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Good Toxapex set?

Physically defensive isn’t bad, but a fully special defense one is better in this meta because of the prominence of Quiver Dance Pheromosa and Greninja. For moves just run Scald Toxic Recover and Haze. There’s also Toxic Spikes that you can run, but straight up toxic is more reliable imo. Banefull Bunker is also an option, but then you are either losing out on Toxic which is kind of meh, or haze which makes you set up bait. Black Sludge for the item. 

Have you ever loved a rose,
and watched her slowly bloom;
and as her petals would unfold, you grew drunk on her perfume.

Have you ever seen her dance,
her leaves all wet with dew;
and quivered with a new romance-
the wind, he loved her too.

Have you ever longed for her,
on nights that go on and on;
for now, her face is all a blur,
like a memory kept too long.

Have you ever loved a rose,
and bled against her thorns;
and swear each night to let her go,
then love her more by dawn.

—  The Rose, Lang Leave
An Important Occasion

Summary: Adrien is very excited to celebrate his first anniversary with Marinette. A little too excited, maybe.

Words: 996

Notes: Happy birthday to @ladyofacat who likes Adrien giving Marinette expensive presents.


Out of the tiny velvet box came the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes upon. The chain was sterling—no, white gold. It was so delicate, so soft and smooth that it felt as if it would melt in her palm. Lovingly cradled against that chain were six gemstones, each about the size of her fingertip. They were a deep azure, like the color of a moonless night; but oh, there were galaxies inside those tiny stones. All hues of red, gold, purple, and green wove tiny, star-kissed nebulae in every little sky. Hazy afternoon sun glinted off of the chain as she held it up to the light, and the colors quivered and danced as if alive. Awed, she drew in a small breath through her parted lips and let her eyes wander from one end of the chain to the other.

The soft voice beside her pulled her from her admiration. “Happy anniversary,” said Adrien, her boyfriend of precisely four weeks. His tone was hopeful and tentatively questioning, asking for approval; or, at the very least, some kind of response. A response she had heretofore, in her surprise, failed to provide.

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Why Volcarona is such an Important Pkmn:

• It’s the Sun Pkmn, and it is said to replace the Sun when volcanic ash takes over the sky

• Invented Quiver Dance!

• Works in Sun & Rain (Hurricane yes)


• Should be legendary, let’s face it!

• Owns an entire castle in Unova

• Six wings :o

• Smol arms

• Only bug with wings that can learn fly!!

• Amazing helper in Pkmn breeding, it can keep your eggs warm and it can transport you anywehere around the region (Talonflame copied it)

• Used by a champion

• Also used by a Villain Boss in the manga (Ghetsis - Team Plasma)

• It appears in cold winters to save the pkmn from freezing ♥

• It can cloak itself with fire and dance gracefully to use its signature move: Fiery Dance.

• No, no one cares about its x4 weakness to rock so don’t even try

• Pretty af & should be legendary!

New Pokemon Focus:Oricorio

Professor Huffmagic here with a look at some new pokemon for Sun and Moon

Today Pokemon  dropped a huge trailer on us, with so much newness it is going to take a bunch of posts to get through it all!

We are going to start today with one of the more interesting new Mons, but one that was overshadowed by all the amazing newness that Pokemon had in store.


Oricorio changes its form by sipping the nectar of certain flowers. Since it has four different forms—the same as the number of islands in Alola—it would seem that different Oricorio live on each of the islands.

Oricorio is a “Dancing Pokemon” with a new ability “Dancer” that will mimic effects of any dance move done in battle. That means that the nine “dance” moves can be used in doubles to turn this little dancer into a monster. The nine dance moves are: Dragon Dance, Feather Dance, Fiery Dance, Lunar Dance, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance, Rain Dance, Swords Dance, and Teeter Dance.

Now Oricorio is a unique mon in that it begins with four different forms, each ecountered on one of Alola’s islands. The hint at Darwin’s Finchs is beautiful. Each one is based off of a different style of dance, taken from cultures around the world.

Revelation Dance is a move that only Oricorio can learn, and its type changes based on Oricorio’s current style.

Baile Style


The Baile Style Oricorio is very passionate, and power fills its body when it dances. It sends downy fluff flying during its intense dances. By igniting this fluff, it can unleash a fiery dance attack.

This form is based off of the Spanish Flamenco Dancer, Baile literally being the form of Flamenco that focuses on Dance. Flamenco is a dance form that tends to be most appreciated when performed solo, and is often improvisational. (interesting note: Flamenco is highly popular in Japan, with more schools focused on it than in Spain)

The fire typing is probably due to the root of the word Flamenco, and they style itself being very fiery and passionate.

Pom-Pom Style


The Pom-Pom Style Oricorio is very friendly toward people, and it uses dancing to encourage Trainers who are feeling glum. When it dances, its feathers are charged with static electricity. It can attack with these charged feathers, and sometimes it unleashes a powerful electric shock.

Now this little zapper is probably based off of cheerleading squads and dance teams. Mostly used in sporting events to cheer on the team or crowd, there is also a highly competitive world of “cheer” that is its own form of sport and dance. A pom-pom is a poofy, often shiny, cluster of tightly woven streamers that can be held while dancing to guide or attract the eyes.

The electric typing is probably due to the energy that cheerleaders can build up.

Sensu Style


The Sensu Style Oricorio is quiet and collected. By means of its dance, it gathers the spirits drifting about in an area and borrows their power to fight. People who migrated from Kanto feel a great liking for this Pokémon because its dance reminds them of their homeland.

Now the reason it reminds people of Kanto ( Japan ) of their homeland is that this bird is based off of the tradition of dancing with a fan in Japan. Sensu translates to “folding fan” and has been a tool incorporated into dance in Japan for centuries. Folding Fans are often given as signs of goodwill and cheer.

The ghost typing is probably due to the style in Japanese traditional dancing called Bon Odori, which was a dance to welcome the spirits. 

Pa’u Style


The Pa’u Style Oricorio acts at its own pace, which sometimes makes it difficult to deal with. It sharpens its spirited moves through dance, which increases its psychic power. It’s said that this dance expresses its gratitude to the guardian deity Pokémon.

The Pa’u style is based off of Hawaiian Hula dancers. Pa’u is the style of skirt worn by Hula dancers, and the style and weave of the skirt has deep meaning to add to the dance. Hula is a sacred dance that goes deeply back into the history of Hawaii, with some legends saying that those were the movements of the gods after creating the world.

The psychic typing is probably due to Pokemon associating all “godlike” things to psychic-typing.

So what do you thin of the new little bird friends? Like them? Hate them? Which is your favorite?

Well that’s it for this post trainers, thanks for taking the time, I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to message me with any comments or questions, and please submit any awesome poke-stuff you find. Stay safe out there guys, and remember, there is a time and a place for everything!

“There was an interesting trainer I met when I vacationed in Kalos. Honestly ‘interesting’ is such an understatement because that wouldn’t be enough to describe someone who trains his Pokémon through dance. According to him, dancing helps his Pokémon not only with how they move but in their overall endurance. And it sure showed when I battled him—even if his Crawdaunt had those huge pincers, it was so agile that it evaded all of my Pokémon’s moves.

“We kept in touch after that, and I bring him up to you because I talked to him recently about some funny stuff. A few nights ago there was this newly discovered Pokémon in Alola shown on TV called Oricorio. It’s this Flying-type Pokémon that does a variety of dances depending on its form, and it has four forms that differ between the islands of Alola. It even has this unique ability that allows it to copy any dance moves its opponents perform like Quiver Dance or Swords Dance. The kicker? The ability’s called ‘Dancer’.”

“Sounds like the perfect Pokémon for your friend!”

“Exactly! I called him right away when the segment ended, and sure enough, he told me he had just bought a plane ticket to Alola and was leaving the day after. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already caught all Oricorio forms by now!”

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Say: I'm Sir's Shiny Cutiefly who Quiver dances for him under the Moonlight~! Also what do you observe from the fandom/rp community when it comes to Steven? What traits do you love and which do you hate being portrayed with other Stevens? Which muses do you wish Steven could interact with? Also confess your memeing ways and tell us what type of Memes Steven would terrorize his friends and family with?

The answer can be found in here! 

As yet untitled

Plaster was collapsing around me as the walls of the room crumbled .A wave of panic hit me ; with every bang that echoed through the house .I  proceeded to sink deeper and deeper into the corner of the room , praying the walls would just swallow me whole.

A single tear escaped from my once vibrant eyes and grazed my paling cheek. The voices crept closer , encroaching on the sanctuary I had created to escape from the chaos.

The voice of a man , hoarse and powerful leaked under the door and crashed towards me in waves .A shiver ran down my spine and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

It was the voice of nightmares .The voice that strikes fear into the hearts of even the strongest of warriors ,and it just so happened, to be coming closer, towards my quivering body.

Shadows danced across the floor underneath the carved oak doors. I held my breath as his heavy footsteps sounded just outside of the wooden barrier.

My heart harshly pounded against my rib cage as a hand hovered above the door handle . The voices dulled as the handle was twisted , producing a small squeak in protest. My heart raged on as one of the doors slowly swung open to reveal a single tattooed arm curling around the door frame.

I held my breath in a last ditch attempt to remain hidden. A thousand thoughts ran through my head as I wasted what I thought was surely my last minutes on this Earth.

Coward .The one word that refused to stop playing in my head . I refuse to die being anything less than I am . I am a warrior and it’s about time I start acting like one .

My body was fueled by the fire ignited within. I did not raise myself all this time to just kick the bucket without a fight . If I’m going to be 6 foot under you bet your arse I’m going down swinging.

Fists clenched and eyes narrowed, my 5'8" frame slightly crouched stalked across the room towards the man. Power surged through my veins like never before.

As I closed the distance between us , more and more of the man became visible. A stunned expression was  plastered across his face but the brief wave of confusion and shock was replaced by an arrogant smirk .

How dare this man and his disgusting minions come to my territory and think they can take whatever they want with no consequences.

Before so much as a word escaped from the arseholes mouth I swung my clenched fist , successfully landing a hit to the cheek bone . I took advantage of his momentary lapse of focus and swung my other fist into the man’s stomach.

Doubled over in pain I raised my knee towards his lower torso to strike another blow but rough hands captured my knee. Pain shot through my leg and a muffled cry escaped my lips.

“Surely you didn’t think I’d make it that easy for you darlin’?”

“Don’t you dare call me that” , I said through gritted teeth.

“aww what are you going to do about it sweetheart , batter your eyelashes at me and hope I let you go ?”

“I’ll bloody batter something ” my voice deepened and my grey eyes narrowed as I dived forward, aiming my clenched fist at his jaw.Blow after blow , pain shot up my fingers.

Arms engulfed me preventing me from swinging my arms anymore.

“quite done there darlin’ ?”

“no I’m not fucking done , you arsehole”

The beautiful @girl-with-no-faith-in-medicine kinda persuaded me to post it 


So I’m trying to make Regigigas work on a Sunny Day Doubles team and I’m honestly having a grand old time right now.

Here’s what I’ve got in the works so far:

My Patented ChloroGigas Set!

Lilligant (Nickname: “Yuuka”)
Timid Nature (+Speed, -Attack)
Ability: Chlorophyll (Doubles Speed in sunny weather.)
Item: Not sure yet; I’m thinking either Focus Sash or Wise Glasses.
- Entrainment
- Quiver Dance
- Energy Ball / Solar Beam
- Synthesis

Regigigas (Nickname: “Gaia”)
Impish Nature (+Defense, -Special Attack)
Ability: Slow Start (Halves Attack and Speed for the first 5 turns of battle.)
Item: Leftovers or Protective Pads. One of the two.
- Substitute
- Fire Punch
- Ice Punch
- Return

Venusaur (Nickname: “Viridi”)
Modest Nature (+Special Attack, -Attack)
Ability: Chlorophyll (Doubles Speed in sunny weather.)
Item: Life Orb
- Hidden Power ??? (I think it’s Dark, but I’m not 100% sure.)
- Giga Drain
- Solar Beam
- Sludge Bomb

Charizard (Nickname: “Fafnir”)
Timid Nature (+Speed, -Attack)
Ability: Blaze (Boosts Fire type moves when HP is 30% or less.) [Blaze will become Drought after Mega Evolving.]
Item: Charizardite Y
- Fire Blast
- Air Slash
- Dragon Pulse
- Solar Beam

Comfey (Nickname: “Mandala”)
Bashful Nature (No stat boosts/drops.)
Ability: Triage (Healing moves gain +3 priority.)
Item: Big Root or Mental Herb.
- Synthesis
- Floral Healing
- Draining Kiss
- Aromatherapy / Helping Hand / Calm Mind

Ninetales (Nickname: “Tamamo”)
Timid Nature (+Speed, -Attack)
Ability: Drought (Causes sunny weather on entry.)
Item: Heat Rock
- Confuse Ray
- Hex
- Energy Ball
- Heat Wave

That’s the current loadout! Let me know if y'all have anything to say about it, I’m open to suggestions!

My next project is Project Dancer
Lilligant has been one of my favorites out of the Grass type series, and I have been experimenting on a strategy that is risky but when executed can be devastating.
In trial stages she has taken down a good amount of walls and Buffy sweepers with this. But unlike Shuckle, she is fragile.

So the main idea is to stall your first few moves, with Attract or Teeter Dance (or both if you can)
Shoot off Quiver Dance at least once, and then Petal dance your opponents in sweeping glory.

Two items I am debating over, one is Focus Sash, which at the very least will allow me to confuse the opponent for the next Pokemon.
Or Metronome, which is the more evil choice.
Since Petal Dance is my only attacking move, all my time gets put into it after being set up, so every use the power goes up by 10 points, until it caps at 100.
With Stab and the Quiver Boost…this makes not effective types bleed too.
But it’s all chance.