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what if aliens just dont understand the concept of taking non professional photos like selfies and sharing them on the internet? like "John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another 'selfie' with you."

John-human was not of the sub category photographer, though they didn’t seem to be aware of that themself. No matter where they went, they brought their little ‘smartphone’ with them, seemingly for the sole purpose of photography. It was beyond irrational, especially considering that John-human was well aware that they were of the sub category physicist.

“John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another ‘selfie’ with you.” Cg’jlas said when the human suggested another photograph being taken of the two. “I have important work to do, and clearly you have a plethora of photographs of us together. What could you possibly need another one for?” It was getting to the point of being irksome, if xe were to be honest. None of the other humans seemed to consider the behaviour odd though, so xe would have to tread carefully in case xe was approaching cultural territory.

“It’s for my blog. I’ve got people asking to see another picture of us together, and I thought this’d be a good place to take one. It looks cool in here.” John-human said as if it was the most obvious thing in the galaxy. To them it probably was.

“John-human, I am unfamiliar with some of these terms.” Xe said, contracting xir twarikial tentacle in an obvious show of confusion. “What is this ‘blog’, and why have other humans requested to see your photographs? Is it not most common to enjoy photographs of humans who are well known in general, or known to the human watching?”

“Oh, well, yeah? I guess, but we also like looking at pretty people or cool people, or just pretty pictures, and it’s really you all the fuss is about. They like seeing us together.” They said, elevating their shoulders briefly. “A blog is like a content sharing site on the internet – you remember when I told you about the internet, right?”

“Yes, it was quite… interesting. So you are not confused about which sub category in which you belong?” Xe asked, hoping xe didn’t come across as rude.

“You mean my job? No, I’m a physicist, why’d I be confused about that?” They asked, doing what Cg’jlas had learned was referred to as a ‘frown’.

“Because you seemed to be under the impression that you are of the sub category photographer. I am relieved that there is no confusion, John-human.” Xe said sincerely, making sure to have xir expression and posture show it.

“What? No, they’re just selfies. Everyone takes them, it’s a thing.” They said before proceeding to call one of their fellow humans over for one of these ‘selfies’. They then moved on to show Cg’jlas how they ‘posted’ the photograph, and some they had already posted. It made very little sense, but the fellow human seemed to be treat it as something normal, walking back to their work station after agreeing that John-human could post their photograph. They had asked to be ‘tagged’ in it, which xe had absolutely no idea what meant, but xe didn’t particularly want to find out either. It would just have to be another part of humans xe didn’t quite understand. It didn’t seem like an important part after all, if a bit irksome at times when xe was trying to work or focus.

Heechul Addresses Rumors About His Sexual Orientation

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul has expressed that he believes it’s rude to deny rumors of being gay in a strong way, as it can deeply hurt someone’s feelings.

In a recent interview with Yonhap News, Kim Heechul offered a glimpse into how much of a deep and thoughtful person he is, despite his immature yet humorous antics in various entertainment shows.

Recently on Knowing Bros, Kim Heechul revealed that an online post claiming he was gay had popped up on his feed, which gave the members of Super Junior and himself quite a shock.

Kim Heechul found a post online claiming he was confused about his gender identity.
When the interview asked if he felt stressed or worried after reading such a post, Kim Heechul revealed that at first, he became self-conscious, and therefore chose to grow a beard and cut his hair short.

However, he then showed his mature and thoughtful side by expressing that he didn’t wish to deny the rumors so strongly, as it could hurt someone else’s feelings.

“I’m not gay, because I like women. Haha. But if I deny the rumors too strongly, it could appear very rude to those who are. It’s only a difference in preference, and our values are just different.”
— Super Junior’s Kim Heechul

Viewers applauded his mature way of thinking, and agreed that it could be hurtful to those in the LGBTQ community by giving a strong reaction to such rumors.[kboo]

“Were there any straight people in this period of history?”

“Well…obviously speaking, there must have been some people that nowadays we would describe as ‘straight’, but we have to be very careful about applying modern standards of sexuality to the past. I’m sure if you asked anybody at the time if they were straight, they would have been very confused. And there’s something quite dangerous about forcing identities onto people who might not consider themselves that way. You also need to keep in mind that some things that today would seem ‘straight’ to us - like getting married, having children, etc. - were just the way things were back then. Nobody would have thought twice about doing that, including non-straight people. And there were plenty of people who undoubtedly got married, had very intensely emotional connections with their spouse, but then went off to go see their lover. Again, sexuality is a very complex thing, so I wouldn’t presume to state definitively that anybody was ‘straight’, and especially not without good, solid evidence that they were exclusively heterosexual. To presume otherwise would not only be making a lot of assumptions, it might even just promote harmful, overdone stereotypes about what makes someone ‘have’ to be straight, you know? So, yes, technically speaking there were, but I don’t see any reason to specifically consider straight people historically.”

Bangtan Boys Masterlist


↠ When You Shove Him Into The Pool

↠ When You Wear His Clothes

↠ When Another Member Flirts With You

When You Cry After An Argument


↠ Because You’re Short(er)

↠ His Favorite Action of Affection

↠ His Favorite Way To Kiss You

↠ Rejecting Your Confession

Most To Least

↠ To Date Someone With Tattoos

Bullet Lists

↠ Boyfriend!Taehyung

↠ Boyfriend!Namjoon


Kim Namjoon


❝ In that moment, it’s so abundantly clear just how much your heart is overflowing with love for this man.


Kim Seokjin

↠ Let Me Remind You (M)

You wake up quite confused about where you are and the things that had unravelled the night before. Luckily, Seokjin is there to remind you.

Min Yoongi 

↠ Late Nights 

Your boyfriend invites you over promising you a fun evening, but it only ends with some cuddling in his personal studio; you don’t mind too much.

Jung Hoseok 

↠ Stay The Night

Late night cuddles spent with your boyfriend, Hoseok, were something you selfishly wished could never end.

Kim Namjoon 

↠ Meeting His Parents

Nervous isn’t even the word to describe how you were feeling. Meeting Namjoon’s parent is probably one of the most nerve-wrecking things you’d ever have to encounter, but when you have Namjoon by your side it makes it just a little more bareable.

↠ A Date With Namjoon

Your boyfriend saves you from a night of boredom because there’s nothing a cheesy Namjoon can’t fix.

Jeon Jungkook 

↠ So Wrong, So Right (M)

It’s not your fault that your stepbrother was extremely attractive. It’s not your fault that he fucks you better than anyone else. What’s a girl to do when he sends that sinful smile your way. God, it is so wrong, but it feels so right.


↠ Cloud Gazing (with Taehyung)

Dating Bangtan

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ExR Fic Recs

Here I am, posting my recs at the very end of the last day of fic rec week. Go me.
Without further ado, here are some of my favorite Enjoltaire fanfiction recommendations in no particular order!

Nondiscriminatory Hiring Practices (7851 words) by Raddtaire: Super fluffy coffeeshop AU with some sweet pining!jolras. I think this is the very first ExR fic I’ve ever read, and it’s like the Parks and Recreation or mac and cheese of fanfiction for me. It’s like a comfort food that always cheers me up. Highly recommended.

I Feel Alive (3246 words) by captainskellington: Enjolras goes to the same bar all the time, and Grantaire is the bartender. Delicious pining and misunderstandings ensue.

Friday I’m in Love (34598 words) by The Librarina: Wonderful fake dating AU. Enjolras is going home for spring break and needs a fake boyfriend to keep his parents from setting him up with people, and Grantaire agrees.

Wanderer (15596 words) by sonhoedesrazao: Busker AU. Enjolras meets Grantaire while visiting Prague and follows him around Europe. This fic is amazing and has beautiful descriptions of all the cities please read it oh my god

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (8037 words) by sonhoedesrazao: Oblivious!Grantaire tries to play matchmaker for Enjolras, who is quite confused about it. General fluff with silly, silly boys.

We Are Who We Are (29691 words) by sigh_no_more: You’ve Got Mail AU! Enjolras falls for an anonymous internet pen pal while also dealing with his insufferable coworker, Grantaire.

That’s How Easy Love Can Be (28886 words) by lady_ragnell: The Amis are teachers at an elementary school, and Principal Valjean proposes a “non-denominational anonymous holiday gift exchange”. Enjolras draws Grantaire’s name and takes it upon himself to spend more time with him in order to decide what to get him. Super cute and has ExR painting together!!! And dealing with little kids!!! Honestly what more could you want??

Date Night (9102 words) by samyazaz: Accidental relationship AU. Enjolras always comes over when Joly and Bossuet are on date night with Musichetta, and Grantaire can’t seem to figure out why.

9 Times Grantaire Asked Enjolras Out (+1 He Said Yes) (3343 words) by captainskellington: Title is pretty explanatory. Really cute n’ flirty, and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

bigger than we ever dreamed (13211 words) by slightlytookish: Enjolras is the former crown prince and needs a place to hide out until the media dies down after abdicating from the throne. Grantaire just happens to be available. Super domestic and fluffy.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words (25024 words) by BethXP: Grantaire and Courfeyrac are both pining, and they strike up a bet to see who will be kissed by their respective love interests first. (Also, Marius does not deserve this treatment from his friends.)

Sheer Dumb Luck (23002 words) by angryintrovert: Texting universe! Grantaire accidentally texts Enjolras after Courfeyrac messes up Grantaire’s contacts. Nothing but fluff and another one of my comfort food fics.

out of the woods (7328 words) by novembersmith: Grantaire really hates haunted houses, really likes Enjolras, and really wishes he weren’t stuck in a haunted house with only Enjolras to help him out. Warning for descriptions of minor injuries and blood.

I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend (9665 words) by waroftheposes: The 1975/One Direction AU. Enjolras is in a boy band, and he may have a huge crush on Grantaire, the lead singer of the indie band 1832.

Love goes towards love, as schoolboys from their books (92326 words) by GingerNinjaAbi: Absolutely incredible Hogwarts AU. Amazing slowburn relationship and achingly beautiful setting descriptions. This fic is like sweaters and tea on a brisk fall day.

Kittens and Cats and All Things Cute (21576 words) by thedarkandstormyknight: Enjolras receives a kitten for his birthday and Grantaire works at an animal shelter. So, so cute and fluffy(literally).

touching souls (5419 words) by nightswatch Based on this short film(which I highly recommend). High school AU. Enjolras is blind and quite smitten with Grantaire, who very much returns the sentiment. I love this fic so much it makes my heart melt every time.

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Did you see the tweet where Dan basically said that the lesson we learned was that we don't need to know everything because savage Like I'm still reeling from that tweet (But you know what good for him like letting his audience know that there's still boundaries even though he is more open)

that tweet gave me such mixed emotions. on the one hand, yes of course. the importance of privacy and boundaries between their personal lives and what they share with the internet has always been such a vital part of dnp’s approach to their careers in the public eye. and honestly most of the time i wish they were more open and straightforward about how much that distinction matters to them instead of trying to sugarcoat and make like they just want to be our friends. but at the same time i fucking hate the tone of that reply specifically in the context of this bahamas debacle bc dan literally invited the scrutiny about this particular bout of travel. he quite literally designed tweets to confuse people about his whereabouts and then voluntarily shared his flight info and passport details after that, all of it done knowingly, with full confidence that it would drive people to the extremes of speculation and ‘detective work’ trying to piece together a rational explanation for why he was apparently in two places at once that day. idkkkk man, like pretty much any other time i’d be fine w him talking about how much privacy matters to him and phil and state the very obvious point that the audience doesn’t need to know everything about their lives, but it rly rubs me the wrong way to hear him say that in this context when he literally did this for a laugh, so that ppl would have fun w speculating what he was up to lmao. jst strikes me as being super fucking patronizing

Why do I dislike Tales of Zestiria the X?

Recently I’ve been asked one question numerous times: “Why do you think the anime is shit? You only hate it because it doesn’t focus on SorMik, right?”

Now guys, I think it’s vital for me to answer this. Because let’s face it, we will never see face to face if we don’t discuss the matter. And look, here I am, typing this out because I feel this is important. So if you’re curious and want to understand why a lot of us dislike the anime then please bear with me because this will be long (6 pages in Word, 6!)

To make this a little bit easier for me, I’ll assume that you haven’t played the game or watched its walkthrough yet and that you like the anime. But of course if you did either of them it’s good, bc at least you’ll know what I am talking about.

And so, I shall do a character analysis in this post, comparing the game and anime selves to each other while I name some other issues as well. I won’t list all the inconsistency and plot holes the anime has for I’d be here even after my death.

I’m going to try to make you guys understand that while the SorMik fandom is not happy, there are more pressing issues with the anime than that.

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heart skipped a beat

pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

summary: you were too much.

words: 1,130

warnings: angst!, self-hatred/anxiety, swearing, alcohol

a/n: i listened to the song “heart skipped a beat” by the xx exactly 35 times last night and this terrible thing happened. not only is this my first fic ever published, but it’s also my first fic in english which is not my native language and that makes me too sensible of my defects not to think it probable that i may have committed many [grammatical] errors. honestly, i don’t even know why i’m posting this, since i have like 0.4 followers and no one will read it. i guess i just felt like sharing it somewhere.

please don’t say we’re done when i’m not finished.

“It’s over.” Lin declared briefly, not bothering to look up at you.

You stood there, blood rushing through your whole body, sending chills down your spine. Your brain stopped functioning for a second and you weren’t sure if it would work right ever again. You couldn’t believe he just said that. You thought he never would.

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Surprised how Star's parents reacted. Something's fishy. Also points for the shot with Tom, and I also tought it was cute how Star is creating her own book of spells.

I also noticed that Star is becoming less the rebel princess and more a royal princess. But they only brought the negatives of it now.

It’s ironic because by the end of the episode she embraces her “rebel princess” status and yet she does something very responsible. I guess Star gives the best of herself when she’s not forced to be something that she’s not. She’s learning and getting more responsible and one day she will run Mewni her own way, as Marco stated back in “Mr. Candle Cares”.

Her parents looked quite confused about Glossaryck’s kidnapping, almost as if they were surprised by it, as in “what is that blue smurf up to?”.

I guess we’ll know later this month.

  • Sanji: I was getting there! I had my hand under her shirt!
  • Zoro: Hear that, he was 'getting there'. Son, you wouldn't even know what to do if you got there.
  • Chopper: Put some ice on it. After that, there's nothing a few beers won't take care of.

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You recently did a post about the breed of bull terriers, would you have the same stance of Staffordshire bull terriers ? Also I have heard a few times over the years that mixed breed dogs like mongrals tend to be healthier than pure breeds. Would you agree with this? Thanks

Staffordshire Bull Terriers (SBTs for short) are one of the most popular dog breeds locally. They are quite different to Bull Terriers, but talking about them is confused because I see three different types of dog called SBTs.

The first type is the classic English SBT. This breed is actually kind of small, but has lots of muscle packed on.

(Photo By Sannse on en.wikipedia)

The second type is the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, sometimes called the AmStaff.

(Photo via pintrest, but watermark states ‘art of staff’)

The AmStaff is a bigger breed, distinctly taller and locally they are the breed most likely to be called a ‘pit bull’.

The third type of dog presented to me called a SBT is either a mix of the two, or a similar looking dog with brindle or black-brindle coat that looks close enough to be a SBT mix, but doesn’t actually have any SBT DNA when tested.

If I keep the focus of this post on actual SBTs and their mixes, then these are the the points I always bring up with perspective owners.

Allergies are the most common problem I encounter with either types of SBT. Ths can range from a seasonal plant allergy to full blown atopy. Food allergies aren’t as common but can still occur. The allergies can then predispose to pyoderma, and require maintenance to keep the dogs comfortable

Demodex mange is also reasonably common, though less so with over the counter parasite products available that just happen to treat it.

They are prone to anxiety. This varies in how severe it is, and more of them are barkers than destroyers, though they have a decent set of jaws and can chew through an awful lot of stuff if given the opportunity. These dogs, especially the English, really need a human. They’re very people focused and many of them just can’t handle the world without ‘their’ people.

They’re often hyperactive and hyperexcitable, but that’s personality. The difficulty with that comes when they are poorly behaved in public, especially with the AmStaff, and members of the public call them ‘pit bulls’ which can get them investigated by the council.

Some of them will chew rocks and wood, wearing down and damaging their teeth. This isn’t a genetic weakness, but it is something that benefits from careful management.

Skeletally they’re not too bad. They’re a common breed to present for cruciate ligament rupture, but to be fair this usually happens after the dog has jumped off something particularly silly.

They are one of the breeds unreasonably prone to Mast Cell Tumors. They get lipomas more often, but you can’t tell without testing whether one lump on a dog is a fairly benign lipoma, or a dangerous Mast Cell Tumor. While some Mast Cell Tumors are highly treatable with surgery, early detection increases your chance of a cure.

English SBTs are, technically, brachycephalic. However their anatomy is nowhere near as extreme as the breeds notorious for brachycephalic airway syndrome. These dogs generally breathe well, but you will often come across individuals with a mild symptoms, such as a subtly elongated soft palate or a moderate collapsing trachea in their old age.

Epilepsy seems to crop up in these dogs a bit more than average, but it’s generally manageable. It means lifelong medication, but often it’s initially more stressful for the owners than for the dogs.

The AmStaff version still has a hip dysplasia problem and I would recommend pennhip screening from 16 weeks of age, especially from ‘breeders’ who are breeding primarily for ‘rare colors’.

Originally posted by introxlifetrap

These dogs are extremely popular, and consequently also the most popular breed to end up in the local shelter. There are a large number of people who keep wanting to breed their ‘rare, blue’ SBT of either type, that wont let me talk them out of it. 

I think the shelter problem is compounded by how common they are alongside their neediness. The vocal range of this breed is huge, the sounds they can make include ‘screaming child’ and ‘strangled goat’. People get the cute puppy, but decide they can’t meet the needs of the adult dog.

The AmStaff version as a whole social issue of its own to contend with, because a certain segment of the population is in love with the idea of the aggressive Pit Bull, and they want one, but can’t get a ‘real’ one, so get themselves an AmStaff since it’s not a restricted breed. Pit Bulls are here, but the situation is a bit sticky because you don’t ave to prove the dog is a pit bull, you have to prove that it’s not. The enforcers of these laws have a checklist of physical attributes, and if the dog meets enough of them it can be labeled a ‘pit bull’, no matter what it is.

I’m very loathe to ever label a dog as a Pit Bull, because there are some breed restrictions around me, and I don’t wish to accidentally get a dog into serious trouble. The dog breed DNA test we use also won’t publish anything with the words ‘Pit Bull Terrier’ on it, lest the dog gets euthanized for that reason either.

But for these people what actually want the tough looking pit bull, not a pibble couch buddy, the dogs are often not well socialized and unfortunately problematic in the clinic.

SBTs are one of the breeds I would label as ‘addictive’. Once somebody has owned one, more often than not they end up with multiple dogs, or find themselves unable to enjoy life without owning a dog of this breed. They are kind of like kids to their special people.

As for mixed breed dogs, their issues are less predictable, and their anatomy generally less extreme, but they are no guarantee of health. If you cross two breeds with the same health concerns,you are equally likely to see that concern in the resulting cross. I would not guarantee a mixed breed dog would be healthy, but there is very little in general that I would guarantee.

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hi! I requested that imagine about Draco and the reader living with him for the summer and I would love it so much if you could write another part. if you aren't feeling it don't worry, but i really like what you wrote, thank you so so much!!

With pleasure! I am so glad you liked it)) I am thinking of making series, I like the idea so much)))) Hope you don’t mind.

Name: Plans for the summer Part 2. Hogwarts-Express
Part 1

“Ready?” Malfoy appears next to you, as you are standing with the Golden Trio, saying the last ‘bye’ before leaving. Everyone stops talking, turning to you. Then to Malfoy, as if he was a poisonous snake. Or three.

“Malfoy? What did you forget here?” finally asks Ron, his face purple from the hatred that he just can’t control, no matter what happens.

“Y/N is spending the summer with me, Weasley,” calmly explain Draco, bored from the fact that he is talking to the Weasley. “Are you coming?”

“She is not!”

“Ron, I am,” you murmur. “He offered me to…”

“Y/N, you are drunk,” Ron offers the solution. “He must have drugged you. It is Malfoy!”

“I know. That’s why she is spending the summer with me, not with you,” giggles Draco, taking your elbow and pulling you away from the group. “We have to go,” you nod and follow him under the contemptuous glances of the entire school. You would stay and explain to them that you really don’t want to go home, but then you recall that not even one of your ‘friends’ thought of recalling that you hate being home. No one offered any help.

“That was… Why did you do it? Why not just meet in London?” you ask quietly. “Now everyone will know that you are spending the summer with me.”

“And you are afraid of it?” you shrug your shoulders. “Don’t be. It was a political move,” Draco notices that you frown, so he starts laughing, amused by the fact that you trusted it. “I am joking. It would be a deadly move, killing my reputation. And yours. And then mine again. You see… I am the bad guy, nothing will fix this reputation. Becoming friends with Potter’s friends… It will be frowned upon, seen as betrayal from the both sides.”

“Then why are you doing it?” he stops smiling, closing the compartment, so that no one else would join you.

“Because I just want to, Y/N,” you see that he is lying, but let it go - you still have two months of spending time together, he will at some point let it out.

“So…” you break the silence, as the train starts moving, leaving Hogwarts behind. “Does the summer plan include people? Either your people or mine?”

“No,” he smiles at you, then sees that you still want to know more. “It’s ok. I have no plan. It’s just spending the summer together. Peace, comfort, nice company. I do not want to pull you into the circle of Death Eaters, if that is what you are afraid of,” Draco takes out a book and pays all his attention to it, totally neglecting you. For the following four hours, you sit together in the compartment, both quite confused about how you are supposed to act, even though you both just read your books and are quite comfortable this way. Every once in a while, one of you looks at another one, but you never know.

“Fine,” Draco suddenly puts the book away and turns to you. “Tell me.”


“Whatever it is you are thinking about. As long as it is not connected to the Gryffindor,” you put the legs on the seat and sigh.

“I was thinking about how stupid our world is,” he grins, running his fingers through his hair. “I mean… people try to be logical, at the same time they never are. Humans are just annoying. Why are you smiling?”

“You sound like someone who’s lost hope… What, you broke up with someone?” you roll your eyes. “I’m kidding. I would know. You just sound desperate.”

“So do you,” you murmur, and Malfoy frowns. “Come on, another way you wouldn’t invite a Gryffindor spend summer with you.”

“True… Maybe,” he smiles, as if he knows something that you don’t know. “You’ll never know, will you?”

“Merlin, Malfoy! How many secrets are you hiding?”

“Just a few,” he answers calmly, as the Trolley Witch passes by, offering you sweets. You simply ignore her. “The question is… why did you come with me? You could ask Weasley or Granger, or anyone from your own House to take you in… Yet you agreed to the offer of the Malfoy.”

“Then why did you offer?” you ask him back.

“Touché,” he smiles. “I will know why, Y/N.”

“So will I,” you promise, but the atmosphere doesn’t get tensed or nervous at all, as it would if Potter was here - you feel more like you should be joking around, annoying each other a little. “Where are we going at least?”

“Oh, the Malfoy mansion… Not the manor, I hate that place. We have a house next to a small lake in the forest, one of my ancestors built it for his wife. It is beautiful, given that there is a spell to push away the mosquitos,” the last sentence he adds quieter. “It was hateful before.”

“So… we are spending the summer in the lake house?” you smile.

“Yes, yes… I was supposed to ‘bring some friends’, but you may know that I am not a fan of either one of the school groups.”

“What, Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Prince, is not fond of his House?” you mock him, then get serious. “Why?”

“I love my House, Y/N. Just that they are a little… overwhelmed. And acting on emotions. And that is a shame.”

“Being emotional is a shame?” you get interested. “Not that I am arguing, but what about good emotions? Or you all just block everything?”

“Oh, no! No, Y/N, please… Slytherin is the ambitious and extremely smart House, but in no way are we not loyal. We are, just it’s not our most famous quality,” Draco unbuttons his robe and pushes it inside his bag, really not as neat as you would expect him to be. “Slytherin is cunning. But also loyal. But we have to be, as all other Houses hate us so much, they hardly consider the option of befriending a first-year from Slytherin. How do you think the kids feel when they get sorted in Slytherin, and the whole school reacts with this face of Dumbledore when he has to give points to Slytherin?”

“I never thought about it,” you murmur.

“I know,” he acts like nothing is happening, when you suddenly reach out for him and carefully stroke his clenched fist.

“I am sorry. Looks like by we are not such a great school as Dumbledore says we are.”

“Right,” Draco laughs, but doesn’t take the hand away, as you keep stroking the cold skin with your fingertips. “You’d better take the robe off. We do not apparate.”

“We don’t?”

“No. We take another train, the muggle one, and make it to the closest town,” you don’t really trust your ears. “Y/N, the fact that I am a pureblood does not mean that I do not understand some advantages of the muggle transport. I am not my father, so obsessed with the blood.”

“I’ve noticed. I just never expected to hear you plan taking muggle train.”

“Did you expect me to even be here with you?” you both smile, understanding how absurd all of it is. “Just accept it. You don’t know me.”

“So true… So true,” you whisper, staring at him, trying to understand who the hell this person is. Malfoy smiles, as you take the robe off and put it in the beg. You really want to know why he offered you to spend the summer with him, why he is nice, and why you are here at all, but you know that he will avoid the answer again. So you give up for now.

“Wake up,” Draco stands up. “We are here. Let me show you how well the Malfoy you don’t know acts in the muggle world,” he offers you his hand, obviously acting it, so well-mannered, with a huge grin on his face. “May I lead, my lady?”

“Why, yes, noble sir,” you grin back, taking his hand and standing up. “I will be happy to follow you.”

Avengers Preference: They Find Out You’re Pregnant With Their Baby

For the sake of this fic, we’re going to pretend all the Avengers can have children.

I will be doing an X-men version too I think.

Tony Stark
Tony would be completely silent when you first told him you were pregnant. He’d ask “Are you sure?” And when you nodded, Tony would go to the bar and pour himself a drink. He’d look at you for a second and decide that you weren’t having alcohol for the next nine or ten months. You’d agree. After he’d taken a long swig of Scotch, Tony would open his arms and pull you in for a hug. “Well, there’s no going back now.” He’d say, his chin resting on your head, his heart racing as he became more and more anxious about the future of this child that was his. His and yours.

Steve Rogers
Steve would grin, practically from ear to ear. He’d kiss you on the lips gently, cupping your face in his hands. “You’re going to be such an amazing mother.” He would say, unable to stop smiling.

Clint Barton
Clint would grin when you told him, so happy. He’d probably make a sarcastic remark of some kind before pulling you into a warm hug.

Natasha Romanoff
Natasha would be overjoyed. and for once she would actually show it. She’d kiss you first, smiling into the kiss so much it made you laugh. She’d hold you by the waist teasing you, “Soon I’ll get your clothes.”

Bruce Banner
Bruce would find it so surreal. He’d be so happy but shocked. He’d tell almost everyone, so proud of you. 

Pietro Maximoff
Pietro, when you told him would kiss you quickly and then race out to get you things to help with the pregnancy. He’d get you chocolate, blankets, teddies, ginger beer, anything he thought might help. In the evening he’d settle down with you. You’d lay across his lap and his fingers would trace up and down your stomach.

Wanda Maximoff
Wanda would take your hands in her cold ones, smiling as she ran a finger gently up and down your wrist. “I’m so happy.” She’d say, “We’re going to have a baby.” Smirking slightly, she’d place a kiss on your forehead.

Thor Odinson
Thor would tell everyone. He’d practically make an announcement of it. He would be so happy to be a father and for you to be the mother of his child.

Loki Laufeyson
Loki would press his forehead to yours, able to tell that you were a little nervous about the baby and how he would react. “I couldn’t be luckier.” He’d smile, “I couldn’t ask for a better queen and mother of my child.” His lips would meet yours, his hands snaking around your waist.

Bucky Barnes
Bucky would be shocked at first. Then he’d grin, picking you up and spinning you around, laughing. “I love you!” He’d say happily, setting you down and pressing a kiss to your lips. “I love you so much, darling.” He wouldn’t be able to stop grinning for the rest of the week.

Sam Wilson
Sam would grin, pulling you over to sit on his lap. “That is the best news I;ve heard all year.” He’d say, cupping your face in his hands and bringing your lips to his.

Scott Lang
Scott would be worried at first, because he wasn’t sure how Cassie would feel. He’d be happy, but nervous. Once he told Cassie and she was overjoyed, he’d be very open with his excitement, getting everything ready for the baby.

He would be quite quiet, unsure what to do. He would be confused about everything he was feeling. He’d just hold you for a while, happy and content.

Technically Part Two could be: Avengers Preference: The Baby Kicks For The First Time


Summary: Told from the perspective of a doctor observing Dan’s strangely frequent trips to A&E, always for broken bones. His relationship with Phil seems perfect, but could there be a more sinister cause underlying Dan’s injuries? Or is it something else entirely?

AO3 Link

Genre: Angst (happy ending)

Warnings: Vague mentions of abuse, hospitals, injuries (broken bones)

POV: An A&E doctor

Words: 2609

Beta: gatsbys-old-sport

A/n: This took me three weeks to write omg it was an endevour (also it’s the reason In the Oven chapters are now going to be biweekly because I’ve been spending too much time on it and now I don’t have any chapters pre-written and I can’t write a chapter in a week it seems)

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Imagine…Having Hamburgers And Tacos With The Guardians Of The Galaxy After Missions

Mainly Quill’s idea. Groot refuses to eat either unless the veggies are taken out. Gamora is confused about what either a hamburger or tacos are. Drax and Rocket makes huge messes on the Milano with both. Nebula is also quite confused about what they are and chooses not to eat any of them. But you and Peter watches her eat a taco because it’s lighter than a hamburger.   You and Peter eat hamburgers and tacos while the Milano is on autopilot for the time being. 

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Kurt (comic book verse if thats alright) x reader for the ship meme? Please and thank you <33

Who hogs the duvet?

You do! Kurt is the kindest and most considerate boyfriend. And due to his time at the circus, being forced to sleep in cramped places–he did not move much when he slept. Unlike you, who continuously night after night, cocooned yourself in those blankets.

Who texts/rings to check how their day is going?

Kurt does! He loves to hear about your day and constantly loves to know what you’re doing at work. If you’re particularly busy that day, he’ll make sure to leave you a message telling you how much he loves you and misses you.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts?

He is! If you didn’t know his mutation you would swear that he was a telepath. Somehow he manages to know exactly what you want for your birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday the two of you celebrate. You had your suspicions through, every time he suggested the two of you hang out with Jean and Scott.

Who gets up first in the morning?

He does, it’s uncanny how early he could be out of bed. Most of the time at 6:30 am he’s already downstairs preparing breakfast for the two of you.

Who suggests new things in bed?

You do! Anything to do with sex immediately causes him to freeze up and his whole body with become flushed. Most of the time he will take your suggestions, trying them out later that night.

Who cries at movies?

You both do! It’s common knowledge that Kurt is a big softie, so whenever it comes to romantic movies or generally movies with sad endings the two of you have to come prepared. Usually it depends what movie the two of you watch, but most of the time you are the strong one, as you try not to laugh while wiping away his tears.

Who gives unprompted massages?

He does, you could swear after a long day or week, at the end of the night somehow his hands somehow find their way to your shoulders giving you the best shoulder and back massage that you ever hand. You could swear, his hands were magical and most of the time you tried to repay back the favor–unfortunately, your massages are not as good in comparison to his.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick?

You do and honestly Kurt thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. It happens more times than you would have liked, since he insists on helping every poor animal he sees stuck in the rain. You make sure he’s always warm and that he stays in bed. He tries to get you to stay away from him, for you to avoid becoming sick, however you end up catching whatever he had the week later.

Who gets jealous easiest?

He does! Every time someone is staring in your general direction or chatting casually with you, he immediately thinks the worst. While he is never really the confronting type, he immediately avoids the situation–becoming sullen and depressed. It takes a considerable number of soft kisses and cuddles to make it up to him.

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music?

He does! It took you a while to figure out but he has a soft spot for pop music, softly humming along to it while he’s working. While you find nothing wrong with his music selection, it embarrasses him greatly, causing his cheeks to turn the softest shade of purple. You find it the cutest thing ever.

Who collects something unusual?

Neither of you really, but you and Kurt are definitely the couple who enjoys picking up the prettiest shells you can find when you go to the beach. Keeping them inside of your shared closet.

Who takes the longest to get ready?

He does, which at first came as quite a shocker to both of you. Kurt wants to make sure that he looks perfect for you, whether it be going out the movies or picking up groceries, he wanted to make sure that everyone in the world knew that he was worthy enough to be with you.

Who is the most tidy and organized?

He is! Most of the cleaning that is done around the house is done by him, meaning that he’s in charge to making sure that everything is put neatly back in its correct spot. Sometimes for fun while he’s cleaning, you’ll rearranged some of the items which he just put away, causing him to be quite confused and puzzled.

Who gets most excited about the holidays?

You both do! Upon realizing that Kurt has not celebrated a proper Christmas or any other holiday, you vowed to celebrate them all with him. From birthdays to Valentine’s Day, both of you go all out with decorations and festivities and despite how exhausted you are at the end of the day; it’s all worth it to see that amazing smile on his lips.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon?

It depends. At times, Kurt enjoys being the little spoon, especially when he has nightmares. However, at times he wouldn’t mind cuddling with you in his arms.

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports?

You are! Kurt really isn’t that competitive when it comes to games and such. Honestly, this boy would do anything to see your face light up, so at times he might lose the small game that the two of you were playing. However, your melodic taunting and blinding smile, easily erased his guilt.

Who starts the most arguments?

You do! The two of you almost never argue, but occasionally you will notice something bothering Kurt and it’s only your instinct to pry. You don’t mean any harm in asking, but if it’s something that is deeply bothering him, he feels a bit silly bothering you with it. A few back and forth answers then things become heated, causing the two of you to bicker. In the end, he knows you have no ill intentions and just wanted to help. A long cuddle session later, and the argument never happened.

Who suggests that they buy a pet?

He does! It’s not a secret that Kurt is obsessed with animals. But quite honestly, the number of strays that he brings home, the two of you don’t even need to discuss buying a pet; you both already have a shelter. But somehow, he seems to convince you that one more animal inside the house would not be such a bad thing. And damn, you wished you were not such a sucker for those puppy dog eyes.

What couple traditions they have?

Both you and Kurt enjoy spoiling each other every chance the two of you get. While, this isn’t really considered a tradition, every year for your birthday Kurt insists on getting you a single red rose and a box of chocolates. And for his birthday, you always insist doing anything that he wants to do, whether it be traveling around the world the entire day or staying in a cuddling. 

What tv shows they watch together? 

The Big Bang Theory and Seinfeld.

What other couple they hang out with?

None, most of your friends are single and the two of you would quite honestly want to spend time together than with your friends.

How they spend time together as a couple?

The two of you have quite busy schedules, so it makes time management difficult when trying to balance your jobs as well as the other. Most of the time, you guys spend time together doing completely mundane things, such as brushing your teeth together in the morning, bringing the other lunch, or cuddling and having late night talks. It might not be the most ideal way to be a couple, but somehow the two of you seem to make it work.

Who made the first move?

You did! Kurt was an overall shy person and it would typically take quite a while for him to fall in love with someone and having the confidence to admit it, let alone confess his feelings. With all the awkward glances the two of you were giving each other and the unresolved tension, you forfeited yourself esteem and not so causally asked him out. After some stuttering and flushed faces, he said yes.

Who brings flowers home?

He does! This boy loves bringing you flowers, whether it’s the bouquets or just some he’s been growing outside, this boy lives to see your face whenever he presents you with the gift. And sometimes as a gift, you enjoy weaving those flowers into a small crown and giving them back to him. He wears your creation for the rest of the day, a smile never leaving his lips

Who is the best cook?

He is! If it weren’t for your busy schedules, you would have him cook for you every day and for three meals a day. Since he can’t, he reserves his cooking skills for weekends and special occasions. And more often than not, if you happened to sleep in on the weekend, he’ll present you sheepishly with breakfast in bed.