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OMFG IM OBSESSED WITH LUSH! what are some of ur favorite things from there? i really like let the good times roll and the melting snowman. Also have u tried any message bars? I really like the rose jam scent.-Secret Santa

I love LUSH my favourites are the bath bombs, though I prefer showers but they just make everything smell so good. I really like the dragons egg and I also am in love with face masks at the moment and I love the catastrophe cosmetic, it just smells so nice. The shampoo there is fantastic as well, Daddy-o is my favourite, it smells like lilacs and its good for blonde hair.

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so whats on UR wishlist this year? also what do u think are some good gifts to give?- Secret Santa

I do want a decent camera since I’m debating making a youtube channel but that may not happen since decent ones tend to be expensive. And I went into LUSH yesterday and bought half the shop because their stuff is good and it’s always nice to give people stuff from there.

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So what's up?!?! What do u plan on doing today? Also have u started ur Christmas shopping yet? Or do u celebrate Christmas?- secret Santa :)

Hello, lovely. Nothing much I literally spent the day watching avatar. and I plan on doing that tomorrow as I have the day off due to the fact there is a strike on at my university and all of my lectures have been cancelled.

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Hi there! Ur secret Santa here, I just have a couple questions for u 1. Are u naturally blonde? 2. If not how do u get ur hair to look so perfect? 3. Ur fabulous and so pretty?!?!? 4. Whered u buy ur new jumper? 5. Where do u live? 6. Could u tag ur responses with "quittakingallthegoodurls secret Santa" just so I can keep track of them? :) have a lovely evening!

1. Yes I am lovely, but my natural blonde colour is darker than the colour my hair is now
2. Omg my hair just gets very confused because it wants to be curly and straight at the same time, it just does its own thing and I’m too lazy to do shit to it
3.That is not a question but thank u
4. Primark, its so warm and fuzzy
5. I live in Preston which is like near manchester [if you know where that is]
6. I can tag my asks? [I don’t get many]

Faaaaanks x