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If you get Apple’s annual upgrade plan from them directly, it does include AppleCare+.

One of the options does.  But it’s at an upped price.

You can also get it at your provider’s rate still with an upgrade every year, with the ability to purchase Applecare+ separately if wanted.  (pretty sure it adds up to same price if added separately.)


I was posing and he walked in and said “Oooh take that selfie. But also, give me a kiss.”


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Incidentally, thank you all for your support!

I appreciate it very much. Yes, my daughter doubtless owes me an apology too, and we’ll talk this afternoon. Because my childhood was so odd, I have a hard time figuring out what “normal” mothers are supposed to do.  I did a lot for myself when I was a kid and often took care of my younger siblings.  I am very intelligent, but occasionally have the emotional maturity of child, because I just didn’t get to develop normally.  Nick reminds me of that.  I know that lots of people learn from scratch, and we are too.  My kids can cook and bake and do all of that.  They just like it when I “mother” them. And that’s okay with me for the most part. I want them to remember me that way.  We need to renegotiate some rules when we move soon.  It’s all a work in progress.  Absolutely yes to the accountability, though. Each of these kids is going to have their own room with a LOUD alarm clock in it. 

Thanks again, guys.  

There Is...


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The Insanity That Is My Life…

My god. Is she sweeping in thinking there is an inheritance?

A very large inheritance.

We finished setting up the trust this week.

Everything will be split between me and my stepbrother.

My stepbrother is driving her to the airport tomorrow.

She will be going back to Florida tomorrow.

We are left with the aftermath of her visit.

More suffering for him.

He will now probably die in the hospital instead of at home the way he wanted.

This woman is obviously absolutely insane.

Our Apple TV is one of the originals, and we haven’t used it since we finished the built ins. So the first problem was it wasn’t hooked up right (with all of the other crap we have). Then it wouldn’t connect to my hubby’s Apple account. Then there were some iTunes issues…the list goes on. It took an hour and a restart to get it all working. But I still can’t get Apple Remote on my phone to work.

@quiyst you raise a very valid concern. I’m not one to condone body-shaming, but I can’t afford to have the appliances fraternizing. It’s like when I bought the Mr. Coffee that slinky gold filter a few months back. The coffee grinder was never the same. It was grinding all night long until one morning it didn’t work anymore.

For Quiyst, re: the dentist operating out of my kitchen. Not quite, but from my house I drive four blocks in the direction pictured, with no stop lights. Then I turn right, and it is about 100 feet away. I am going to miss this neighborhood for so many reasons!

Jscottwilson, you were right about nerves-no time at all. I threw on last night’s dress, brushed my teeth, deodorant and a brush through my hair, and I was out the door. I got there at 9:03 for a 9:00 appointment.

Tech savvy

Did you know my ps3 had the Internet set up all this time? I didn’t. I read all this stuff to set it up and what do you know it was already there done waiting for me to order Netflix. I have to update. This may take awhile considering I have never in the 4 years I owned it and the 3.5 years I have had wifi done an update. I need in home tech support because I don’t really care enough about these things to even try to mess with them. 😜 I just felt QUIYST shutter from across the country 😉

I met some very special people a few years ago (I lost count) on Twitter. It started with jokes, tweeting back and forth, then group chats, IMing, emails and led into true friendships. Usually we gossip and talk shit, but if we needed to rant about work, kids, our relationships or other problems someone was always there. I’ve gotten job advice, my jacked up resume rewritten, support when my grandfather passed away, and so much more. I don’t like to talk about personal shit much, but they are always the first I run to with anything and are there with no judgment and great advice.

I know I have blogged about this before, but just wanted to say thanks to you guys and hope you know how much I love you all.

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Holy shit. I’m becoming convinced more and more we’re married to the same person.

Ugh.  I wish I had a witty comeback for this, but the fact remains, its no fun.  I want to be with someone that loves, respects, and appreciates the things I do.  Thursday will mark 15 years for us too.  :-/