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Like This

pairing: jasmine cephas-jones x reader

summary: reader and jasmine are long-time friends, who one day decide to hook up. no strings attached. it was a good idea in theory.

warnings: swearing, alcohol mention, D/s, bondage, temperature play, a tiny bit of spanking, sex toys (? is that something i need to warn about i don’t even know), i vaguely mention a couple details about the movie “remember me” which deals with 9/11 so if you’re very sensitive to that this might not be for you. i don’t mention any real specifics about 9/11 itself but better safe than sorry if this is a topic that triggers you.

word count: 5,014

a/n: ah yes day two of the @hamwriters write-a-thon!! here this is my inbox is open for comments concerns complaints etc love u happy reading

The soft patter of rain on the window of your apartment fades into the background as you hit “play” on the remote. Friday night movie nights with your best friend are even better when it’s raining, so you’re perfectly content with the storm outside. You pull the fluffy blanket up to your chin and settle into the back cushion of the couch.

“Really?” Jasmine sighs as she walks into the living room, bowl of popcorn clutched against her chest. “You had to pick the saddest movie on Netflix?”

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The Easy Way (Part 11) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: part 10 explanation (shittiest summary ever)

a/n: THIS IS NOT THE LAST PART!! i’ll be continuing this some more, still :-) i worked extra hard on this chapter, but i’m really tired so i didn’t proofread… sorry if there are any mistakes grammatically or plot-wise

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You woke up slowly, to the sound of murmuring. You pushed your body up on your arms and winced when your head echoed. 

“Lay down, sweetie,” Maggie said. She held the back of your head and slowly helped you onto your back. “Go back to sleep.” So you did. 

You woke up again to a door closing. 

“How’s she doing?” Sasha asked.

“I think she’ll be okay. She’s tough,” Jesus replied. You fell back into unconsciousness. 

Your eyes fluttered open. You were finally awake enough to take in your surroundings. You were in the infirmary laying in a hospital bed. Tara sat on a stool beside you, reading a book. “Oh! Hey, how are you feeling?” She closed the book and sat it in her lap. 

“Is Carl okay?” you asked, ignoring her question. 

Tara nodded. “Yeah, he’s fine. Everyone’s fine.” 

“What the hell happened?”

Tara slouched in her seat again. “Arat shot at Maggie, but she hit Carl. It just got his arm a little. He’s okay, though. It’s wrapped up, but he should be able to use it soon.”

“Was her aim really that bad?” you joked. 

Tara chuckled. “Carl saved her life. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. He was so damn brave. Everyone was kind of distracted, so Daryl snuck up behind Dwight and fuckin’ choked him! It was pretty sick.”

“Did he kill him?” you asked. Although you hated Dwight, you hated seeing your friends kill people more. It hurt all of them. None of them got any pleasure from it; not like Negan. 

“Well,” Tara began with an unreadable expression, “Daryl had Dwight in a headlock, and Jesus shot him. So I’d say it was a team effort.” She was silent for a moment. “I was about to go for Negan, but I freaked out. I went for Arat instead. She tried to shoot me, but I tackled her. Then…Then she…”

“What? What did she do?” Tara stopped and wiped a few stray tears. 

“Um,” she said, her voice quivering, “She shot Enid in her thigh. She’s practically fine now. She limps a little, but that’s not what bothers me. I-I should have protected her.”

“She’s old enough to protect herself,” you argued. “She’s the same age as Carl and I. We’ve been fighting just as long as you guys.”

“(Y/N), I’m not saying Enid or you or Carl can’t protect yourselves. What I’m saying is… You’ll understand one day. I feel like I was responsible for her safety. I’m an adult who had the safety of a child in my hands, and I couldn’t protect her.”

“It’s not your fault,” you argued. “It’s nobody’s fault but Arat’s. She pulled the trigger. She made that choice.”

“Yeah. Well, Eugene did what he does best,” Tara laughed. 

“No way,” you replied in disbelief. 

“Yeah way,” she confirmed. “He bit Negan’s dick.” You and Tara both busted out in laughter, but Tara continued. “Sasha grabbed Lucille and beat the hell out of him. She was screaming bloody murder the whole damn time.”

You knew why. She wanted Negan to feel what Abe felt. He was brutally slaughtered, just as your brother was. You were glad. He deserved it. 

“So he’s dead?” You wanted to make sure you were hearing and understanding everything correctly before you got too happy. 

Tara smiled at you. “Yeah. He’s dead.”

“So, why am I in here?” you asked. Tara’s face became dull again.

“Oh, well, after Eugene…you know, and Sasha beat him, Eugene got up and made sure Carl was okay. Carl was unconscious, and I don’t know where the hell Eugene got this strength, but he picked Carl up and took him away from the fight.”

You made a mental note to thank Eugene later. 

“Where was I this whole damn time?” you wondered. 

Tara looked at you sadly. “You really don’t remember?” You shook your head. Tara grabbed your hand in hers and took a breath. “It needed to happen. You did the right thing.” The tone in her voice was scaring you. You nodded at her, urging her to tell you more. “You killed Arat.”

You weren’t surprised. Once Tara had said it, the memories came back. She grabbed Sasha when she started beating Negan with Lucille, so you made sure Sasha was safe. You grabbed Arat’s hair and bashed her head into the wall until her weight became heavy beneath you. Her body slumped to the ground, and some men you didn’t know grabbed ahold of you. That’s when you made as much noise as you could. You aggressively flailed your limbs and bit the arms of anyone dumb enough to get close enough to your face. That was when Jesus shot them, and you began to cry. You lay on the ground atop the corpses of the men Jesus had killed and sobbed. 

“But why am I in a hospital bed?” you asked. 

Tara sighed. “You can’t be mad at him. Okay?”

You nodded your head. “Yeah, okay, but what happened?”

“The Saviors that were grabbing you all went down when Jesus shot them, but one just wasn’t giving up. He started grabbing at you again, and Rick shot him, and the bullet just ended up in you.” Tara finally looked in your eyes. “Michonne killed the Savior.” Her eyes were wide, but yours were wider. You slowly and carefully pulled down the blanket that covered your torso. 

Luckily, you couldn’t see the wound. It was right above your right hip bone. A large white gauze pad was taped down over what you assumed was a bloody mess. A thought came into your head, and you smiled. 

“What the hell are you smiling about?” Tara asked. She was taken aback by your reaction. 

“Is there an exit wound? Like, did it go through me?”

Tara shook her head and rubbed her temples. “I can’t believe you. You’re such a badass.” 

The smile dropped from your face. You never wanted to be called that again. That was what the man who killed your brother called you. That man was dead now, and so was your fear.

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Blindspot (closed rp with rubiiwidow)

The Black Widow run, their target running after her, trying to shot her. But what the man didn’t know was that Hawkeye was there too.

Clint wasn’t too found of Natasha idea to play the lure. But after plan A failed neither of them had a better idea.

Clint aimed carefully. It just gotta be perfect. He gotta take the shot and take this guy out before he shot Natasha.

“Got him.” Clint spoke through his com as he finally had a clear view on their target.

Hawkeye shot, the arrow flew through the air and missed their taget by inches.

“…” Clint stared at the arrow not able to understand what just happened. He missed. But…no! That wasn’t possible. He was Hawkeye - he never missed.

He missed.

Clint’s whole world fell apart in that second he stared at his arrow on the ground.

Clint managed to take a second arrow out of his quiver and shot the man only a second before that man shot Natasha.

But Clint wasn’t the same anymore.

Archery was the only thing Clint ever was really good at. But now? He had missed.

Now he was just another guy with a bow and arrow and had no business being part of the team of the team, a team of remarkable people. Hawkeye was not remarkable anymore. He was a liability to the team.

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Harry Potter Dirty Imagine: You Do the Work (Requested by Anon)

A/N: As a reminder, requests are still closed.


It all started with a promise ring. A promise ring that your boyfriend Harry had given you just last month. It was a sweet gesture, and you loved the fact that Harry truly wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with you (the ring being a sign of that). Ever since then, the sex has become rampant more than ever. You and Harry had done it pretty much any chance you got. It was hot, fast, rough, even a little weird at times. But it was the best sex of your life and to be perfectly honest - it was the best sex of Harry’s life too.

You touched up your makeup one last time and straightened your shoulders before making your way down to the common room where Harry was hunched over in his favorite armchair trying to finish a Transfiguration essay. Everyone was in Hogsmeade for the day, but Harry had a ton of homework to do and you just didn’t want to go in general - for obvious reasons.

You snuck up behind him and wrapped your arms around his neck, making sure that your hands slowly slid across his chest before stopping at his chiseled shoulders. 

Harry exhaled deeply and lightly chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. 

“Babe, no. I have way too much stuff to do and I’m way too tired. There is no way I’d be able to squeeze in a shag for you, I’m sorry.”

You giggled lightly in his ear and kissed the lobe. Your lips lingered over his ear, which sent little shivers down his spine. 

“We don’t have to take very long…” you whispered tauntingly in his ear.

Harry chuckled again, but this time his laugh was rather shaky and wavering. 

You smiled devilishly at him and kissed feather-like kisses up and down his neck, letting your lips linger over his neck every so often. Harry’s breathing came out choppy and the more he tried to get himself together and resist your seductive temptations, the more he failed miserably at it.

“(Y/N)…” he whispered shakily, “Princess…”

You put more force into your kisses and found his weak spot as soon as he uttered the special pet name he always called you. Harry let out a rough groan as you sucked, licked, and nibbled down on his special spot. 

“Fuck…” he grumbled to himself. 

He whipped around and forcefully took the back of your head with one hand and smashed your lips together. It turned into a heated passion as soon as it had started and before you knew it, Harry’s teeth were biting down on your lower lip and tugging it gently. You smiled into the kiss and whimpered lightly, just to make him even more crazy. 

Harry growled lowly in his throat and stood up, taking you by the hips and pulling you with him until he fell back against the back against the couch. He sat upright with your legs straddled on either side of him and his hands forming a tight grip on your waist. 

“If you want a shag, you’re doing the work today.” he growled.

You bit your lip and giggled, taking the glasses off of his face and tossing them over your back before connecting your lips again. Your tongue snaked its way into Harry’s mouth and explored his hot mouth. Harry moaned in your mouth as you rocked your hips against his to create friction. 

He threw his head back against the couch as he felt your crotch move against his hard on through both of your sweatpants. “Fuck!”, he groaned. 

You instinctively took off your shirt, leaving the top half of your body only in your bra. As soon as Harry felt your hot skin on his quivering hands, his head shot up with his darkened eyes dominating his features. 

“Fucking hell (Y/N).” he nearly whined as his hands ran over every inch of your torso. His strong hands felt every inch of your curves and lightly squeezed your breasts through the cups of your bra. 

“Pants off.” he whined, “Please.”

You obliged immediately, stripping your lower half of their sweatpants and taking your panties with them. Your wetness was dripping down your legs and you were damn near almost embarrassed until you saw Harry widen his eyes and bite down on his lip harshly. 

“Jesus Christ.” he murmured. You smiled seductively at him as you stopped grinding on him and moved down on your knees. Your fingers gripped the band of his loose sweatpants and pulled them down within a flash. 

Harry’s erection sprang out of his sweats, sticking straight up in the air and hitting his stomach over the t-shirt he was wearing. He was going to beg you to touch him but he didn’t need to ask: his thickened member was already taken in your hands and was being pumped quickly.

“Oh…oh God.” Harry whispered under his breath.  He let out a loud, satisfying moan as your hands expertly worked on his cock. 

You tugged on the tip lightly and kitten kissed it. Your tongue collected beads of pre-cum that were oozing out of it. Right then and there, he knew he was done for. 

“Princess…” he whimpered, his hand gently pushing down on the back of your head, “Princess, please..”

You smiled at him and took his large cock in your mouth. Your head bobbed up and down over it and your tongue swirled around the shaft of his dick as you hollowed your cheeks and sucked him. Harry closed his eyes and let his head fall back on the couch. His hand was still caught in your hair, but it formed a makeshift ponytail with it and gently pushed you further over his dick.

“O-oh my God…Princess…you really know how to suck me off - o-oh!”

You had gone further down on him and Harry was loving it. Your warm and skilled mouth mixed with his hard cock? It was a perfect combination. 

The best part was, you could deep throat like it was an ancient art you had mastered. 

You took him in all the way so that the tip hit the back of your throat. Gagging a little, you placed your hands on his thighs to keep yourself steady. 

“AH. OH FUCK.” Harry nearly shouted, followed by a series of profanities and loud moans. This was it. He could feel it. His orgasm was coming to an all time high, he could feel himself on the brink of destruction. If only you could keep going, if only you would not stop. Heaven was only a few seconds away. He could make it, couldn’t he? 


You pulled him out of your mouth and finished him off with a pop. There was a string of saliva leading from your mouth to his dick, but nothing pissed him off even more than the fact that you stopped.

Before he had time to get angry and ask just what the fuck you were doing, you positioned yourself over him and slid down on him immediately. A sign fell out of your mouth, as if you were relieved to having finally relieved the ongoing sexual tension you were building up inside of you. 

Your fingers dug into his shoulders as you bounced on him roughly. Moans and curses slipped out of both of your lips as your hips rocked with Harry inside of you. He stretched your walls, filled you up in ways no one else could ever be able to do. It was a like a miracle, a dream come true that Harry was the only person who could do this to you. And you were loving every single second of it - as was he. 

Harry’s fingers dug into your waist so tightly that he was sure he left marks or bruises somewhere on the soft skin. But he didn’t care, and he knew it would be worth it. Being intimate with you like this was the greatest gift life had ever given him - and he was sure to relish in the time he spent in it. 

Suddenly, he leaned forward and attached his quivering lips to your supple skin. You closed your eyes and moaned as he greedily sucked at the skin of your neck and jawline. Harry had soon found your lips and quickly attached his to yours. You kissed him back eagerly as his hands tangled in your hair and your hips rocked against him in an embrace only you could give him. 

“H-Harry..” you whimpered in his mouth, “I’m close.”

Somehow, Harry gripped onto you even tighter and kissed you with as much needy passion as he could muster up. 

“Do it. I’ll cum with you.”

You immediately released all over his cock, as he did the same with you. Harry poured himself inside of you and slowly released his now sore hands from your bruised waist. 

You pulled out of him and sat down beside him, suddenly feeling very tired and thirsty. 

“Wow.” Harry whispered with his chest heaving up and down. 

“Yeah.” you whispered back, still trying to catch your breath.

Harry looked over at you and beamed. “Damn, I love you.”

You blushed and smiled back at him, leaning forward to pick your clothes off of the floor. But Harry stopped you. Instead, he gently pulled you into his side. Your legs were draped over his and his hands were gently holding your body with the utmost care, as if it might break. 

“I love you too.” you whispered meekly back at him, to which he responded with a laugh and a soft kiss on your pink lips. 

Pregnancy series #1 : Trying for a baby - 4/4

Requested : Yes

  • I read Pregnancy series on 5sexonds-of-smut, it’s at the end of her master list, although I would love to read yours ❤
  • I would definitely read a pregnancy series if you choose to write one!!
  • If you do a pregnancy series I’ll die!!! OMG do it please. I love you! Xx kisses hugs.

Rating : R

Ashton :

“You’re still sure, right?” I asked Ashton as he hovered over me, his breath fanning over my face.

“Yes, baby…” he replied as he leaned in and pecked my lips.

“You know this may not work just now,” I continued.

I was started to panic; and I didn’t even know why. There was nothing I wanted more than to have a baby with Ashton. I wanted us to have a family… It was just so real now.

“I know, but it doesn’t matter… It’s not like making love to you is a chore, anyway,” he replied, smirking down at me.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck before pulling him to me and crashing my lips on his. I felt him smile against me and one of his hands went to my hips as I felt his tip press against my entrance. Ashton took a deep breath and slowly pushed in, letting his tongue slip past my lips as he moved his hips against mine.

“Fuck, baby, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to really feel you,” he moaned into my mouth and I parted my lips as I arched my back from the bed and started lifting my hips up in rhythm with his.

“Shit, Ashton!” I let out and he bit down on my bottom lip as he started picking up his pace.

He pulled away from the kiss and he furrowed his eyebrows in concentration as he started moving his whole body on top of me. His lips were parted, a few strands of his hair were sticking to his forehead and his biceps were tensed.

“Fuck, that’s it, come with me!” he begged and I threw my head back in pleasure as he brought one of his hands to my clitoris and started rubbing it in circles.

Our bodies tensed at the same time and Ashton’s thrusts became sharper as I came with a cry of his name. My walls clenched around him and he growled as I felt him spurt his seed inside of me.

He pulled out after a few minutes and lied on his back before pulling me to him and wrapping an arm around my body.

“I just can’t wait, you know?” he murmured and I hummed. “I can already picture us three going for a picnic on the beach… I love you so much.”

Calum :

Calum was panting on top of me. His eyes were screwed shut, his lips were parted and small beads of sweat were visible on his forehead. His hands were holding mine on each side of my head and he leaned in to place his lips on my neck.

He was slowly moving his hips against mine and I had to bit down on my bottom lip as I felt him brush against all the right places. Calum’s parents were sleeping in the room right down the corridor, and we were both trying to stay as quiet as possible.

“Fuck, I’m about to explode” he breathed into my mouth and I let out a small whine as I bucked my hips into his and deliberately clenched my walls around him.

He threw his head back and I felt his thighs tense as my body started to shake. He gave one last hard thrust and stilled; I arched my back and Calum brought his hand to my mouth as I let out a loud moan and came, quivering under him.
He shot five hot spurts of come inside of me before relaxing and falling on top of me.

“I can’t believe we just tried for a baby with your parents just down the hall,” I breathed as I started soothing his hair.

“We just did it our way,” he replied and I could hear the smirk in his voice.

Luke :

“How do we do this?” Luke awkwardly asked as he placed his hands on my thighs and looked up at me.

“I stop taking the pills and we make love again and again until it happens” I replied as I shrugged and I felt Luke’s erection stir under me as he bit down on his bottom lip.

“You mean, like, every day?” he asked as his eyes became clouded.

“I mean, like, several times a day,” I replied as I lifted my eyebrows.

He parted his lips and suddenly stood up before hungrily kissing me.

“Better get started now, then,” he murmured before flipping us over and supporting himself on his forearms on each side of my head.

He looked at me deep in the eye as he entered me and started moving his hips, a small smile on his face.

Michael :

“Oh god, this is great,” Michael moaned as he placed his forehead on mine and kept thrusting his hips into mine. “We’re gonna be wonderful parents,” he added before pecking my lips.

I could feel myself getting close, and Michael’s excitement was only adding to my arousal. We had been talking about having a baby for a long time and we had finally decided to jump ahead and do it.

I felt him bring a hand in-between our bodies and he started rubbing my clitoris as he placed small kisses on my neck.

“I really hope the baby’ll look like you,” he breathed and I threw my head back in pleasure.

“Michael, we’re having sex right now please don’t talk about the baby,” I said and he chuckled before picking up his pace and rolling his hips until we both came as one.

The Disaster - thehomosquid - Hetalia: Axis Powers [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: RusGer
Characters: Germany (Hetalia), Russia (Hetalia), Prussia (Hetalia)
Additional Tags: Child Death, Natural Disaster, Death, Family, this was a dream i had lol, 0 to 100 real quick, also, Dog death, Animal Death

Ludwig and Ivan are living a life of gentle and loving domesticity with their two children, but that is soon ground to dust when Mother Earth brings their reckoning. A quivering apocalypse ensues. One shot. Character death.

smartashes  asked:

Felicity is kidnapped by people who want to use her hacking skills and she keeps finding ways to send clues out to Oliver, Dig, and Roy.

Hello my beautiful angel face 0:) This turned out longer than I expected, and I had a lot of fun writing it so thanks for the prompt! Hopefully you like it, although I did focus mainly on the Felicity/Oliver dynamic (Olicity shipper and all). Anyways, here goes…


She looked around the room. There were no windows and only one door and a staircase that leads somewhere unknown. She must be somewhere under ground, in a basement maybe. She wriggled her wrists, but the ropes were too tight. There was no way she was getting out of them.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?”

A man appeared from behind. He was tall, thin, and wore a long, khaki trench coat. The dim lighting prevented her from getting a good look at his face, but she couldn’t help the feeling that she had seen him before. The man crouched down so that he was at eye level with her, and that’s when she realized where she had seen him.

He had come to Tech Alliance on multiple occasions and asked a fair amount of ridiculous questions, but she had chalked them up to a one-sided crush. He had asked her to dinner, but she refused. There was only one man she wouldn’t refuse.  

“I like your glasses,” he said. His hand reached back and his fingers ran through her ponytail. “And the way your hair flips. Does it do that naturally?” She suddenly felt like dozens of worms were crawling on her skin.

“Now.” He pulled out a switchblade from his coat pocket and began cutting away at the ropes, first the ones around her wrists, then the ones around her ankles. He grabbed on to her arm and pulled her over to a desk with a desktop and keyboard. He pushed her down onto a chair with wheels and then held down the button at the bottom right corner of the screen. It came to life, and he was prompted with a login window. On the top left corner was a logo for Starling City National Bank. “Why don’t you put those pretty little fingers to good use and get hacking?”

She looked at the man and then back at the screen in front of her. “I can’t,” she said, trying to keep her voice from shaking. She could, but she wouldn’t. She refused.

He turned the chair around and rested his hands on the armrest. His face was uncomfortably too close to hers. She could smell the nicotine from his last cigarette and it made her want to gag. “Is it the word you have a problem with? Truthfully, hacking is such an ugly word.” He turned her back around and tapped at the screen. “We’d be doing Mr. Steele a big disservice.”

She tried not to react at the sound of the name, but she couldn’t help it. “Mr. Steele, as in former CEO of Queen Consolidated, Walter Steele?”

“He has so much money and no one to share it with. We would just be helping him spread the wealth.”

“Right,” she said under her breath.

She needed to let Oliver know where she was, but how could she do that when she didn’t even know where she was? Come on, Felicity, she thought to herself. There had to be a way.

Then she got it. If she could hack the foundry’s security safeguards, safeguards she put up herself, and send out a signal, Oliver would be able to find her location. Of course, this was dependent on Oliver being in the foundry the moment she sent out the signal.

Of course Oliver’s in the foundry. Where else would he be? But if he wasn’t, John or Roy was her best shot.

 If her plan were going to work, she would have to buy some time.

The man was over by the staircase. She assumed it was to guard the exit in case she decided to make a run for it. Good. He wouldn’t be able to see her open up another window.

“So all those times you asked me to have dinner with you, you were only planning to use me.” Firewall down.

“The thought never even crossed my mind, well, not until I saw how good you were with computers. Beauty and brains, my kind of woman.”

Password engaged.

“Usually, I wouldn’t be up for something like this, but personally, these people deserve it.” Loading. “I’m assuming dinner is out of the question?”

 “I’m open to leaving that question open-ended.”

Signal engaged. “Yes!” She called out, raising a fist in the air.

“You got in?” the man asked. She quickly minimized the window and brought up the other. She couldn’t risk him seeing it and closing it out, or doing much worse. As long as it remained open, Oliver would be able to track her.

“No, not yet, sorry.”  When she looked back, he was already making his way over.

“Well when you’re done with him, I’m going to need you to get into these accounts. These people are also in need of our help.” She looked at the names on the spreadsheet he laid in front of her. Ray Palmer was among the list of names.

“You know, it would help if I were somewhere higher up. Better signals are preferable for optimal results, especially if I’m to get through all of these accounts before morning.”

“You are just going to have to work faster,” he said in her ear.

In an hour, she had gotten through a third of the list, transferring all funds to different off shore accounts, but she made sure to leave them so that she could trace them back and return all the money.

She’d glance over, waiting for Oliver to come crashing through that door at the top of the staircase. She wouldn’t give up hope.

“You keep looking over,” the man said, making his way over again. “Now, I’d like to think it’s because of my good looks.” He pulled out a gun and set the barrel on her forehead. “What did you do?” he asked in a menacing tone, unlike the polite one he had used to get her to do this, well, as polite as any kidnapper can be. She gripped the chair tightly and swallowed back some bile.

She heard the floorboard above her creak, and she knew he was here. She didn’t have to feel afraid anymore. “Who are you waiting for?”

“My partner,” she said, “and he really doesn’t like guns.”

Before she could even blink, Oliver was standing at the top of the staircase, bow loaded, arrow begging to be released, but the man was quick too. He had her neck in a tight grip, his gun pointed at the side of her head.

 “Drop the arrow, or you’ll have to clean up her brain once I shoot it out of her head.” Oliver reluctantly dropped his arrow. She squeezed her eyes shut at the sharp sound it made when it hit the concrete floor.

Even from where she was standing, she could hear the click of the voice modulator.

“Let her go,” he commanded.

“Has anyone ever told you there’s a more efficient way of shooting people than with an arrow?” The man shoved her onto the ground with such force, she scrapped her hands and elbows. He moved for the only way out, the staircase, firing shot after shot after shot.

Oliver managed to roll out of the way, then instinctively reached back and pulled another arrow from his quiver. He shot at the man’s hand. The arrow pierced his skin, forcing him to drop his gun, a loud cry escaping his mouth. Oliver ran toward him, and with his bow, knocked him unconscious.

Oliver rushed to her, helping her to sit.

“Oliver, are you okay? You’re not shot, are you?” She touched his face, his arms and his chest, searching for a bullet wound. He set his bow on the ground and held her face between his hands.

 “Felicity, I’m fine,” he said softly, almost in a whisper.

“What took you so long?” she asked as she blinked away her tears of joy.

“My partner was gone,” he said, “and you know me, I’m useless without her.”

Strange Magic Head Canon: In Which It’s Okay to Say No to a Ring

Okay but what if Dawn got so nervous at her wedding that she ran. Marianne didn’t have any idea where she was and an all out search party was sent across the Fey Kingdom. Thankfully she was running into the Dark Forest.

And even more thankful was the fact that a certain King was on his way to the celebration when a blonde Fairy in white, sobbing her eyes out, rammed into him and sent them spiraling into a tree, him realizing just in time who it was, wrapping gangly limbs round her to keep her wings from cutting against rough bark.

The rest is as you would expect it to be.

They sit together on the root of an old maple. She sniffles, laughing through the tears that she’s in love… but she’s just so young and what if she isn’t ready?What if she has more to do? What if there’s something else that’s meant to happen…

And she knows what her sister would say- “You’re in love,” Dawn wiped at her eyes drearily, “and Sunny’s great. And if he’s not, I’ll punch him in the face.”

“She would say that,” Bog chuckled, leaning back easily against bark that matched his own hide, so much so that at times she looked up and had to blink twice to find his shape again. “And she’d do it to, love.”

“I know.”

He’d reach out, awkwardness lost to care for the little girl of flowers and cages and endless light, tipping her head up to better mirror blue with cerulean. “You don’t have ta do anythin’, Darling. That’s the beauty of all’a this. It’s a choice.”

She’d nod into his palm and tears, escaping fat and slow, dripped a languid beat against a Goblins wrist. “I know… but… but Sunny would hate me. He’d think-” she’d sniff again. “He’d think I didn’t love him.”

“Nonsense. Sunny loves ye. That’s what ye do fer people ye love. Ye wait.”

“You and Marianne never wait for anything.”

Bog would hum low in his throat. “I asked her ta marry me a few days ago. Ye know that?”


“Aye. Asked her ta-”

She didn’t tell me that you two were-”

“We aren’t.”

Dawn paused, gaped, and then her eyes still filled with unshed tears wobbled with the threat of even more, lip beginning its telltale quiver. Bog’s hands shot out, waving the air to hand on her shoulders. “No! No, we- we’re still together, Dawn. It’s a’right!”

There was distrust in her gaze, and her lip gave another pitiful waver. “Y-you are?” 

“Aye,” his smile was fond and dutiful, taking away his hand to flick at her nose, chuckling when a giggle was the prize received. “We are.”

Her smile dropped, brow furrowing. The trenches across her brow told stories of past loves and weddings run from, and Goblin that had no place being a part of those terrible memories. “Then… then why would she-”

“She said no because she isn’t ready.”

“And you-”

“I said that I’d wait.” He shrugged, and in that moment Dawn did her best to find the tragedy, but none surfaced. She wiped her nose against the back of her hand, sinking back into the root, defeated in an understanding she had yet to grasp and a title of bride that was as shaky as it was wanted. 

“Y-you’re not… upset…?”

“Why should I be?” He shrugged again, shoulder plates fluttering. “We will one day. An’ she’s still with me an’ I’m with ‘er. If she isn’t ready, I won’t make ‘er.”

“But… why!”

“Because Dawn,” and he stood then, reaching out a clawed hand to help her to her feet,” if ye have ta ask if ye love someone, then ye don’t. And if ye have to ask if yee’r ready, then yer not. It’s easy as that, yeah?”

“So… you’re really okay with it?”


“And you’re not mad?”

“Ney. Not a wee bit.” He’d give her hand a squeeze to match the warm smile in his eyes. “I love her. With everythin’ I have. An’ I want her happy.”

“But are you?”

“I have her, don’t I?”

Dawn wouldn’t marry Sunny that day because nothing should have to be asked. But they would, one year later, when she proposed to him after a sudden lack of question marks was found in the space she’d claimed as sanctuary held tightly in his arms.