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I’m not dead just ridiculously busy with moving and whatnot!! I haven’t had the chance to draw in months and it almost started to physically hurt not to be able to draw so my resolution: to use the time i could be sleeping to animate 8,D

Got dem Sailor Moon feels back from marathoning all the newest musicals and crying at the beauty that is Yuuga Yamato as Mamoru Chiba.

Tease (m)

Word Count: 3,613

Warning: Jungkook Smut

“Please, Y/N. Just one more time,” he begs, and that’s the only trigger you really needed.
You groan, opening the door fully so he can come in. He doesn’t get a chance to do that himself, though, for you grab him by his tshirt and pull him inside instead. You lean into the wall, pulling him closer to you. “One more time? You fucking liar,” you sneer before throwing your hands around his neck to kiss him.
He isn’t prepared for the moment your lips collide, making him gasp so that you can move your tongue in. That in turn makes him put your hands on your face with force, almost hurting you with how tightly he holds your wrists.
“God, I missed this,” he mumbles, looking you in the eyes as if he’s never longed for anything this badly. 

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jieun is tired of your shit

Solangelo Soulmate Injuries AU

In this AU, whichever injuries your Soulmate gets, you get them too, although they don’t hurt. In my last (and first) AU, some people pointed out that it’d be simpler to stick to one P.O.V. This is a it difficult for me, because I’m used to doing switched P.O.V on one of my stories on Wattpad. But I’ll try my best! This will be from Will’s P.O.V, first person. (How do I reply to comments? ( ._.))

~~Will’s P.O.V~~

I glance at the clock on the cafe for the millionth time, waiting for my shift to end. The Cafe was practically empty, with an group of highschool girls around my age (it’s Summer BTW) in a corner, and only me and my coworker, Lou Ellen, behind the counter.

“Will, I swear to the gods, how did you convince me to take the morning shift with you?” She groans and slides to the floor.

I snort. “You’re the one who told me to get the job. And you work at a coffee place. Make yourself a cup, I don’t care.”

She flips me off, then slinks back into the break room. I sigh and pull out my phone, texting Cecil if he could bring us donuts for our break time. Coffee, we could take. Those chocolate glazed donuts? Not so much.

I glance up as one of the girls walks up. She has multicolored eyes and choppy brown hair. She’s pretty. But I’m as straight as a circle, so I simply ask her what she wants.

“Four chocolate glazed donuts, please.” She hands me some cash. I wrap all the donuts up, then hand them to her, giving her back change.

‘Take the donuts. Leave me to starve.’

She takes them, smiling, and heads back to a blond girl, a girl with curly brown hair, and a red head. Quite the contrast.

I feel a small tingle on my palm, and watch at small puncture marks appear on my palm. Did my Soulmate get bitten by a cat or something? It seems they always get hurt by animals. A cat’s claws, dog’s teeth, a few snake bites. Honestly, did they spend their time picking fights with nature?

I shrug it off. Most animals like me alright, Maybe I could teach my Soulmate a few things about animals once we meet.

The door to the Cafe suddenly swings open, the little bell chiming away. A boy dressed in black quickly closes it, leaving two cats to ram into the door. The boy is gasping for air, and it’s clear he was being chased.For a moment, both side stare at each other through the glass, until the cars walk away, sending a final hiss at the panting boy. He goes the Lou Ellen route.

With similar gusto, Lou Ellen burst from the break room. “What? Why? What’s going on, what did I miss?”

Everyone is quiet for a moment. The girls in the corner stare at the boy, I’m stare at the boy, Lou Ellen is staring at me, and the boy simply straightens, then walks over to the counter, as if nothing happened. “Just a cup of black coffee please. And a chocolate covered donut.”

Lou Ellen and I gape at him. But while Lou Ellen was probably trying to figure out what just happened, I’m gaping at the boys face. His pale skin is lightly flushed, from running I imagine, and a great contrast to his eyes and hair. His hair is black and long, falling over his eyes slightly, which are a deep dark brown, but whether they are cold or warm I can’t tell. He’s shorter than me by quite a few inches, but around my age.

He’s like a little cinnamon roll, super adorable.

“Are you two alright?” He asks.

I shake my head. 'Ahhbbbshhh, uh, black…black coffee. Lou Ellen, donut.“

I turn and grab a cup, turning to our coffee machine. I hear one of the girls stand up. "Nico, what just happened?”

The boy turns to the curly haired girl. “Oh, hey Hazel.” He frowns, which is surprisingly intimidating, for a pastry. “I don’t know, really. I was walking down over here, and a cat just flies out of an ally and bites me. Another one comes out, and they chase me down the block. What is wrong with the animals here?”

Nico, Nico, Nico. What a cute name. Fit for a cinnamon roll, short and sweet.

I look at the boys again. Yup. Short.

He catches me looking at him, and his calming cheeks turn a bit pink again. I turn away as well, feeling my blood rush to my face.

On accident, I hope, Lou bumps into me from behind, causing me to move to cup violently, loosing my grip on it as hot liquid burns my skin. “Ouch, goddamnit!”

The cup crashes to the floor.

Holding my arm, I turn to Lou, how is looking at me, surprised and sheepish. “Sorry Will! I didn’t mean to push you like that.”

Nico looks over at me. “Hey, you okay?”

I grit my teeth a little, wiping the tender skin. My annoyed state causes my accent to come out. “Don’t ya’ worry, I’ll be good as new with some ointment. All y'all need to do is pay your bill. Lou, get your behind movin’, I’ll be needing some ointment.”

(I have no idea how to type a Southern accent)

I get a rag, and am about to start wiping to floor when a pale hand picks up some of the ceramic pieces of the cup. I look up, focusing on Nico. When did he get behind the counter?

“You can let me handle this.” I insist.

Nico shrugs, continuing to help. At one point, the sleeve of his hoodie rides up, and I see part of a red mark. I pause. “Hey, can you roll up your sleeve?”

Nico frowns. “What for?”

“Please just humor me.” I say, not wanting the chance to slip away. Same arm, same area, cat bite marks, animals. Too many things to pass by. Too many coincidences.

Nico shrugs and pulls up his sleeve. My eyes widen, and I look at the matching red mark on my arm.

Nico, the cinnamon roll he seems to be, falls back, surprised and confused. “Um, I uh you— what?”

Lou Ellen walks back into the kitchen. “Hey Will, I have the… . ” She trails off, staring at us. “Oh. My. Gods. AHHHH!”

She throws her arms up, letting the ointment fly out of her hand. “WILL FINALLY GOT HIS SOULMATE!”

The girls all rush over, hearing this. “Nico, is he your Soulmate?”

Nico and I stare at each other. Finally, I’m capable of stuttering out, “What was with the dog bite last Thursday?”

“Animals don’t like me very much.” He answers quietly.

“I … Can tell.”

Nico stands up, offering me his hand. “Uh, well, my name is Nico di Angelo. Your name is Will?”

“Solace. Will Solace.” I grab his hand, and his pulls me up with surprising ease. “This is not how I imagined us meeting.”

“Me neither.”

Lou Ellen jumps up and down besides me. “DONUTS ON THE HOUSE FOR THIS BOY!”

She grabs three donuts and hands them all to Nico, then pushes him out of the employees area, into the table closest to the counter. “And now, you two shall gaze at each other until Will’s shift is over.”

I have enough sense to smack her with a rag. “You caused my getting hurt, and the meeting of my Soulmate. You’ve done enough.”

“Fine Sunshine, I guess I can leave.” Nico says, biting into a donut.

Donut. Nico. You are so lucky. I wonder which one of them I’m talking to.

I shake my head. “No, ah, please do stay um yeahhh. And Sunshine?”

Nico smiles. “Blond, blue eyes, Southern accent, cute.” He whispers the last word only loud enough for me to hear. Heat rushes through me. “I think it fits you quite well.”

I cough. “Well, uh call me whatever I guess.”

I rub some ointment onto my skin, and Nico watches me. “You think you have something for my hand?” He shows the me where the cats attacked his skin.

“Sure. I’m good with these things.”

He walks up and breaks a piece of his donut. “As repayment.”

An idea pops into my head. I smirk, and bite the piece, taking it from his fingers, my lips lightly brushing them. “Thanks.”

Nico stares at me, blushing. “Umm”

“And now sit down, because you need a lesson on animals, and how to not piss them off. I’ve gone to school too many times with scratch marks on my face.”

And that’s how I met my Soulmate. There hasn’t been a lot of progress animal-wise, but it means I get to patch the little cinnamon roll up. Kisses included.


This has very little editing, and I wrote most of it during an all-nighter. What do you guys think? Please leave suggestions below, they are noted. And seriously, how do I reply? Can I?


Constantine Aesthetic: MUCOUS MEMBRANE

Alright, I’ll try to send a more “balanced” view on the new clip (seeing how people are pretty much hating it already).

To be fair, if those were ACTUAL fairies, I’d be done with RTTE as well. But they’re not. And I’d honestly be surprised if they were! It’s not like RTTE writers live in a cave.

So: they do not have actual wings. They are being lifted by Razorwhip babies.

And ye: probably an upopular opinion: am I the only one who thinks it’s a cool idea? This alternative to riding a dragon? (And howcome no one is commenting on the fact the three RTTE-girls are finally on a mission together? Isn’t that what you wanted? :D)

Still. I get why people from their gut feeling hate this idea. And I guess it’s because of how this idea was executed -visually-. It looks ridiculous. Like fairies. Nothing I could take serious at my age.

I personally am not fan of the female’s model either. I guess overally, this looks like it could be from Miraculous Ladybug. Which I guess is the bugging thing - it doesn’t quite fit in the HTTYD scheme visually.

Do I hate the design?
Not hate. I just think it’s bad. The opposite of epic.

Do I hate the writers?
Jeez, of course not! They’re still people, guys! And I think they’re doing a decent job. There are some episodes I like less, but hey! RTTE has it’s golden moments :)

Do I think this was a bad idea?
No. As said, it’s just failing on the visual level. Executed poorly. Not for an universal audience. Maybe it worked better if the female didn’t have -Razorwhip- wings (which look VERY similar to fairy wings), or if her overall design were different. Less “girly”, and more buff. (Maybe if it were a guy instead?). If done correctly, this could’ve looked pretty epic!

Do I look forward to RTTE S5?
Yes! Surely :) I’m not hyped, but that has other reasons. I hope RTTE will keep it’s own little charm until HTTYD 3 comes :)

Passing By

8. “I love you. Please don’t get married.”
9. “It’s one night; we’ll just share the bed.”

Pairing: ElijahxReader

A/N: I’m loving Shawn Mendes at the moment and I thought that the song Ruin was quite fitting for this one. I guess I should warn you and say that it’s pretty angst? Oh, and please note that Y/F = your fiancée.

Y/F: You’re what?!

You sighed but not before covering your mobile. That was exactly the reaction that you had expected to get from your fiancée. And honestly, you could not blame him.

Y/N: I’m on my way home from Mystic Falls. I had to help the Mikaelsons with a menacing threat. We still have 12 hours on the road before we reach New Orleans.

Y/F: And who exactly is ‘we’?

You stayed silent, not wanting to say his name to your fiancée. And he instantly got the point.

Y/F: It’s Elijah, right.

Y/N: Yes. Look, he needed help and it was our sakes too. It was… business.

You tried not to look at Elijah despite sensing the glances that he sent in your direction.

You and Elijah were… complicated. When you had first met, you were instantly attracted to him. Something inside of you changed for the better whenever he was near. You fell for him.

But Elijah never returned your feelings – at least, he never said so. To this very day, you still did not know how he felt about you.

At one point, you just stopped waiting for him. That was when you met your fiancée. You never fell just as head over heels for him as you had for Elijah. But he made you happy and he was not scared to commit to you, even asking you to marry him.

Y/N: I’ll call you some time tomorrow when we get closer to New Orleans. I can pick you up from work?

It took some time before he answered but he finally gave in and you hung up.

The atmosphere in the car was tense, neither you nor Elijah saying anything. At least not until he suddenly slowed down.

Y/N: What are you doing?

Elijah: Well, it’s been a long day and there’s still quite some time until we reach New Orleans. We could both use some sleep, human or original vampire.

The two of you got out of the car – and of course Elijah opened the door for you – and entered the small motel. Elijah went to talk to the lady at the desk while you found out how tired you actually were. The only thing you heard of their conversation was that they only had one room left.

Tiredly, you let Elijah lead the way. But when he opened the door, the scene in front of you quickly gave you back your energy.

Y/N: There’s only one bed.

While you were frozen of shock, Elijah seemed not to care at all.

Elijah: It’s one night; we’ll just share the bed.

Y/N: I’m an engaged woman, I can’t just share the bed with other men.

For a moment, you were sure that his eyes glanced painfully but it was only there for a second.

Elijah: I can sleep above the duvet if that makes the situation better? Just please don’t let me sleep on the floor.

Realizing that is was the best solution, you quietly nodded.

The night, however, was not as relaxed as one could have hoped. You barely closed an eye the entire night. All your thoughts kept wandering and the only thing you could focus on was the soft sound of Elijah’s breathing – and of course just the fact that he was lying right there next to you.

When morning came and rays of sunshine touched your face, you quietly rose, trying not to disturb Elijah while you went to bathroom to take a shower and get ready. While the water touched your face, you tried to get your mind straight.

You were engaged to a wonderful man. Someone whom you cared deeply about. Surely a life with him would be better than spending the rest of your life waiting for someone who might felt the same way about you.

When you got out of the bathroom, Elijah was already up and ready to go. But something about him seemed different. His eyes shone brighter, his smile was gentler, and his cheeks seemed redder.

Y/N: Good morning. I hope you slept well.

Elijah: I slept very well, thank you.

His smile grew and you blushed – it was not often that something received such a smile from Elijah.

Y/N: Ehmm, well… We better get going, there’s still a long way home.

You went to the door but just when you reached the door handle, Elijah spoke the three most powerful words in the world. And they were not just to anyone – they were to you.

Elijah: I love you. Please don’t get married.

Your body froze. You could not believe what had happened. For so long, you had waited and waited to hear those words. And now you finally had.

But things were not like they had been. You were engaged. To a man whom you really loved.

Thousands of thoughts were whirling inside your head, making your head spinning. What were you supposed to do?

Several minutes passed by before you finally turned around and faced him. Despite the water in your eyes, you saw him more clearly than ever. You knew what you felt for him. But now you had other obligations. Someone was waiting for you to come home and you could not disappoint him.

Y/N: Why… Why now?

He took a step towards you.

Elijah: I did not want you to be part of my family drama. I still don’t. But I need you. I’m better when I’m with you.

He took one more step towards him but you stopped him.

Y/N: Stop. Elijah… I…

You did not know what to say or do.

Y/N: Can you just… take me home? Please?

He nodded and this time there was no doubt – he was hurt. And it pained you greatly that you were the reason for it.

If the atmosphere in the car had been tense before, it was nothing compared to how it was now.

As you looked outside the car, you took notice of all the trees and building that passed you by. That was when you realized the reality of life.

Sometimes life you have to let something or someone pass you by in order to let other things happen and continue living. The only question was who you were going to pass by and who would be the start of the next chapter of your life. And the only one to answer that question is…


anonymous asked:

Legitimate question: Why isn't Evanescence considered goth? When I listen to some of those bands on the female fronted goth band suggestions post you made, some of those bands sound very similar to their music. Like I'm not going to call myself a goth just because I listen to Evanescence (it won't stop me from enjoying them) because I know they're not, but I just want to know why not.

Short answer: I don’t really know.

Long answer: A lot of music under *gothic anything* is a bit of a puzzle because the definition of the genre has widened of so much over the decades and gothic influences are in all kinds of music nowadays. I also haven’t paid any attention to Evanescence since Call Me When You’re Sober, so my knowledge on their music is seriously outdated. 

I think a lot of rock/metal bands with female singers and symphonic elements are given some kind of a gothic title because of the soundscape, themes and fashion. While I have seen Evanescence get called gothic rock/metal and a lot of people think Amy Lee as a goth fashion icon, it might be the lack of typical gothic themes in their songs and videos. In my opinion, their music and lyrics are harsher and more in touch with reality than songs that are based on fantasy novels, history, gothic culture, and the supernatural. At the start, they kind of lacked the mysteriousness, romanticism, and symphonic grandeur of bands like Within Temptation or Nightwish or the tongue-in-cheek take on the subculture like The 69 Eyes or Type O Negative, and it didn’t seem to take influence from the original or original-sounding goth bands either. It could be as simple as that.

I’ve also seen a lot of goths feel the same way about Evanescence that a lot of rock fans feel about Nickelback, if that makes sense? So maybe some of it is just general unwillingness to accept the band into the scene for whatever reason (e.g. mainstream popularity) and no matter how much their music’s changed since the beginning. For me personally, they just never fit in quite right. Gothic-influenced? I guess. Gothic? No. I just never thought of them as a goth band but there has never been one simple reason. I still enjoy Fallen, but I guess to me they’ve been just too generic alternative (nu) metal to be considered goth? There’s nothing wrong with music like that but it doesn’t suddenly become gothic because the singer looks like a stereotypical goth or there is a dark theme in a song. I never got a “goth-vibe” from them and there didn’t seem to be a connection to the actual goth subculture other than occasionally in fashion.

But I honestly don’t know, this is all just my own opinion that’s mostly based on songs and articles that came out 15 years ago and all other things I listened to and was exposed to around that time. Who knows what kind of a vibe they’d give to me if they were about to drop their debut album now. I’m not to fussed about labels anyway, I listen to whatever I feel like listening to, goth or not.

Good Enough to Eat (M)

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Starring: FemDom!reader, sub!Jimin and several special dinner guests

Summary: Dinner is served.

The table was set. The candles were lit. The champagne was perfectly chilled. The dishes were beautifully prepared.  Everything was in its place.  All that was missing were—


Your head snapped up from the meticulously arranged place settings towards the front door.  A large grin spread across your face at the sound. “I’ll be right back,” you tossed absentmindedly over your shoulder as you sauntered towards the grand door, smoothing your hair down as you went.

“Good evening!” you greeted your guests brightly.

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More Emperor’s Children!

While I was waiting for some magnets to arrive I decided to not be idle and paint up some more basic tactical marines with bolters for my pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children. Rather than complete more of the Mark IV marines from Betrayal at Calth, however, I decided to complete five of the Mark III marines from Burning of Prospero. This way I still got some of the more menial regular troops completed while still changing things up a bit to what I had just previously finished.

My original plan was to paint a sergeant in Mark IV armour along with a marine with a missile launcher and three with swappable weapons, but as I mentioned the magnets I needed to do that hadn’t arrived yet. Now, however I will be able to work on that and be able to use some of my fancy Forge World bits too!

I like how these models came out. I think they look quite pretty! At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the Mark III armour as much as the Mark IV, but now that I see them finished I have to say I like them just as much!

They’re a bit of a departure from most of the space marines I’ve painted as they have the layered armour on the back with the wide plates on the front. Also no harness of anything on their chests was a little different. Still enjoyable in those differences, however.

Of course there’s more opportunity for gold embellishments on the Mark III armour which is a little different. They certainly got the thicc compared to the Mark IV! Especially on the shoulder pad trim.

I included a bunch of bits from the Betrayal at Calth set since the Burning of Prospero didn’t come with as many accessories. I figured it would still make sense to give them some grenades and pouches here and there. After all, I’m sure marines in Mark III armour have stuff to carry too. Like tools, and ration packs, and… I don’t know chap stick? Anyway…

Next time I think I’ll highlight the tops of the backpacks a little more. They don’t look quite bright enough based on their orientation, but I guess that’s one of the aspects of painting in a sub-assembly. You have to kind of guess how everything is going to look all assembled. Speaking of the backpacks I also know for sure I will need to do a better job filling in the gaps on the tops of them. These ones come in two pieces for some reason and I grossly underestimated how much the seam would show after painting. I tried to use a little liquid green stuff to fill them but I didn’t use nearly enough!

I think some of the free-handing came out a little better on some of the “III”s I painted on the right shoulders. But still needs more practice!

Other than that they came together a little easier than the first five I completed since I’ve gone through the entire process once. However there were still a couple of mishaps. I think I angled the arms a little too high on the marine looking down the iron sights of the bolter, so when you look at it straight on the face is completely covered up. I also had a small dollop of plastic glue fall and settle on the back of one of the legs before I could catch it. Finally the combat blade I included on the backpack of one of the marines didn’t quite fit properly once everything was assembled. I guess they’re not meant to be used on the Mark III marines with that extra thick pauldron trim! It’s not too bad but the backpack is a little off center and not totally flush with the back.

I think that’s all for now then. Hope you like my progress so far. Still a long way to go but at least these are a few more that are finished! Keep an eye out for the next ones. I should be picking out all the parts soon!

exitfatmus  asked:

The death of every possible enemy, the death of identity... yeah, I guess the others don't quite fit that, huh? But I think Flowriel got pretty close. It doesn't look like he left much of the world around during the whole Photoshop Flowey and God of Hyperdeath fiascos. Maybe not enough to abandon this world entirely, but maybe enough to get a glimpse when be breaks the Fourth W- I mean, the Barrier. And if people like to use their own names... who WAS Flowey trying to talk to for those Resets?

He only ever saw me.

As far as he knows, the name you chose was just the name of his best friend.


“The Basement” - [Sebastian S. - October/Halloween one shot]. 

Summary: There have been 26 murders in a small town. There’s a snowstorm on Halloween night, and while Sebastian and his girlfriend watch TV, a warning of a possible killing spree comes on, after victim #27 has been found.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Ambience: Snowstorm.

Notes: Horror. 



It’s snowing. I can barely walk. The wind is pushing me back, chapping my lips, and burning my cheeks as I try to keep moving so I can get home soon, and turn on the radiator right away. The weather’s been so cruel, it’s only October. Maybe I shouldn’t complain, it’s my entire fault, I lost track of time and forgot that evenings are darker during this season, therefore colder.

Here I am facing the consequences of my carelessness, walking in the middle of a snowstorm wearing a hooded dark cloak which is far from enough. I hope I look scary at least. Not only am I risking my health but my life in general. 26 people have been murdered in the last couple months, in this small town where nothing happens. Well… it used to be peaceful; women, men, kids. The killer doesn’t discriminate.

All murders have been described the same. Victims have been choked to death with a rope. There’s been no survivors to describe the killer, but a surveillance camera did catch a glimpse of him or her not too long ago. They had to amplify the image, it wasn’t that good. The serial killer’s faceless; wears a black hoodie and a silver faceless mask.

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  • NaruHina Month Day 4: First Sleepover
  • ---
  • *at the hokage office, almost midnight*
  • Naruto: *working, working*
  • Naruto: *hears knocking on the door*
  • Naruto: Come in.
  • Hinata, Boruto, Himawari: Surprise!!
  • Naruto: *speechless* Wha..?
  • Naruto: What are you guys doing here?
  • Hinata, Boruto, Himawari: *looks at each other, smiling*
  • Himawari: Guess what, Papa? We are here.. to sleep!!
  • Naruto: *confused*
  • Hinata, Boruto, Himawari: *laughs*
  • Hinata: So, Himawari had this idea, since you're working overtime tonight, she thought it would be lonely here when it's time for you to sleep.
  • Himawari: So we decided to accompany you! Nii-san even summoned his kage bunshin to help bringing the futon *smiles proudly at his brother*
  • Boruto: Are we bothering you, Dad? We're only going to sleep. We're not going to do anything else *worried*
  • Naruto: ...
  • Naruto: *touched* No! No way! Not at all. You're not bothering me at all. I.. you guys..
  • Naruto: *hugs his family* Thank you.
  • *fifteen minutes later*
  • Boruto: *finished arranging futon* All done!
  • Naruto: The spot beside Mom is mine alright.
  • Himawari: Okaay!
  • Boruto: Ehh..? That's not how it works, Dad. We kids are supposed to be in between parents.
  • Naruto: Nope.. think about it like this, the women are supposed to be in between the men, so we, the men are protecting the women.. err, yeah kind of.
  • Boruto: Yeah.. I guess I understand what you mean, Dad. So I'm going to protect Hima and you're going to protect Mom, right?
  • Naruto: Exactly.
  • Naruto: Well, I'm going to protect you all, but you get the idea.
  • Hinata: Alright guys, Dad still has work to do, let's sleep now.
  • Naruto: Yeah, I'll be joining you soon.. I hope.
  • Hinata: *chuckles* Goodnight, Naruto-kun. Don't push yourself too hard *smiles*
  • Himawari: Goodnight, Papa!
  • Boruto: Good luck with your work, Dad!
  • Naruto: Goodnight guys, sleep well.
  • *two hours later*
  • Naruto: *lies down on futon, sighing* You're still awake.
  • Hinata: *turns around to face Naruto, smiling* Yeah.
  • Hinata: Are you okay? *concerned*
  • Naruto: Am fine. Just tired *smiles*
  • Naruto: *begins to cuddle with Hinata* By the way, this is the best idea ever *kisses Hinata's top of the head* Hima is a genius!
  • Hinata: *chuckles* I know, right.
  • ---

jvwriter90  asked:

I don't know if anyone asked this but what's everyone's zodiac sign?

{You are so lucky that birthdays are one of the few things I actually took the time to figure out… by which, of course I mean I went to a generator website and had it spit out ten random dates that i could use as birthdays because i am lazy}

Andre: Virgo, yo!

Enoch: Scorpio, what’s yours? {He’s trying to flirt, just spritz him with water, he’ll go away.}

Cade: I don’t know why star signs are such a big deal, but. Capricorn.

Capri: Leo.

Stephen: Virgo… And the first time Andre found that out, he followed me around for four hours trying to get me to high-five him.

Sadie: Taurus. My grandma says I can be “quite bull-headed at times”, so I guess that’s fitting.

Harley: Leo. Stephen said that’s a lion, which is cool, because lions are, like. Cool. {Cool story, Harley.}

Molly: Libra.

Clara: Sagittarius! {Same as the mod’s, lol}

Miles: Gemini? Isn’t that the one with the twins?

(The library is closed by now, so getting a webcam photo in a really roundabout way involving two laptops and a USB device is the only way to go atm…)

Anyway, there are three characters his shitlord and newest son of mine reminded me of this far: Crona Gorgon, Anakin Skywalker and Asriel Dreemurr. Cannot decide which is the best fit, but quite frankly, he’s fucked either way. There’s always hope, I guess.

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What are the ugliest and most grotesque animation frames from AOSTH, Satam and Underground?

That’s actually quite tough, but I guess these would fit under the ‘grotesque’ category.



SatAM I haven’t gotten that deep into but Snivley has some moments.

Anon prompted (shortened): Mpreg!Kurt verse in which Kurt and Blaine announce the name of the baby to their family and friends. 

I changed your original prompt a tiny bit, anon, I hope you don’t mind. <3



“You really think that’s necessary?” Blaine asks as Kurt tapes the note to the door. 

Kurt sends him a glare. 

They’ve been home with Finn for a week and it’s become apparent that the baby sleeps like an angel but screams bloody murder for up to an hour if he wakes up before he’s ready for it. The Chinese delivery boy, the sweet lady from next door and the UPS guy have all been told off for (unintentionally, of course, but that’s a minor detail) waking the little boy and the last seven days have brought the two new dads to a point where they need the naps more than their child. 

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Perhaps Sailor Pluto's skin tone changes because she takes on a mortal skin tone each time she is seen (y'know, to fit in I guess?) But it is never quite the same skin tone because it is something she consistently has to change? Like if she originally had blue skin or something, and obviously that isn't a 'normal' skin tone for earth, so she has to change her skin tone to something more 'normal'. But because it isn't normal to her, she never quite gets the same skin tone twice. I sound crazy. Ha

LOL I love this idea of chameleon Pluto.

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How bout Antisepticeye? Mark wants to save Jack, and isn't sure how, but only gets taunted (in any way) by Anti in response

Jack’s sudden and spontaneous trip to L.A was only pretty surprising to Mark. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy to see Jack because he definitely was. Something about it was just throwing him off, something wasn’t right. Something he couldn’t exactly place a name on. What he knew about Jack was that sometimes Jack worried and Jack especially liked to plan. In the past when Jack was gearing up to come to California for a visit he’d always let Mark know ahead of time, he’d tell Mark all the details, flight time, where he was coming in at, where he’d be staying or if he needed a place. Jack never just showed up at Mark’s door unannounced. Yet there he was bright and early this morning standing on Mark’s doorstep, smiling wide and eyes crinkling with delight.

Mark had let him in, had shushed Chica when she started going ape-shit, barking at Jack in a way she’s never done before. He had offered Jack coffee and breakfast and marveled at the fact that Jack was so suddenly here.

Now, Jack was in the kitchen chatting with Tyler and Mark was texting Felix and Arin and anyone else that he and Jack know, asking if they knew about Jack’s trip. Maybe Jack thought he told Mark. Maybe he meant to, maybe he had and it had slipped Mark’s mind.

Mark slips back into the kitchen and Tyler has excused himself to get things ready for the day because even though Jack is here Mark still has a couple of videos to record. Jack looks at him and smiles from where he’s seated at the table, the toast Mark had made remains untouched on the plate in front of him.

“Did I manage to screw up toast?” Mark asks with a self-deprecating laugh.

Jack’s smile is bigger but strange too, like suddenly all his teeth don’t quite fit right in his mouth.

“No, no. It’s fine…I guess the flight kinda killed my appetite.”

“Okay,” Mark says, “You want something else? Or we could order out?”

Jack shakes his head.

Mark leans against the kitchen counter, “So, I like your new hair color. You went a bit darker?”

Jack touches his hair as if he just remembered he had any at all and nods, “Yeah, darker.”

Mark’s eyebrows inch together and he pushes away from the counter, “Jack, are you alright? You seem a little…” well, Mark doesn’t know what he seems like. He waves his hand back and forth like it’ll be enough of a gesture, enough to convey what he means.

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