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Listen up, folks, because this is some Oscar Wilde-level karma going on.

I’m the captain of a quiz bowl team that just competed in a national competition.

Now, most quiz bowl players are guys, and most of them are really, really focused on studying their subjects. If I’d mentioned that I’m a fangirl or–God forbid–a slash shipper, I would have been laughed out of the room.

So naturally, I didn’t expect my hours devoted to Johnlock meta to ever be of use.

Wow, was I wrong.

We got one set of questions entirely about Margaret Thatcher. My friend and I answered an astonishing number of them correctly. She knew the answers because she’d lived in the UK. I knew the answers from writing meta about Thatcher’s homophobia.

We won the match. When my friends asked how I could possibly know so much about Thatcher, I smiled and said, “Oh, just Sherlock.” The only person curious to know more was a girl on the other team who scrolled through her Tumblr and nodded knowingly when I said I wrote episode analyses.

During another round, we were answering questions wherein you get more points depending on how soon you answer the question. Three words in, they mentioned the Labouchere Amendment. It sounded familiar–because I’d read about it in a TJLC meta. It was the amendment used to prosecute homosexuality in England, the one used at Oscar Wilde’s trial. I buzzed in immediately and got the question right for the maximum possible points.

We ended up winning our bracket.

For once in my life, being part of this crazy, angst-filled, and utterly devoted corner of fandom gave me an advantage over elitists who wouldn’t read a fanfic if their lives depended on it.

Thank you, TJLC.


I love how

All of us in the KevEdd/R!KevEdd ship have just accepted certain things. R!Edd is a depressed/suicidal, angry swimmer who usually can speak at least French and is a terrifying physical bully, R!Kev is a robotic/quiz bowl nerd who truly is to sweet for his own good and his hat is a quiz bowl hat, his pet name is pumpkin (French translation or not), usually ends up in a weird ice breaking situation. Also, Nat is basically a staple character. He should be just added to the show. Thank you lovely beings for basically shaping the architecture of the world i read in!!!!! @asphyyyy @c2ndy2c1d

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Some facts, as requested by @sugaredbutnotsweet for some reason.

FACT #1: I treated myself to a sports massage this morning, as I’ve not been stretching properly and my last upper body workout left me with insane amounts of tension in my shoulders. Turns out the source of all the pain was actually in my glutes, which means I basically got an intense and moderately painful 40 minute butt-rub. I’m tempted to count it as the official end to my long dry spell.

FACT #2: All of the posts I write here are complete first drafts. I don’t craft or edit anything that appears here; it’s all straight from brain to keyboard. Which means the drivel I put on this godforsaken site is not at all representative of my writing capabilities when planning and editing are involved. Then it’s even worse.

FACT #3: A jar of cat treats and a jar of cocktail peanuts look and sound remarkably similar at 2am when you’re stumbling into your dark kitchen looking for a snack. More of an observation than a fact, but still.

FACT #4: If you approach me at a party and I don’t know you, I will likely shriek internally and then leap behind the nearest potted plant. Because I am smooth like that.

FACT #5: I got a creepy message from someone on Facebook today, who said she had a photo of me from 1986, where we’d met at a high school quiz bowl tournament thingy in Illinois. Turns out the photo was, in fact, of me. All kinds of memories of that trip came whooshing back and it was utterly surreal. We had a good laugh over it and it ended up not being so creepy in the end.

So, yeah. There is some useless information for you in boring anecdotal form.

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"Well, hello, and welcome to my home.”

I swear to god that’s not me.

But I’m probably just about as crazy as she is because I am a teacher, and at this moment in time, I intend to continue in this crazy career I’ve chosen for myself.

Instead of boring you with the details of who I am and what I do, I’ll just let those expository facts unfold as they may. For now, I’ll keep it simple:

I teach high school social studies in Louisiana, which is my home.
I am nearing the end of my third year of full-time teaching (plus two years of long-term sub experience).
At present, I have about 130 students, including freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
My school is awesome! But I am biased because it is my alma mater.
I currently sponsor the fishing club, the Quiz Bowl team, and the junior class (which is responsible for prom).
I serve on our PBIS committee, and I’m a public relations person of sorts as I actively run the school Facebook page.
I am that teacher who sings and dances, tells stories and jokes, cares deeply about the kids, and tries to make learning and living as entertaining and enjoyable as possible.
I love my job.

I’m looking forward to networking with other teachers from across the world and hopefully continuing to grow in my profession. I’ll be using this blog mostly to share the day-to-day happenings in my little professional world. Reflections on my methods, thoughts about my content, the crazy things my students get me involved in, and the struggle to make MY SCHOOL great again.

Welcome to my home!

  • Me, dangling from a ceiling vent: Listen, the NAQT's fixation on Western canon and European history and coding of non Abrahamic religions as "mythology" is extremely damaging to children of color participating in competitions and encourages white players to devalue the contributions of non Europeans to literature, history, and the sciences
  • The NAQT president, hitting me with a broom: how the fuck did you get in my office

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

Hello @absolute-twaddle! Nice URL change, I didn’t recognize you at first 😂

5 things I like about myself:
1) My handwriting (as messy as it is)
2) My liberal use of sarcasm
3) My skin color (brown is awesome)
4) My ability to get good grades without doing much work (depends on the class, but usually I’m fine
5) My talents in debate, quiz bowl, and choir

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Okay but the greek gods as high school stereotypes

Zeus is the homecoming king, date-rapey, wears crowns to school half the week, football star, wears a lot of red clothes, daddy issues, dating Hera but mad cause she won’t put out, cheats, has fathered 3 kids but payed the moms off, unliked by fathers, doesn’t read, “No you’re stupid” “I know you are but what am I?”

Hera is the super protective, top of the class, teaches home ec to underclassman, willingly takes the robot babies for fun, vintage sundresses, homecoming queen, loves reading, abstinence advocator, 

Athena is tiptop of the class, v v smart but will fuck you up, wears blazers, vegan, will not hesitate to tell you she is vegan, started chess club, is president of chess club, is the only one in chess club, Quiz bowl, 

Apollo is designated gay guy, throws the best parties, always lit, super tan, spends summers in Tahiti, really likes hummus, shitty poetry slams at the local bars, “come to my poetry slam Tuesday night!” Drums on everything, takes more time on his hair than his homework

Artemis, super gay, wears a lot of jewelry, blogs all night, skips school for first day of hunting season, wears white camo, eats meninists for breakfast, loves the bell jar, dog person

Dionysus wears Hawaiian shirts 24/7, drinks before school, does everything but heroin because that is too far, water bottles filled with vodka, dabs ironically, puts Monster in his coffee and drinks it, spends all his money on booze, eats two bags of Doritos a day

Poseidon– captain of the swim team, ironically doesn’t like fish, has sea food allergy, has a shark stuffed animal, wears board shorts to school, talks about surfing but can’t surf, talks with Californian accent but is from Ohio, “radical”, bucket hats, orange spray tan, cried watching finding nemo

Hades, oldest but his family hates him, wears nothing but black, still in the scene phase, secretly likes Justin Bieber, girlfriend goes to a different school, “you wouldn’t know her”, spikes hair every day but always brushes it out because “it doesn’t look good”. every day. “welcome to my twisted mind” blog title, guyliner, joined theatre as a joke, is really good at it, under appreciated, watches one tree hill in his free time

Persephone– flower child gone goth, irrational fear of pomegranates, dog person, “It’s complicated” relationship status. only drinks long island ice teas, flower crown and punk edits, wears crop tops and ripped jeans, in love with my chemical romance, cosplay youtuber

Aphrodite– settler in the relationship, cheating on her boyfriend, tells people she is in an open relationship, has had so many abortions her next one is free, wears pink ever Wednesday, spends all her money at Victoria’s secret, Instagram famous, personal relationship with Kylie Jenner, wants to be a model, wears crop tops and skater skirts, makeup youtuber, “I was the sidechick”

Hermes– meme trash, works in school office, wears cardigans, on the track team, studied abroad, afraid of heights, wears nike sandals with socks, wants to be a doctor, tweets for a living, Dabs unironically, trolls everyone

Hephaestus– Girlfriend is cheating on him, reacher in relationship, loves star trek, relates to Spock, makes model airplanes, mommy issues, kind heart, hard worker, pure cinnamon roll. wears a lot of flannels, and work boots 24/7, hates his brother Ares, only reason there is a handy cap entrance, 

Hestia–Possible arsonist, dad is an asshole, cozy fire aesthetic, slut-shamer, obsessed with disney movies, always has tea, wears cardigans, “too hot for you” mug, still sleeps with a stuffed animal at 18, best tipper

Demeter – mom friendTM, seasonal wardrobes, texts you to make sure you ate, loves a good nude lip but is always down for a plum, goes by Demi,, hates when people rhyme her name with things, has a life style blog, minimalist.

Hypnose– Deadass, sleeps all day, failing all classes because he doesn’t do his homework, anxiety, loves camomile tea, loves catcher in the rye, binge watches a new tv show every week

Ares– only drinks fireball, head of the wrestling team, tried to fight teacher, will fight you, will fight his dog, will fight your dog, claims to have wrestled a bear, motorcycle, also wears guy liner, has a designated detention seat, calls the principle by first name, really good with little kids, makes a child army, WOW, rage quitter, texts Hephaestus that he stole his girl 24/7

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Okay, okay, okay. In reference to that last post. Just imagine:

Sam Wilson limiting the number of night missions on school nights. Imagine him putting his foot down because he has a firm rule, during finals there are NO NIGHT MISSIONS, GET YOUR ASS BACK HOME YOU HAVE A CALCULUS FINAL AT 9! THE WORLD IS ALWAYS ON THE VERGE OF ENDING, GO STUDY, WE GOT THIS.

Sam Wilson showing up at science fairs and talent shows and quiz bowl competitions. Taking pictures, clapping, even at the quiz bowl. The judges threaten to kick him out but he’s just so damn proud of all his superhero kids.

Sam Wilson making wake up calls after night missions to make sure the kids are awake in time to catch the bus.

Sam Wilson asking about their day at school while on missions.

Sam Wilson asking about their grades.

Sam Wilson proofreading college admission essays and beaming as the admission letters start rolling in.

Sam Wilson also being quietly encouraging when the rejection letters roll in as well.

Sam Wilson being an outstanding mentor and all around excellent dude that all the kids look up to and count on okay.

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4: Were you a part of any “clique” in high school?

Yes, I will admit it. I was.

I was in theater and we had our ‘clique’ but also I did improv and we had our own little clique (more like a sect) within the theater group. We were just ridiculous. 100%. I love theater, but the drama department is full of well…drama. 😂

I actually did a variety of extracurriculars (Like softball and quiz-bowl) but i was definitely a theater kid and in the theater clique.

Wrote this Rev!KevEdd short scene on the bus cause it was drifting in my mind for a while now and in my sketch book i had this drawing on the corner so i decided to color it to make it go w this scene :P i’m not a great writer, but i hope u like it anyhow.

if you wish to read my other fanfiction of KevEdd :  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11041503/1/The-Scientist

Kevin had no idea what came over him. His body was slightly trembling, his heart was beating nervously fast, and his mind screamed RUN! Despite all this, his feet continued to move towards the figure in front of him.

He wondered how he had stumbled into his current situation, his memory trailed back. He had gone back to the locker rooms during lunch to retrieve a notebook he had left behind during his PE class that had his homework stashed inside. He had walked into the room when he saw the menacing figure of the shark that always seemed to lurk around him when he least expected. Kevin had quickly hid behind some lockers frightened the shark would notice and attack him. He poked his head out cautiously observing his predator. The figure was sitting on one of the benches hunched over and seemed to be in deep thought. Kevin’s eyes gradually grew wide as he witnessed, Eddward, the boy who never ever took his hat off was now holding it in his hands staring at it. Black long hair gracefully fell on his neck, and a thin scar trailed from his forehead up to his scalp.

A mischievous grin appeared on Kevin’s face as he turned to quietly grab his phone to take a picture thinking this would be his ticket out of the shark’s assaults. His thoughts had been interrupted as he heard muffled sounds from where the shark was. This made his curiosity get the better of him and looked once again, his body froze, mind gone blank.

Eddward the ferocious, ruthless, mysterious tyrant had now shattered into a powerless, trembling, vulnerable being right in front of Kevin’s eyes. The teen was quietly crying. Kevin gasped from the shock of the sudden change of character making Edd jumped quickly putting his hat back on as he called out “Who’s there!” in a threating voice. And now there was Kevin shaking from fear, his heart a nervous wreck and his mind telling him to run as far as he could, but his body disobeyed and he stood into view.

He approached Edd slowly and saw the boy give him an annoyed look before turning away. “What brings you here Pumpkin?” he asked in a calm and collected tone.

“I-I came to get a notebook…”Kevin said and then asked with concern “…Edd are you alright?”

Edd reached to grab something on the side of the bench and handed it to Kevin “You may leave now” he directed without looking at Kevin. Kevin looked down and wondered what on earth Edd was doing with his notebook, but in this moment that wasn’t important. Once Edd noticed Kevin still standing next to him he turned to eye the nerd viciously and with a stern voice said “LEAVE” Kevin refused to leave Edd in such a broken state, no matter how cruel Edd could be sometimes he was human too and Kevin knew for one reason or another Edd had become the aggressive person he was now.

Kevin sat down next to Edd facing the opposite side. He heard Edd sigh with annoyance “Edd…” he broke the silence as he turned to caress Edd’s still damped cheek, the action forcing the taller boy to face the nerd. Edd’s eyes were slightly red and shiny from the tears previously shed, yet they also held a dark blue shade of loneliness and desperation.  

Something stirred in Kevin’s chest making him want to give this lonely shark in front of him all his compassion and love. He leaned in closing the small distance between the two and tenderly pressed his lips underneath one of Edd’s eyes where a tear escaped.  He felt the teen’s body tense, and Kevin wrapped his arms around him. He hugged him tightly afraid Edd would fall out of his grasp and into an abyss. “You don’t have to hide Edd, not from me…” Kevin whispered. He felt Edd’s body relax while a long moment of silenced past them with Kevin still clinging onto Edd.

“Kevin” Edd softly muttered making Kevin’s eyes shoot open and butterflies immediately filled him from inside. Kevin pulled away meeting ocean blue eyes.

“Yes Edd?” he asked, both blue and emerald eyes stared deeply into each other for a second. Then Edd pulled off Kevin’s quiz bowl cap and leaned in placing a fondly kiss on his forehead. Edd enveloped Kevin in his arms “Thank you Pumpkin” he said pressing his lips on Kevin’s forehead once again. Kevin blushed as he felt Edd’s lips form into a smile, he gripped Edd’s shirt tightly. He found it odd that in this moment he felt so secure in the strong arms of his tormentor, and in this simple odd moment Kevin had fallen for Eddward, the real Eddward.


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hey yo - I just quit my quiz bowl team to focus on my writing and also bc the other members of my team are a**holes, but the one member I'm trying to avoid is going to the same high school as I am (which also has a quiz bowl team I want to join) and is the best player on the team. advice please? I don't regret it I'm just really mad bc i hate the guy with all of my soul.

If it’s an activity you enjoy, I say join anyway. Learning to cooperate and tolerate people you can’t stand is an important skill, since one day you’ll be working with someone who’s a jerk and you won’t be able to quit your job like you could a club. If he’s being purposely horrible (and not just run of the mill annoying), consider confronting him about it in a polite way – something like, “Hey Jake, it’s actually pretty hurtful when you say/do that thing,” could be enough because he’s likely not expecting anyone to stand up to him. I hope it works out!


“your backwards logic wouldn’t make it past the first round of the quiz bowl tournament.”
he takes a step closer to her. “my logic is what won my team the quiz bowl tournament. four years. in a row.”
she glares. “i hope your cat scratches your face tonight,” she deadpans. rose even mimics the claws with her hand. 

he grins like she gave him the best compliment. 

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⭐️ Also, you were in quiz bowl too? That was like my favorite thing in high school!

-I’ve been quiz bowl captain for 2 years and the best thing that ever happened was answering a long-ass expanded Log question and then someone’s dad said “they should get like 10 points for being able to answer that”

our last match was last week and I was so sad! But we finished third both in our county and the other we were invited to play in.