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I know times may be hard right now, but be confident in all that you are and all that you WILL become in life. Don’t give up on yourself.

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DAI companions and advisers reacting to Teen!Lavellan post trespasser getting black out drunk after finding out that the elven religion is a big ass sham built on slavery and brainwashing? Especially the andrastian companions, to whom they ask "are you happy now?" (because I am a horrible horrible person :3)

Cassandra: The question cuts her to the core, and in that moment the Seeker cannot help but remember every time that she could have supported them –encouraged their beliefs rather than questioning their faith- and she feel sick. Was she so desperate for the Chantry to be salvageable and her mentor to be avenged that she was willing to cast her own Exalted March on their lives? The answer to that frightens her, but where that might once have caused her to lash out she instead holds her peace. At this young elf’s side she has learned patience and understanding, even against her instincts. And so she does not respond to the question as they expected, but simply folds them into a stilted hug.

“Who could find happiness in the face of such pain? I am sorry for all that you suffer, and will be with you through this as you stood beside me when my own faith was shaken.”

Varric: He’s by no means a Theologian, but no one in the Inquisition is better suited to handle misplaced drunken anger. It’s not a situation that can be handled with a story about Hawke or some tale from Kirkwall though, and so the dwarf grabs a pint of his own and sits next with a tired sigh.

“I walked away from the Stone, you know. Bartrand never really did, I don’t think, but it never mattered to me. It was part of Orzammar and the whole backwards way of life they have below the surface. The Maker and the Chantry…they were sort of trappings of surfacers and so I stepped into that at first. And…shit, I don’t know if the Maker is really there or not, but I’ve also never had to stand there and have someone I trusted tell me that he’s a murdering lunatic either.” He downs some of the alcohol and pats them on the shoulder. “I’m not happy about this, Kid. No one is. But you fixed our religious shit when it was broken, so we’ll do what we can to return the favor.”

Solas: While he’s not there in the aftermath, Solas felt their despair in the crossroads. Everything the Dalish had taught them is turning to ash before their eyes, and in truth a part of him weeps for the Da’len. For one so young they showed such wisdom and understanding, and to cause pain in what they had always trusted in brings him no joy. But it was for other young elves that he had made his choices in the first place, and he must follow through for them now. And yet the sight of them in pain and crushed will haunt him for many nights to come.

Vivienne: She is not, but the question does not offend her. The young elf before her has proven to be a true friend more than once, and despite their years she has always trusted them to make the best decisions. More importantly in this particular moment is the fact then when her world was falling apart –when Bastan was dying before her and nothing she was trying was going to work- they h right there for her. Fighting dangerous animals in dragon ridden territory for a mage whose believes are in contradiction to their own. But Madame de Fer has watched them grow from a young elf more frightened by their surroundings than they wanted to admit into a confident Inquisitor learning to navigate power and political turmoil like they were born to it.

But now they need someone who isn’t so deeply involved, and she has been made of iron for far longer than they have. “I am angry, darling. Angry for you, angry for what has happened. I will stand for you in this, even if you don’t want me to right now. None of us are happy for your suffering, my dear, but we will help you to make it right.”

Blackwall: Thom Ranier once stood on the side of a road in Orlais and lost faith in all he believed in, and now –decades later and hopefully wiser- it hurts to watch the same thing happen to a younger and far more innocent person. Their pain resonates with what he had felt when Gaspard betrayed everything he had fought for, when the Gray Wardens had crumbled beneath him. Bht there was no one to catch him then—he is standing both arms ready if they stumble.

“Never happy for that, lad/lass. But here for you, when you are ready to be again.”

Sera: The resulting argument is loud and painful and full of words that neither of them mean, but when the dust has settled and the wounds have healed the fight is the best thing that can happen. They might be far more elfier than she ever wants to be, but Sera has always cared about the little people. And right now, with only one hand and no sobriety and so much pain in them Sera can only see them as someone who needs a Red Jenny at their back.

“Nobs and gods and all doesn’t matter. We’re going to fix it, yeah? We fixed the sky and we can fix this.” And when the inquisitor finally breaks down it’s on her shoulder.

Dorian:  Maker how many times has this been him? Sitting in a tavern and too drunk to think or speak anything but exactly what is burning through him in that moment. And its more than he can bear. Lavellan probably doesn’t know what is going on before he is hugging them tight. He can’t stand to see them hurt, and quite honestly his faith has never been a huge part of his life. But he knows that they are hurting, and for the teen who has been strong enough to stand before Orlesians and Fereldens and Magister Halward fucking Pavus Dorian can find some strength to stand for them.

“Happy? No. But I am here for you, and whatever you need. You are so strong, and I am sure you can do this. I know you can.”

Iron Bull: He’s lucky enough to be spared the pained questions, but that means that all he is left with is grief. And if he has lost the Qun then Bull is right there. He knows exactly how he feels, exactly how it feels to have everything you believe destroyed through what you care about. And he would never trade the Chargers, he’s made that choice and will gladly live with it. But they are so young and so shaken, and all he wants to do is wrap them up like the Tamassran he truly is and take care of them.

“Easy, imekari. We can’t fix this right now, we can’t make this better. But we will.” And his bg hands are gentle as they rest on their shoulder, very subtly pushing the alcohol away.

Cole: “So much hurting and everything is gone, why would he do this why why why.” The pain is so much, and Cole doesn’t know how to stop it. But he sits with them and after awhile that’s enough.

Josephine: She just wants to hold them. Oh how many times has she said, out loud, that she thinks they are the Herald of Andraste or that it would be easier if they were the herald of Andraste? How many times has she not dismissed their beliefs, but simply forgot about them in the face of her other duties. They are younger than Yvette but already so burdened with responsibility and she could have been helping instead of making it worse.

She probably doesn’t say much and might have to leave to hide her ters, but the next morning the Inquisitor wakes up in a darkened room with everything needed for a hang over and a letter in Josephine’s hand outlying the first political steps needed to stop Solas and the promise of her total support.

Leliana: Its a hard question for the most Andrastian spy master who ever walked the earth. If she still truly believes that the Maker spoke to her during the Blight then she is, in a way, even more sympathetic to them. She knows what it is to face your gods and come out changed from it. And they are so young, younger even than the warden was. Her protective instincts are in full force, and it comes out in her answer.

“I am happy you came back. I am happy we have the chance to protect you now, when we couldn’t afford to before. I am so happy that you are safe. The rest can be fixed.”

Cullen: Maker’s breath where does he even start? How many times did he cry out to the Maker, to Andraste, to anyone he thought would hear him in Kinloch. For a long time he thought no one answered, though later he was able to accept that the Warden was very likely an answer to those. But while most Andrastians are raised from birth to believe that the Maker has turned his face from them he knows that the Dalish have different beliefs. And finding out that your gods are actually evil rather than locked away but general caring can’t be easy. Still…

“Happy that you aren’t actually the Herald of Andraste? Actually yes.” At their incredulous look he reddens and rubs his neck awkwardly. “It’s such a burden for one so young, and we know you don’t believe, so this means that you can finally just go back to beig you and have as normal a life as is–”

At that point the inquisitor is probably just holding onto them and blubbering because they haven’t had anyone really encourage them to give up the role, so he just awkwardly pats them on the back and starts to lead them to the door.

–Mod Fereldone

heavy, dirty soul (Jungkook x Reader) - Chapter 1: The Meeting

Genre: Angst, smut, fluff, there will be all
Word count: 3,727
A\N - I would like to mention that there are all the usual warnings for a Mafia!AU so if you are uncomfortable with the whole blood, murder, rape, torture pack you shouldn’t read this.

I want to mention that this was originally written as a gift to one of my friends, but I decided to post it on Tumblr since I liked it very much. Angela, the OC is a partial reflection of myself, and so are a few other original characters I put in. There are also appereances from other groups and people from the Kpop industry. In this chapter it’s a brief mentioning of FTISLAND and History, also EXO and GOT7) If you enjoyed my story, have a theory about it, or simply wanna talk, hit me up in the inbox, or come chat privately!

I would very much appreciate feedback! Enjoy!

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A Random Smattering of Thoughts about Episode 32

There’s no thesis here: just a couple of observations. :) I enjoyed the episode and found it quite faithful to the manga source material! I thought the voice acting was particularly on point this episode as well! To me, it sounded like Eren was talking himself into fighting Reiner, which is how I always imagined these scenes in the manga. Anyway … on to my observations!

Here’s a small deviation that I’m not sure how to interpret. In chapter 44, Annie blushes when Eren says he’ll keep learning how to fight … and how to talk to girls.

She doesn’t blush in episode 32, however, even though the dialogue remains the same.

I always thought Annie had a bit of a crush on Eren, just from reading the manga, but it seems like they’re toning down or removing that element of their relationship (which also seems friendlier in the manga than in the anime, on the whole) in the anime. I don’t really have any thoughts as to why: maybe because it doesn’t really go anywhere in the narrative? I liked how it showed that even Annie, like Reiner and Bertolt, formed attachments to people within the Walled World, although that idea still comes through in her confrontation with Armin and in the moment where she saves Connie.

Next up, seeing this scene animated reminded me of Annie’s comments about Mikasa being a beast:

Chapter 44.

These panels, which always contained a hint of irony considering that Annie is really a shifter, seem even more loaded after the information we received in chapter 93 this month:

If Zeke knew about the Ackermans ahead of time, it certainly seems likely that Annie and the others would too. Intriguing!

Anyway, those are all the thoughts I have for the moment. I really liked the episode and I am excited to see Jean next week! :D

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It’s quite easy to have faith when things are going right. But the true test of the believers is faith in Allah when His plan is nothing like what you had in mind for yourself. It’s faith that Allah will keep you on His path, even when your whole world seems to be falling apart.

Davey’s faith is very important to him, and so is his wearing of his kippah. While Jack is not religious at all, and had very limited knowledge of what Davey’s Jewish faith is all about, he knows what insults are aimed at Davey and Les, and he knows how it hurts them, and he knows how important wearing the kippah is to Davey.

So when Jack hears one of the words he knows are meant to cut at Davey’s beliefs and heritage, and especially when one of the Delancey boys purposefully knocks Davey’s kippah off, Jack will jump to defend him and quickly hand Davey his kippah back and promptly fight whoever was messing with Davey.

And Davey knows Jack doesn’t quite get why his faith is so important to him, but he also knows Jack is trying, and sticking up for him, and that’s more than many people have done. And that’s also important to him.

i believe in love a lot for someone whose parents have each been married at least 3 times (they’re still unhappy, even now)

i put quite a bit of faith in communication for someone who spent most of their life being lied to and manipulated

i trust people quickly and completely for someone who has been abused and betrayed by the people who were supposed to protect and care for them

i have a remarkable amount of hope for someone with a variety of mental illnesses that wreck their ability to see past tomorrow

the point is, i’m still here and i still see good in the world despite all the times it’s shit on me

and i can’t tell if that’s brave or naive

Be patient. If something is important enough to you keep faith, because if it’s supposed to happen, it will. It will.  

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Sirius Black x Reader  Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   End (Here)

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(L/N) = Your last name

Summary: Sirius completely ignores your entire existence and when he notices you alone in your train car, after 6 years, he finally starts talking to you. But doesn’t know who you are until after you tell him. Sirius had apologized but messed up, after being forced together you find he’s not that bad a person, then you found you had feelings for him. This chapter you figure out some interesting things about the group.

Originally posted by marauderimagines

Eventually, the project Sirius and I started, got finished but the more we worked together the more and more I started to notices the little things.

Like how he’d widen his eyes when he figures something out, and how he’d put on a little victory dance when he completes something correctly. He’d also hum a little tune under his breath as he worked, panted like a dog if he got tired or thirsty. How adorable he’d look at me when he’d subtly ask for a break with his eyes.

This isn’t okay. I can’t fall for him, not like every other woman in this school. I’m different, I’m not like them. I can’t be. I won’t be.


But it’s already too late, I’ve started falling.

Once the thing was finished, I sent an owl for Hagrid to inform him that the project was done. Then Sirius and I hung out in the common rooms for the rest of the break. Doing little things to pass the time till school resumed and his friends got back, reading, talking about the books, talking about school, talking about home, and just plain talking.

His friends got back and school resumed like usual, but something between us changed. Little things I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t hang out with him over the break. Like, He’d sit a little closer at lunch and supper, He’d make sure to be the last one to tell me good night. He’d volunteer to help with notes and homework, He would seek me out if he needed something instead of asking his friends.

It was strange, so I just pegged it off as he feeling a bit more trusting of me.

I had no reason NOT to believe that.

School kept on going, as well as the marauder’s disappearances at the end of the month.

It wasn’t until we got on the topic in class that I had an inkling about the adventures they’ve been going on in that span of time.

They’re gone again, I’ve tracked down the time of their return, and estimated that they’d be back tonight.

The familiar murmurs coming from the portrait hole told me my estimation was correct.

Finally, I’m going to encounter them about this, and give them a piece of my mind… I think I had some sort of idea in my 3rd year but never followed up with an investigation. I didn’t really care. Then I guess I just forgot.

But now?

The portrait swings open and I spring up from the couch, the notes already filled out individually for each. I took a step forward and came face to face with the leading male.

Sirius Black.

“_-_____.. What are you doing here?” Sirius asked, but it doesn’t matter, I’ve figured it out. I’ve figured out why Remus is always sweaty and shaky at the end of the month.

Why haven’t I noticed before?

I’m such an idiot.

“I know.” My voice hardens I look at them, all of them were gasping and gaping like fish out of water.

“W-well You see..”

“Don’t. I already put the pieces together. Lying to me will just hurt my feelings more.”

“You don’t understand-“

“No! I understand perfectly.” I paused, my features softening, causing a bit of surprise to shift through theirs. “And I’m proud of you.”

“W…. What.” James takes a step forward, confusion and hesitation being his fuel. “What do you think is happening? Just to clarify.”

“Wow, beefing up your vocab. Nice.” I joke before looking at Remus, No malice held in my eyes, only a kind and caring look glimmering. “You’re a werewolf. Aren’t you.”

He closed his eyes, tensed up then nodded. He seemed to be waiting for something.

“I’m sorry.”

His eyes snap open and he looks at me, his mouth agape. He looked for pity but all he got was understanding.

“It’s hard, isn’t it. Waiting to see if your friends will abandon you like everyone else has, once they realize the real you, they’d leave you like everyone else. That’s it isn’t it?”

I took a step forward and wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. After a second I feel his arms wrap around my waist.

“…It gets better.” He whispers in my ear, low enough the others couldn’t hear but just enough for me.

I take a step back, holding him by his shoulders an arm’s length away. Giving his shoulder a slight squeeze before moving further away, my arms dropping to my sides.

When I turned to go upstairs, Sirius was glaring daggers at Remus. As I made my way upstairs, a voice stopped me.

“W-wait!” I turn, it’s James. “What are you going to do now?”

“Well… It’s pretty late, and I have a makeup test tomorrow, bombed the last one. So… Sleep.”

One of the boys snorted out a laugh.

“No… I meant.. about. Y’know.”

I do know. But he doesn’t know I know.

“About what?”

“Well…” He gestures to Remus as if it solves everything. “You know…!”

I stare blankly at him.

“Ugh! … About Remus’s…” He creeps closer and whispered. “Furry little problem.”

Okay, I wasn’t expecting that. I barked out a laugh.

“You sound like an 11-year-old talking about cooties.” I finish off my giggles. “I’ll help, in any way I can.”

“Wha, uh… well…”

“Goodnight… again.”

Like with the first week I found them at 2 am. They watched me carefully. Except for Sirius, he continued to associate with me, to lunch and breakfast and also to class. But after a couple days of not doing anything. They approached me over the weekend at Hogsmeade about the subject.

James was in the lead. We 5 were in a private room rented by one of them, a café here at Hogsmead. I was originally reading in a corner booth with a cup of my favorite drink when Sirius showed up with a grin and practically dragged me to this dimly lit room.

“Okay, so we’re taking quite the leap of faith with you here,” James stated the moment I entered the door. They stood around each other as if they were a council and I was on trial.

I bit back my tongue and waited for him to finish. “So… we- hmm..” James tries to start, he looks around then whipped out his wand, pointed it at the door to his right and cast a muffler spell so no one would accidentally/purposely listen in.

He paused for a second after putting his wand away then leaned in. And with an excited whisper, blurted.

“We’re animigus’!”

I blinked blankly waiting for the sudden exciting reveal. But after a bit I realized.

“Oh!… That’s it?”

Remus stepped forward.

“I don’t believe you understand. They’re illegally animigus’” It dawns on me.

“Oh… My… God.”

Sirius grins smugly then places an elbow on my shoulder leaning on me slightly.

“Yu-up.” He drew out the U and popped the P.

I tried to shrug him off but failed and continued my conversation with James.

“… Why?”

James sputtered. “Why? WhY?! Did you just ask why.”

I nod.

“W-well we… Okay fine. So when Moony here” He pats Remus’ arm. “Turns all wolfy, he doesn’t exactly like humans. But when we are in our animagus form. All is good.”

Remus sighs. and runs a hand down his face at James’ explanation. with a shake of his head and a wave of his hand he asked. “You understand now?”

I hesitate before nodding. In a weird way, I do.

Sirius, who was leaning so low, spoke practically in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I bite back a blush.

“And you can too. We know how.”

I abruptly shake my head. “I can’t.”

Sirius takes a step back. His arm still laying on my shoulder but none of his weight was behind it.

“Why not?” He sounded… hurt? Or maybe disappointed. I couldn’t see his face so I couldn’t tell.

“Animagus take shape after their patronus. Yes?” After a series of unsure nods, I continued. “My patronus Is a /salmon/.” I ended with a taste of bitter in the words.

Blank faces.

“A…” James started.

“… Salmon?” Peter ended.

Remus scratched his chin and looked at the ground then back to me then his eyes flickered to the man on my shoulder, who let out a hot breath that brushed against my cheek causing my face to heat up. A knowing grin spread across Remus’.

“Alright.” He spread his arm across the room. “Cast a Patronus.”

I stare at him blankly before pulling out my wand and lifting it into the air, but the moment the spell was on my lips, a loud commotion came from outside the door.

We looked at each other in confusion. Simultaneously we left the private room, students and classmates passed us, making their way out of the shop with similarly confused faces. I looked at them, then to my friends and put my wand away into my cloak. While following the people silently. Was this some sort of drill?

“Head students and Prefects, please gather your housemates and return to the castle immediately.” Dumbledore voice seemed to echo throughout the air around us.

Remus tried to usher us out of the building and back to the school but a crowd of people ran the opposite direction. Curious, the mauraders and I followed. Despite Remus’ silent but not so silent disagreements. The further along we got, the louder and various gasps were sounded. The sky above us darkened exponentially. People and students in front of me all had their heads tilted to the sky looking at what was causing the sudden darkness. With a soft movement, I looked to the sky as well. From the distance, I couldn’t tell but it looked as if something was blocking the sun, causing it to go as dark as night. For a second, I thought it was a spell of some sort. Then it moved, it was getting closer.

Eventually close enough for me to see what it was.


A very large group of dementors.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who noticed, frightened people all around me started shoving their way past, trying to be the first to get to the protection of the castle. To Dumbledore.

Others stared at them in confusion, wondering why they weren’t at Azkaban.

Whatever the answer, It couldn’t be good.

I turn towards the castle then almost called for Sirius, but saw no sign of him nor the other Mauraders. I swivel around on the ball of my right foot trying to see if they just weren’t in my line of sight.

No such luck.

With wobbly legs and a heavy heart, I started off towards the edge of Hogsmeade and into the forest on the other side.

It only got darker.

The only source of light came from the edges of the sky that the dementors couldn’t block.

I used that to help me find my way through. But I somehow found myself off the path. I must have taken a wrong turn, I’ll just turn around and find it.

But once I turned around, I felt something crawl down the skin of my back. Although the season is warming up. The air got abruptly colder, soon in a matter of seconds, I was shivering hard. I would let out a breath and see it hang in the air. The sky was the darkest it could have been. The soon to be blooming trees wilted and quickly frosted over.

I’ve read all of these symptoms before.

I know what’s going on.

Instantaneously, my wand was in my hand, the spell on my lips. I turned, aimed and shouted.

“Expect- GAK!”

But my shout was cut short.

The dementor had me stilled. It swept forward. The chills caused dark spots form on the edges of my eyes. Dark thoughts kept popping up.

“They don’t want you.” It was my voice, echoing in my mind.

“They only hang out with you because you take notes for them.” It grew darker.

“They can’t have you telling everyone about his ‘furry little secret’”

And darker.

You’re useless. You’re a freak. They think you’re a freak. They left you. They hate you. They could never accept you. He doesn’t love you. He could never love you.”

A breath escaped me.

“Why have you, when someone better will come along and actually GIVE him what he WANTS.”


I shake my head and raised my wand again. I tried my hardest to think or feel something. Other than this.


And once again said the spell.

“expect patronum.” But nothing happened. So I tried again.

“Expecto-“ a deep breath, my wand drops from exhaustion and apathy “Patronum.”

Nothing. A little flicker at the of my wand but nothing. I took a step backward and said it again.

“Expecto Pat-“ I tripped over something.

A branch.

‘This is it.’ I thought. ‘This is how I die.’

“Just Die Already.” My voice again.

The dementor swept down again and I closed my eyes. Accepting my fate.


That wasn’t me.

My eyes fly open and I take a look towards the source of the voice.

It was Sirius. His wand glowed and a dog leaped out of the tip then ran at the dementor, flashes of a bright white light pulsated. The dementor fled backward. I tried to get a look at his face but my vision blurred and collapsed on the ground.

Remus popped out of nowhere from behind Sirius. Then James and finally Peter.

Remus ran over to me and propped me to a sitting position. I numbly looked at him then at the others.

Then Sirius appeared in front of me. Worry etched onto his features, he practically ripped me away from Remus. Then softly checked me for any visible signs of injury. But after a few cuts and bruises, he looked at me straight in the eyes. I could see his gray-blue eyes shine with worry along with something else I couldn’t determine what.

His lips moved, but I didn’t hear anything.

I just looked at him then to the others before a smile broke over my face and an overwhelming swell of happiness surged in my chest.

I have friends, ones that aren’t going to abandon me.

“You came back.” My voice was soft but full of surprise.

Sirius spoke first. “We were practically at the castle. When we noticed you weren’t with us.”

Remus spoke next. “So we turned around in search of you.”

And James. “Then we saw a Dementor leave the pack and go towards the forest.”

Finally Peter. “then we heard you scream.”

I screamed?

Remus continued after peter. “Then Sirius booked it as fast as he could to the forest basically tearing the entire place apart till he found you.”

Sirius’ face lit up, he let out a nervous chuckle and tried to defend himself. “I had to make sure you were okay.”

I don’t understand why he got embarrassed. Nor did I have time to think about it.

I gave them a smile, then looked at Sirius. “Thanks, guys.”

We all smiled at each other, but a stinging feeling in the back of my eyes brought me back to reality, the cold hasn’t left just yet.

The dementor was back, he swept towards Sirius’ turned back, Sirius let out a shout in shock and pain. My wand was in my hand within seconds. I grasped the feeling of happiness I feel with them around and shouted.


I was surprised, and it wasn’t at the fact that the spell had actually worked. No, I’m surprised at the fact that it isn’t a fish.

It’s a dog.

A dog, the same size as a short wolf, sprouted out of the tip of my wand. At first, I thought it was a mistake, that I took Sirius’ wand and just cast his Patronus. But that can’t be right. That’s not how magic works.

Then I thought someone else cast it.

But no, the words came out of my mouth and the spell out of my wand.

The dog pranced around, glowing like Sirius’ did earlier.  The dementor fully gave up and flew back up into the dark mass of dementors, leaving now. Apparently had gotten what they came for.

I still stared at the dog, even after it disappeared.

Remus spoke first, his voice muffled due to my state of confusion.

“… That doesn’t look like a fish.”

“Y’know, it kind of looks like Padfoot,” James stated.

With a knowing smirk similar to the one he had in the room at Hogsmeade, Remus slyly observed.

“You’re right Prongs. It does.”

Remus’ tone of voice and the comparison of my Patronus to his Animagus form made Sirius’ face light up bright red. His ears seemingly on fire as well.

What I didn’t understand, was why?

Peter was the one to ask the question.

“Why is it a dog? She said it was a fish.”

Remus jumped at the opportunity and spoke like a professor. “You see dear Peter. Your patronus may change when your personality changes vastly or-” He waves to Sirius and I. “-when you have fallen in love.”

Peter rubbed his chin slightly, in thought.

“So… _____’s personality changed?” He looked at me, my face grows hotter by the second. “well her face certainly has. Wow.”

James gave Peter an unamused look. Like ‘really.’

I avoid eye contact with anyone, looking at the ground, to the trees, to the mound of retreating dementors in the sky. I finally look at someone when the feeling of someone’s stare was burning a hole in my head.

It was Sirius.

His own cheeks were extremely red as well. His eyebrows flew up when I looked at him straight in the eyes. I chewed the inside of my cheek, opening my mouth to speak, which seemed appropriate for that moment. But he also had the same idea.

“w-c-o-an-uld- you- Oh!” we spoke at the same time, our words mixing together into an incomprehensible jumble.

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly.

“N-No I uh… You go first.”

“Nah, didn’t really have anything to say. You go first.”

“Well um…” He takes a deep breath before continuing. The forest was strangely silent. “Do you maybe… want to go out sometime? Like on a date or something? I mean I know that I forgot your name in the beginning well not really cus I know who you are I just didn’t recognize you and I just didn’t realize that it was you cus well, you’re much different now and that’s fine cus you look really nice, like ‘hello!’ And I was smitten with you since the first day and I’m really sorry about that and I hope you can forgive me and-“

“Sirius” I had to interrupt his rambling before we stood here for too much longer. He blushes a deeper color and chuckles shakily. I smiled at him before answering and ending this. Finally forgiving him. “Yeah, I’d like that.”



‘Hey, Sirius. I’ve been keeping an eye on your godson. He’s turning eleven soon. I hope they actually let my letter through into Azkaban this time. Miss you ~______’

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…. I will take any punishment you dish out.

He’s a silent guardian,

a watchful protector.

A dark knight.

(a continuation of the idea that Newt heads up MACUSA’s beasts department, started here)

Accepting President Picquery’s job offer is simultaneously the worst and best decision Newt has made in a while.

On the one hand, he gets to deal with a lot of beasts that come through illegal channels that, without his intervention, would probably not have stood a chance (particularly not considering the motley assortment of witches and wizards they had staffed the beasts department with previously; Newt is beginning to think that reassignment to the beasts department was a punishment akin to being reassigned to wand permits, except the person handing down the punishment probably wished bodily harm on the person they were reassigning). There are very few animals Newt finds which he cannot make a case for—or space in his case for, should the occasion call for it—and even then, he knows exactly where to relocate them to. No need for anyone to lose their head. Or fingers or horns or various other body parts. It’s all very nice, even if Newt does have to deal with paperwork. And what’s more, he has the chance to change America’s beast laws.

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“Lemme cut you a deal. Trust me it’ll be worth your time.”

Ford likes this bar because he is allowed to openly carry his weapons and it has booths that are easy to protect. Stan likes this bar because the tables are secured underneath so no one can point a gun at him without Ford knowing. Also it has a drink that reminds Stan of beer.

@pinesinthewoods prompted me to draw some alien bar negotiations for Blind Faith AU. I wanted to challenge myself to do an actual scene, lines, everything. I love how the twins turned out

I got to the colors and realized that my coloring skills are seriously lacking so after many attempts I gave up. If you want to color this, throw me a message for the full sized picture!

Bonus: Here’s an screenshot of how I might have done the colors