quiver dance

Have you ever loved a rose,
and watched her slowly bloom;
and as her petals would unfold, you grew drunk on her perfume.

Have you ever seen her dance,
her leaves all wet with dew;
and quivered with a new romance-
the wind, he loved her too.

Have you ever longed for her,
on nights that go on and on;
for now, her face is all a blur,
like a memory kept too long.

Have you ever loved a rose,
and bled against her thorns;
and swear each night to let her go,
then love her more by dawn.

—  The Rose, Lang Leave
Why Volcarona is such an Important Pkmn:

• It’s the Sun Pkmn, and it is said to replace the Sun when volcanic ash takes over the sky

• Invented Quiver Dance!

• Works in Sun & Rain (Hurricane yes)


• Should be legendary, let’s face it!

• Owns an entire castle in Unova

• Six wings :o

• Smol arms

• Only bug with wings that can learn fly!!

• Amazing helper in Pkmn breeding, it can keep your eggs warm and it can transport you anywehere around the region (Talonflame copied it)

• Used by a champion

• Also used by a Villain Boss in the manga (Ghetsis - Team Plasma)

• It appears in cold winters to save the pkmn from freezing ♥

• It can cloak itself with fire and dance gracefully to use its signature move: Fiery Dance.

• No, no one cares about its x4 weakness to rock so don’t even try

• Pretty af & should be legendary!

Today, 8 mods will be giving out 8 Pokemon in our Valentine’s Day giveaway!

Kahuna Nanu
Jangmo-o. lv. 35 ♀

Nickname- Jangmo-o
Nature- Adamant
Ability- Overcoat
Move-set- Counter / Dragon Tail / Dragon Breath / Reversal
Item Held- Shalour Sable
Pokeball- Love Ball

Captain Mina
Luvdisc. lv. 50  ♀

Nickname- Luvdisc
Nature- Timid
Ability- Swift Swim
Move-set- Charm / Sweet Kiss / Toxic / Hydro Pump
Item Held- Focus Sash
Pokeball- Lure Ball

Kahuna Nanu
Lopunny. lv. 100 ♀

Nickname- Lopunny
Nature- Jolly
Ability- Cute Charm
Move-set- High Jump Kick / Return / Ice Punch / Fake Out
Item Held- Sweet Heart
Pokeball- Love Ball

Tapu Koko
Pachirisu. lv. 30  ♀

Nickname- Pachirisu
Nature- Sassy
Ability- Volt Absorb
Move-set- Attract / Charm / Nuzzle / Sweet Kiss
Item Held- Sweet Heart
Pokeball- Dream Ball

Kahuna Olivia
Ribombee. lv. 50 ♀

Nickname- Honey
Shield Dust
Quiver Dance / Psychic / Bug Buzz / Moonblast
Item Held-
Sweet Heart
Love Ball

Kahuna Olivia
Furret. lv. 50  ♀

Nickname- Peppermint
U-Turn / Return / Brick Break / Frisk
Item Held-
Sweet Heart
Love Ball

Tapu Fini
Weavile. lv. 85 ♀

Nickname- Heartbreaker
Nature- Jolly
Ability- Pressure
Move-set- Night Sash / Throat Chop / Icicle Crash / Metal Claw
Item Held- Life orb
Pokeball- Moon Ball

Kahuna Hala
Jumpluff. lv. 50 ♀

Nickname-  Cotton Candy
Nature- Jolly
Ability- Infiltrator
Move-set- Acrobatics/ Sleep Powder/ Toxic/ U-turn
Item Held- None
Pokeball- Love Ball


  • Deposit a MALE ROGGENROLA [Named TapuGA] into the GTS. We do NOT accept anything else.
  • You may only deposit for ONE of EACH pokemon. If we catch you double dipping we will ban you from future giveaways on here and our own giveaway blogs.
  • Level and Gender Lock to avoid sniping if possible. Wrong gender or level lock = NO TRADE. We do not call you out if you use the wrong locks.
  • Wrong nickname (capitalization isn’t necessary) = NO TRADE
  • Do NOT pester us about how long you’ve been in the GTS, if you pester us you will be banned.
  • Be patient. Do not tell us when you deposit.


  • If you join the giveaway late, quickly browse the blog for posts regarding which Pokemon aren’t receiving many deposits. If there isn’t one, ask us!
  • Try & deposit for the Pokemon that you want from the least popular list, first.
  • After receiving all that you want from this selection, make a choice on what popular one you would like the most. Deposit for this.
  • If you get traded before the giveaway ends, great! Deposit for another Pokemon, you could also ask which are the least popular again, as these do change over time.

If you follow those tips, you should be able to get a nice number of Pokemon!

We will tell you when we have run out of a certain Pokemon or are closing the giveaway.

Thanks for participating!


i’m doing a nuzlocke with a friend in ultra SUMO (I have moon, they have sun) and in our original games ( normal SUMO ) I would devastate everyone with a fucking quiver dance Ribombee


i’m an adult

Just finished Ultra Sun and Moon’s main campaign

xSee…. Story-wise, this story is almost identical to the original, but it removes some things and replaces a couple others. The original Sun and Moon have the superior campaign because of the story with Lillie and Lusamine getting superior payoff (for the most part), making all the less enjoyable parts of it more worthwhile instead of diverging onto Necrozma or the Ultra Recon squad who were lazily thrown in, and it had better pacing too because of this. Hell, even the end credits were better, because you had the photos of what everyone did after as well as THE END having a nice little scene, whereas i just saw THE END as a fucking black screen here and as soon as i wrote this i found copies of the photo in all our houses but STILL.

But… as a game, Ultra sun and Moon take the cake as probably the most enjoyable main campaign batling experience I’ve had, right next to Platinum. The advantage it has over Platinum is that I don’t require the use of HM slaves and I have a far wider selection of pokemon to use. 

I’ve gotten swept so many times against lower level pokemon. I haven’t struggled on a game this much since my first Platinum run. It’s not just because I put the battles on “Set” either - I was getting swept regardless of health or type advantage. I initially turned EXP share off but found the game so difficult that I turned it back on, and this didn’t save me either! 

You want to know who gave me the most trouble?

  • Plumeria. It’s a sad day when I’m losing to Plumeria.
  • Guzma. I lost every single Guzma fight at least once, which caused me a lot of trouble because of how dificult it is to get back to po town or the aether paradise. His Masquerain would air slash my team to death while his Golisopod would razor shell us with its massive Attack stat. 
  • Shockingly, the Ultra Recon Squad. They have just 2 shitty pokemon but you CAN’T underestimate them, especially the Furfrou at the start of the game. get a fighting type move on that monster ASAP or it will use its fully evolved stats will headbutt your team to death. poipole/adhesive gave me trouble too especially in its first fight. 
  • All the totem pokemon. The only one I had no trouble on was Komo-o, which I nearly oneshot with Clefairy. But every single one, especially that motherfucking ribombee, gave me a hard time. To give you an indicator of Ribombee’s strength, it has double-boosted stats, Quiver dance, and a partner that either uses Reflect or acts as a weather disruptor against fire types. And if you’re thinking about using Malamar to reverse its stats, good luck getting through that x2 boosted  base  124spd 95sp.atk Pollen Puff which youre quadruple weak to. Gotta do some soft resetting with your Pelago affection rolls to tank it.
  • The trial captains are no joke. Illima usually kills a few pokemon on nuzlocke runs and i expect him to continue his murder spree.
  • I can’t BELIEVE I forgot to mention Necrozma. Knocking out his Dawn Wings form was a joke, but what’s also a joke is how ridiculously powerful Ultra Form is. I survived on a clutch Affection Sturdy and destroyed him with Malicious Moonsault.
  • The last two people on Victory Road (yes there’s a victory road now) gave me a hard time and knocked me back to Tapu Village, so I came back with Necrozma.
  • My final KO of the main campaign was when I got cocky in the elite four because I was overlevelled, and my entire team got swept by - i shit you not - Alolan Dugtrio. Then I came back with Ultra Necrozma instead of Muk and oneshot all of Acerola’s pokemon before getting my revenge with my other team members. 
  • Hau would have possibly defeated me if I didn’t have Necrozma on my team too, depending on how well decked his Decidueye is. But I specifically wanted to spirit bomb him as my final move and refused to use Necrozma until then because it did so well against Acerola.

I can’t wait for the Rainbow Rocket episode because I just know there’s gonna be some tough counters to my team. Considering whether I should turn off EXP Share again for the extra challenge or get myself prepared. 

But there’s also lots of little quality of life improvements. My favourite of these is the player character’s interactions which, although they don’t fix the lack of expression in important scenes, they go out of their way to show how kind you are to pokemon and your friends. You wave goodbye every time you walk away from an interactable pokemon, you wave to Lillie just before you enter Ultra Space, and you have this beautiful scene with your Starter pokemon in front of the League if you bothered to bring it with you. Ultra Sun and Moon aren’t so much about the Aether family or any sort of ideological villain, they’re your story. 

And at the post-game… well, I’ve just changed Ultra Warp’s controller settings so that it’s not utter hell motion controls, and I’m going to go explore! 

Only have a few more favorite pokemon to finish up so I figured I’d finish my favorite fairy type, Ribombee! I started doing this challenge shortly after Sun and Moon, and by then Ribombee was a no brainer. When I first started using my Cutiefy, Pashmina, I kept letting it get knocked out because I’d underestimate the opponent. When she finally evolved and got Quiver Dance, she became an absolute powerhouse and swept most of the Elite Four by herself. 


Yesterday the Lyle Anderson Memorial Smokedance competition was held at the Plank Road One Stop in a flagrant display of peaceful sovereignty at the Six Nations Territory. There was tiny tots, elders, ronkwe and iaie'tase dressed in their finest for a smoke dance celebration all to signal “We are here, we are sovereign.” It’s such an amazing thing. I wore my new mocassins to mark the occasion, and actually got up and did Standing Quiver Dance for the first time in a long time. It’s our national dance so it was important to me. Nia:wenkowah to the ronkwenonon who made this happen! Your work is vital to our resurgence as a people. 

An Important Occasion

Summary: Adrien is very excited to celebrate his first anniversary with Marinette. A little too excited, maybe.

Words: 996

Notes: Happy birthday to @ladyofacat who likes Adrien giving Marinette expensive presents.


Out of the tiny velvet box came the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes upon. The chain was sterling—no, white gold. It was so delicate, so soft and smooth that it felt as if it would melt in her palm. Lovingly cradled against that chain were six gemstones, each about the size of her fingertip. They were a deep azure, like the color of a moonless night; but oh, there were galaxies inside those tiny stones. All hues of red, gold, purple, and green wove tiny, star-kissed nebulae in every little sky. Hazy afternoon sun glinted off of the chain as she held it up to the light, and the colors quivered and danced as if alive. Awed, she drew in a small breath through her parted lips and let her eyes wander from one end of the chain to the other.

The soft voice beside her pulled her from her admiration. “Happy anniversary,” said Adrien, her boyfriend of precisely four weeks. His tone was hopeful and tentatively questioning, asking for approval; or, at the very least, some kind of response. A response she had heretofore, in her surprise, failed to provide.

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Inktober Day 23: Favorite Pokemon #9, Ribombee!

First of all, D’AWWWWW IT’S SO ADORABLE! Ribombee would seriously be a hot contender for cutest Pokemon ever (even being one of few pokemon to be cuter than its pre-evolution). Besides just being plain adorable, this thing also gets the unique type combinations of bug and fairy, and the design definitely fits the typing perfectly. Ribombee was part of my team in my Pokemon Moon playthrough, and it managed to be surprisingly useful even late game (particularly against the final totem master, whom lets just say REALLY doesn’t like fairies). It has access to the the move Quiver Dance, which enables it to boost its special attack, special defense, and speed simultaneously, allowing it to sweep pretty effectively. Ribombee also gets a nifty signature move in Pollen Puff, which can either damage an enemy or, in doubles, heal an ally.

Giveaway 4/23: PokePoll #5

Your votes have been counted ! ~
(Sorry the post is so late ! Its been a busy day :x)

Mothim (no nickname)
Male lv 50

Nature: Timid
Ability: Tinted Lense
        ~Quiver Dance
        ~Bug Buzz
        ~Air Slash

Held Item: None
Ball: Quick Ball

Maude the Zorua
Female lv 50

Nature: Modest
Ability: Illusion
        ~Dark Pulse
        ~Sucker Punch

Held Item: None
Ball: Dusk Ball

Scarab the Scolipede (BR)
Male lv 50

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Speed Boost
        ~Poison Jab
        ~Swords Dance

Held Item: None
Ball: Timer Ball

Coran the Sliggoo
Male lv 50

Nature: Modest
Ability: Gooey
       ~Rain dance
        ~Water Pulse
        ~Ice Beam
        ~Draco Meteor

Held Item: None
Ball: Ultra Ball


~~~ Deposit pokemon is a male Salandit, any level.

~~~ Nickname your Salandit NJSKGA

~~~ Please level and gender lock your deposits to prevent sniping !

~~~ No double dipping, you can have one of each pokemon.

~~~ If you must inquire about your deposit, only do so after you have double checked your locks and deposit mon info ! Please do not inquire unless your deposit has been in the gts for over 45 minutes.

~~~ Giveaway will end at around 9:30pm central

If you want to keep up to date on giveaway posts, announcements, and polls, track the tag #kueen giveaways !

That’s it ! Have fun !


I do not have a good record with anything capable of earning the title of “gimmick” Pokémon – Pokémon whose schtick is some unique move, ability or game mechanic that was so clever Game Freak felt they could stop there, and didn’t need to have the Pokémon be any good or the design make any sense.  Today we decide whether Oricorio, the dancing honeycreeper Pokémon, fits that description.  Four interchangeable and mostly cosmetic forms, a weird signature move, a weirder ability… the phrase “walks like a duck, quacks like a duck” comes to mind, but let’s take a closer look.

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Volcarona @ Psychium Z  
Ability: Flame Body  
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Fire Blast  
- Psychic  
- Hidden Power [Ice]  
- Quiver Dance

Moves: Fire Blast is Volcarona’s most powerful fire stab move, and tends to be the most consistent. Psychic is used to nail Toxapex and Keldeo super effectively. Hidden Power Ice hits the dragons like Zygarde and Garchomp and Landorus-T who may try to take on Volcarona. Quiver Dance increase Volcarona’s special attack, special defense, and speed stats by one stage. This transforms it into a terrifying sweeper, capable of destroying any team. Hidden Power Ground is a decent option in the third slot if you want to hit Heatran. Giga Drain can also be used over Psychic if you want to hit the bulky water types, but the only good bulky waters right now are Toxapex, Suicune, and Quagsire, all whom can’t take a Psychium Z boosted Psychic.

Spread: Max speed with a Timid nature allows Volcarona to speed tie with other base 100s and outspeed Scarf Lando. Max special attack ensures that you are doing as much damage as possible without taking anything from Volcarona’s speed. Psychium Z gives Volcarona access to a powerful Z-Move option that can ohko Toxapex and blow back any of its potential counters. Flame Body is the best ability because Volcarona typically doesn’t run any bug moves, making swarm useless, and it gives Volcarona the chance to burn the opponents 30% of the time when they make contact. 0 attack IVs lower damage taken from Foul Play and confusion recoil.

Team Support/Usage: Volcarona has emerged as one of the best set-up sweepers in OU during gen 7 thanks to the power of Z-Moves and metagame trends. This makes it perfect for pretty much any playstyle that wants an effective set-up sweeper. It will need some support to achieve this goal, however. For one, if you don’t have Hidden Power Ground, Dugtrio is almost vital for Volcarona because it can trap and remove Heatran, which is Volcarona’s best check. You will also want hazard control because Volcarona is 4x weak to Stealth Rocks, removing half of Volcarona HP whenever it switches in on them. You can imagine how this makes it difficult to set up Quiver Dances. This makes Pokemon like Tapu Fini and Mega Scizor fantastic partners. You will also want your own hazard setters because they can weaken the opponent’s team, making it easier for Volcarona to sweep. Lastly, you are going to want a wallbreaker like Tapu Bulu or Banded Zygarde that can remove special walls like Chansey. 

Thanks everyone for reading! If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or requests, don’t hesitate to leave me an ask, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!


Quiver Dance

Requested by Anonymous

Ability: Tinted Lens - The power of “not very effective” moves is doubled
Nature: Timid (+Spe, -Atk)
Item: Life Orb (Boosts power by 30% but makes the holder take 10% recoil each turn it attacks)
Psychic (TM 29) / Air Slash (Level 43)
Bug Buzz (Level 31)
Sleep Powder (Level 13)
Quiver Dance (Level 47)
EVs: 252 Sp Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Sp Def

Anything with Quiver Dance has the potential to sweep entire teams, and Butterfree is no exception. Its stats aren’t amazing, but Quiver Dance more than makes up for them.

Lead with Sleep Powder to incapacitate your enemy, and then Quiver Dance away. 

Unfortunately, Butterfree doesn’t learn many Flying-type moves, but Air Slash does allow it to potentially flinch opposing Pokemon. Otherwise, Psychic is a solid choice for Butterfree due to its high base power.

Tinted Lens is an incredibly useful ability that allows Butterfree to spam its moves with far less fear of your opponent switching into a Pokemon that resists the move. I actually wish more Pokemon had this ability, it’s pretty neat. 

Originally posted by ambercoloreddream

Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Hidden Power, and Giga Drain are all decent options for Butterfree as well. Giag Drain can especially help to recover lost HP from Life Orb.

anonymous asked:

When Castle arrives at Beckett's door in 4x02 she was not doing yoga. She was getting herself off.

She opens the door, panting for air but with a smile on her face, the “hey” she greets him with practically a gasp, and wow, yeah, he definitely should have called first.

“Yoga,” she breathes out, her chest glistening with sweat and stray strands of her hair clinging to her forehead, her body heaving with it, and Castle strains to keep his eyes on her face. “I was doing yoga, Castle. Come on in.”

“Yeah, of course,” he concedes quickly, stepping inside and trying not to stumble. Or blatantly stare at her. “Yoga. Gotcha.”

Is yoga really so strenuous? He’s always heard good things, but she looks as if she’s just ran a marathon, her skin damp and flushed, the hair in her fishtail braid barely holding together, and her body still trembling with leftover energy apparently.

He seriously wishes he had been able to witness her complete this workout.

“Does yoga help?”

“With?” she inquires, walking past him towards the kitchen table where her water bottle sits in wait.

He shrugs. “Stress, tension, old injuries?”

“Supposed to help exercise the mind, body, and soul. So yeah, covers most of that,” she murmurs, swallowing a long gulp of water. “What is it you found? I need to finish the session.”

Castle quickly pulls out the comic book pages, lays them out across the tabletop. Beckett listens to him with rapt attention, following his line of theory, but he can’t help noticing the frequent shifting her body that she continues to indulge, the fact that her cheeks fail to cool, remaining a shade of bright pink he isn’t accustomed to seeing on her skin.

“Our killer is the writer of this comic book, Sean Elt,” he concludes, earning her nod of approval, delighting him with the flicker of pride and burn of resolution in her eyes.

“Good work, just let me squeeze in a quick shower and then we’ll go pick him up.”

“Okay, I’ll just wait in the living room,” he quips, but Beckett interrupts his start towards the sofa with a strangled noise of protest in the back of her throat.

“No, it’ll take me a while, and I have to - wash my hair and everything, so you should just head home for now. I’ll pick you up on the way,” she insists and Castle tilts his head in confusion, his brow creasing with it.

“Is everything okay?” he asks, studying her fluttering chest, the tight purse of her lips.

“Yes, fine, I just need you to go so I can shower, Castle,” she answers impatiently, but did she just… Kate Beckett is gripping the edge of the table’s surface, trying with quite a bit of effort not to rub her thighs together.

Castle narrows his gaze on her, risks a brave step closer. “Beckett, were you really doing yoga when I got here?”

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