Imagine you threat Peter with somthing silly

You live directly over Peter with your dad and brother. So every morning the two of you walk together and Peter usually uses the fire escape to climb to your window and come in.“Y/N you ready to go?” Peter climbs into your room as you grab your bag. “Yup let’s go!” The two of you say bye to your dad and head out to the street. Peter notices that your phone is in your back pocket and smirks. He snatches it swiftly and starts running. “Peter where are you going?!” He turns waving the phone. “Catch me if you want it back!” You curse quitly and start running through a crowd of people. Your eyes stay on Peter as you catch up when suddenly he turns into an alley. You go after him and find his not there. “Peter?” Then you see a shadow behide you. Moving quickly on your feet you turn around and pin the brown eyed boy against the wall. “Peter I hate you.” You say glaring at him as you both catch your breath.“Oh come in you love me.” He says smiling wide. “Well lover boy I would like my phone back now.” You say letting go of him and putting your hand out. Peter moves slowly taking his time to get it out of his pocket. “I swear Parker if you don’t hand it ov-” “What Y/N? What are you going to do?” He asks smirking knowing that you would never hurt him. “I’LL-I’Ll Ummm… HIT YOUR LIPS WITH MINE SOftly because I like you and I can’t hurt you.” Laughter rolls out of the Peter in to alley. You roll your eyes and press your lips on his to shut him up. He gets startled but responds to the kiss. You break the kiss putting your forehead against his. “See I told you I would.” He giggles and says, “Well you sure showed me didn’t you.” “Yep.” You say befor dashing off with both of your phones towards school.

  • Nayoung: *pointing to Sohye's shirt* What colour is Sohye's shirt?
  • Chungha: Grey?
  • Jieqiong: It's light grey.
  • Chaeyeon: It's grey.
  • Nayoung: Now tell them what colour you think it is.
  • Sohye, quitly: Dark white...
It all keeps crumbling - Feysand (Modern Time AU)

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It all keeps crumbling - Feysand fluff (Modern time AU)

chapter one - Date night

After all the time of not talking Feyre had hoped Tamlin would show up. He promised. Then again he had promised to come to her house a couple of times a week. He hadn’t done that either. He had broken so many promises over the last few weeks and made so many new ones. He wasn’t willing to let her go out even if it was with him and he wasn’t there.

She did not remember how long ago she had walked into the restaurant, she did remember the drop of her heart when he handn’t been there already. Tamlin must be busy with his job. He was the big lord. Maybe one of his meetings had taken longer than expected, That was possible right?

She sighed and leaned her head on her hand. This was the first time Tamlin was making time to go out with her since the accident. He was so set on making everything safe for her that he hadn’t realised how choked she was beginning to feel. The appartment he had bought for her had to many locks on the windows and doors. She felt locked in a space that should be safe. Nowhere was safe, not as long as she was with Tamlin but with all the protection her mob lord had put in place she was surprised that he didn’t show up in the restaurant. Although it must be safe, she noticed one of his minions sitting a couple of tables away although he was eating. Why wasn’t Lucien just coming to sit with her, or was that another one of Tamlins rules, don’t engage with Feyre when he isn’t there. Her life was flowing away from her like a river.

Ever since that kidnapping three months ago she hadn’t felt safe even though Tamlin did everything in his power to keep her safe. He gave her another minion every day to keep her safe but never company. She was lonely in that appartment. Pretty to see but not a home, not to her. Letting Feyre pick the restaurant was the first sign that he trusted her. It would have been if he didn’t also order her to pick a restaurant he owned. He owned a lot of them. This was all for her own safety, she had to remind herself. But it could also be considered safety to tell her who actually got her out of that building. She knew that Tamlin knew who got her out. She knew Tamlin wasn’t it. He couldn’t show up with all that police, he couldn’t risk being caught. She didn’t want him to be caught. She just wanted to see that he cared about her. Words weren’t enough anymore. Words had got her into that restaurant, alone. When did they last have a real conversation?

The waitress looked over what seemed to be the hundreds time tonight. A sad look in her eyes. A couple more minutes, Feyre promised herself. Only a couple more minutes than I’ll get the check and leave. She grabbed her phone. He was fortyfive minutes late. She sighed again and downed her glass of wine. That was it. She was leaving and she’d talk to Tamlin tomorrow no matter what. If he wouldn’t answer the phone she’d go and search for him. She knew where his office was.

The door opened and closed, the soft bell chiming. A handsome man had walked in. The most handsome man she had ever seen. His violet eyes looked around the room until they found hers. That’s not Tamlin what does he want? A lazy smile creeped up the guys face before he loudly exclaimed: “Hello, Darling. Sorry I’m late. Traffic is crazy right now.” He sat down in the chair in front of her. Quitly he added “I’m Rhysand. Just go with it, okay? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a tool? Who would waste such a beautiful girl and such a beautiful dress.” A small smile krept her way onto Feyre’s face. She looked around and crossed eyes with Lucien. He shook his head and grabbed his own phone. Later hers buzzed. The message on screen read a simple message: Tamlin hates this man. Send him away before we get a brawl and or Tamling fires/kills me.  Feyre scoffed and didn’t bother answering it before she put it in her purse. She wasn’t going to waste a beautiful dress, like the man before her, Rhysand, had said. This dress was expensive and if that man wanted to have dinner with her she would. The violet eyes where familiar but not familiar enough. She would remember if she saw a man like Rhysand on the street, not?

“I’m Feyre,” she quietly said. “I hope you like white wine, I ordered a bottle at the beginning of the evening.” Rhysand nodded and waved the waitress over.

“How long ago was the beginning of your evening, Feyre?” She blushed as the waitress reached the table. She took a long time looking Rhysand over, not even looking at Feyre, but Rhysand wasn’t looking at the waitress, he was focused on the young woman in front of him. “You’ve already read the menu. I’ll just have what you’re having.”

Feyre ordered for both of them before looking the man over once more. “Why are you doing this?” She asks. Rhysand looks taken aback before regaining his posture.

“I saw you sitting on your own when I walked towards the store next door, you’re still sitting here now. If I could I’d punch the guy. If only cheff didn’t restrain-” He stopped mid sentence when the waitress came back. He thanked her before looking down at his food. “Good choice,” he said.

“Do you need anything?” The waitress asked. Rhysand looked up for a second to witness the straining buttons on her blouse and the battering eyelashes than his gaze shifted to Feyre. 

“No, thank you. Would you like anything, darling?” She shook her head and watched as Rhysand waved a hand to send the waitress on her way.

“What is your job?” Feyre asked raising an eyebrow. She took a bite of her chicken but her eyes didn’t stray from the muscular man.

“I don’t know if you want to know.”

“If you had finished your sentence I wouldn’t have to ask.” Rhysand shrugged and took a swig of his wine. “Please, it’s important to me to know what you do.” It’s important to know if Tamlin would kill you for sitting at this table but since you seem to know him…

“You’re Tamlins girlfriend, right?” Rhysand asked. Feyre nodded. She should break up with him but she didn’t know what the consequences would be. If she would be killed for it or if he would let her go at all.

“Lets see for how long he still wants me,” she murmured. “If I could though.” 

Rhysand smiled and than frowned. “It would be dangerous to quit.”

“I know.” She looked him right in the eyes. “I’ve been through worse.”

“I know.” 

“But how do you know, Rhysand?” She sat straighter up. How does he know all of that? He doesn’t looks like a mob lord. He didn’t even seem dangerous. How does he know all that about her.

“I know that you’ve lost even more weight since I’ve last seen you. Don’t understand me wrong, you still look beautiful but you’re getting too thin.” Feyre shook her head. He wasn’t telling her. Why would she stay with him. She was going to raise her hand for the check when he spoke up again.

“I’m sorry for the other girls in that building but I’m glad that I at least got to save you. You deserve to live and you deserve better than that tool. You deserve all the riches he promised you but never gave.” She gulped and look down at the table cloth. Her blue eyes refused to meet his till he raised her head with a finger under her chin. He squeezed her fidgeting hands with one of his callused once. “You deserve this, Feyre and if you want to get out I’ll make sure you’re safe.” She pulled his finger away and looked at her food again, stoicly eating. 

“Thank you, Rhysand but I love him. I’m staying.” For her sisters and for herself. As long as she stayed with Tamlin they would be taken care off. Another deep breath and she saw Rhysand was also eating again. “You can be my company tonight, but tomorrow I’ll be his again.”

“You are nobody’s property, Feyre. You are your own person with your own choices.” She snickered.

“Do you have siblings. He doesn’t only takes care of me. He takes care of all of us. I’m grateful to Tamlin.”

“It sounds like your in debt.” She glared at him and dabbed at the corners of her mouth with her napkin.

“If you can only insult my lifes choices you can always leave.” Feyre ignored the fluttering in her heart. She ignored the blood rushing near her ears. She loved Tamlin but this was living. “Or you can stay and live the night with me, if that’s okay wiht you.”

“Do you ever feel alive, darling?” He took her casting her eyes down as a no. “I’ll make you feel alive. I’ll keep you safe tonight. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.” They smiled and the conversation shifted. To hobbies, none for Feyre since she was kidnapped and family, Rhysand had lost his whole family. They talked about everything that came tonight and not once did either Tamlin or Rhysand’s job come up again. At the end Feyre felt her heart beating faster in her chest and if she hadn’t loved Tamlin she was sure she’d kiss the violet eyes man. She wanted to see him again after that night. Needed to see him again.

After a small discussion Rhysand paid for their meals, helped her into her coat and led her outside, all the way to her appartment. 

He stood half a foot away. “Be sage, Feyre and if things with Tamlin go awry you can always come to me. I’ll help you.” Feyre smiled and looked into his violet eyes. His hair as dark as the night shining in the moonlight. 

“That would be great, Rhys. I’ll call you tomorrow.” She opened the door but stopped at the threshold. “Why did you say that you saved me, that night?” 

“I’m the cop that pulled you out of there. I held you in my arms till the ambulance came. I fought for you to live, don’t let that be in vain. Don’t let that tirant pull you down. Tamlin threatened to kill me if I ever touched you again. At least that was on the note attached to my coat. Let him try. As long as you’re safe.” Tears shone in light blue eyes as she stepped out of her home, placed a soft lingering kiss on his cheek and whispered in her ear,

“Thank you.” She stepped back into her home and repeated it. “Thank you, Rhys. I’ll call you tomorrow or you can come by at seven for dinner.”

“I’d love too.” He watched as she closed the door. “Sleep well,” he spoke softly. He sighed, smiled and walked to his own place. He would give her time to heal, time to make up her mind. Time to find out what Tamlin really was to her.

goro actually flirting like

scenario one:

Goro: akira would you happen to have a map?

Akira:(hands him map of sae’s palace)

Goro: thank you, but I was more interested in a map to your heart then sae’s


Akira: and you say your not a criminal that was smooth.

scenario two

Goro: (trying really hard to have a seductive smirk, is failing and also red) heeey joker I here you like bad boys

akira: nope

Goro: (quitly) damn it

akira: why do you ask

Goro:(panics, says nothing, leaves)

scenario three

Goro:I find you very attractive joker, want to go out to dinner sometime?

Akira: very direct

Goro: I find its best to take the direct approach in situations like this (has like seven back up plans on how to indirectly steel jokers heart if this doesnt work, and seven other plans ready for if it does work)

Akira: I like it, I’ll pick you up at seven then. I think you’ll love the place I have in mind.


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MINOR ANGST! What if the UT, US, and UF skeletons and their SO got in an argument. The SO said something that made the skellies strike a nerve and yell at them. How would they react if their SO apologized shortly before running away crying their eyes out?

(ahh, angst is my life fuel. As long as it has a happy end)

UT Sans: He normally doesn’t lose his cool that easily, but what you said really hit a sore spot. It’s the first time you hear him raise his voice, and you realize what you just said. You apologies and run away to your room, tears stinging in your eyes.

Sans feels bad about what happened, he shouldn’t have lost his cool over something small like that. But it really hurt him to hear that, especially from you mouth. He doesn’t follow you, he isn’t to keen on confrontations, so you will have to come to him. You both apologies, you both feel bad about what happened. But Sans isn’t one to dwell on this things for to long, he is to lazy for something like that. So you two give each other some space for the rest of the day after what happened, but then cuddle up to watch some movies when it gets dark. Everything is back to normal.

UT Papyrus: He honestly always yells. But it’s a friendly yelling, more like enthusiastic shouting. But the you start arguing, and you say something you regrett instantly. He doesn’t yell at you, he just asks quietly if you really mean that. Somehow that’s worser then yelling coming from him. You apologise in a chocked sob and run to your room.

He will need a few minutes to collect himself, before he comes after you. He will tell you that he knows that you didn’t mean it, and that even the second greatest after him, you can sometimes make mistakes. You both end up cuddling.

US Sans: He is a friendly fellow, but he can get angry. So when you two argue, and you say something he really didn’t wanted to hear from you, his voice rises above his normal, already loud level, anger clear in his voice. You are already covering your mouth in shock, tears in your eyes. He slaps a hand in front of his mouth when you apologize and run away, he doesn’t like getting angry, especially not at you. He goes after you to apologize himself, the thing you said still ringing in his ears, and it still stings a little bit.

He finds you somewhere outside, crying by yourself. He sits next to you and puts a hand on your thigh, he is better with gestures then with words, and apologizes for yelling. You both sit there and hug for a bit, you saying you didn’t wanted to hurt him, he saying he shouldn’t have yelled nonetheless. Then you go home and put it behind you, no use broding over it any longer.

US Papyrus: Even with his lazy attitude, he still has a temper. So when you actually figth for once, you figth. You both get pretty loud, saying things you will regrett saying later on, but it doesn’t matter in the heat of the moment. Eventually something you regrett saying rigth away slips out, and he gets furious. Yelling louder then before, he is the one to leave while you try to apologize. He walks in the forest next to snowdin, smoking trough half a pack of cigaretts to cool his head.

Sitting on a tree stump, he slaps himself in the face, that could have gone better. He sits there for a little longer, his last cigarett long smoked to a stub, but not wanting to lit another one. He comes back home and you are not in the living room anymore, so he walks up to your room slowly, knocking on the door. He finds you sobbing on your bed and sits next to you, his hands awkwardly on his lap and apologizes for yelling and storming out, but what you said really hurt him nonetheless. You apologize for what you said, this time not interrupted by a door slamming shut behind him. Like with classic Sans, you give each other some space for the end of the day, but are back to normall after dark, cuddling on the sofa.

UF Sans: This edgy Skeleton may pretend to have a temper, but he actually only has a foul mouth. So when you two figth, he doesn’t yell, just snaps and hisses his arguments angrily. When you say something that strickes a nerve, he is the one with tears in his eyes. He leaves silently, normally used to taking this kind of things, but not from somebody he actually cares about. You follow him to apologize, the door to his room will probably already be locked, so you apologize quitly trough the door. 

This is where he starts yelling at you. You haven’t heard him actually raise his voice before so it’s a shocking surprise, when he yells at you to leave him alone and screams some profanities in your direction, insulting you and your ancestors in a very colourfully worded way. You leave in tears, quietly apologizing another time, both of you staying in your rooms for the end of the day. You are already in bed, trying to sleep and hope that you can make up in the morning, when the door opens and Sans is crawling into your bed next to you, carefull not to touch you yet. He is turned away from you, and mumbles an apologie for yelling at you, you mumble an apologie back. You two skootch a bit closer, by the end of the nigth you two will be an entangled pile of limbs like every morning.

UF Papyrus: He has a short temper and a booming voice, so your arguments leave him yelling at the top of his lungs. But normally it’s just yelling, with no bite behind it, but this time you said something that he really didn’t wanted to hear, and it’s the first time you are afraid of him. His eyey glowing red, he towers over you, yelling insults and how-dare-yous at you and you flee from him, chocking out an apologie, tears streaming down your face. He freezes after he sees the fear in your eyes, sinking to the floor after he hears your door slam shut, the key turning in the lock.

He want’s other monsters to fear him, even though there is nothing to actually fear about him, he never kills if there is another option, and he is never cruel about it. It’s just safer for him and his allies, if he is feared. But he never wanted to see that fear in your eyes, and never do something that causes it. Damn his short temper. He goes outside, head in his hands to get you some of your favorite sweets. Similiare to US Sans is better with gestures then with words whe it comes to apologies. He comes back later then he usually does, avoiding to go home for some time. He knocks at your door and calmly and quietly asks you if you could open it. When you unlock it, he quietly show the sweets into your hands, not looking you in the eyes and starts rambling out an apologie he came up with while he was outside, the writen version still clutched in his one hand. He is so nervouse about the whole thing, he keeps forgetting and glanzing at the paper. He will get a bit distant from you for the next few days, until you reassure him that you forgive him. 

The Immortal Fake AH Crew comes from all walks of life, in all different ages, years and genorations. The B-Team is no different from the Main Crew.

Jeremy and Matt were builders of the some of the greatest wonders in the world. The two of them were born in Egypt. And the two of them help to build the pyramids, and the Spinx. The two of them have been together from the start of their lives, best friends from childhood, who grew up to become great builders together just like they dreamed when they were children, and when they both realized that they couldn’t die the two of them stuck together. They were glue the two of them. There was no Matt with out Jeremy, and no Jeremy with out Matt. Later in there lives they would help to build things like the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, and the Statue of Liberty, the White House, and the Empire State Building. The two of them left their marks on History, slowing making their way threw time building famous building after famous building.

 Along the way they made money with petty crimes, builders and architects made nickels and dimes back in the day compared to what they make now a days, and at some point they stopped building, stopping looking for the next big building that would last genorations and turned completly to crime, and Los Santos and the Fakes gave them a new home and almost a fresh start to do that. 

Mica was born in the 1950s, a generation of racism, hate, and fighting for equal rights, and she was among the more violent of those freedom fighters. She in her teenage year were among the equal right protestors who fought with punchs, not words. She would die for the first time early in her life. Barley nineteen, forever stuck at that weird age of an adult, but not yet able to drink. For Mica being immortal meant that she could keep fighting. Keep helping those who needed it. She went to protest after protest. Rally after Rally to help. She, in time, got to she a time when hate was hidden, and segration was no more. She never did stop her crimes and violence though. At some point, punches turned brutal with brass knuckles, and brass knuckles turned to knife fights in back allies that she always won, and knife fights turned to gun shootings and robbing banks. 

When she met the Fakes, she realized not that they were the same as her not exactly. Yes, the couldn’t die just like her, but where as she did things quitly and out of a need to get rid of hate, they did it for the fun of it. And Mica, in all her 60 some odd years of being alive realized that it was never for fun what she was doing. It was always for the fact of helping someone else, of making the world a better place. And for the first time ever. She went ‘fuck it’ and joined the Fakes for the fun of it all.

Steffie was born in the twenties, and into the life of crime. Her father a was a Chicago gangster who ruled over the city in a rain of bullets and terror. Steffie grew up loving the life her father gave to her because her father was on top of the city, it was a romanticized, and a over the top life that ended with blood shed. Steffie, the girl who romanticized crime and the bloodshed of it all died for the first in a hail storm of bullets that left her and her criminal family dead. Only she didn’t stay dead. Steffie, the 20 year old girl who thought of crime like a love story got to watch the people who killed her family burn to the ground, and she took everything with her. She left Chicago ready to be something more. Something better then her criminal family ever was. 

Steffie, the 20 year old girl who romanticized the crimes she commited with roses, and spray paints, and pastel colored masks joined the Fakes because they could give her something she hasn’t had since her Father died in the 30′s. Power, Control, and the tools to Run Los Santos, to do more than that. To own Los Santos. 

Kdin was born in America, Salem to be exact, in the 1680′s. Right before the start of the Salem Witch Trials. Kdin, the poor soul she is, happen to die for the first time at 16, right at the height of the Trails. Only to come back to life, and be found guity of Witchcraft. She wasn’t a witch. She didn’t have a clue how she was still alive, how she came back from dead, but she ended up dying 13 times before the escaping the town. Kdin after leaving Massachusetts, sailed over sea’s to France and spend the next 100 years or so jumping from town to town, city to city and learning the native language. 

In the 1790′s durning the start of the Revolution in France, Kdin knew she wanted out of the country. Revolutionary France was a country of Betrayal, Beheadings, and Backstabbing, she started to leave the country slowly, on her way out she met Jack, like her someone born into the wrong body, with the wrong gender, and someone who couldn’t die, just like her. For Kdin, Jack became like a mom, a replacement mom for the one who turned her back on her over a 100 years ago in Salem. So Jack, the person he is, took her to Geoff. An old friend Jack had said, and the two of them joined up with Geoff’s crew. Geoff’s group of Misfits, Geoff’s group of Fakes. 

(Not alot of people know Kdin is one of the original seven or so that founded the Fakes, who started their Reign of Terror almost 300 years ago)

Caleb, was born in a small town in Greece. He was a doctor, or well a doctor in training the first time he died. He over the years has kept up his training, he likes to think he can stitch up most cuts with his eyes closed. Caleb, the doctor who over the years has learned for the best of the best, met Geoff early in his life. They were in England in 1589. Caleb was studying a new form of medicine, with a doctor who was world renowned at the time, but Caleb has long forgotten the man’s name. The doctor had put Geoff under his care, who had come in with a stab wound, and when Geoff died (bleed out while Caleb tried his damnedest to stop the bleeding) and ten mintues later came back almost magicly. Caleb was stocked.

He’d never met anyone like him before. Over the years Caleb jumped from place to place, country to country, city to city, and from time to time Geoff would end up in his care. So when Geoff in the late 1790′s walked into his office in London, and offered him a job as the medic for the criminal orgization, the group of Fakes as he worded it way back when. Caleb said yes. Because in all of the years of being alive he’s been doing good. Helping people, finding out how to make people better, maybe for the first time in his life its time to have fun. Time to do something wrong.

Trevor is born in Los Santos, born in the criminal life style, born into the mess that calls itself a city in 1921. The city isn’t as bad as it will one day be. It isn’t a city ruled by the Fakes, but it’s still the City of Crime. Only he unlike most people in the city, most people who call Los Santos home gets out the first chance he gets. Because in 1939 he’s 18 and it’s the start of World War Two. They don’t call it World War Two went it starts in 1939, but he realizes that when, if America gets involded in the war he can join. So in 1941 when Pearl Harbor is bombed and America offically joins the war. Trevor is shipped overseas. At 20 years old Trevor is overseas fighting in London in the Blitz. Trevor dies a hero six months into his tour. 

Only Trevor doesn’t die, but for him it doesn’t feel right to go back to Los Santos. He wanted out, that’s why he joined the war. So he stays in London, gets some expertly made papers saying he was a duel citizen of both the England and the United States, and explored. Trevor while he’s living in London breifly meets a main named Michael at a bar that’s down the street from where he now lives in the outskirts of the city, Michael asks him how he died the first time. Trevor doesn’t know how to answer that question. Michael who was just like him. An undying man told him that if he ever needed a job, the Fakes were always looking for new members. 

Trevor knew who the Fakes were, knew what they did. He wasn’t dumb, he knew that Liberty City was just as bad as Los Santos. But he took the card anyway. And almost 80 years later, he finally went to the address on the back of the card, and Joined the Fakes. 

Andy was the youngest of anyone in the Fakes, between the main crew and the so called B-Team. Andy was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1992. Andy, who died for the first time in a car crash on his ninetenth birthday. Joined the Fakes almost by mistake. Andy, was in Los Santos because he was just passing threw. After dying for the first time he went on an adventure threw the states in America. When the Fakes shot him in a bank robbing for interfering with their heist, and when ten mintues late Andy stood back up and starting talking again, all of the Fakes were shocked. 

But it was also how Andy got a Job. 

  • Sohye: Fight me.
  • The rest of IOI: *Quitly from where Sohye can't see them* Do not touch our sweet cinnamon bun, the love of our life if you ever want to see the light again.
New World Part II

Anonymous said:

Could you do something jug x reader, where jug is really getting into serpent life and is starting to stray away from the reader. But the reader stops putting effort into their relationship and slowly drifts away but jug begins to notice and does something about it? With lots of fluff??? Pretty pls 💚💚💚💚

Anonymous said:

Hello there I was wondering if you could do a part 2 to your “New World” imagine like THE CLIFF HANGER KAOSNDKDNHSUSN btw I love your work 💖 KEEP IT UP

Anonymous said:

Serpent jughead is so hot

Summary: Jughead is adjusting to life without y/n and starts to go off the rails.

Keep reading

Lost and Grounded

Picking up your phone you saw it was Happy.
“Hey Baby whats up”? You asked as you took a bite from you sandwich
“I lost Kobi”.
You spat out you food. “What the fuck are you talking about Happy”. Panicked and scared you grabbed your keys.
“We were playng hind n seek while I worked”. “He’s seven he cant be to far”. Happy said calmly.
“I’m coming now, you find my son Happy Lowman”. You rushed out the door straight to your car.
On the way you looked left and right making sure you didnt see him walking. Your heart was about to jump out of your heart. Just the thought of not seeing him made you cry.
Pulling up you saw all the guys looking around.
“Y/N I’m sorry”.
“You can say it after you find him, I cant believe you lost my son”. Tears strimming down your face.
“He’s my son too and he can take care of himself if needed”.  You rolled your eyes
Every nook and cranny was searched. Still no Kobi. You felt sick on your stomach.
“I dont know where else to look Y/N”. Happy threw up his arms.
“Did you check all the room, bathrooms, cars, undertables, under the bar, chairs, couch or the closets”? You rambled out.
“Everything but the cars”. Happy ran off.
All the guys and you looked frantically in all the cars. In a bright red truck was Kobi sleeping in the bed.
“Y/N hes right here”. Happy yelled.
“Oh Thank God”. You ran over.
Looking inside Kobi woke up looking around.“Whats wrong”? Rubbing the sleep out his eyes.
“Shit boy we’ve been looking for you for hours, didnt you hear us”. Happy picked him up
“Sorry Daddy”.
“Kobi I’m so glad your safe”. You cried out.
“Dont cry Mommy, I’m okay”.
“I know, I was just worried”. “You scared us so much”.
“Kobi you cant be doing that”. Happy said getting angry
“Its not his fault, you should have been watching him than working”.
“I gotta make money for yall”.
“You could have waited until I picked him up”.
“Yeah so I can hear your mouth when I get home for being late”.
The two of you went back and forth with whys and what if’s. Everyone looking on.
“Do you think we should leave and get popcorn or just walk away slowly”. Juice asked quitly
“I think we should take Kobi and go inside before something happens that he doesnt need to see”. Chibs picked up Kobi and ran inside with the guys
“Happy your so irresponsible when it comes to him”. “You think hes just one of the guys”. “Hes not”.
“He needs to man up, your making him into a pussy”.
“At least I love on him and show him affection’.
"I love that kid more than anything and if your saying that I dont”. Happy balled his fist.
“Do it then, if its going to make you a man”.
“I wished…”.
“What Happy what”?
“Nothing”. Happy walked back inside the garage
You walked to your car. You were so pissed at Happy. Tears staining your cheeks. You looked Happys way. He was wiping a tear away. I really hurt him.
Not wanting to bother him, you knew you had to fix this.
“Hap, I’m sorry for everything I said”. “I didnt mean it”. Crying out.
“No I’m the one that should be sorry, I should have watched him better”. “I’m a shit parent”. He said hugging you.
“No you’re not, you were just busy it happens”. “I shouldnt have gotten so mad at you”.
“You had the right to be mad, I lost our son”.
“You didnt loose him he was just not listening”.
“Wait a mintue, he should be getting yelled at for doing this” You sniffled
“I did yell at him but you got on to me”.
“I’m sorry about that”.
“I’m sorry about that last thing I said to you, I didnt mean it and I’m sorry for balling my fist”.
“What were you going to say”. “You wished what”? You wiped your nose.
“That I never gotten you pregnant and that I never married you”. He said sadly
“Oh” You were speechless.
“I didnt mean it, you and Kobi are the best things that ever happen to me and I wouldnt change a damn thing”. “I love the both of you so much that I hate that we fight”.
“Hap we are going to fight and I know I can be unreasonable”. “We just have to work it out like we are doing now”. “I know you love him and I’m sorry that I said you didnt”.  
“Can you forgive me”? You asked
“Can you forgive me”?
“Me too”. He kissed you deeply.
“Lets go see this son of ours”.
You walked in the club house hand in hand. All eyes on yall.
“Yall good”? Chibs asked
“Yeah we’re great never better”. Happy looked down at you.
“Thats good”.
“I’m sorry Mommy and Daddy, I shouldnt have fell asleep and…” “What was the other thing I was suppose to say”. Kobi asked Juice and Chibs
“Not listening and getting in a car you didnt know”. They both said
Happy and you busted out laughing. “You are grounded for four days and no games with Uncle Juice for two weeks”. You said
“AHH Mom come on, thats crazy”. Kobi pouted
“Whats crazy is that you had Chibs and Juice say sorry for you, you couldnt even say it yourself”. Happy shook his head.
“Please Dad Please Mom I’m sorry”.
“Thats more like it”. You laughed.
“Okay Two days grounded and two weeks with no gaming”.
“I’d rather be grounded for life than two weeks with out no gaming”.
You looked at Happy and he nodded.“Okay grounded for life.
"Yes”. Kobi jumped up and down.
“Hey Juice,two weeks no gaming with Kobi for helping him suck up”. Happy said
“What the heck Daddy, NOOOOOO”. Kobi yelled
“AH come on man, Y/N”/ Juice huffed.
Happy, Chibs and you laughed at Kobi and Juice sulking and whining. It was great being back with Happy and everything being back to normal. Kobi never stopped listening to Happy and you from that day on. He knew everything. Not a good thing for a seven year old with a big mouth.

Natsu's big announcement
  • Everyone's partying in the guild hall but one person is Missing. Lucy looks around for a pink bob, but sees nothing.
  • Lucy: Maybe he went home? He must be tired after the fight...
  • After a while she quitly leaves the hall and heads for home. Humming while she walks on the edge of the river as always, spreading her arms for balance. It isn't long before she hears the familiar warning
  • Someone: You should be careful or you'll trip.
  • Lucy: Hai h- *stops*
  • The voice wasn't the same. It was deeper and much more familiar. Turning towards the owner she finds the person she was looking for.
  • Lucy(smiles): Natsu! What are you doing here? Are you here to sneek in my house again? And where's Happy?
  • Natsu( nervously rubs the back of his neck): Happy's home. I came to talk to you.
  • Lucy( curiously): What is it?
  • Natsu(Takes a deep breath before saying): remember when I said I had an announcement to make?
  • Lucy: yeah?
  • Natsu: Happy and I are leaving Magnolia.
  • Lucy( freezes): W-What? Why!! I mean everything's finally settled down!! Why do you wanna leave NOW!! ( Practically shouting at the end)
  • Natsu: it's sort of a new adventure....
  • Lucy( shouting): An adventure!! Your leaving me behind for a-
  • Natsu( forcefully): I'm not leaving you behind!!
  • Lucy: Than what are you doing??
  • Natsu: I'm asking you to come with me!!!
  • Taken back by his words. Lucy stares at Natsu with wide eyes. It takes her a while to form a response.
  • Lucy: You want me to come with you?
  • Natsu(Grins): You said you wanted to search for Aquarius's key right?
  • He stretches his hand towards her
  • Natsu: So come with me!!
  • Lucy( smiles with tears falling from her eyes): Yes!
  • In the moment of sheer joy, Lucy takles Natsu in a hug. Startled at first. But hugs her back nonetheless while spinning her around while they both are laughing happily.
  • Natsu( Stops spinning and looks down at her ): But this time?
  • Lucy( looks up): Yeah?
  • Natsu( smiles the same smile that stole her heart): Wear a ring so we can be a family!!

Yang creaked open the door, trying not to wake anyone do to how late a night it was, she had become so bored during Professor. Ports detention she fell asleep, after closing the door behind her, the blond started to change quitly into her PJs.

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How would the US, UF and SF bros react to their S/O trying to cheer them up after a bad day by doing pretty much whatever it would take. Like, making them tons of food, showering them in love and affection or tickle attacking them, and they won't stop until they are absolutely sure that their Skelie is happy

(Make the Skeles happy 2017! :’D)

US Sans: He has his bad days, more often then you might think. He mostly tries to hide him behind a smiley, especially if it’s not a bad day, but more of a just-kinda-off day. But if he has a proper bad day he won’t leave the bed, trying to sleep it off, not wanting to be awake for the whole thing. 

Papyrus often tries to cheer him up on those days, often coaxing him out of bed to do something nice. But Papyrus isn’t home every minut of the day, so when Sans is home alone he just suffers in silence. But then he feels something snake it’s way onto his bed. Thinking it’s just the little white dog, who simetimesbreaks into their house, he ignores it. He is surprised to see your face pop up beside him, your body pressing against his, trying to get his chilled body, warm and happy.

He snuggles his head into the crook of your neck, breathing calmly in your warm and friendly presence. You let him stay in bed at first, running of to get some of the food you got form Grillbys (for once not his regular, worst burger on the menu slathered in ketchup, but a better tasting burger, fries, ketchup and some cherry-coke), carrying it onto his room on a tray. 

You also start a tickle fight, after the food is gone, or at least until he doesn’t feel like eating anymore. The tickle fight will mostly be onesided, but you do get a laugh out of him at least, so that’s a win.

You manage to cheer him up enough to drag him out of bed, navigating him to the couch in the living room and turning on some old comedy flick. He will start to relaxe, letting out a soft Mwe while he sinks deeper into the couch, not happy again, but settling into a peacefull calm.

US Papyrus: He has rarely bad days, usually kinda chill and happy. His lazyness making them hard to spot. But you learned to distinguish between him staying in bed because he is to lazy to get up and because he simply can’t get up. He also can’t fall asleep or even take a quick nap, unable to stop thinking about certain things, which only make him feel worser.

You make him some pancakes, slathered in honey, and some tea with honey, when you notice he as one of his bed/bad days, you silently put the food next to his matress, lying next to him and petting his turned away skull. You hug him tigthly, wisphering into his ear that you made some food and tea for him, that he will feel a bit better if he isn’t hungry anymore. He tells you he isn’t, but you both know it’s not true, he just doesn’t feel like eating. You manage to get him to take a few bites, with the promise that you will stay next to him and he can take a nap in peace. 

You crawl under the covers with him, slowly massaging his upper spine, whispering how much you love him quietly into his air, slowly easying him to sleep. It’s not a perfect solution, but he does feel much better the next day.

UF Sans: He is very anxious and paranoid, all in all he often has a pretty not so good time. He shuffels into the house, finally beeing done with his work shift.  He is surprised about the sudden pair of arms suddenly wrapping around him, leading him to the couch where he plopps down, glad that he doesn’t have to stand any longer. He is even more surprised when you place a mustard bottle infront of him, a takeaway back from Grillbys next to it, full with his favorite food. 

You cuddle up next to him, stroking his neck at that one place that makes him melt in your hands, telling him how much you love him with a quiet voice. He sprawls over the entire couch in the process, eyes half lidded, sligthly purring from relexation. Before he falls asleep completly, you suddenly poke him in the side, making him giggle in surprise. Your on now, a full fledged tickle figth developes between you two, lifting Sans mood imidiatly, he just loves dorking off with you, instead of worriying about all the shit that happens in the Underground, like if he has to dust somebody tommorow in self denfece or if he will be the one geting dusted. 

The tickle figth leaves him completly exhausted, and he teleports you two to his room, almsot immidiatly falling asleep on his matrasse, face buried in your neck and arms wrapped around you in a soft, protective way.

UF Papyrus: Beeing the leader of the royal guard is a very stressfull job. Especially on the days he can’t solve a problem without having somebody die, because he wasn’t able to find a way to keep everybody alive. No matter if it was a figth between some monsters he ran into on one of his patrols or if it was and assassination attempt, where he couldn’t safe his own life and the assassins both.

So when he comes home, his posture sligthly slumped, his eyes cast downward, he is glad to hear you soft humming coming from the kitchen. Just having you around him makes everything a bit better, and he walks over to the kitchen an sits down in one of the chairs, letting his head rest on his arms. He smiles softly when you hug him from behind and plant a soft kiss on one of his sharp cheekbones. 

You made some spicey dinosaur oatmeal for him, he always having the weird habit of peppering his favorite food. talking about weird food choices, Sans and Papyrus are really just the same. You lead him to his room, snuggling up with him on his bed and quitly reading to him. Even as an adult he likes it when people read to him, it relaxes him and help him sleep. He falls asleep pretty fast, his head on your shoulder.

SF Sans: He is a very enthusiastic skeleton, but he also has bad days. He doesnt just feel down or sad though, he mostly just gets a manic streak in his usuall behavior, making rash decisions, and just in generall losing sleep and energy. So when he comes home one day after such a day, the manic streak almost worn off, he just crashes onto the couch, exhaustet and misrable like everytime after such day. He is pretty surprised to suddenly be enveloped in a huge, fluffy blanket, being handed a cup of steaming tea. 

He usually doesnt have the stomach for anything sweet or heavy after that, and you know that, switching your plans of hot chocolate to some calming tea, no sugar or cream, but some lemon, the sour taste helping with the sligth nausea. You crawl uder the blanket with him, cuddling up to him, showering gim in compliments to boost his ego about how fearsome, handsome and magnificiant he is. Usually Sans doesnt sleep that much, but such days leave him exhaustet enough to fall asleep on you.

SF Papyrus: He isn’t a very happy Skeleton, so he often has bad days, but he kind of jsut powers trough them, mostly napping to get over with it. So when he comes home one evening, a pretty shitty version of a bad day after him, he jsut wants to go to bed and sleep it off. But you have other plans, you sprint out of the kitchen, and jump in his direction, hugging him midjump. He catches you, small smile ligthing up his face. You drag him over to the couch, showing him onto it, he doesn’t protest, the couch is pretty comfy and he is a lazy dude after all.

You get the food you prepared for him, his favorite, pancakes with a bottle of maple syrup and some maple syrup to drink pure. You drape a blanket over him and cuddle up to his side. You both don’t talk much, just relaxe in peace and quite while the TV shows one of Napstatons shows on low volume. His moods ligths up a bit, he is so glad to have you, and so happy that you go trough so much to make him happy, and he falls asleep, his head on your lap.

(I love the headcanon of SF Papyrus drinking maple syrup, cause I do that too and it tastes amazing. Also Im SF Sans when it comes to bad days, just add some (a lot) saddness to that. Weird manicall episodes are honestly the only way i can describe it, so thats how i wrote it , :‘3) 

Code Words

Getting off from a hard day at work, you wanted nothing more than a bubble bath and wine. Walking in your house, you turned on the wall light switch. The house was a reck. The couch was ripped up, lamps knocked over and all your stuff was everywhere. Then you heard a thump up stairs.
Holy shit you thought whoever is still here. So you grabbed your phone and called your old man Happy. No answer, so you called Chibs. No answer. So you called Tig. The last one on the list to rescue you.
“Hey doll whats up”.
“Alex I need you and Happy to come to my place please”. You said quitly.
“Sorry doll I didnt get that”.
“Please get Happy and come here”.
Just then the intruders came down stairs pointing their guns at you, you couldn’t breath. Tig must of hung up cause you looked at your phone and it was your screen saver of you and Happy at the clubhouse.
They took you to the kitchen and tied you to a chair and put a gun to your head. You new you were dead since no body was picking up their phones.
“Wheres your old man at Biker whore”.
“I  don’t no”. you squeaked out
He slapped your face. You let out a whimper. They kepted talking back and forth like they were waiting for someone. Out of no where your phone rang.
“If I dont get that they all will come looking for me”.
“Alright but if you try anything,you will never get to see the fun things I will do to your old man”. He put the phone up to your ear.
“Hey Little Girl Chibs and Tig said you called what you need”.
“ Well I was wondering when you were coming home, I got that movie you like SMILEY. I was going to make dinner and we could watch it”.
“Yeah I will be there in 10, you need PECANS for your ice cream tonight”?
“No I’m good I love you be safe”.
“Love you too”. With that he jerked the phone away.

“So sorry your old man has to ruin a perfect night you had planned”. he laughed.
“Your really going to enjoy what I do to Happy. Is that really his name”? “What a stupid name”.
“Yes thats his name, you have a problem with that take it up with him”. You said grinning nodding to the front door. Stood Happy and some of the guys ready to fight.
Happy started to walk closer to you. His gun aiming at the head of the guy with the gun to your head. No one was backing off. Your stuck in the middle of about to be gun fire you prayed that no one got hurt or worse killed. Gun shots rang in your ears as you squeezed your eyes shut. Not daring to look.
Everything got silent. You felt someones hands on you and you tried fighting them off.
“Y/N its me Its Happy”.
You looked up finding Happy and the guys all unharmed but the two intruders lying dead on the floor.
Happy untied you and you jumped in to his arms. You thought you were a goner.
“I’m so thankful your here”.
“You always know I’m going to protect you”.
“I know but when you and chibs didnt pick up and Tig hanging up on me I thought I would never see you again”.
“Tig is the one that told me you were acting funny on the phone so thank him”.
“Thanks Tiggy”.
“No problem Doll”.
“Why wasnt you picking up the phone anyway”. You asked getting a little angry.
“Well you see we were taking "care” of some of their guys but some of them got to you before we can take them out". Happy said getting cleaning supplies.
“Oh I see”.
All the guys helped clean up the house, Juice’s OCD kicked in and he went crazy cleaning.
“Hap Y/N what was the whole pecan thing about”? Tig asked
“We came up with like code words for when I’m in danger and for him to know that, mine is SMILEY based on the horror movie”

.“Its also for the guys who are putting her in danger to know what these smiley face tattoos are for”. Happy said lifting up his shirt.
“Put that down and Pecans is for him to know if I’m hurt or not and the other reason why is I hate pecans”.
They gave you a funny face “How can you hate pecans they taste so good in muffins”. Bobby said
“I just do and you have to do a code word you don’t like because then you want it and if I like something I’m going to get it”. you giggled.
“Then your code word should be Happy’s Big Dick”. Tig laughed while you gave him the finger
“You alright Baby Girl, you know I will always be here when you need me”.
“Yea Hap I’m good just glad that I’m a live and safe with you”.

  • *Natsu, Gray, Gajeel and Jellal are relaxing by the lake on fold out chairs, the girls are all bend over by a table discussing some plans. Gajeel looks over, he whistles quitly, the other guys look now too*
  • Gajeel: Hold up we are all looking at the same time.
  • Gray: So let's take shifts, 2 look at the lake, 2 look over there.
  • Jellal: Sounds good, okay let's do this.
  • *Natsu and Jellal look at the girls first*
  • Gajeel: And shift
  • *Now Gray and Gajeel look, this goes on for a couple minutes.*
  • Natsu: Wait...what are we doing?
  • Gray: Are we all looking at the lake right now?
  • Gajeel: Let's go back to their booties.
  • *They look and Wendy walks by, they all quickly look away again*

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LAUREN WHY MUST YOU WOKE UP??? You could have gotten a kiss from Alex in your dreams if you didn't wake up XD. That tiny "aaaaaa" made me think he nearly scream with joy but remember roommates with laf and Hercules and would probably got hit with a pillow if he woke them up

That’s life :/
He kinda squealed it but quitly so Laf and Herc won’t wake up

Requested by anon; “You sound’t be with him/her, you belong with me!” with Severus Snape.

“Sev? Severus?”, you shouted out in the dark. It was late, it was dark, and it was cold. Your best friend had gave you a note during the potion lession that day, saying that he wanted to meet you outside the school. “Come on, it’s soon past curfew and I don’t want to loose points…”, you continued, pulling your jumper closer to your body.

“I know it’s late…”. Severus steped out from the darkness and in to you sight. “I just need to talk to you alone, when no one else is listening”, he told you. You furred and looked at him.

“Well, we are alone now - what do you want?”, you asked with a short smile. Severus looked down at the ground, avoiding your glanse.

“It’s, it’s about you adn your boyfriend”, he mumbled. You raised your brows, waiting for him to contiu. “Look, Y/N, trust me: you shouldn’t be with him. He is just bad fot you… You sound’t be with him, you belong with me!”, he exclaimed. Right before you where about to answer him, someone saw them.

“Hey, you two: it’s late! You don’t want to be out when the curfew starts, so come in”, a prefect said to them. You cleared your trwoet a bit awkward.

“Is it okay if we talk about this tomorrow?”, you asked Severus. He nodded quitly. You where just about to turn around and hurry inside, before you planted one kiss on Sveres pale cheek.