quite the man piece i must say

Bonnie & Clyde: Burning Desire

Bucky x reader AU

Notes: smut, fluff, swearing, alcohol, 

(Bonnie & Clyde inspired AU)

Lana del Rey - Burning Desire

Summary: Your husband, James Buchanan Barnes, is trouble. Beautiful, dangerous trouble. After a prison sentence of 34 months, he is finally released and seems to have taken his time to think about what is truly the most important thing in his life.

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“Y/N! Babe!” Bucky’s voice chimed through the hallway, he seemed excited for something, his tone of voice had you smiling to yourself as you rummaged through your underwear drawer, wrapped in a towel.

“Bedroom!” you called back.

“Hey babe, I- damn..” he stopped in his tracks in the middle of the room, drinking in your form as you removed the towel from your body.

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Wait, what…? When did Sullivan imply there was sex coming up? I'm serious, I didn't listen to must of the things he said because I was too busy looking at him. Sorry Lol!! He has that effect on me.

Oh, oh, please DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR LOOKING AT HIM! Jeez, I am first in line of those guilty of doing that. LOL! that man is quite a… visually attractive piece of… quite a specimen LOL

When they talk about action, he laughs and says something “well there’s that kind of action too” or something like that, but then no one follows up on it, unfortunately and @gypsyscarfwoman totally did not take that and read between the lines, but come on, we are certainly not the only ones!


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(Damnedgardevoir) Mitch@Ben: The Gothic Mime stares at ben for awhile, before bursting out in laughter, "OH THIS IS PRIICELESS BWAHAHAHAHA!!! GOOD OL COPS N MURDERS!!!OOOooh mr.Policeman~ All of you try so hard, but it never works! You sniff and shoot, bark and bite but it never EVER works!!!" Mitch smiles like a mad man, "But lets get down to it! I aint talkin! I promised mr.Abinus i will always keep my mouth shut~! Besides, not like you guys ever figure out any important murders~" He sneers.

“arceus, another piece of shit like you, eh? i honestly don’t know what i was expecting- there’s no getting rid of you assholes…”

ben sighed and pressed his palm against his forehead, after a moment of thinking, he threw his hands behind his back and shot a fierce glare at mitch.

“i’ll have you know i’m actually quite decent at my job… though i must say you expect a lot from me- i mean, how the fuck are me and fritz meant to take on your whole group? and well, if we attack one of you- all the rest of you will come after me, yeah? it’s best i leave most of your cases to the more attack-based police-pokemon, for my own safety, heh.”

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I felt a bit confused about XMFC and dofp, and hope you can help to answer? Why Charles felt betrayed and hurt in dofp? I thought in the end of XMFC he kind of understand why Erik has different belief and agree on Raven's leaving, but then he accuse Erik for abandoning him? That's a weird part in script I felt discontinued (and a bit cheesy imho)

hello friend~ 

of course there is no correct answer to this, but to share my thoughts…

At the end of XMFC, Charles does essentially let Erik and Raven go - he even seems to be encouraging Raven to go. It’s not that he’s ok with it; he sees that can’t make her stay. (Not to mention Charles has quite a bit of pride, and I don’t think he was going to resort to begging.) But I think there’s a huge piece of Charles that is hoping they’ll stay. He can be the bigger man and say go if you must but he’s hoping they’ll look at him and decide on their own that they want to stay.

They don’t stay.

Now, think about the next few years for Charles. The man he loved left, the girl he grew up with and loved as a sister left, and he’s newly paralyzed. But he’s also got plenty to care about and live for - the kids who stayed, the school they start, the new mutants he’s finding. He isn’t fine but he’s getting by and he has a purpose. 

Now take that all away too. He loses his students, his school, and then what does he have to pass the time and distract him from his pain? Nothing. In comes alcohol and drugs and general avoidance of everything that hurts him.

Then Logan comes from the future and he’s forced to face Erik, forced once more to confront everything he’s lost, and it’s so easy to see Erik as the catalyst for all of his pain. And I think he feels it keenly all over again - this man abandoned me.

I believe Charles would have reacted very differently if he’d met Erik again while he still had a school and his powers. I don’t think he’d have such a raw emotional reaction, though it would still no doubt be fraught and painful.

What’s this?!  More Smash Mains?  Yes!  The art is mine but the characters are not! They’re the characters that Reddit user SongofStorms11 plays with!  

The characters were described as the following:  "My mains are Palutena and Zero Suit Samus. Id want them in some sort of action pose, maybe fighting together? 

Palutena probably looks at a fight sort of like “hmmph alright. I guess this could be worth my time”. Like she has fun, but she’s a goddess so she’s got high standards for herself, ya know? Maybe a tad more serious than happy, but enjoying nonetheless.

Oh, and ZSS’s personality is probably a lot more serious than Palutena’s. Palutena’s a goddess looking for fun, Samus is a battle-hardened fighter looking to win. 

I think of the two fighting together as a sort of beat-em-up duo towards the end of a movie, where they dispatch the baddies with ease. Fighting back to back, serious about the fight but confident that they’ll win. As if they already know theyre gonna win, but nonetheless serious about it.“

Those were fun details to work off of!  Samus was given the no nonsense attitude and Palutena is ready to face off looking gallant and poised!  As for the composition, having the back to back meant I could go for a strong horizontal piece.  I decided to have Palutena’s staff horizontal to match ZSS’s weapon placement.  An extended arm from Palutena balances an extended leg from ZSS.  The orange of ZSS’s Suit sits nicely with the warm colors of Palutena’s Viridi inspired dress so the colors all blended nicely.

I had fun with this piece, although I must say Palutena was quite a chore to work with.  She looks nice now, but to get the details right…Man, never again!!!  

So what do you guys think of the final piece!?  

It Was Always You

A/N: This story is going to start 4 years before the actual story. In this story Karma and Amy are grad students. Amy is a med student she is currently doing her residency in Baylor School of Medicine in Houston and Karma is an artist student, she goes to the University of Texas College in Austin. They are together since high school. After the wedding Liam and Amy didn’t sleep together, but Karma did walk out on Amy only to realize she had feelings for her all along. This prologue is going to be a bit longer, but I promise the rest of the chapters are going to b shorter. This is my second time writing so I apologize in advance. Hope you enjoy.

It was always you.

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