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Moon in Sagittarius

Lucky, Bold, Blunt

Lunar Sagittarians are intelligent and fun people. They are restless and know how to make the best out of every situation and have fun. They are the kind of people you go to when you’re down and need an optimistic viewpoint. The Moon in Sagittarius person craves adventure; they may enjoy traveling far and wide or simply trying a bunch of new things for the thrill of it. Lunar Sagittarians are truly the life of the party.

The Moon in Sagittarius native is also incredibly blunt. They value honesty because they’re honest themselves; sometimes brutally honest. They’re not the best companion for sensitive Moon signs. This Fire Moon sign can also be quite arrogant; riding their high horse of morality. Nonetheless, they usually get right up off it and become humble people. Moon in Sagittarius people are naturally quite “lucky” and are very optimistic. They have a great sense of humor and enjoy making others laugh.

Despite their optimism and happy-go-lucky aura, they can be quite emotionally detached. They do not like being tied down and they, themselves, are very independent! It’s not that they’re careless… They’re just truly free-spirited.

Unpopular Sherlock opinion, apparently...

So I’ve seen a lot of crap over TFP. I personally loved it, and before you ditch my opinion, I have reasons.

This whole season has been just a buttload of emotion to be honest, and this topped it off. Like a lot. But I find that fact so… Intriguing. You see, the first couple of seasons they made Sherlock Holmes this man without any emotion. He was cold, and quite frankly, an asshole. But seeing him come so far to this man who is hurting in so many ways, filled with anger and heartache… Now watching back, you can see that he’s different.

I found Eurus such an astounding character. She was pure and utter evil, but only because of her brilliance. That twist at the end was, get ready for an even more unpopular opinion, brilliant. Now, I myself came close to pitying her, but not quite. I’m convinced even Sherlock couldn’t bring it into himself to pity her, because she is still brilliantly mad. She was trapped inside her mind, and couldn’t escape. I’m sure Sherlock was connecting to her in this way, because how many times has he said he wonders what its like in others’ heads?

He must have understood that she felt that a thousand times over.

The violin was also something that hit me… He knows she’s hurting, so he does the only thing they share, the only thing to clear his head, and again, they connect.

Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t forgive her for any of the stuff she did, but if you look at her from a different angle, its not as hard to believe someone could do that.

Overall, I found that it completed the circle of the entire series. Even though I was silently hoping for a Johnlock kiss at the end, but hey, that’s what we have fanfiction for so…

So real talk, can we talk Nami feels in this chapter? Because certainly this was an extremely agonizing chapter for Sanji and Luffy but I am sure the rest of you guys have already dissected that ad nauseum. I wanna take a moment here to look at Nami. Because to be honest, this is probably hitting her far closer to home than just having to do with Sanji’s dismissal and his and Luffy’s pain.

Let’s take it back to the East Blue Saga when something quite similar happened in Arlong Park. Remember Arlong Park? Where Nami was forced by her situation to deny the crew mates she had grown so close to to their faces? Dismiss them and send them off with lies of uncaring towards them calling them idiots to fall for her schemes, telling them that coming to save her was worthless because what they thought they came to save was an illusion that didn’t even exist?

Because I do. I remember that moment as clearly and distinctly as the first time I read it. And Nami, the one who experienced that time from the other side, from Sanji’s side, from the side of the person forced to speak such words, make such denials, because she didn’t see any other way to save those she cared for. Nami’s pain in this scene probably runs deeper than any save Sanji’s. Because not only is there the pain of hearing the words from Sanji, but also the knowledge of the pain that Sanji is going through from her own experiences. And now, she’s truly getting to witness what that moment was like for the Straw Hats. How much what she said and did must have hurt them then.

And that was before the Grand Line. Before Sabaody. Before the New World. The Straw Hats are so much closer now than they were then and this now is even worse. Even more hurtful to all of them. And let me just remind you that the Fishman Island Arc was only a few days ago. A couple weeks at the most. And it was there that all her past memories and pain from that time and her past was brought to the forefront.

And now here she is, now, having to confront it again in the form of one of her dearest friends. And the fact that someone she cares so much for has to go through that pain, hearing the same words she forced past her lips forced past Sanji’s just wrapped and recycled, there’s no person hurting more for Sanji in this moment than Nami. There’s no one who can relate to Sanji more in this situation, at this moment than Nami. There’s no one who can better understand the pain and desperation that Sanji is going through right now than Nami.

And honestly, that’s just another arrow through the heart right there.

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Hello! Hope you are doing well ^_^ I wanted to ask you, what do you think if shoutarou's singing in toumyu? So far, at least from the clips I've seen, his singing is good (lol I'm so biased XD). I was kind of surprised but pleased! (I wonder if he sang or anything before going into the stage business). Ah, anyway, have a nice day!! Thank you!!

Hello ^O^

Sorry for not replying this yesterday, I wanted to but my internet got cut off last night. Anyways,

thank you, I’m actually doing quite well~ Hope you’re doing well as well! :3

Ah~Shoutarou’s singing in toumyu! I see, hmmm

Where do I start…hmmm.. Alright! Let’s just be honest and non-biased. Though, I do tend to be biased but, for this part, I’ll say it honestly and comment what I think without being too biased.

First of all, I do think Shoutarou isn’t the best singers like some actors are, like there a few well-known actors that can really sing (singers level) but I won’t name anyone here. But yeah, he isn’t really the best, BUT! I can say that he can, in fact, sing. His singing doesn’t sound so awkward and he can actually sing. You know how some people simply can’t sing and their voices sounds ugly? Fortunately, Shoutarou aren’t those kind of people, not that I’m insulting anyone here, because it’s not like I can sing either lol

His voice doesn’t sound bad, his voice was actually a lot better than I though it will be. Like I didn’t expect him to be able to sing, honestly. But I do wanna say that Shoutarou sounds very boyish. Not to high pitch-y. And it seems like Shoutarou can reach some high notes well, or maybe up to his limit which is nicely done, maybe it was all set up for him, after all, not everyone can hit high notes or low notes that’s beyond their limit. As for him, it was just well done.

But really, Shoutarou’s singing, un-biased-ly, I would rate it at least 8.9/10?

NOW BIASED-LY! /Idk anymore, because too me, everything I’m saying are honesty. So it doesn’t matter biased-ly or not because either way are the truth!

*coughs* but in truth, to me, it’s 11/10 AHAHAHHAHA I mean, I really just love how he sings, because to me, his voice, when he sang with Yuuki, it goes well, you know how Yuuki’s voice is kind of a bit higher right, Shoutarou is a bit lower than him, but not too low, it was just nice..just perfectly enough for me.

Actually, to me, Shoutarou’s singing voice sounds like those type of voices you are to hear from any sexy seiyuu’s songs. Yes, That’s how I hear it. The moment he sang, I felt it in my bones, it was as if my bones were vibrating? (is that possible but who cares)

I like how he managed to make his vibrator sounds sooooooo gawd damn well. It was sensual, to me. I find it so….sexy AHAHAHAHA

Hmm,,,but then, Shoutarou’s singing,,,, it changes, in my opinion, not that it voice changes or anything, it just that how the feeling changes, like one time it’s beautiful but at another moment, it’s just feels so,,sexy! I think I’m kind of blabbling here ahahaha


And then there’s him dancing too. Ugh, just so perfectly done. If I have thousands of hands, those hands will be clapping all the way, but it will be too loud to the point I can’t hear Shoutarou anymore then so better not.I just really love how he swung himself around gosh, especially with that Kane-hair, I just simply loveeee how he handles his Kane-hair, I’ll talk more about that if anyone were to ask about that.

Ohhh the moment I heard him sing, I can really thank the Kamisama, his parents, his family, his ancestors for his existence. Okay, I kind of sound slightly annoying there, so just ignore that part but THAT’S JUST HOW I FEEL.

So the conclusion is that Shoutarou can sing. He can sing and it is perfect, he is perfect, his singing is perfect, his acting is perfect, everything is perfect. Anyone wants to disagree with me, go ahead I don’t care because I won’t change my mind. Nope~ Because Shoutarou is flawless. period.

Before? hmm I don’t think so besides it’s not even stated on his profile so we don’t have any prove but.. I did found something

He, Shoutarou, was once in Junon Super boy contest thingy (????) 

AHAHAHAHAHAHHA I was shocked  actually! He looked so small, I’ll post the pic in a seperately.

Alright, that’s it for now :3 Thank you for coming~

This two are so cute ^^^

@big-d-little-i-big-n-little-ozzo gets a plotted starter

“The thing is, officer, I didn’t mean to break his arm,” Jo told him, her voice softer and higher pitched than her natural tone. She was twirling a  strand of hair around her finger, trying to look as sweet and innocent as possible.

“My men find that a little hard to believe, Miss…” the officer trailed off, waiting for her to fill in the blank.

“Kaine,” Jo lied easily. “Amy Kaine. And I promise I didn’t mean to. I mean… the guy’s twice my size. It was an accident, honest!” It hadn’t been an accident, far from it. Had she known an off-duty cop was in the store she wouldn’t have reacted quite so violently but… the man had smacked her ass and ever since Very Special Agent DiNozzo made an appearance in her life, things had gotten complicated. Which is exactly why she was trying to get away from DC as quickly as possible.

“Right. Miss Kaine. And you don’t have any form of identification because…?” The man was going over questions she’d already been asked before and it was starting to annoy the crap out of her.

“I told the other guy… Officer Brady? Not nearly as handsome as you, mind but… like I told him, I lost my wallet a couple days ago and haven’t gotten around to replacing anything yet,” Jo lied yet again, pouting a bit. “It was my favorite wallet, too.”

Before the officer could say anything else, a knocking on the glass interrupted him, causing him to narrow his eyes. “Just a moment,” he grumbled before slipping out of the interrogation room.


He leaned against the wall, watching as the press crowded around Yuri, cameras flashing, voices shouting questions. He had just won a gold here at Worlds to go with his gold from the Grand Prix final. He hadn’t medalled himself, despite trying as hard as he could and earning his personal bests. Viktor having taken silver and Yuuri the bronze. At least he had beaten JJ this time.

He watched his 16 year old friend speak to the press, he could tell he was barely keeping it together at some moments, prepared to snap. But of course Yakov always cut in at the right moment and saved him from ripping heads off reporters. It was quite amusing if he was honest. Or it would have been if he wasn’t so eager for his own chance to congratulate him.

Just prior to the worlds, things had started getting a little more.. intense… between them. So far it had only been teasing over skype and a few heated kisses in the stairwell before competition, but things were changing, and fast. Maybe it was too fast, but they were teenagers, and for them both, this was the first time they had ever been so close to someone else. And right now, with adrenaline fresh in his veins from competition, he was wondering if Yuri was feeling the same way he was. Like he completely wanted to devour the other.

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Was there anything in this episode that made you think there could be a slightly bigger chance of Johnlock happening? John's whole romance speech sorta worried me a bit, but I feel like that was probably just John being John...

I’ll be honest, not really. The Mary appearences tipped its hand from the off, and it’d be really quite tasteless for the show to hop from that to a John/Sherlock romance. I wasn’t expecting them to go as far as to say Irene and Sherlock still text, but that was an interesting surprise.

I think The Final Problem will have other concerns. It’s the unusually plot-heavy one, I gather, based on some really mad obscure Sherlock original story fan theories. There probably wouldn’t even be space for it.

This has been a very straight run of Sherlock, but for better or for worse (I think a bit of both) it’s done what it will in that way I think.

#1 Newt high school AU: Crash Landing

A/N: okay so here it is! I hope that anyone who reads this likes it and if anyone wants a part two then feel free to ask because I know I’m not the best at writing but I really enjoyed writing it. Let me know any opinions please :)
To be honest, I am quite surprised that I hadn’t either broken down and cried or screamed in frustration. I never had and never will understand bloody ‘fractional distillation’ or ‘polymerisation’. Out of all the sciences and all the bloody subjects in school, chemistry was by far my weakest. I truly couldn’t care less about the damn thing, which was why I decided to finish off my algebra which was in for next lesson. I mean if I want to be a writer, I honestly don’t understand how knowing 'the properties of crude oil’ is going to help me.
It’s not.
The piercing bell awoke me from my daydream as I hastily gathered my papers and left.
Once again my thoughts overpowered my sense of direction and reflexes as I walked quickly down the elongated halls. Deep in thought about books and happily ever afters, I stumbled, well slammed, into someone. My head smashed against a locker and papers flew everywhere.
“Ow” I murmur, slouching against the locker and rubbing my head.
I turn my head to look up at the lockers across from me to see the victim I had crashed into. A boy. A boy who I hadn’t laid eyes on until this very moment.
I mean, I would’ve remembered THAT face.
The boys skin was mildly tanned and completely flawless, his eyebrows knitted into a confused yet so innocent frown. His shaggy, dirty blonde hair cascaded over his eyes and his lips were curled into a pout. The boys deep brown eyes were trying to look anywhere but me.
My gaze was broken as I felt strong arms hurl me up from the ground. My cheeks reddened as I realised that my papers and I had been blocking the hall. Bloody idiot.
“Damn (y/n), you aren’t half clumsy!” One of my best friends, Teresa, chuckled.
I turned to see my other best friends, Thomas, Minho and Gally behind me. Thomas had helped up the new kid who I had crashed into and Minho was collecting the remainders of my papers.
“Thanks guys” I said to my friends, embarrassed of entire situation.
I looked up to see the boy who I nearly killed grinning at me with an outstretched hand. “The names Newt, I’m new here!” I shook his had and almost gasped at his accent. He was British too?
“We were going to introduce you two Brits at lunch but I guess (y/n) sorted that out already” Minho smirked and Gally laughed, continuing from Minho’s statement. “Thomas here was put 'in charge’ of the newbie as they’re in the same lessons as each other”
I looked over at Thomas who was currently snuggling Teresa into his side making her giggle. They had been together for around 7-8 months now and it was pretty cute.
“Okay well, nice to meet you Newt, welcome to the gang I suppose” I nod to newt and flush pink again. “ I’ll be off to math now…” I finish before walking off. I was halfway down the corridor before I heard voices.
“HEY! Wait!”
I turn to see Teresa, Thomas and Newt catching up.
Thomas and Teresa are in my math now, I completely forgot. And now I suppose wherever Thomas goes, Newt goes.
“It’s rude to leave your BEST FRIENDS like that you know (y/n)?” Thomas laughs before grabbing Teresa’s hand and continuing to talk to her. I just roll my eyes and laugh to myself.
Teresa walked ahead with Thomas but Newt stayed behind and walked with me. I looked down at my feet to avoid eye contact with him.
“So” he started “your English too, right? What are you doing in the wonderful United States of America, hmm?”
“Well I could ask you the same question?” I say quietly. I’m not the most confident of souls.
“That’s a story for when we are the best of friends and completely and bloody inseparable, (y/n).”
“What makes you say that?”
“That we’re going to be the 'best of friends’ and 'bloody inseparable’?”
“Just a feeling” he grins.
“Fair enough. I sigh, accepting defeat. “I’m here because my dad got a better job offer here compared to the one he was working with back in England and so we moved up around 2 years ago”
“Good that” he smiles and nods in approval. My answer may not have been the full truth but it satisfied him for now and that was enough.
We arrive at the maths room and before I walk in I stop. Newt turns to see why. “You okay?” He asks.
“Listen” I start awkwardly. “I’m really sorry that I nearly killed you in the hall earlier. I’m such an idiot…”
Newt just smiles in sympathy and makes eye contact sign me. He places his hand on the doorknob before speaking. “Not a problem, love. Soul mates never meet in the stereotypical ways, anyway.” He chuckles, winks and then disappears into the room.

I…well, I’m going to be honest, this is a very complex situation.  And one I’ve dealt with, quite…quite personally.  But as rough as it may be, there are solutions to overcoming your mistakes!

Believe me, I—I would know.

To start off, I’d like to commend you for already taking the first steps, and acknowledging you made some wrong choices.  Some people live in constant denial, which…well…can be counterproductive for everyone.  And don’t be ashamed if you’ve only confided in me so far—many of my mistakes, I’ve only shared with Dipper. It’s a personal process!

You have the right to keep any mistakes as private or as public as you’d like to, but I’m proud of you for acknowledging they’ve happened.

But that allows us to transition to the next point: Acknowledging something does not mean dwelling on it.  The past seems to be affecting your present, and ultimately your future. Nobody deserves to be in that state, understand?

…But when it comes to not dwelling on things…heh, I suppose it’s easier said than done; I know I’ve done all I could to patch up countless situations, but there are some things I just can’t take back.

So here’s my remedy:

When those thoughts begin flickering back on at night, immediately counter them with something positive.  Think of a moment when you’ve done something of virtue. It can be small or large, and sometimes it may be difficult to pinpoint one, but trust me, it’s there! And for every bad thought, try to oppose it with a good one.

Your negative choices do not discredit your good deeds. Bad moments do not make you a bad person.

And most importantly, remember that everyone in this world makes mistakes: children, adults, and yes, even old men like me.  Your actions in the past, intentional or not, are not worthy of some excruciating punishment!  You’ve already felt the guilt.  Now it’s time to move on.

Reassure yourself that you’ll learn from these choices—heck, you’re still learning!  And you know what?

That’s perfectly normal.

Look, I—I know it can be daunting sometimes.  And things don’t always fall into place overnight.  Things may seem bleak, even when you’ve done everything—everything—you can possibly do.

But listen to me.

Even in the emptiest of situations, you are never alone.

Even in the most untrustworthy times, there is always an honest person.

And even after the worst of mistakes…

…You can still be the good in this world.

Heh…I suppose you and I are learning that together, aren’t we?

▽Stanford Pines▽

11 months. I never, ever thought I’d make it this far. I would just like to thank everyone that has messaged me, even on anon, the past few days encouraging me to keep fighting and that y'all had faith in me. All y'all helped more than you know. It has been quite a struggle to stay clean these past few weeks. I have went through hell with my mental disorders becoming off balance, the stress of things happening in my life and around me were weighing me down more than anyone knows. I about gave up so many times. I couldn’t seem to find the strength to go on, and stay clean. This past week was by far the worst, I honestly didn’t think I’d make it. It was one bad thing after another, and it still is if I’m completely honest. I know for a fact I would not have stayed clean if it wasnt for my close friends, family and all y'all that have my back on here. Y'all helped me realize I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for, and that I can make it through anything, so thank you for not giving up on me.

Chiffon- Rap Monster Valentine's Day Scenario

I’m pretty awful at writing smut, I guess (this is my first one woo)

Length: ~1300, and 75% is smut (under the cut).

POV: 2nd

“How’s the food?” Namjoon chimed from across the white tablecloth.

“Delicious,” you cooed, thoroughly enjoying the date he had set up. Normally, he would have brought you to a barbecue or steakhouse, but you insisted on something a little fancier for Valentine’s Day. You wanted to be able to show off how good you and your boyfriend looked dressed up, and so far it was working. His pressed black suit and your white chic chiffon dress accompanied with simple accessories were enough to earn some glances and double takes from the other patrons of the fine restaurant. To be honest, you were quite surprised upon entering. Instead of being dimly lit, the room was a mixture of white and champagne, contrasting beautifully to create a tasteful environment. Needless to say, you were impressed. “How did you find this place?”

Namjoon shrugged, twirling pasta around his fork. “Jin recommended it.”

“I assume you were complaining about my demand to the guys?” You joked, eager to see what kind of response you could rise from your boyfriend. He flicked his eyes up to lock with your’s, a small grin cascading across his face, before he returned his attention to the food in front of him. You rolled your eyes. Quite like a guy to forget everything in the face of a decent meal. You couldn’t blame him though. There was only one person’s food who tasted better than this restaurant, and that was Jin himself.

Dinner continued on with a droll; little conversations discussing work, music awards, and all of the nonsense he has to deal with from the other members. The ridiculous stories were always your favorite part of dinner with Namjoon; once he got started on Taehyung and Jimin’s antics, it took a plane crashing into the vicinity to shut him up. You glanced up from the cake the two of you had been picking at to see him boring into you with dark eyes. “What?”

Namjoon snapped out of his trance, taken by surprise at your questionable expression. “What?” He responded, a smirk tugging at the edges of his lips again.

“Why were you looking at me like that?”

The smirk turned into a full-blown, toothy smile as he chuckled silently and leaned back in his chair. “It’s nothing.”

“Namjoon,” you said firmly, putting your fork down on the plate.

He locked eyes with you once more before caving. “That dress looks really nice on you.”

You looked down to admire the bateau bodice, embellished lightly with rhinestones, and looked back up to meet his gaze with an appreciative smile. “Thank you.” A couple of seconds of silence later, and you added, “Aren’t you going to say anything to ruin the moment?”

He laughed in response, folding his arms and tossing his head towards the ground. “Not until we get home. Finish that cake.”

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Name: Gabbie James

Age: 27

Why do you want to be a Bombshell?: Can I be totally honest? I have a student loan that needs paying off, sky high rent to pay and a four year old daughter to raise, so to be quite frank, I need the money. The job teaching art at the university just doesn’t stretch far enough and in this economic climate I haven’t had any commissions in months. I’ve stood as a model for life drawing classes before so that’s the extent of my experience but for all the stiffness I did enjoy it. I figure that this might be just a little bit more exciting and could open up some more interesting opportunities for me.