So here’s my actual submission for the tabinof, sadly I’m not sure if it’ll have a chance due to the amount of stuff that is copyrighted ///sadface
i literally just realized what they meant when they said no copyright images when i’m like halfway through doing this so screw it :”) 

I enjoyed doing this alot though, and I’ll be glad if they at least enjoyed looking at it. Hope they’ve had fun with sorting all the wonderful phanarts they’re getting and I can’t wait for the book

thank you for creating this little world  danisnotonfire & amazingphil :) 


Yeah well look, Marvin, Marvin, you gotta play. See that’s where they kiss for the first time on the dance floor. And if there’s no music, they can’t dance, and if they can’t dance, they can’t kiss, and if they can’t kiss, they can’t fall in love and I’m history.

Back To The Future (1985)