quiver dance

Have you ever loved a rose,
and watched her slowly bloom;
and as her petals would unfold, you grew drunk on her perfume.

Have you ever seen her dance,
her leaves all wet with dew;
and quivered with a new romance-
the wind, he loved her too.

Have you ever longed for her,
on nights that go on and on;
for now, her face is all a blur,
like a memory kept too long.

Have you ever loved a rose,
and bled against her thorns;
and swear each night to let her go,
then love her more by dawn.

—  The Rose, Lang Leave
Why Volcarona is such an Important Pkmn:

• It’s the Sun Pkmn, and it is said to replace the Sun when volcanic ash takes over the sky

• Invented Quiver Dance!

• Works in Sun & Rain (Hurricane yes)


• Should be legendary, let’s face it!

• Owns an entire castle in Unova

• Six wings :o

• Smol arms

• Only bug with wings that can learn fly!!

• Amazing helper in Pkmn breeding, it can keep your eggs warm and it can transport you anywehere around the region (Talonflame copied it)

• Used by a champion

• Also used by a Villain Boss in the manga (Ghetsis - Team Plasma)

• It appears in cold winters to save the pkmn from freezing ♥

• It can cloak itself with fire and dance gracefully to use its signature move: Fiery Dance.

• No, no one cares about its x4 weakness to rock so don’t even try

• Pretty af & should be legendary!

Only have a few more favorite pokemon to finish up so I figured I’d finish my favorite fairy type, Ribombee! I started doing this challenge shortly after Sun and Moon, and by then Ribombee was a no brainer. When I first started using my Cutiefy, Pashmina, I kept letting it get knocked out because I’d underestimate the opponent. When she finally evolved and got Quiver Dance, she became an absolute powerhouse and swept most of the Elite Four by herself. 

Giveaway 4/23: PokePoll #5

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Mothim (no nickname)
Male lv 50

Nature: Timid
Ability: Tinted Lense
        ~Quiver Dance
        ~Bug Buzz
        ~Air Slash

Held Item: None
Ball: Quick Ball

Maude the Zorua
Female lv 50

Nature: Modest
Ability: Illusion
        ~Dark Pulse
        ~Sucker Punch

Held Item: None
Ball: Dusk Ball

Scarab the Scolipede (BR)
Male lv 50

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Speed Boost
        ~Poison Jab
        ~Swords Dance

Held Item: None
Ball: Timer Ball

Coran the Sliggoo
Male lv 50

Nature: Modest
Ability: Gooey
       ~Rain dance
        ~Water Pulse
        ~Ice Beam
        ~Draco Meteor

Held Item: None
Ball: Ultra Ball


~~~ Deposit pokemon is a male Salandit, any level.

~~~ Nickname your Salandit NJSKGA

~~~ Please level and gender lock your deposits to prevent sniping !

~~~ No double dipping, you can have one of each pokemon.

~~~ If you must inquire about your deposit, only do so after you have double checked your locks and deposit mon info ! Please do not inquire unless your deposit has been in the gts for over 45 minutes.

~~~ Giveaway will end at around 9:30pm central

If you want to keep up to date on giveaway posts, announcements, and polls, track the tag #kueen giveaways !

That’s it ! Have fun !

anonymous asked:

When Castle arrives at Beckett's door in 4x02 she was not doing yoga. She was getting herself off.

She opens the door, panting for air but with a smile on her face, the “hey” she greets him with practically a gasp, and wow, yeah, he definitely should have called first.

“Yoga,” she breathes out, her chest glistening with sweat and stray strands of her hair clinging to her forehead, her body heaving with it, and Castle strains to keep his eyes on her face. “I was doing yoga, Castle. Come on in.”

“Yeah, of course,” he concedes quickly, stepping inside and trying not to stumble. Or blatantly stare at her. “Yoga. Gotcha.”

Is yoga really so strenuous? He’s always heard good things, but she looks as if she’s just ran a marathon, her skin damp and flushed, the hair in her fishtail braid barely holding together, and her body still trembling with leftover energy apparently.

He seriously wishes he had been able to witness her complete this workout.

“Does yoga help?”

“With?” she inquires, walking past him towards the kitchen table where her water bottle sits in wait.

He shrugs. “Stress, tension, old injuries?”

“Supposed to help exercise the mind, body, and soul. So yeah, covers most of that,” she murmurs, swallowing a long gulp of water. “What is it you found? I need to finish the session.”

Castle quickly pulls out the comic book pages, lays them out across the tabletop. Beckett listens to him with rapt attention, following his line of theory, but he can’t help noticing the frequent shifting her body that she continues to indulge, the fact that her cheeks fail to cool, remaining a shade of bright pink he isn’t accustomed to seeing on her skin.

“Our killer is the writer of this comic book, Sean Elt,” he concludes, earning her nod of approval, delighting him with the flicker of pride and burn of resolution in her eyes.

“Good work, just let me squeeze in a quick shower and then we’ll go pick him up.”

“Okay, I’ll just wait in the living room,” he quips, but Beckett interrupts his start towards the sofa with a strangled noise of protest in the back of her throat.

“No, it’ll take me a while, and I have to - wash my hair and everything, so you should just head home for now. I’ll pick you up on the way,” she insists and Castle tilts his head in confusion, his brow creasing with it.

“Is everything okay?” he asks, studying her fluttering chest, the tight purse of her lips.

“Yes, fine, I just need you to go so I can shower, Castle,” she answers impatiently, but did she just… Kate Beckett is gripping the edge of the table’s surface, trying with quite a bit of effort not to rub her thighs together.

Castle narrows his gaze on her, risks a brave step closer. “Beckett, were you really doing yoga when I got here?”

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Volcarona don’t have much in the way of legs, but we love all kinds of dancing! Many of us spend ages working from mastering Quiver Dance to mastering Fiery Dance.

I love to watch dances as much as perform them. Tonight I’m going to go to a contest to watch Ellie (@askivarandellie) perform! I brought her flowers to give her after the show and I hope she likes them!


Pheromosa (OU)

Pheromosa @ Focus Sash
Ability: Beast Boost  
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe  
Hasty Nature  
- High Jump Kick  
- Ice Beam  
- Poison Jab
- U-turn

Moves:  High Jump Kick is Pheromosa’s strongest stab option available to it. Ice Beam takes advantage of Pheromosa’s impressive mixed attacking stats and allows it to cover the flying types like Landorus-T which would resist High Jump Kick. Ice Beam also hits Garchomp which is a common defensive Pokemon. Poison Jab is used in the third slot for the coverage it provides against fairy types like the Tapus. U-Turn is a decently powerful bug stab move that provides coverage against the psychic types that resist High Jump Kick like Necrozma. Rapid Spin is also an option over one of Pheromosa’s coverage moves as Pheromosa will cause several switches making hazard removal fairly easy. The only problem is that Pheromosa’s best check is Aegislash, a ghost type. Quiver Dance can be used over a coverage move, turning Pheromosa into a terrifying sweeper. 

Spread:  Max speed with a hasty nature allows Pheromosa to take advantage of its incredible speed stat and outspeed the likes of Mega Lopunny, Ash-Greninja, and Mega Alakazam. Max attack allows High Jump Kick to be as powerful as possible. We go Hasty over Jolly so that we aren’t taking anything from a special attack which is important for the power of Ice Beam. I find Focus Sash to be the best item as of right now as it helps make up for Pheromosa’s lackluster bulk; however, Choice Band is also a perfectly fine option as it allows Pheromosa to hit incredibly hard. I find Focus Sash to be superior to Choice Band because Choice Band will force a more prediction heavy play-style with Pheromosa. Expert Belt is also an option but, it isn’t that great. Beast Boost is by far the best ability for Pheromosa because it will give Pheromosa +1 speed every time Pheromosa knocks something out. This is important because it stops the possibility of Pheromosa being revenge killed by a scarf user like Jirachi or a weather abuser like Excadrill, as they won’t be able to outspeed on a safe switch-in after a sack and won’t want to switch in on an attack. 

Team Support/Usage: Pheromosa is a mixed attacking wallbreaker, a revenge killer, and a sweeper. Really, it just kind of does it all, and thus it is extremely flexible on the types of teams it can fit on. In fact, it fits on most any team that isn’t hard stall or a very conservative semi-stall. Despite Pheromosa’s good stats and great flexibility, it does have some decent checks. The main one being Aegislash. Aegislash has a great defensive typing to avoid Pheromosa’s coverage options, and solid defensive stats while in shield form which is all it really needs. This makes dark types like Bisharp, and ground types like Garchomp good partners for Pheromosa as they can at least deal damage to Aegislash. I’ve also found that Aegislash can make a good partner for Pheromosa. Not necessarily because they have good synergy or anything like that, but more so of the fact that they’re both broken and just destroy everything else together.

Thanks everyone for reading! If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or requests then don’t hesitate to leave me an ask, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

ribombee (pollen puff, quiver dance), toxapex (wide guard, baneful bunker), alolan raichu (electric terrain !!!), maybe klefki or comfey depending on how im feeling… OMG i can use alolan marowak or chandelure… and sentimentality might make me use alolan marowak cuz i never did get to use it in my playthrough

New Pokemon Focus:Oricorio

Professor Huffmagic here with a look at some new pokemon for Sun and Moon

Today Pokemon  dropped a huge trailer on us, with so much newness it is going to take a bunch of posts to get through it all!

We are going to start today with one of the more interesting new Mons, but one that was overshadowed by all the amazing newness that Pokemon had in store.


Oricorio changes its form by sipping the nectar of certain flowers. Since it has four different forms—the same as the number of islands in Alola—it would seem that different Oricorio live on each of the islands.

Oricorio is a “Dancing Pokemon” with a new ability “Dancer” that will mimic effects of any dance move done in battle. That means that the nine “dance” moves can be used in doubles to turn this little dancer into a monster. The nine dance moves are: Dragon Dance, Feather Dance, Fiery Dance, Lunar Dance, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance, Rain Dance, Swords Dance, and Teeter Dance.

Now Oricorio is a unique mon in that it begins with four different forms, each ecountered on one of Alola’s islands. The hint at Darwin’s Finchs is beautiful. Each one is based off of a different style of dance, taken from cultures around the world.

Revelation Dance is a move that only Oricorio can learn, and its type changes based on Oricorio’s current style.

Baile Style


The Baile Style Oricorio is very passionate, and power fills its body when it dances. It sends downy fluff flying during its intense dances. By igniting this fluff, it can unleash a fiery dance attack.

This form is based off of the Spanish Flamenco Dancer, Baile literally being the form of Flamenco that focuses on Dance. Flamenco is a dance form that tends to be most appreciated when performed solo, and is often improvisational. (interesting note: Flamenco is highly popular in Japan, with more schools focused on it than in Spain)

The fire typing is probably due to the root of the word Flamenco, and they style itself being very fiery and passionate.

Pom-Pom Style


The Pom-Pom Style Oricorio is very friendly toward people, and it uses dancing to encourage Trainers who are feeling glum. When it dances, its feathers are charged with static electricity. It can attack with these charged feathers, and sometimes it unleashes a powerful electric shock.

Now this little zapper is probably based off of cheerleading squads and dance teams. Mostly used in sporting events to cheer on the team or crowd, there is also a highly competitive world of “cheer” that is its own form of sport and dance. A pom-pom is a poofy, often shiny, cluster of tightly woven streamers that can be held while dancing to guide or attract the eyes.

The electric typing is probably due to the energy that cheerleaders can build up.

Sensu Style


The Sensu Style Oricorio is quiet and collected. By means of its dance, it gathers the spirits drifting about in an area and borrows their power to fight. People who migrated from Kanto feel a great liking for this Pokémon because its dance reminds them of their homeland.

Now the reason it reminds people of Kanto ( Japan ) of their homeland is that this bird is based off of the tradition of dancing with a fan in Japan. Sensu translates to “folding fan” and has been a tool incorporated into dance in Japan for centuries. Folding Fans are often given as signs of goodwill and cheer.

The ghost typing is probably due to the style in Japanese traditional dancing called Bon Odori, which was a dance to welcome the spirits. 

Pa’u Style


The Pa’u Style Oricorio acts at its own pace, which sometimes makes it difficult to deal with. It sharpens its spirited moves through dance, which increases its psychic power. It’s said that this dance expresses its gratitude to the guardian deity Pokémon.

The Pa’u style is based off of Hawaiian Hula dancers. Pa’u is the style of skirt worn by Hula dancers, and the style and weave of the skirt has deep meaning to add to the dance. Hula is a sacred dance that goes deeply back into the history of Hawaii, with some legends saying that those were the movements of the gods after creating the world.

The psychic typing is probably due to Pokemon associating all “godlike” things to psychic-typing.

So what do you thin of the new little bird friends? Like them? Hate them? Which is your favorite?

Well that’s it for this post trainers, thanks for taking the time, I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to message me with any comments or questions, and please submit any awesome poke-stuff you find. Stay safe out there guys, and remember, there is a time and a place for everything!

Bug-types are my favorite Pokemon, so I wanted to make some cool new ones. I’m also really glad I could succeed in making a bug/dragon type without slapping typical dragon features on a bug.


Bug / Dragon
Ability: Crazy Cloud (weather is randomized every few turns)

Classification: Global Pokemon
Height: 24′08″
Weight: 140 lbs
Locale: Maybe some sort of hard-to-reach mountainside forest. Probably Pseudo-Legendary???

Stats: ++HP, +Def, +Sp.Def, –Speed

Weather Ball, Tri Attack, Thunder, Blizzard, Fire Blast, Solarbeam, Dragonbreath, Bug Buzz, Earthquake, Twister, Moonblast, Quiver Dance, Grassy Terrain, Mist

Atloth’s wings are capable of supporting miniature ecosystems in which unique, microscopic plant life and Pokemon live in. It regulates its own gravity in order to protect its inhabitants when it flaps its wings, and the clouds surrounding it defend the surface against incoming damage.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you simply think of a good pun, and then want to make a fakemon out of it?

I have.

In this case, it was Cocoonut that struck me, which also meant I had to make two other stages for it to make things work. However, as there hasn’t been a Bug/Grass Pokemon yet which uses leaves as wings, this felt as an appropriate opportunity to make one. The progress of their color scheme did concern me a bit, and I’m still unsure if its antennae work as brown or if I should redraw them as something else, but I made the mistake of drawing it happy so now I feel unmotivated to change it. As for its battling strategy…. well, difficult to stay original with all these other moths and butterflies scattered about, but being the only Quiver Dancing of this type combination oughta account for something, and it’s plenty distanced from Leavanny, as the latter is more of a physical attacker who can set up Sticky Webs if so inclined.

Name origins: Canopy + Caterpillar, Cocoon + Coconut, Palmtree + Moth.

Notable moves: Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, Bug Buzz, U-turn, Quiver Dance, Hurricane, Roost, Whirlwind, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Rage Powder, Leech Seed

Notable Lack of Moves: Sticky Web

An Important Occasion

Summary: Adrien is very excited to celebrate his first anniversary with Marinette. A little too excited, maybe.

Words: 996

Notes: Happy birthday to @ladyofacat who likes Adrien giving Marinette expensive presents.


Out of the tiny velvet box came the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes upon. The chain was sterling—no, white gold. It was so delicate, so soft and smooth that it felt as if it would melt in her palm. Lovingly cradled against that chain were six gemstones, each about the size of her fingertip. They were a deep azure, like the color of a moonless night; but oh, there were galaxies inside those tiny stones. All hues of red, gold, purple, and green wove tiny, star-kissed nebulae in every little sky. Hazy afternoon sun glinted off of the chain as she held it up to the light, and the colors quivered and danced as if alive. Awed, she drew in a small breath through her parted lips and let her eyes wander from one end of the chain to the other.

The soft voice beside her pulled her from her admiration. “Happy anniversary,” said Adrien, her boyfriend of precisely four weeks. His tone was hopeful and tentatively questioning, asking for approval; or, at the very least, some kind of response. A response she had heretofore, in her surprise, failed to provide.

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I never liked milotic’s design, but this goldeen/milotic fusion looks fantastic!

This should be mega milotic and it should be a water/fairy type and a serious threat. I imagine it has the Magic Bounce ability and access to Quiver Dance. It looks fast and ferocious and should be a great special sweeper. Coupled with milotic’s natural high special defense it would be incredibly hard to stop it.