quivering with heartbreak at the moment

She went through so many different feelings while loving him…

She experienced the feeling of nerves and happiness combined, the natural state of high, the feeling you have when you start to fall for someone. The fireworks exploding in your stomach when you see him, the undeniable urge to go with your hand through your hair or to pull at your clothes, the feeling of blood rushing to your head when he says hi.

She experienced the feeling of pure, perfect bliss, the feeling you have when you’re inside his arms and you can smell his cologne and you seem to fit perfectly in his arms and you know you are where you belong. That utter bliss you experience when you stare into his eyes and he stares back and you forget everything else exists.

She also experienced the intense pain of heartbreak, the moment you can’t do anything else than try to stop yourself from shaking, excuse yourself and walk away. And walking becomes running as soon as you’re out of sight and you will run until your knees tremble so hard you can’t run anymore and you’ll fall down. You will try to stop your lip from quivering and whipe away the first two tears, but you’ll realise it doesn’t help and you will let yourself break, fall apart. And you will bring your hand towards the place your heart is supposed to be, because you feel an ache right there and you will try to rip your heart out because you don’t want it to hurt so much, but you will realise you can’t.

Another feeling she experienced was the feeling of him entering your life once again. You told yourself you wouldn’t let him every minute of every hour of every day after he left, but there he is and you can’t help but let him. Eventhough you know last time was a nightmare and this time will probably be a horror story, you can’t resist that damn smile, curving a little upwards on the left, only made look more genuine by the softness in his eyes. And you feel yourself handig the broken pieces of your heart over to him.

She experienced all that, but she became immune to feeling, and now all she knows is that she loves him. And for her… that’s enough.

—  Feelings
Don’t Leave (Jake x MC)

Title: Don’t leave

Pairing: Jake x MC

Word Count: 1,477

Universe: Endless Summer

Prompt: “Not all who wander are lost” –J.R.R TOLKIEN


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Oh hey look, I’m back. I promised myself to not write again but I couldn’t help it, seeing all the works of other amazing authors inspired me to write again. And gaaaah—God help me, this prompt is just my favorite! Thank you @hollyashton for hosting this!!!


P.S I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors and misspellings. However, I’m open with any advice with regards of my writing, so don’t be shy and correct my mistakes :) Enjoy ~


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Still stuck in La Huerta, Jake was giving MC the cold shoulder so she finally decided to confront Jake about what she really feels about him. She misses their casual banter and how they discreetly flirt with each other.

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Promise (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None, I was in a angst mood and needed to put my sadness into an imagine. I’m sorry, this is kind of sad. 

Words: 1,317

Warnings: Angst

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Your sleepy eyes watched him move around the room, gathering his stuff as he prepared to leave. He was dressed in his gear and had a fairly large bag sitting by the door, which told you he would be gone longer than just a couple days this time. It was barely even five and your body begged you to go back to sleep but you wanted to see him go, it would kill you if he left while you were still dreaming of gumballs and happiness when the love of your life was off to save the world. 

You pulled the covers up to your chin and the movement cause his eyes to snap towards you. He watched you carefully as you avoided making eye contact, the moment your eyes locked with his, you knew you would lose it. It happened nearly every time he had to go on a mission, you would be become extremely upset and would try to contain it until he left but sometimes you failed. 

He adjusted his tactical gear once more before making his ways towards you and sitting down on the bed. His flesh hand swept away the hair from your face while his metal fingers laced with yours. You were still avoiding his eyes and instead stared at his chest, which was covered in bullet proof clothing that looked extremely uncomfortable.  

“Hey,” His voice was barely above a whisper and your stomach twisted in the way it always did when he talked to you like this. “I’m coming back, okay? I always do.” 

“I’m sure you told all the girls back in 1940 that too.” You closed your eyes and tried to swallow the lump in your throat, you could sense the ugly crying coming. 

“Y/n, it’s different now, alright? I’m coming home to you, I couldn’t stand to leave my girl all alone like that.” 

You didn’t say anything, you simply squeezed his hand a little tighter and wiggled your face further into the side of your pillow. 

“Besides, I’m far too young to die.” That made you giggle, just the way he wanted you to.  He chuckled along with you for a moment before brushing his thumb over your cheek and dropping serious again. “I’m coming home. I promise, Y/n.” 

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” You whispered low enough so that he wouldn’t hear the sob hiding behind your words. 

He hesitated, “Doll, I promise you, I am coming home.” 

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You Were My Sunshine (Fairy Tail Fanfic)

So, a while back, I sent a headcanon to snogfairy and I decided to write a fic about it:) I was gonna save it for angst week but people have been a bit antsy for fics in my ask box. It’s pretty short, so enjoy! 


 "I guess you could say, she was my sunshine. Every day started and ended with her. Nights were lonely sometimes, but as my eyes fluttered open from a long dark sleep, I would be greeted by the sunrise, which was her smile and warm amber eyes. Sometimes it wasn’t quite as bright, her mascara would be smeared down her cheek and her lips would quiver, but it wouldn’t take long for her to recover and regain her beautiful colors. 

As the night fell, and my eyes shut, I couldn’t help but be impatient, because I knew her smile was just over the horizon.

 But when I awoke, one day, and there was no sun to see, I guess I fell asleep again in hope it would be there when my eyes opened once more. 

 In that night, I had a dream I went on an adventure. A quiet, simple one, just like the past used to graciously give me. These adventures I will treasure for years on, where I could be silly and hot-headed and I was only a danger to myself. Well, and I guess I was a threat to others, as people would always tell me, but I never could bring myself to take responsibility for the destruction I caused. I miss those foolish days, for time has changed and destroyed me. That is a tale for another day, but this one I shall continue. 

 Firelight illuminated her face perfectly, the sunset painting soft colors on the sky. The smell of burnt fish was thick in the air, but neither of us cared, except for the depressed cat that sat across from us with a blackened fish in his paws, but we ignored him. Truth and dare, was it? Yes.. It was a silly game of truth or dare. Small questions that made us giggle and sometimes paint her cheeks pink as she did a small dance or answered a risky question. Those moments would always make me laugh, or I would fall over chuckling, only to receive a foot to the back of my head a moment later. 

 In one of those dares, the little blue cat asked for her to sing. Her brown eyes widened as she shook her head, saying that she wouldn’t do it. I had smiled and shook her shoulder, taunting her and pretty much forcing her to take the dare. It had taken a little more prompting than I had expected, but after a moment she had sighed, looking down at the ground, and began to sing in barely a whisper. The air was so empty though - the fire crackling and the soft wind the only sound to be heard - that her voice could be heard effortlessly. Sweet and silky, like bird song, except that it captivated me. 

 "You are my sunshine..“ Her face had grown pink and her voice lower. I nudged her shoulder and she looked up at me with her soft eyes. "My only sunshine.." 

 I grinned and wrapped my arm around her shoulder as she continued. I had watched her face turn back to the fire light. It was painted with warm colors, and her eyes reflected the fiery tongues like a mirror. Her eyes were gazing down into the embers and her eyelashes shadowed a bit of her eyes. She was embarrassed, it was evident, yet it was a beautiful moment, because I loved the way I could make her cheeks brush pink like that and make that soft smile rest on her quiet lips. 

 "You make my happy.. When skies are gray..” It was then that confusion fluttered over me. Her voice.. it was like it was getting farther away. Her shoulder didn’t feel so real under my touch, as if I was trying to grasp onto a memory, and my arm began to shake as I slowly brought my arm up from her shoulders, but she didn’t notice. She didn’t move, like she didn’t even know I was there, paralyzed in the moment. She just kept singing into the fire. 

 "You’ll never know dear, how much I love you..“ It was then, that her face turned to look at me.. A tear was slowly falling on her cheek, and she shook her head as she sat there still for a moment, her bottom lip quivering before she threw herself into my arms. I had shut my eyes and tried to embrace her the best I could. I could feel her body shaking for a moment, as she let out a single, heartbreaking sob, before growing incredibly still, and her body become ice cold and stiff. I felt a tear hit my knee, and I woke up to the sunless day.

 It was then I found that it was my own tear that had fallen. My own lips started shaking as I tried to suppress my own shock. The world was in ashes, firelight now surrounding us, and I could almost hear it laughing as it crackled and ate what was left of the world. It took me a moment though, before I could look down at the weight in my arms, my eyes immediately brimming with tears. 

She was dead and laying heavy in my arms. Her body was stained with dried blood, her arms now limp at her sides and her head resting in the crook of my neck. I gritted my teeth, burying my face in her blonde hair, my own body unable to sob from the immense pain it was feeling. Where was her voice? Where was her smile? It had just been there, moments before, as her song had filled me with warmth. What about the adventures we had shared? Was this the end of them all? I had asked myself many of those questions, my face twisted up as my body was plagued with grief. She was gone.. My sunshine was gone.. A day would never pass again, and I was then left in an eternal night, alone and afraid.

 "Please…” I had prayed to a God I no longer believe in, my arms wrapping around her tighter, though I knew the body I held was soulless. This was it, this was the end of my happiness. This was the end of it all.. I looked up to the smoky sky, my eyes blurred from tears. And in barely a whisper, filled with unbelievable anguish, I had prayed “Please don’t take.. My sunshine.. Away…”

Little Mark (Mark)

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Type: Fluff

Request: hiii can i request a mark version of “little jackson”? thank you~

Summary: Attention is what his daughter needed

Teegan let out a cry as Mark attempted to put her down “I know baby but daddy has to go on stage” he coos as she clung tight to him. She had been hanging on him since the two of them woke up this morning and he knew it wasn’t going to be easy as all to do other things. Mark glanced over to you while you held your youngest, Ina who was looking around the backstage. Both of them were given noise canceling headphones to keep the loud noises down. 

After a few more moments of struggling he managed to get the little girl to stand on the ground. He watched her lip quiver as he stood up feeling his heartbreak a little bit as he had to turn around and head towards the stage. During his performance he would glance over to see you and your girls standing there still watching him. After a few more minutes he glanced back over and saw the panic in your eyes as Teegan was no longer beside you. Mark’s eyes began looking around for her. 

His eyes finally caught Junior bent down as he had caught Teegan before she ran off to him. Mark walked over to the two of them “Teegan you were supposed to stay with mommy” Mark tells her as she lets go of Junior and rushed over and wrapped her arms around Mark’s neck who picked her up. He almost completely forgot about the crowd until the started cheering loud at the sight of the two of them.

Mark smiled as he started talking into the mic to the crowd mainly apologizing for Teegan’s actions. Teegan cuddled into him as she started chewing on her fingers as Mark glanced down at her before looking over at you. He singled with his free arm for you to come out. You gave him a look as you shook your head. Mark kept ushering you over before Yugyeom caught on and rushed over to you “can I borrow Ina?” he asks as you gave him a look. You passed her off carefully as she instantly clung to the new body who was bringing her on stage and towards Mark. The crowed started yelling again as Yugyeom brought Ina towards Mark. “Guys I want you take a look at my girls. They’re getting so big already, I’m a proud daddy” he speaks into the mic with a large smile.

thirty days iwaoi writing challenge
day twenty-two:


He’s six and he hasn’t once left Iwaizumi’s side at this birthday party, because he’s just so overwhelmed by the balloons and the people and the noise, so different from the silence he’s used to at home.

When a clown comes wandering up to the boys with a wide, creepy grin, he sucks in his breath in fear and immediately reaches for Iwa-chan’s hand, and one of the mothers looks down at him disapprovingly and says, “Boys can’t hold hands with boys.”

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‘What would pain you most
to leave behind?’

He murmured to me,
beneath quivering trees.

'The stars,’
I replied without hesitating.

He couldn’t help the pain on his face
when he heard that reply.

He wanted his place
in my life
to be higher than the sky.

That was the moment
I decided to leave him.

And it hurt,
like every star in the universe
came tearing through my mind.

—  Detox
July 16, 2015
I just wonder,” she said, looking down into her cup of coffee as if she were peering into her beloved’s heart. “Does he love me?”
“Does he respect you?” He replied.
She looked up at him, “He …says that he–”
He cut her off. She knew she couldn’t lie to herself or him in that moment.
“Then there’s your answer.”
“I really wanted you to lie to me,” she said, her lips quivering as tears stained her cheeks.“I really wanted….”
“But you needed me to tell you the truth,” he said. “Love is truth, not the lies he comforts you with.
—  Autumn’s Tragedy

“Maybe it was the montage, or possibly, as previously stated, the fact that Lea Michele works at an extremely advanced level when it comes to onscreen crying. (The quivering lips, the shaky voice, the snot — she really fires on all weep-cylinders.) In any case, this was the most heartbreaking relationship rupture of the night, because it truly took the audience “back to the start” where “Glee” began. Said by: Washington Post - The Break up

That moment, though, may be topped by a climactic, moving speech by Rachel, which is arguably the best acting Lea Michele has done on the series.  Said by: Tim Stack - EW

There was a lot of hype about this episode but more importantly this scene and there is no question that Lea Michele stole the show. All she needs is five minutes and you’ll be a mess in her hands. She possess such a unique quality that pushes her above and beyond what a simple musical Comedy should be.  Said by: SpoilerTV

Star of the Episode: Lea Michele as Rachel Berry. Lea has never sounded or looked better. And that teary break-up speech—we’re still dabbing at our eyes. Said by: Broadway.com on The Breakup

The representation of Glee, what Glee is, what makes it tangible is completely on Lea Michele’s shoulders. Last seasons aptly named, car scene was one of Glee’s most emotional scenes to date, that is until the writers told Lea Michele to break our hearts! Said by: SpoilerTV

Maybe it’s because a part of me identifies with that "moon-eyed” girl Rachel was at the beginning of the series and the relatively confident woman she’s becoming, but Lea Michele nailed it tonight. Said by: Miranda Wicker - TVFanatic - The Break up

In my opinion, Lea Michele’s acting during this was some of the greatest on the show. Said by: EW - The Break up

anonymous asked:

I love your writing very much so here you go a Golly prompt: Golly + If I Stay, set after SF, Gail has a car accident and she goes into a coma. She must decide if she leaves or stays while in the hospital Holly is right next to her asking her to stay.

Thank you for your kind words, Anon. I hope you’ll enjoy this fic. This one might be a little confusing to those who don’t know the movie.

Gail jumped in her chair as if she had fallen asleep in it hours ago. She was met with bright fluorescent lights, the familiar smell of disinfectant and the steady beeping of machines. How was she even at a hospital? The last thing Gail remembered was driving up to the cabin with her parents. Were they in an accident? Gail shot out of the chair that was at the other end of the room to get to the person lying on the bed.

She gasped loudly, absolutely shocked at what she was seeing. Herself. Gail was lying on a hospital bed with hundreds of tubes attached to her body. Except she wasn’t. She was also standing in the middle of the hospital room in her own clothes and without a scratch on her.

What the hell is happening?

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We’re Losing / Scott Mccall

Request-  Could you write a Scotty imagine where he climbs into the reader’s window in the middle of the night because not only has he lost Allison, but now he’s lost Kira because she’s not coming back? (I’m so salty about it) and the reader comforts him?

A/N- It’s so long I’m sorry??? I seriously can’t help it omg. As always, thank you loads for the request ♡ Hope you enjoy and please don’t hesitate to message me if you want me to change anything!


It was nearly 1am, and almost the entire city of Beacon Hills was asleep or at least close to it. The world of the supernatural was somewhat calm, and Scott Mccall’s pack took advantage of the quiet and utilized their opportunity to get some sleep since they no longer needed to be awake in order to fight for their lives. While Scott was ecstatic that the beast had been taken care of and that Theo was gone, he no longer had a distraction for the immense sense of loss he always quietly held. He thought he would take comfort in a ride on his motorcycle to the lookout that Stiles and him went to frequently, but as he overlooked the dimly lit city all he felt was loneliness.

Scott would never be fully over Allison’s death, that was a given. He knew that and so did the rest of the pack, but it had started to get easier to cope as time passed and his connection with Kira blossomed into a real relationship. But now she was gone too, and despite her claims to return, Scott had a feeling that she wouldn’t ever be coming back. 

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he pulls you close as you let the rain knit your souls together. his laugh crashes like thunder; you lose your breath as every heartbreak and every second of loneliness becomes worth it. he grins at you, his eyes crinkling at the corners. lightning surges through your every atom, leaving you quivering. perhaps the rain has illusioned you, but in this moment the storm inside his eyes has turned your life into the most perfect chaos.
—  soul whispers //
he pulls you closer as you let the rain knit your souls together. his laugh crashes with the thunder; you lose your breath as every heartbreak and every moment spent alone becomes worth it. he grins at you, his eyes crinkling on the sides. lightning surges through your bones, leaving you quivering. perhaps the rain has illusioned you, but in that moment the storm inside his eyes has turned your life into the most perfect chaos.
—  you’re my adventure