Kirk vs. Spock: NASA Trivia Time!

Star Trek has inspired generations of NASA employees to boldly go exploring strange new worlds and develop the technologies for making science fiction become science reality. We recently caught up with Star Trek Beyond actors Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) and quizzed them on some NASA trivia. Before you take a look at their answers (video at bottom of post), take a stab at answering them yourself! See how well you do: 

1. What does the first “A” in NASA stand for? 
A) Adventure
B) Aeronautics

2. On July 4 this year, we sent a spacecraft into orbit around what planet?
B) Pluto

3. What do scientists call a planet that orbits a star outside our solar system?
B) Nebula

4. Although it never flew in space, what was the name of the first space shuttle?
B) Enterprise

5. What is a light-year a measurement of?
B) Distance

6. When looking for habitable worlds around other stars, we want to find planets that are what?
Goldilocks zone planets
B) Class M Planets

7. Olympus Mons is the largest known volcano in our solar system. What planet is it on?
A) Mars
B) Earth

8. Which NASA satellite made an appearance in Star Trek the Motion Picture?
B) Galileo

9. Who was the first American woman in space?
Sally Ride
B) Janice Lester

10. While developing life support for Mars missions, what NASA Spinoff was developed?
Enriched baby food
B) Anti-gravity boots

11. What technology makes replication of spare parts a reality on the International Space Station?
Closed-Loop System
B) 3-D Printer

12. What two companies are contracted by NASA to carry astronauts to and from the space station?
Boeing and SpaceX
B) Amazon and Virgin Galactic

1:B, 2:A, 3:A, 4:B, 5:B, 6:A, 7:A, 8:A, 9:A, 10:A, 11:B, 12:A

Now that you’ve tested your own space knowledge, find out how Zachary and Chris did at NASA Trivia: 

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My Sherlock Quiz (in response to Buzzfeed):

1) Whom does Sherlock admit he loves most in the world during his speech in TSOT?

2) What did John tearfully refuse to tell Ella during his therapy session in The Reichenbach Fall?
-His medical history
-What he ate for lunch that day
-His favorite color jumper
-The thing he wanted to say to Sherlock when he was alive but never had the guts to say before he missed his opportunity

3) What does John say is the reason for visiting 221b at the beginning of TEH?
-He’s left some stuff he wants to grab quick
-He wants to help Mrs Hudson with the dusting
-Mycroft sent him over
-He needs to finally move on so he can start the next romantic chapter of his life

4) The thought of which person literally restarts Sherlock’s heart?

5) Which person does John say - on his blog - is the reason he lives?

6) What does John do 24 hours after posting on his blog about how he doesn’t care what his potential flatmate’s sexual preference is?
-Asks his potential flatmate what his sexual preference is
-Tells his potential flatmate that he is single and unattached, even though that man didn’t ask
-Proves his loyalty to and trust of this new potential flatmate even though he is known to have trust issues
-All of the above

7) Which of these quotes are referring to John and Sherlock’s relationship?
- “There’s always two of us”
- “Just the two of us against the rest of the world”
- “Why don’t you just elope, for God’s sake”
- All of the above

8) What causes Sherlock to have a “danger night” and take up hard drugs to dull the pain?
-Irene dying
-Mycroft gaining weight
-Forgetting Lestrade’s first name for the 100th time
-Watching John get married

Everyone’s freaking out over the sorting hat quiz on the Pottermore site. I have to say that it’s inaccurate, and here’s why: the Pottermore website quiz does not allow you to answer all the possible questions.

When I took the limited version on Pottermore, I got Griffindor. But when I dug around online and found the accumulative test, I got Ravenclaw again. I feel the accumulative version of the test is a lot more accurate.

You can take it here

It has all the possible questions that Pottermore offers, but for some reason doesn’t give you on the actual website.