quitting college

Quitting college/university

Since I just recently quit university and there is not a lot of posts about it, I decided to make one. I hope I can help a few of you :)

Reasons to quit college:

  • If you do not like what you do, don’t torture yourself through it thinking it will get better someday. Because it probably will not.
  • If you are unhappy with the people or the university in general, but really enjoy your studies: Transfer. Search for different universities that offer your program and apply for a higher semester there. Most universities accept people that want to transfer from a different uni. It is as easy as that!
  • If you are unhappy with what you are studying (this was the case for me), figure out what you would rather do. Make a list. Why do you not like what you are studying right now? Is it boring, too theoretical, not what you imagined it would be like? This happens to more people than you might think, but most of them suck it up and keep studying even though they really cannot stand it. The thing is: If you do not like it, figure out what you want to do instead and apply for it. You can switch the program within your university or go to a completely different university, it is up to you. You will feel a lot happier then. Don’t forget: What you study now is what you will be doing every day in your future job.
  • If you noticed that university in general just is not the right thing for you, look for alternatives. Internships, apprenticeships, professional training, etc. There is a lot of (also well paid) jobs out there that do not require you to have graduated from any university. Again, figure out what you would enjoy doing, and go for it.

What is most important is this: Do not force yourself through anything that makes you miserable. University should be about enjoying what you are doing, because you will do it for a long long time. So if you find yourself in a position where you hate going to class or just don’t feel happy anymore, then quit. You are not a loser for quitting. It is a brave thing to get out of something that makes you unhappy!!

If you have any questions just ask, and if you are interested, here is my story :)

Quitting school!

Yeah so after this semester I’ve decided to quit college. Honestly it sucks big time and not only do i believe that i’m not even mature enough for college right now(i’m 19 for christ sake) i also have no idea what i want to do for the rest of my life! How could i? Would you know that at 19? I mean that’s fantastic if you do, and i’m not knocking it for other people, but i would just rather work. I have a great, easy job working for the county that pays really well, and there’s a chance i could get on anywhere else working for my county or even city. So why go back? I’m just not happy with school at all. It is literally the worst. And i have never felt better than when i decided to not go back. And thankfully my mom understands. Now to just tell my dad…

I’m quitting college and the course I’ve choosen. I just got back from classes and altough I like a great part of the subjects that are included on the course I don’t see myself working with that for the rest of my life. I just freaked out once I saw everyone discussing about things while I just couldn’t move/say a word. I thought I would manage a way of passing trough my anxiety but clearly it’s impossible. I fucking hate being this way and I feel like I’m letting a lot of people down with this decision but I can’t go on with that. 

I just feel like a piece of crap for not being able to stick with my choices but I feel like I will be miserable for the rest of my life if I don’t change things right now. 


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Let's quit college and travel. We can get drunk and make out a lot while adventuring the world

Sounds nice but ya girl needs her degree

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Hey. So i'm frustrated/depressed with my life because i'm 22 and supposed to graduate from college this year but i still dont know my major/career. I basically wasted four years. I dont have a passion for anything or any skills. At this point i'm not even sure if i should just quit college and work a min wage job for the rest of my life. I wanted to major in something that will help me pay the bills but i also wanted to major in something i'd enjoy. I cant choose both apparently. Idk what to do

I would take a break from school. Get a job, save money, travel, and find things you love to do and enjoy. There isn’t just one way to success. Just because a few years in school didn’t work out doesn’t mean your doomed. Take the good and what you learned and take some time for yourself to figure out what you truly wanna do

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so what's everyone in the roommate au in college for anyway?

Wander is switching between majors almost every other week; he wants to experience everything

Sylvia isn’t quite sure yet (college wasn’t her first choice, but her Mom made sure she went), she wants to do something that will help the world, maybe a social worker? She’s still figuring stuff out

Hater is majoring in politics (but he HATES it and his true passion lies in music, but he hasn’t admitted this to himself yet)

Peepers is taking a bunch of coding and computer classes, aiming to get an IT job in the future

Dom is taking a bunch of advance engineering and robotics classes. She barely passes her classes, but she actually has a lot of enjoyment in them. Honestly

you’d think that Awesome is only there to party, but he’s actually studying marine biology and majoring in business (its his dream to own his own combination club/aquarium)

Jeff is in the peace core

lemme know if u wanna know abt more characters specifically!!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am taking a semester off college. The past two semesters I have felt nothing but fear of going to class each day. Not because my school isn’t safe but because I as a person felt intimidated and scared to fail the class, my parents and myself. I’m not going to quit college, I have goals set for myself but my mental stability regarding school has not been its best and I don’t want to lose it completely or continue damaging myself. I hope my parents can comprehend my decision and hear me out first before cutting my head off with judgements.


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of Jack posts lately, but I got into uni after a serious roller coaster ride the past few months with quitting college, failing my course etc. and ultimately deciding I didn’t wanna go to uni. but I did it, and I’m going!

Ugh, I remember this day vividly. The person who said this to me was my dad. Basically, he said, “Men are visually stimulated. No man is going to want a fat wife. Sure they’ll sleep with you, but they won’t stay.” I think part of this conversation also included telling me to quit college and focus on going to church. -.- Sad to say, I half-heartedly tried to follow that advice at one point.

I’m glad I have learned so much about myself and life since then. I’ve found the perfect man (he proposed less than two years after I made that post)! He married me at one of my heaviest weights and doesn’t care one way or the other about my weight. He sees me for who I am - one of the first people in my life who has ever done that. 

I’ve learned to love myself so much. I am a strong fucking warrior woman! I’ve learned to take care of my mental, physical, and spiritual health. I’ve learned to walk away from negative people and their toxic opinions. I’ve learned to let go of all the sexist beliefs that were forced upon me when I was younger. 

I’ve learned that it is NOT wrong for me to want a life beyond wife/mother. Yes, I am both of those things. But I am more. I am an artist. I am an athlete. I am a creative being. I am a spiritual being. I am a lover of nature. I can be what I want to be. I can be ME. I do not have to fit into someone else’s idea of the “ideal woman”. I already am my own ideal woman because I embrace all that is me. I channel my strengths and weaknesses can use them to create beauty around me. I follow where my intuition leads me. I am a woman who walks with wolves.

And you can believe me, my daughters (born and soon to be born) will NEVER be told these kind of lies by me. I will raise them to value themselves. To care for themselves. And to choose what type of relationship is best for them. They do not need to be married to be a valid woman. I will teach them how to see their own path and how to fight for what their soul desires.