“pardon my computer” from jughead’s double digest #102 or “the one where a computer is told to formulate a girl jughead would be attracted to and immediately explodes”

quite a few older stories involved “UGAJ” or “The United Girls Against Jughead” who made it their life’s mission to try to “fix” jughead often by harassing him or kidnapping him or attempting to brainwash him

it never worked 


Today is the 2nd year anniversary of NMTD being released! It feels like so so so much longer than 2 years ago that Beatrice began vlogging. What a bloody journey. It still affects the way I live my life every day. I think I speak for @jakeasaurus–rex as well as myself when I say that there is something about bea and ben and the strength of both their individual characters and them as a duo that never leaves you. i am so so grateful for @thecandlewasters and all the wonderful work they have done, and continue to do!! (so excited for BSN and so incredibly proud of you all). you are some of my dearest friends and life would not be the same without you. 

so here are some old photos from nmtd filming! we all look so little!! @jakeasaurus–rex @letslipthedogsofwar @clarisjacobs @quite-exploded @minnie-grace @hey-lets-go @pearlkennedy and EVERYONE i have so much love in my heart xxx