Hi! My name is J/Jay/Jenna and I’m a mentally ill demisexual trans person living in a poor housing condition. You may have known me by my prior url u-ok on tumblr dot com.

I have started a gofundme to help me raise money so I can move out of this really not good household. I recently quit my shitty job and my mom took most of my graduation money (i have about 95 dollars left) 

 I’m not going to make this post really long or whatever but you can read more and donate here!

Every dollar will help me and reblogging this and/or donating can help save my life!

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Thank you!


Black Sails meme: [2/5] relationships
  ↳ Eleanor and Richard 

“I was focused on the work and I saw no future in which a daughter would have a meaningful part in that. But, Eleanor, look how wrong I was. Look at what you’ve accomplished here. Pirate crews repurposed as merchant shippers and showing profits. You have proved the conceit possible. You are making real what was for decades a fantasy. The idea that this place can be transformed, made profitable, redeemed from within and on its own terms? You are doing this without any help from me, nor from Whitehall, nor from anyone in London at all. It is entirely of your own making. And it is miraculous.
One day, years from now, someone in London will sit down, light his pipe and tell his children of the unlikely success story that was Nassau. And he will say it all began with a woman who decided to make it so. You have proven me so very wrong. And I could not be prouder of you for it.”


Here’s some really old art that I did on Deviantart about a year ago. Some of the photos are poor quality due to the Wayback Machine not being perfect, but still. It’s nice to see where I started.

I'm not so sure sometimes...

What I’m supposed to be doing.
I have a great family that I love and want to be with, but I just keep touring and doing this..thing. At times we are all in agreement that we are all on the same page doing the best we can. Then there are moments where I just don’t understand my own behavior. It happens every tour. I get to a place where I feel like I’m doing more harm than good.
I hear incredible things like, “Thank you! Your music, your words, your song..saved my life/made me want to be here/connects me to my parent/sibling/friend/love, etc.”
And then I see my little girl or my wife on FaceTime and I see how much we need each other and I just get so lost.
I’m sure some of you will have some shitty “quit feeling sorry for yourself” bullshit to say to me so in advance, up yours.
This is for sensitive people who get that life is a constant balance and struggle no matter who you are.
I have a great life but it ain’t free. It’s never been free, never not ever since I was a wee boy.
So that’s where I’m at. In a place of wonder. In a place of mystery.
I love this life but I may need to navigate it better than I have. Might have to coach some little league and soccer before I lose touch.
Thanks for listening to all those who are kind enough to do so without judgement.

Also..congratulations to the USA for showing up in a strong way today with same sex marriages! Proud!🇺🇸
And the U.S. Girls soccer team! Awesome!

Love, Pat

If you let love go you have no right to let my name go past those lips. I sit here drowning slowly by sips on this poisonous drink. i study liquor while recanting every expression I have seen sprawled ‘cross your face. Still telling myself love is a waste, but in this god barren place it might be all we have to hold when we frailly fall down and without and sort of belief in fate its might be a long wait for death or love, so take what you get when you get it but never steal opportunity. Even when you go for what’s rightfully yours theres the pieces of shit who  snatch or fuck up your chances. One can lead to the other; death to love and love to death. still i cant wrap my head around this but see neither of these are important to me, I just want to live and learn they’re what I want hand in hand. so shut your mouth.

The Player Hater's Ball
  • Buc Nasty:Man you oughtta take that cane and beat whoever made that suit to death.
  • Pit Bull:Why don't you vacuum that coat, man?
  • Silky Johnson:Well, well, well! The most diabolical haters this side of the Mississippi. Buc Nasty, what can I say about that suit that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan? It looks bombed out and depleted. And of course the so-called "Beautiful." Why don't you click your heels together three times and go back to Africa? And as for you, Boss Hogg, very insulting what you said about my coat. It's made out of your mother's pubic hair. Quite shitty.

I was tagged by itsalullabyinitsway to do the six selfies thing quite a long time ago but now I’m back from Canada so here they are! Four selfies and two awful quality photos of some of my outfits (for some reason I liked that sweater a lot)

If you haven’t already done it, I tag realuf0, pretty-plant-boytangerinesprites, lucifr-official, and prince-of-cellos (you don’t have to do this of course!)

duizhangdeluxe asked:

Bath + some kind of Fan ;;? <3

Bath: Our characters will make love in the bath.

It had been, quite frankly, a shitty day. You had looked forward to nothing more than getting home, running a bubble bath, and relaxing your tired bones. You were mentally and physically spent and your lavender scented candles were lit and already working their magic.

You barely even jumped when your husband’s giant form suddenly stepped into the water to join you. You opened your eyes and sat up to let him slide in behind you, wrapping his long arms around you, your head immediately fell back to his shoulder. 

“I hate when you have bad days,” he whispered before kissing your wet skin.

You smiled, “Well you’re already making it a heck of a lot better.” You told him, bringing your hand up behind you to pat his cheek lovingly.

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