quite the weird gif

Here’s the pencil test for a vidja game trailer. I’m helping out my friend Pringle with the trailer for his new game: Super Pretentious Underground Dungeon. We’re included a hand-drawn animation bit in the trailer for funsies. I pencil tested this on my phone with an app called GIFMob, so I apologize for the poor quality.

This is also the first non-Vitality animation I’ve done in quite a while. Feels weird drawing a character that isn’t Giles, Emma or Terry.


Making this gifset, I remembered when I first became interested in Arashi and had thought ‘Aiba is so incredibly average you almost forget about him!’ but now, watching this frame by frame, and thinking of what an incredible spirit and determination he has, all I can think is 'this is a truly beautiful person.’

Happy Birthday, Aiba Masaki! May you continue emanating light and joy!