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Imagine celebrating Easter with Sirius.
He would be quite a bit weirded out at the thought of running through a park while searching for coloured eggs at first. When he’d notice how excited you were however, he’d finally agree.
It would certainly take some time for him, but after a few hours he would even start getting a bit competitive, refusing to leave the park before he could be sure to have collected the most eggs.
“Sirius, dear, don’t you think we’ve been here long enough?”
“First of all, it was your idea to come here and by Merlin, I will not lose your little egg game aginst some 11-year-olds”

COMPETITION // masterlist

Request: Hello love, I absolutely adore ur writings and I wanted to ask if u could do one where Phasma and Kylo has a crush on the reader, they think the reader is to cute for her own good and will always talk about her with hux (who groans in agony bc they’re head over heals in love with the you). They’re both in competition with one another trying to see who will still ur heart but the reader already knew and just kissed them in the cheeks, surprising them when she says she loves them back in the end.

A/N: Hello and thank you! I’m sorry this one took forever to make but I finally came up with a good idea/story for it, so please enjoy! Also, I think it’s pretty obvious as to who will ‘win’ (since this is a kylo blog) but y’know, it’s a good prompt so thank you, again! (and will you look at that gif holy shit) [gif not mine] p.s. requests are open

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.3K+

Ever since the downfall of Starkiller–and the loss of many men and women that had worked for the First Order–you (and many others) had been taken in and ‘hired’ to replace those who had been killed during the battle. Of course, like most parents (and siblings) to their young, your parents constantly questioned whether or not you were sure you should work for the Order; then there was your older siblings saying you wouldn’t even fit for such military organization.

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What? I love garbage.


Do you know how Bellamy is gonna feel about Madi in season 5?
- for anonymous