quite pleased with how it turned out tbh

Crooked Smile (Pt 1 of Crooked Smile)


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: Like A Rock by Bob Seger for @teamfreewill-imagine ‘s birthday song challenge. Happy Birthday Jamie!

Summary: Sam reminisces about his Stanford days and his first true love, but the past isn’t always gone forever.

Word Count: 2806

Warnings: nothing much, a wee bit sad (not really tbh) in a small part, mostly fluff and romance. Stanford!Sam.

A/N I have been such a Sam girl lately. I’ve written this extremely last minute, but I quite like how it turned out. please let me know what you think because, as always, FEEDBACK IS ADORED!! 

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My hands were steady/ My eyes were clear and bright/ My walk had purpose/ My steps were quick and light/ And I held firmly/ To what I felt was right/ Like a rock/ And I stood arrow straight/ Unencumbered by the weight/ Of all these hustlers and their schemes/ I stood proud, I stood tall/ High above it all/I still believed in my dreams/ Twenty years now/ Where’d they go?/ Twenty years/ I don’t know/ Sit and I wonder sometimes/ Where they’ve gone/ And sometimes late at night/ When I’m bathed in the firelight/ The moon comes callin’ a ghostly white/ And I recall/ I recall. -Bob Seger, Like A Rock

           I had just gone to college when I first saw Y/N. I remember the day clearly; it was probably one of the best days I’d ever had. I felt strong for the first time in my life, the guilt from saying goodbye to my dad and brother had finally started to ease. I missed the hell out of them, and a normal life felt so eerily strange to me, but that was the first day I had begun to adjust. The air was the coolest it’d been since I entered into California, the broad and beautiful school of Stanford instantly welcoming a new life for me.  

           Law. I could just see myself, replacing the blood from hunting with a nice suit, not a dagger but a briefcase in hand, being able to call it a night in the same bed instead of a different motel on a consistent basis. It felt so empowering and hopeful. My whole life was ahead of me, and once that idea came to me, I couldn’t get myself out of my studies.

           It was within my first semester that I met Y/N, my nose stuck in a law book within Stanford’s grand library. I felt such pride in that school, the prestige alone telling me I was more than just a brawny hunter. She entered in and I remember getting the chills, the wind blowing into the hot library a welcome comfort. My eyes instinctively glanced up and I remember unashamedly doing a double take.

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