The first image is completely random.

The second one, (the mini comic), was from a dream I had. It was a bunch of spirits or something. Waiting to be reincarnated and they kept talking down to this woman. Telling her she was nothing and a whore blah blah. 
AT one point someone said, “God forbid you return as a turtle.” It continued on with how they were sacred and she wasn’t worthy or some shit. But I guess she was. SInce she was reincarnated. As a badass turtle.
I have no idea what any of that meant. I hope theres cool stuff about turtles. I like it when I dream about cool stuff with actual facts or somethin.

The last image is of Zaja and Nicholae. They don’t belong to me. Go ask Quix about em.


I was in the car the other day and started sketching out an older Johnny, and actually liked it. I was gonna go so much further with this, between the lines and colouring, but I’m tired now…so I’m sharing.

The original file is actually more sketchy and somewhat more ‘realistic’ but in a fit of habit, I started doing my classic line-work and worked more on that instead ((he also had a bit of facial hair, which you can still kinda see in the top pic hur hur hur~)).