Just some birthday squats for @c_haardt9 #PowerAthlete #BeeDaySquats #TypicalTrainingDay #QuitYourBitchin @powerathletehq (at CrossFit Balboa)

Final Moment

Some days it seems untamable, our lives-
Then life throws me ferocious events, rough.
Always coming in pairs of three, we strive
Each day we fight hoping that’s enough.

Those experiences make me strong,
When can it slow? Remember your vigor?
Drama became harder, years passed along
One thing gained is one lost, usually.

For me, my life can either go smoothly
Now I am fortunate, I live two lives.
I hate when I wake up late to find that my best friend has been dealing with silly Tumblr drama

I don’t understand why some people feel the need to nitpick every imperfection or inconsistancy. If you met her in person you’d fall in love. If you don’t like the way she uses social networks, simply back away from your computer and get a life, stop trying to hate on hers.

I love deeephoney ^_^


srsly can’t get enough of this bitch 👏 @nikolemack #BibleGirl666 #DragQueen #NYC #QuitYourBitchin (at Duplex)

These days everyone wants everything handed to them …. Complaining about every which of everything. “I’m having a bad day” …. “My significant didn’t text me good morning” … “I have been in the entertainment business 9 whole months now and I’m still not famous” …. BUT DID YOU DIE?! Mannnn #QuitYourBitchin cuz no1 ( and I do mean NOT a 1 soul ) cares - #Message #GoodMorning #KingOfFacetious #JokinglySerious


One last #ThrowbackThursday for today. This is from my opening number for #QuitYourBitchin at #DuplexTheater all the way back in September. 💒 #BibleGirl #DragQueen #TeamBibleGirl (at Duplex)


New clip of my opening number for #QUITYOURBITCHIN all the way back from last August! So much fun that night! @ryan81491, when the HELL are we working together again?! #BibleGirl #DragQueen #NYC #TeamBibleGirl (at Duplex)