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Brooklyn Nine-Nine rewatch + best quotes per episode, as decided by my followers

1x01, “Pilot”

Special mention:
“Okay, two points to make here. First: Rihanna? You…and then, *:・゚✧ Rihanna ✧ ・゚ :* .”



A set of six icons (150x150) from the latest trailer of Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Click under the cut to save them. Credit is not necessary, but appreciated. Please, like/reblog if using them.

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。. : ☾ leigh anne pinnock gif icons

under the cut are 100 gif icons of the gorgeous leigh anne pinnock as requested by anonymous. none of these gifs belong to me, so all credits go to the original gif owners. however, i did resize and edit them all ( so do not steal ). please like or reblog if you use !!

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