and Kira and headed inside the school. She waited outside of the boys’ locker room, waiting for him to be done showering and changing out of his uniform. She leaned against the wall opposite of the door and played with her phone. Occasionally, she would glance up when someone came out of the locker room, but it wasn’t Jackson. She continued to wait, but time was ticking. She saw Danny come out and stopped him, “Hey, is Jackson still in there?” She asked. “Yeah, he’s the last one in there. He always takes long showers.” He chuckled. “Okay, thanks. See you tomorrow,” She let Danny leave and leaned back against the wall. After a couple of more minutes, she shoved her phone in her back pocket.

She braced herself and covered her eyes before entering the boys’ locker room. “Jackson?” She called out, before venturing in further. She grimaced from the foul smell. “Oh my god, it smells disgusting in here.” She mumbled as she continued in, heading towards the sounds of running water. “Jackson? Are you almost done? I’ve been waiting a half hour!” She complained, holding back from gagging at the stench. “Jackson? Are you in here?” She called out louder, peeking through the cracks of her fingers. She turned the corner and bumped straight into him, yelping from the physical contact. She immediately turned around upon catching a quick glance of his nakedness.

“Damn it, Jackson! Why didn’t you answer me?” She scolded him, wiping her wet hands onto her jeans. He smirked as he rubbed the towel against his wet hair. “Didn’t feel like it.” He said, clearly taking revenge for earlier. “Just put on some clothes! I’ve been waiting for half an hour.” She snapped at him. He chuckled and approached her back. Amused by her flushed and embarrassed demeanor, he leaned in and hovered beside the side of her face. “I’ll be nice and give you a free peek. I’m sure you’re dying to look,” He teased her, bursting into laughter when she squealed in disgust. She ran straight out of the locker room. He chuckled and shook his head, drying the rest of his body off and changing into cleaner clothes.

Part 3


today was a rollercoaster. i woke up to the news of chester bennington’s suicide and it hurt so much, just like how it felt when i heard about my friend who took her life just last year. i think this news shaped my day because i was feeling bad during class and irritable. i didn’t pass my quiz so that adds up, too.

i hate hearing about people killing themselves. yes, i do talk a lot about taking my life but i know deep inside that i’m too much of a coward to do it. and it’s so sad because linkin’ park has been one of the icons of this generation and the previous. everyone can relate to their songs may it be about depression, family problems, or their sad break-up songs. i’m so sad i can’t even talk about them right now or listen to their songs because i might breakdown. this is so heavy.

but i still managed to go with my friend to the north side of the city because she, too, is sad. and you know me, i always put others first. i listened to her talk about her worries and tried my best to make her feel better. we stayed at the quiet part of the mall until 9 pm then we all went home.

anonymous asked:

Do you think that if the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room has a sort of 'disabled for X minutes' thing when a riddle isn't answered correctly a certain number of times Percy would distract Annabeth somehow and answer the riddle with silly phrases. He'd do this until it is locked and Annabeth would get really annoyed. But since she couldn't go in they would sneak to a secluded part of he castle and 'study ;)'

Percy’s hands curled around her waist and his mouth pressed lightly against the pulse point at her neck.

“Percy, would you -” Annabeth lost the words as his hands moved slightly higher, brushing the bottom of her ribcage. Her voice came out breathy and light as she grasped his hands and tried to pull him away. “-I need to listen to the riddle or I won’t be able to get in.”

“Good,” he said, mouth hot against her skin. “Stay out here with me.”

She managed to pry his hands away enough to turn around and face him. His sea green eyes were shining and he was smirking. She lifted her chin and smirked right back at him. “Since when are you interested in breaking the rules?”

“Since you forgot to take down the hem of your skirt.” His gaze darted down to the space between her socks and her skirt, where the smooth skin of her thighs was on show. When he looked back to her face he licked his lips.

Her face flushed. “I really have to study tonight…”

“You know you’re going to pass the quiz tomorrow, we’ve spent every night this week studying.”

I’ve spent every night this week studying, you’ve spent every night this week trying to distract me.”

“That hasn’t been on purpose. Distracting you is just a side effect…”

“Oh, like I’m supposed to be able to focus with your hand up my skirt?” It was meant to be scathing, but instead Annabeth found herself speaking in low, hushed tones, found herself leaning into her boyfriend, found her gaze drawn to his lips…

A voice by her ear made her turn her head at the last second, so Percy ended up kissing her cheek instead of her lips. He groaned and let his head fall forward onto her shoulder.

“Where do vanished objects go?” asked the eagle on the Ravenclaw common room door.

Annabeth opened her mouth to answer, but Percy beat her to it. “Into the Stoll brother’s stash of contraband, judging by how much it’s grown recently.”

“Incorrect,” the eagle said stoically.

“Percy!” She frowned at him before turning back to the door. “I’m sorry, can I have another one?”

Percy’s smile was unapologetic. “Come on, let’s just go -”

“Which came first, the Phoenix or the flame?” the eagle asked.

Again, Percy beat Annabeth to answering. “To get to the other side! Oh, no, sorry, wrong bird riddle. Damn.”

The eagle remained impassive. “Incorrect.”

“Urgh, Percy!” Annabeth hit him lightly on the chest. “You’re really frustrating sometimes, you know that?”

He curled his fingers around her wrist and brought her hand to his lips, kissing the back of her palm. “I know. Please come with me though, just for an hour, and then I swear I’ll let you come back here and study.”

She frowned down at his tie, but her resolve was already melting. The memory of his lips against her neck was proving hard to resist. “One hour? You promise?”

His smirk was positively wicked. “I promise.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. “All right then. But I mean it, Percy, only one hour!”

He was already leading her back down the tower, no doubt to one of the many dark, deserted corners they’d discovered together. “We can get a lot done in an hour.”

The glint of Percy’s eyes made Annabeth’s heart race. She’d never tell him, of course, but she had a feeling what they were about to get up to would be much more enjoyable than studying alone in her common room.