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Number 7 please! Robert and Aaron fluff :)

“I’ll keep you warm.”

“How are you doing?” Aaron asked as he came in the bedroom with a big cup of tea.

He sat it down on the bedside table and sat down at the edge of the bed.

“’mkay,” Robert mumbled. He had the covers pulled up to under his chin and looked at Aaron trough tired eyes.

“You don’t look it,” Aaron said worried and touched Robert’s forehead lightly. “Are you feeling cold?”

“Yeah,” Robert said, voice quivering. “A bit.”

“I brought you some tea, you wanna try it?” Aaron asked, lifting the cup back up from the bedside table.

Robert sat up a bit and he shivered even more as soon as the blanket dropped down to his lap.

Aaron handed the cup over and Robert took a tiny sip.

He still shivered and Aaron rubbed his arms gently.

Robert put the cup back on the bedside table and disappeared back under the covers.

“Doesn’t help?” Aaron asked.

“Not really,” Robert said.

Aaron looked at him for a moment, thinking about what he could do and then he stood up.

He took his pants off first and then his hoodie.

“As much as I would love to, I am not sure I have the stamina right now,” Robert sighed.

“Get your mind out of the gutter,” Aaron said with a laugh. When he was stripped down to nothing but his boxers he climbed on the bed behind Robert.

He lifted his blanked and slipped under it. He wrapped his arms around him and docked on, his entire front pressed against Robert’s back.

“I’ll keep you warm,” Aaron said with a kiss to his neck. “You always complain I’m too warm, now it might actually do some good.”

in the Iron Woods 

bound by bloodlaw,
the owlsong quivers up the
throat of the oakbough

and the last scatterings
of wolf-picked bones
whiten like driftwood

fleshed by desolation
and these cold winds
from nowhere,

the world is sisterhood,
the clang of gored battles
the melody of daybeasts
rushing their hooves

against the mountain’s
infinite patience

where her effervescence
         and sighs like a
star in my arms

lured in by the loon’s
grieving  call -

its eternal pretty wailing

dusk comes an ancient habit,
closing like a moth’s wings  

and so widens the moon’s
dark mouth          ravenous

for the sacrificial ewe, grabbed
by the redslit throat unhinged

the eyes of vanish,
the stars sink back, indifferent

their dimlit nets winnow through
my dreams - carrying all I once

thought dead and buried
(all that does not remain)  

Temporary Reality

  “Do you know? Do you know what my mum said when I was a kid?”

  Your mouth was slightly agape on the sight in front of you, never expecting it to happen after what happened a month ago.

  Harry crying, on your doorstep, in the middle of the night.

  “Are you okay, love?”

  You stood up from the couch, greeting Harry with a hug he didn’t bother to give back.

  “We need to end this.”


  He huffed, looking up on the ceiling to prevent himself from blowing up instantly, wanting to get over this quickly.

  “What do you mean that this needs to end?”

  Your voice quivered, being far from stable, looking straight at Harry who isn’t reacting the way you are, his hands tucked in his pockets.

  “You know what I’m talking about. We both know we do.”

  “But why do we need to?”

  You cried, putting your foot down the ground and clenching your fists.

  You didn’t get it. Out of all people, you chose not to comprehend it because it would hurt more. Everything’s going well and there wasn’t a single reason for the both of you to break up.

  “I said so.”

  “It’s not for you to decide!”

  “It’s not for you to hold me back!”

  “Harry, I never held you back. There isn’t a single reason for us to break up. Love, listen to me. We’re not fighting, we’re not-…”

  Y/N, stop!“ he yelled, holding both your arms firmly, looking at you sternly with eyes you might’ve seen before.

  “I came here to break up with you, not to-…”

  “Goddamn it, Harry! You’re not breaking up with me, you’re not breaking up with me!”

  You were full-on yelling, tears pouring down endlessly that you doubted it would stop, the same cold expression on his face.

  “I am.”

  “Give me a reason.”

  He chuckled, letting go of your arms before looking up the ceiling again, rubbing his face with his hands.

  “Do you need me to spell it out?”

  You stayed silent, feeling your heart drop at the fact that this is happening, an event that you would’ve never thought would happen.

  You closed your eyes, the truth hitting you all at once without Harry’s words, making you sob as everything seemed to end.

  It was because of what people said to you, whether online or in front of your face, the word was abundant enough for it to be engraved in your mind.


  You thought what was going on is genuine. It may be, but it wasn’t permanent.

  You didn’t like the thought of being a distraction for someone, a diversion to stop someone’s pain and making them feel better. You aren’t against the latter idea, but the first one strikes so bad that it makes you feel numb.

  “I — I came here not to leave. I came here to stay, Harry. To get married-…”

  “I didn’t say anything about us getting married. I never did.”

  “Then why have commitment if you’re not going to marry nor stay?”

  “Because it was never commitment to me!”

  That was all it took for you to hurt more if it wasn’t enough already, the concluding statement that it’s the end.

  The end of a one-sided something that was probably not started in the first place.

  Here he is, the man who broke you, asking a question that only he could answer.

  You stopped yourself from questioning why he’s here, letting him continue even if it takes you the whole night there.


  He looked up from the ground, his tongue grazing his lips. It wasn’t hard to notice, his eyes red and so is his nose, his eyes being a bit puffy.

  “She — she said that if I lost something that I once depended my life on, life wouldn’t be the same. Taught me not to lose another toy truck again.”

  His hands are now stuffed in his pockets again, sniffling until he found the words to speak.

  “But no, this, ’s not about toy trucks. It’s about you.”

   You swallowed the lump on your throat, everything the both of you’ve been through striking you all back at once, the tears building up in your eyes.

  “I’m not drunk, I’m sober. I know what I’m saying.”


  “I can be mindless at times and I know that.”

  He rubbed his eyes, pursing his lips, never feeling this way before as he swore.

  “I’ve been looking for smaller opportunities, when I didn’t notice I had and currently the biggest in front of me, until I lost her.”


  You said his name not for the sake of it, but as a plea for him to stop.

  “I didn’t know what I had until I lose it. And I fucking hate that.”

  You clenched the pajama you’re wearing breathing heavily with the doorknob still in your hand.

  “You’re not temporary, you’re permanent. And I can assure you that ever since.”

  He paused, momentarily looking at you before continuing.

  “There isn’t an excuse on how I treated you, and I’m sorry.”


  “Things aren’t the best at this moment, I know. But I swear to God, my mum’s right at what she said. And I am not willing to risk on losing you again.”

  You were caught out of breath, the sight being beyond the most whirlpool of emotions you had.

  Harry got down on one knee, a ring from his pocket.

  “I didn’t came here to leave, I came here to marry.”

  A smile on your face, not wanting to have it any either way.

  “Will I be granted the privilege of making things right and being your husband?”

  You laughed, tears of joy being the only ones shed, a grin coming out of his lips.

  “Yes, now come in.”

“Oh! Horror of horrors, what’s this I see? Can it be Batman capturing me? Great quivering icebergs! They got me in Batcuffs to cart me away! But they’ll never convince the Penguin that crime doesn’t pay!”

I have already posted the second track of this record titled THE ESCAPE and since people seem to enjoy it, here is the first track: THE CAPTURE. Burgess recorded as the Penguin in 1966. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if the Penguin dropped a mixtape, it’s your lucky day… because this is it.

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

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I LOVE IT WHEN YOU INCLUDE BUTT PLAY IN YOUR STORIES OMFG I LOVE YOU (I keep re-reading Pulse and Vibrations, they are so damn good, keep up the amazing work <3) are you thinking of writing more? and could you possibly give me a list of all of yours bc I'm not sure if I've seen them all :3

Thank you! omg I love it, too. :’)) I’m always thinking of writing more but somehow I end up getting shit for it so I am hesitant each and every time. lmfao

Ummm let me see if I can think of all the ass play I’ve written… of course you’ve read Pulse and Vibrations. There is quivering, whimpering & Slower, Baby with Jungkook. Good Boy, the KGHT spin off with Namseok. Voyeur where at least VMIN get some ass play action. lol The Client Vol. 2 with Jackson, which was not technically ass play, but it involves an ass job. Good Kitty (with pet play), Luxury, Spoiled, & Flesh with JB. That’s all I can remember atm. ^^

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ooooooh, what if the talon!reader survived the blast from tracer's bomb, albeit pretty scarred on his chest, and tried to apologize to her for joining talon? (as a continuation of talon!bestfriend!reader x tracer)

First one here

Your chest ached constantly, a patchwork of scars as a reminder of how far things have fallen for you and your best friend. Despite how most people would react - with bitterness and anger - you just wanted to apologise. 

You slipped away from Talon in the middle of the night and made your way to where Talon thought Overwatch was assigned to at the moment. You literally stumbled across Lena again, her guns immediately pointing to you as you raised your hand in surrender with your own guns on the ground.

“I’m sorry,” you said and she blinked in surprise, “I don’t expect you to believe me but I left Talon.”

“Why should I believe you?” she said, gun starting to quiver.

You just pulled out a data disk, handing it to Tracer and she took it with an inquisitive look. Later, she found it contained most of Talon’s bases and a detailed working of Talon. Her fingers tapped a rhythm against the desk as she just watched you in your cell.

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Cody Rhodes with O please?

Originally posted by leelakoiwolff

requested by @georgina019

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Oh Cody is good with his mouth. He loves it when your thighs shake and you quiver, wrapping your legs around his head as his skilled tongue goes to work between your folds. He could taste you all day, and would willingly do it if you let him. He knows that no one can make you cum as quickly or as hard as he can do and he gets smug satisfaction from that. As a rule he isn’t fussy when it comes to receiving, although if you got down on your knees and insisted you wanted to suck his cock he isn’t going to say no by any means.

Have a gif of a sexy combat rolling Hanzo

Now who does that remind you of? They met at Overwatch right? Right???

That one time Holmes stared at Watson’s face and eyes from across the room then gave a 395 word description of what Watson’s exact thoughts were in that moment based on the sparkling of his eyes and the quivering of his lips and interrupted when he noticed Watson touching his old wound and thinking about the senseless horrors of war