quite happy with the result

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Did a recolor on this! n__n First is the old one. :3 Had to remake the tree cos the colors on the tree was on ONE layer. :C But I’m happy with the results either way.

(And quite sad to see that an amazing house is hidden under the big lepu ear. Might breed this with a small eared lepu just to get the house. x3)

Oh and this was another gift from Danny. <3 Free breeding when they accept the remake of it. :D


Ciri WIP Part 1

For this cos I thought that I should start with all the small details first for a change. The cat school pendant for example. And because I wasn’t willed to spend a hella lot of money on a metall medallion I decided to do it myself.
This papercraft model consists of roughly 105 single pieces and took me a whole week of long evenings and sticky fingers and a hurting back from all the sitting. :’D
Anyway, I’m really happy with the result, the paper was quite fragile before I coated it, but after this and the sanding it was really nice.


Hi all, so after a looooooong break I decided to pick up the pencils again and start drawing again :)

So I decided to draw up one of my fave all time anime characters Yang Xiao Long from the RT Anime RWBY.

I’m quite happy with the result, even if I know there are slight inaccuracys but I don’t think this is a bad attempt after a while of not drawing anything.

I guess I just happy to feel like I still have it, but I’m still halfway there but I’m getting there and I’m going to enjoy the journey to developing my styles :)

I think I might try some RWBY OC when I get a bit better :)

Also yes I saw Volume 3, Chapter 11 this morning and it ripped the feels right out of me..

Credit to the artist who drew up the image I used to draw from :)