Suprise! - Allex and Young!Seb

Allie/Beauty and Alex/The Consulter had been cooped up in the TARDIS for rather a long time now, they supposed the Doctor was trying to give them time to find their way back into their relationship. It had been hard at first for them to adjust to Allie trying to cope with Beauty’s new presence in her body and The Consulter trying to cope with having such strong feelings for the girl. Eventually The Doctor told them he was going to send them out for a surprise visit to an old friend of his and the two had quickly agreed. 

Allie was quite surprised however when the Doctor dropped them off in the middle of London with the only instruction being to look for a party. Beauty was interested in the situation and wanted to start looking around, Allie however was hungry and wanted to find a cafe and get a coke. She held onto Alex’s hand slightly tighter as they wandered through the streets. “ What are we doing here?” She huffed leaning against his arm slightly as she scanned the streets for some kind of party eventually she spotted a small Happy Birthday sign on one of the doors. “ Alex.. look a party.. they might have cake.” She pleaded pulling him toward the door.