quixotic ideas

For some reason, I can suddenly write again. I’ll try to q a few Aiko in canon updates along with duck poetry for tozettewrites (I am taking your earlier comment as enthusiasm at the prospect, yes you are welcome.)


Is there an au scenario or short idea that someone would like to see set up for what might otherwise be a long dry spell? I’m not promising I’ll pull through, but I’d like to try. I tried an au prompt scenario, something like ‘i work at chuck e cheese and your sibling is having  a huge bday party’ and that somehow (d)evolved into team 7 ruling chuck e cheese and basically being gigantic unambitious losers while overachiever Lee balances a much more demanding school with the huge mouse costume and also Sakura is trying to romance Hinata who is herding many small people who vie for Hanabi’s favor? Anyway. It got weirder than anticipated.

But yet it seems to me that translating from one tongue into another, unless it be from those queens of tongues, Greek and Latin, is like viewing Flemish tapestries from the wrong side, for although you see the pictures, they are covered with threads that obscure them so that the smoothness and the gloss of the fabric are lost.

Don Quixote, Part 2: (trans Water Starkie)

Oh, but Don Quixote, did no one teach you to marvel at the back of those tapestries, and see them as their own piece of art?

SAT Word of the Day: 07/15/2016

The Word of the Day is QUIXOTIC

Pronunciation:  kwikˈsädik

Quixotic (adjective) :  exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical

Even when my students have quixotic ideas which will not work, I always do my best to support them.

Can you make a sentence with today’s word?