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Omg this is hilarious. I’m chortling on a train.


You sinners, drop everything
Let that harmony ring
Up to Heaven and sing
Sing, you sinners

so this game is pretty neat

(that’s an understatement)

(this game is really really neat)

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Hey, I was wondering, how do you color Frisk's hair?

Hello! I actually get this question a lot from my peers on the physical plane, so it’s about time I answered it with a lackluster tutorial. LEZGO!


To color Frisk’s hair, you will need: a Frisk to color, a dark brown colored pencil, a deep yellow-ish color (I use the Goldenrod Prismacolor pencil), a blender color (white works pretty well, I use a beige tone in most cases though), and a black colored pencil for shading.

STEP ONE: fill in Frisk’s hair with a saturated layer of dark brown, leaving small, slightly jagged strips empty on either side of their head.

STEP TWO: with the deep yellow, lightly fill in the spaces you left white.

STEP THREE: with your blender color, color at full saturation over those spaces, blending them slightly with the brown to look like a smooth highlight.

STEP FOUR: shade with the black pencil.

Do any necessary clean-up (blending the shading, accentuating the highlight more, etc) until satisfied, and you’re finished!

Fun fact: I employ a similar method for Undyne’s hair, but with different colors (of course) and more highlights. I also directly blend the highlights with one color as opposed to the double layered highlights I do for Frisk.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful!

Shance - Fluff/Smut implications - “One Last Night.”

         This was it. He’d been planning it for weeks, but now Shiro was sure it was finally time to break it off with Lance. It wasn’t that either of them had done anything wrong, or that their relationship was losing spark, it was just that with each passing day, they were getting closer and closer to being outed as a couple. It had been a month since they’d began secretly dating- when Lance had been stressed and Shiro had been the one to find him in Blue, curled up on the pilots seat and sobbing. (Knelt down beside him, Shiro had pressed a kiss to his forehead and insisted Lance had value to the team, which had turned into kissing in the cockpit and cuddling until the brunet had finally calmed down), but now it was too risky. Twice, in the last week, they’d almost been caught cuddling or kissing and they’d been actually caught by Hunk, making out in Lance’s room, only a few days prior.

         Upon being called to Shiro’s room so late, Lance got entirely the wrong idea. Assuming immediately that Shiro was looking for sex while everyone else was sleeping or too busy to hear, Lance was at Shiro’s door within a few minutes, smiling as the door opened for him and he stepped inside. Seeing the serious, somewhat grim expression on Shiro’s face, Lance immediately got the hint of what was about to happen- what he hoped wouldn’t happen- and felt his heart sink like he’d just swallowed a weight. He let the door shut behind him and tapped a button to lock it, walking toward the bed but not sitting down. Shiro looked up at him and a few moments of silence passed.

         "Am I right in assuming that I’ll get the line ‘it’s better for both of us’ tonight?“ Lance broke the silence by speaking, and Shiro seemed slightly taken aback by the predictability of this, before nodding.<br />
"It’s too risky for us to stay together like this. Hunk has already seen us together and I don’t want any further risks,” he explained, often hesitating between words but trailing off, stopping speaking entirely for a moment, so he could think about the most delicate way to phrase this. Lance moved toward him, sitting on the bed beside Shiro.

         One hand on the older males thigh, Lance looked up at him. “One last night,” he said in a low tone, somewhat demanding but in as passive of a tone as possible. Shiro gave him a slightly confused look, understanding what he meant but wanting to know his intentions. “I want to be your boyfriend for one more night.” He, after a few moments of hesitation, moved onto Shiro’s lap, leaning in so their lips brushed together but faltering- not wanting to be the kind of ex that insists on staying together when it’s unwanted- as he waited for Shiro to make the move to bring their lips together- which is exactly what he did, hands resting on the brunet’s waist as their lips met. Emotions burnt inside Lance, sadness fading and being smothered by the passion he had to be with Shiro, arms draping around his neck and legs around his waist. He would miss this. He didn’t want any of this to stop.

         A light flush rose on his cheeks at the feeling of familiar hands under his shirt, and Lance couldn’t help but shiver at the cold, metal fingers on his body, arching away from the cold on impulse but relaxing into it after only a few moments. He let a small smile appear on his lips while they moved in a rhythm against Shiro’s, and all in a moment their tongues were dancing and Lance was permitted playful dominance over the kiss. Hips began moving and friction built up between them, the hands under his shirt pushing the clothing up and making Lance pry himself away from the intoxicating kiss, solely for the shirt to be tugged over his head and on the floor- this happened within seconds, showing that they were both clearly eager to begin that night’s activities.

         While their lips weren’t locked, Lance pushed Shiro down so the older male was lying back, the friction causing excitement and small noises to be derived from the pair of them. As clothes began coming off properly and the air became thick with sexual tension, their final evening of pleasure at each other’s hands began.


         Naked, wrapped in each other’s arms and relishing the moments they had, silence filled the room between them.

         The stench of sex was heavy in the air as Lance’s head rested on Shiro’s well-built chest, the slow breaths of the older male soothing Lance, even as his heart raced.

         They’d been sat like that for what seemed like hours, only twenty minutes of earth time passing before Lance spoke up. “Can we spend tonight like this?” He asked softly as he shifted, getting a little more comfortable on Shiro’s lap despite the sharp pain that jolted up his hips, demanding for him not to move. Like he cared. Having no objections to the suggestion, even finding it cute that Lance was persistent like this yet fully accepting of the fact that this time tomorrow, they’d be back to a simple friendship, Shiro nodded to the question. He wasn’t even thinking about how Lance would have nobody to talk to about it except for Blue.

         Not even Lance would think about that until the time came. Until then, they were a couple. And they were the damn best couple out there. Hell, despite how there was nothing but an unnerving black abyss on the other side of a glass pane, Lance had somehow managed to truly feel safe while with Shiro. He’d felt like he wasn’t at risk of attack or invasion at any second- and sometimes, just sometimes, when his head rested on Shiro’s chest and his eyes were closed, he could feel like he was back home.

         But despite this, they still had countless hours together. It was unimportant how long exactly- because neither of them cared for anything but each other. Lance leaned up and their lips met and danced and sparks flew- the same as always. Sparks from the bursting electric sensations bursting inside them both, making Lance’s insides melt and a smile grow on his lips. Shiro pulled Lance closer with his arms snaked around the boyfriend’s waist, the electricity going off inside his stomach making him fill with emotion as he dominated the kiss, biting at Lance’s bottom lip playfully and barely even realizing he did it before a giggle made them both have to pull away.

         The brunet was often cute like this when they were alone, his tinted red face buried into the neck of his boyfriend as a few wet kisses plopped onto the skin, landing on scars from dangerous battles, the risen skin being both small from lame wounds and large, jagged, almost ugly. Lance had wondered many times how he’d been kept alive after all this- but with the healing pods that the ship had, it wasn’t hard to figure out they’d skipped the long, natural human healing processes by locking Shiro in a pod.

         Maybe he’d nearly died from some of these? He wanted to ask at some point.

         They sat in comfortable and calm silence, only the sounds of soft breaths in the room. Lance’s tan hand rested on Shiro’s pale chest while his thumb ran over every little bump that was within reach, studying and memorizing the structure of his boyfriend’s toned chest while he could. Shiro was warm and comfortable and damn, did he love the affection, even if it was only one arm wrapped around his shoulders to keep him close and the prosthetic resting on his hip, rubbing small circles on his waist with his thumb.

         The little touches made him melt against Shiro, his body entirely relaxed and his breaths light as he lay there, much more comfortable than he’d ever been with anyone else, his head resting on the older male’s shoulder. He let out a contented sigh and pressed a soft kiss to a patch of skin with a fading hickey on, deriving a small noise from Shiro that made him glow with some prideful emotion. He loved this. He loved his boyfriend, so much.  

         The blankets were fluffy and warm and smelt of Shiro, so the brunet planned on taking one for comfort when he left to get dressed in his own room. He shifted closer to Shiro, despite already being both on his lap and basically as close as possible, eyes gently closed and his breaths evening as he relaxed further, not taking long at all to doze off into a dreamless and peaceful black abyss. He was warm and felt safe, content by what was happening- honestly, under these circumstances? Lance was glad it was a mutual decision without one of them dying. He was glad that, if anything was going to happen, it would be like this. Who wouldn’t be?

         He dozed off after a few moments, the older of the two just holding onto his lover and keeping him close, comfortable and warm, relaxing against his boyfriend while the last little time of their relationship slowly ticked away. He’d, of course, rather they spent it kissing and cuddling, walking around and being shamelessly cutesy, despite how there would be nobody to see it except for the two of them. Shiro’s hand ran through Lance’s hair and he gently cupped his jaw and looked at the sleeping face of his gorgeous boyfriend.

         Lance’s hair was slightly messy, thanks to the sweat that had plastered it to his forehead and Shiro’s tendency to play with it. A faint smile rose on his lips as he looked at the brunet that he adored so much, hating this decision- but when they got back to Earth, or when this was over, they could be together properly again. He’d look forward to that. Lance’s smooth lips were gently parted, his eyes daintily closed and nothing but serenity and contentment, their closeness clearly proving as a sentiment Lance adored.

         Shiro envied the calmness the brunet had whilst sleeping, being unable to achieve this himself no matter what he did- what with all the nightmares he got during breaks in his insomnia- so he’d never think to let Lance (or anyone, really) miss out on sleep when tired, provided no lives depended on his consciousness. Shiro let out a soft breath of air, holding Lance closer to himself and peppering along his face with kisses, nuzzling up to his boyfriend as much as possible.

         Lance soon squirmed a little and woke up with a wet kiss being planted onto his cheek, letting out that cute giggle that made sure a bubbly, butterflies feeling arise in Shiro’s stomach. Lance leaned in and softly pecked his lips, shifting a little closer to him and wrapping his arms loosely around the older’s neck. He’d only napped for a half hour, but he didn’t seem to mind the sudden awakening. He let out a soft whine and shifted again, trying to get some pressure off of his sore hips, despite how it wasn’t even slightly as painful as usual. His warm body relaxed against Shiro’s, despite how he jolted at the coldness of the prosthetic hand on his body.

         It was when the lights turned onto their usual brightness, a sign that it was deemed morning, that Lance began feeling the lightness of the mood between them dissipate and fade. Shiro brought his boyfriend in for one last kiss, cupping his cheeks and letting his head tilt at a slight angle. Lance immediately reciprocated and their lips moved in a smooth rhythm as their bodies pressed together more, passion for their dying relationship being poured into all of it, and Shiro hadn’t realised that this final kiss was making Lance cry until a hot tear slid onto his cheek and ran down his fingers, dripping onto his leg.

         He didn’t break the kiss, though, his metal arm wrapping around Lance’s waist and bringing him even closer, that first tear soon being followed by another, and another.

         Breaking the kiss, Lance moved back and wiped away his eyes with his wrists. He let out a small laugh, pulling his hands away to look up at Shiro. “I’m really glad we’re ending it this way,” he said with a small smile, that was somewhat forced, but a genuine sign of his relief nonetheless. Shiro returned the smile, though his was no less forced.  

         "We’ll do it again when we get out of here? Back on Earth?“ A few more tears escaped Lance but he grinned widely, genuinely. It wasn’t forced. It was cute.


         "And that’s a promise?“

         "That’s a promise.”

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته !

My cousin’s health condition is getting really bad, please keep him in your prayers!!!

Hi everyone! If you’re in the PH, I’ll be at Cosmania/Cosplay Mania this coming September 30! I won’t be tabling, but if ever you run into someone with a Lance itabag(s), try shouting “RAZZLE DAZZLE!” and you might get rewarded with a free Little Lance (or Keith!) button of your choice! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° (I only have 5 of each, though (๑꒪▿꒪;))

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Oh boys I think I broke my rib last night at kickboxing? Can you do that? You can right? LIKE. Break them and not even notice bc they are Minor and Don’t Hurt U. Is That A Thing.