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Catcall (Bruce)

this was originally for someone else, and then i wasn’t gonna post it, but here it is so thats that.

WARNINGS are limited to catcalling, making men uncomfortable, sudden kisses and embarrassing flirting.

Wanda elbows you, hard, and you jerk upright, nearly tripping over your own feet.

“Huh?” You grunt, glancing at her from where she’d been running beside you. She shoots you a dark look and you shrink some. “What?”

“Stop staring and make a move.” She whispers, her voice sharp and you glance back over to where you’d been drooling over Bruce as he went through laboured push ups.

“Damn, hot stuff, you come here often!” You shout across the gym, startling Bruce enough that he lands face first onto the floor and Wanda loses her stride on the treadmill. Hurriedly pressing buttons, she turns off her machine, wheezing around giggles and squeaks of laughter. Bruce sits up, glancing over at the two of you curiously before smiling. “You look hot!”

“Thanks.” He laughs, moving back into position and starting back up with the workout. Wandas hand slams on the buttons of your treadmill as she pulls you from the room, still laughing.

“What the hell was that?” She squawks, shaking your hand hard in her laughter and you blush, glancing back at the gym doors. What is Bruce hears whatever this is?

“Shh.” You hiss, dragging her further down the hall until you came across the cinema and dragged her in. “What?”

“Oh. Oh my. Yes.” She gasps, still laughing and you want to stomp your foot in frustration. “Don’t worry, his face was just hilarious. His expression. Don’t worry.”

You nod slowly, still frowning. But what else could it be? Sure, you’re bad at flirting but it can’t be that bad.

“You’re staring.” Sam prods and you groan softly, glaring at him, but your eyes are inevitably drawn back to Bruce where he struggles to cut a tomato. You beam as the fruit tumbles from his grip, the knife coming down haphazardly, cutting all wrong and barely missing his finger. Bruce swears softly and you mind instantly conjures other imagines. For a moment, he stands there completely still, unable to fiddle with his glasses with juice covered hands before grabbing another from the basket and trying again.

“So?” You mutter, watching him mangle another fruit, his expression drawn into a sour mask.

“Why don’t you just say something?” Sam encourages and you sigh, frowning at the dark haired man across the room. You shouldn’t, he really looks stressed and adding to that stress would just be rude.

“I don’t want to annoy him or something.” You mumble and Sam rolls his eyes, giving you a look.

“If it were me, and a pretty girl like you came onto me, I could never be annoyed.” Sam promises, patting your knee gently and rising to his feet. Inhaling a steadying breath, you licked your lips and hesitated.

“You lookin’ fine as f*ck today, sweet thang!” You call to Bruce, watching him mangle another tomato in surprise, while Sam gapes at you. Bruce stares at you for a moment before shaking his head and grinning, picking up another tomato. Sam stares at you with an open mouth before he carefully moves to your side.

“What the hell was that?” He asks softly while you gaze at a now smiling Bruce, watching him manage to actually cut a whole tomato. Averting your eyes when he looks up, you quickly glance back to watch his tiny victory dance before he settles on another tomato. “Y/N, honey, look at me.”

“Hm? What?” You mumble, meeting Sams eyes with a wrinkle of confusion.

“What’d you just do?” He asks softly and you warily glance sideways at Bruce.

“Flirted?” You ask hesitantly and Sam groans softly, palms covering his face.

“Y/N? Please, tell me this is a prank.” He glances around seriously before frowning at you. “Have you started a Youtube channel? Is that what this is?”

“No?” You whisper, your face getting hotter by the second and your panic rising. “Am I doing it wrong? The guys on the street always do it like that and you know I was stuck in that cell.”

Sam sighs tiredly before glancing over at Bruce who’s smirking at the tomatos, even if every so often one still ends up bruised or on the floor.

“Kid, you just catcalled the Hulk.” He groans softly, and you blink at him, cringing.

“Is that bad?” You whisper, horrified and he has the audacity to snort. “Sam!”

“He’s taking it really well, it’s probably nothing. Just- Just refrain from it as much as you can. I’m free… Hell, uh, Wednesday. We’ll watch a couple of movies and I’ll help you out, okay?”

“Okay?” You croak, nodding nervously and he shakes his head, grinning at you.

“You’re really strange.” He smirks and you scowl. Wordlessly, you shove to your feet and cross to where Bruce is still cutting the tomatos and shoot Sam a glare that he laughs at.

“What’re you doing?”


“Hello everybody.” Sam greets, pacing before the television with a superior tilt to his lips. “This is Flirting 101.”

You grin at the grandeur he imbues into the words, without thinking, you nudge Bruce beside you. When he glances at you, he’s dead eyed, and you can’t help giggling.

“Have fun.” You mouth to him and he rolls his eyes, but his lips twitch.

“Here I have my assistant teacher, Miss Romanov. So, welcome students. How about we introduce ourselves?” Sam teases and you snicker, but sit up all the same.

“This is stupid.” Bruce mutters and you poke your tongue at him.

“I’m Y/N.” You greet and Thor laughs delightedly.

“Quite nice to see you here, my friend. I am Thor, of Asgard.” Thor pipes up, grinning at you around Bruce and you grin right back. Across the room, Natasha hides her smile under a palm and Sam beams at you.

“First on the agenda, we will watch some pivotal and teaching scenes from these four movies. Then Natasha will illustrate a correct technique, before we pair you off and get you to test it on one another.” He smiles and your smile dies. Sam smirks at your expression, nodding subtly.

“I have something to do!” You shout, jerking to your feet and Natasha snorts. Sam frowns at you playfully, eyes narrowed with sadistic glee.

“I’m sure you don’t.”

“I do!”

“What exactly, have you got to do?”

“You want me to explain?” You hiss, clearing your throat nervously and glancing at the others. Bruce has a worried expression on his face, his eyes almost pleading for you while Thor looks mildly interested. Meeting Sams eyes with your own, you narrow your gaze and try not to smile. “I just got my period.”

“Now- Y/N, you can’t-” Sam starts, only for Bruce to cut in.

“Dude, what the hell?” He snaps and Sam quiets, eyeing him nervously. “If she’s got to go, she’s gotta go. Why would you make her reveal that?”

“I- uh-”

“Come on, Y/N, he’s a dick.” Bruce snaps, gently catching your arm in his and guiding you from the room with a furious look in his eye. As you clear the door, he grins at you and you can’t help brightening with him. “Run, run, run.”

You yelp as he takes off, his hand catching yours and pulling you along with him, your laughter echoing down the hall behind you.

“Damn it!” Sam shouts and Bruce laughs, pulling you around a corner and pulling you into the bathroom, both your chests heaving as he slams the door shut and locks it. Brushing your hair back, you can’t help but grin at him as he presses a finger to his lips and presses an ear to the door.

“I can’t hear him.” He whispers and you snicker, hopping up onto the sink to watch him. “But we should stay here for a little while. Just in case.”

You eye him with a delighted curiosity, picking up on the hesitant note in his voice. “That’s what we should do, you think?”

He shrugs uncomfortably, his cheeks a little red and you grin. Wait. Are you flirting?

“What’ll we do?” You ask, glancing around the sparingly furnished bathroom with a disappointed frown. Bruce scratches his head, glancing around unsurely as well.

“Uh-” He hums, and you refocus on him, just in time to watch him cross the bathroom in a single stride and capture your jaw in his palm. For a moment, his lips hesitate over yours and you ache with a sudden intensity you can’t name, your hand coming up and tugging on his hair, pressing your lips to his.

He groans softly as your lips touch, his hand catching on your waist and clutching it as your thighs close around his waist, holding him close. Tugging on his hair, you swallow his moan, licking into his mouth and earning another groan. Tongue sliding against yours, Bruces head tilts, the angle moving him closer and you moan softly as he curls his tongue against yours.

“Baby, what that mouth do?” He gasps as you part and you can’t help snorting, your head falling to his shoulder as he chuckles. “Were they serious? Were you really being serious there?”

“I can’t flirt!” You protest shyly, holding your face hidden against his shoulder and he laughs again, arms wrapping around your waist to hold you close.

“They were so bad.” He teases and you pull back, glaring at him and punching his shoulder.

“Well how bad could they be? Or weren’t we just making out?” You counter, raising your eyebrows and smirking smugly. He laughs, rolling his eyes and pulling you off the sink to slide slowly down his body.

“I liked you before you started yelling weirdly sexual things at me, doofus.” He retorts, grinning when you tug lightly on his hair, before tucking it behind his ear.

But would you have locked yourself in a bathroom with me to kiss me if I hadn’t made yelled said weirdly sexual things?”

He groans, head rolling before he smiles at you softly. “You win.”

You laugh, palms capturing his face and pulling him toward you for another kiss.

ta da!


amaziana  asked:

Heya! I'd like to request headcanons for Todoroki, Tamaki and Bakugou with a s/o who thinks they don't desrve to demand anything from anyone (respect, friendship, love etc.) Becourse they were selfish as a child? Thank you:)

Todoroki Shoto - 

  • Todoroki’s definitely surprised when his s/o tells him they think they don’t deserve things such as love and respect.
  • He asks how long they’ve felt that way about themselves and if there’s anything he can do to help.
  • When they explain their reasoning, he understands. But also says that most kids are - of course some more than others, and it’s good that you’ve recognized that, but you shouldn’t be viewing it in such a negative way.
  • Since Todoroki is better with words than actions, he’ll just verbally state his opinion, but if his s/o wants a hug or some form of affection, he’ll hesitantly wrap his arms around them and soon relax.
  • If they ever do get their doubts again he’ll always be there to reassure them that there’s no need to feel like that.

Amajiki Tamaki - 

  • Throughout a lot of his life, Tamaki has also thought that he didn’t deserve what he has. Not because he was ever selfish, but because of his anxieties and insecurities. So in a way he can relate.
  • Honestly he might cry when they tell him. Tamaki thinks his s/o deserves the whole world so hearing them say that they don’t deserve much hurts him.
  • He brings them into a tight hug while hiding his face in their hair and mumbles, “Y-you deserve everything that you have.. even more really.. more than I can ever give..”
  • He’ll become slightly more affectionate afterwards to prove he means it which is definitely a step forward for him considering he gets flustered whenever he even brushes his hand against his s/o’s accidentally.

Bakugou Katsuki - 

  • Obviously doesn’t word his opinion… perfectly.
  • “Huh? The hell are you talking about? Of course you deserve respect and friends! Did someone tell you otherwise?! Who do I need to beat the crap out of?!”
  • But when his s/o confesses the real reason, he’s quite confused. He just shrugs and is like, ‘Wasn’t everybody?’ and doesn’t think much of it.
  • If his s/o is still persistent on the idea, he sighs and pulls them into his chest. “Stupid. Don’t ever think that about yourself.”
  • Not much changes after they tell him, but he makes damn sure that they know he meant what he said in his own ‘Bakugou’ ways.

(A/N: Sorry for taking so long to get back to requests, I haven’t had much motivation for a few days but I’m back and ready to write! Thank you for all your patience!)

anonymous asked:

PetAu? Where they have been with their owner for years, who cares for them like a parent would a child. Allowing them to act as they wanted without punishment, and within their comfortability. And they never understood why until they overheard a conversation where the owner said they have become child that they are proud of.

Admin Mawile: (・∀・)


-He’s mostly convinced you’re lying. He’s obviously just a pet, never as important or beloved as another human could be, but if you want to play at family, that’s your business. You still treat him well, after all. 


-Even though he knows that kind of line is a common human excuse for how they treat pets, he can’t help but feel almost dizzy with joy. He’s pleased you, and that’s what counts for keeping a good home. 


-He doesn’t trust you to really mean that, but he’s happy nonetheless, content with at least a chance to keep being good. If it takes thinking of him as a child to keep his home, that’s what he’ll conform to. 


-He’s at least half convinced that he was hearing things, hallucinating such kindness out of stress and fear. It’s impossible to believe that you truly care for him so much, but he’s willing to accept anything to avoid punishment. 


-While you’re obviously just playing at family for your own enjoyment, he’s more than willing to put up with it. You’re pleased, after all, and a happy owner means he won’t have to suffer worse things than this kind of game. 


-He’s almost certain you’re making some kind of cruel joke, and even when it sinks in that you really believe that, he can’t quite take it in. He’s a pet at best, never something as important as a humans surrogate child. 


-By no means does he trust you to follow through with that sentiment. You may want to play at family now, but the moment he truly displeases you, that all would change. He’s not foolish enough to think you really mean it. 


-He really should know better by now. Years of abuse from humans who said the same things you are should have taught him something, but a stupid part of him wants to hope that you’re the one who won’t be lying. 


-It’s difficult to trust kindness like that when it comes from a human. If he quit being worth something to you, you’d probably change your mind in a second, but he can’t help but want to believe it. 


-Honestly, he’d believe anything you say. As his owner, your word is as good as law, and he’d never dare try to think otherwise. If you say he’s a child to you, then he’ll be happy to have somehow earned such kindness. 


-He’ll agree with whatever you say about him, even if it’s obviously a lie. He’s already so tired, it’s not worth fighting not to believe something like that. If you want to pretend to be family, so be it. 


-He doesn’t believe that crap for a second. He’s a “child” to you only because he’s valuable, and the second he becomes more trouble than he’s worth, that sentiment will cease to mean anything. 

Japril Appreciation Week: Day 3 ⇒ A song or quote that reminds you of them 

Halo by Beyoncé 

Remember those walls I built?

Well, baby they’re tumbling down

And they didn’t even put up a fight

They didn’t even make a sound

I found a way to let you in

But, I never really had a doubt

Standing in the light of your halo

I got my angel now

Jackson Avery couldn’t understand why exactly he was feeling so angry. It was a hard emotion to pin down for a 7 year old. He just knew, that despite all the coddling his mother has been trying to do, and all the yelling his granddad had done, he had an inexplicable need to act out. 

And now here he was, at a doctor’s office, where his mom said that his behavior at school meant he’d have to talk to this doctor and tell her what was wrong. He wanted to tell her that he wasn’t sure what was wrong, so there was nothing to tell her. He hadn’t meant to push Pete off the swing. He really hadn’t. But Pete had been talking about how his dad was teaching him to play baseball and how they’d gone for ice cream after, and he hadn’t stopped when Jackson had asked him to. So, he’d pushed him, and Pete had gotten a scrape on his forehead and he’d cried real hard. Jackson had felt terrible. It wasn’t Pete’s fault he was feeling awfully angry this whole month. 

“Jackson, please stop being difficult. You’re an Avery. You can’t act out like this in public.” Catherine told him, through gritted teeth, as she dragged him along a hallway leading to the doctor he was supposed to see. 

He didn’t care much at the time that he was an Avery, it didn’t mean anything to him. He just knew he was having a particularly bad day and he needed to scream. A lot. 

“Honey, please stop screaming.” Catherine huffed, looking completely lost as to what to do with a screeching child who was kicking, arms flailing wildly as she carried him to the psychiatric ward to meet a child therapist, with as much grace as she could muster. 

“I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go!” He bent his body, and let his feet hit the floor, attempting to pull his mother to screeching halt.

“Honey, you have to. The school isn’t letting you back until the doctor says you’re… fine.” Catherine explains, in a hushed voice, both to soothe and avoid scandal. 

“I am fine!” He says indignantly, even though he knows that feeling like you’re fine means you want to play on the Nintendo instead of feeling like throwing it across the room. 

“You’re not, Jackson. And it’s okay. You’re da-" 

He screamed as loud as he could, lungs puffed out, and the veins in his throat almost popping through the thin skin. She was going to say a name he didn’t want to hear. 

"Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I won’t bring him up. Just… please. Behave.” Catherine tried to no avail, since Jackson was still belting out high pitch yells, and she had no option but to carry him into the room. 

Maybe it was the stillness of the room itself, or the many faces that turned their way when they entered, but the moment they stepped into the room, Jackson went quiet. He looked around, observing the area with his eyes, unsure of what exactly this place was. It had bright coloured walls, and a play area a little off to the place where adults were all seated, flipping through magazines. His mother, finally looking relieved, was asked by a lady seated at a desk, to wait for some time before the doctor could see him. 

She took Jackson’s hand and led him into the play area, “Please, please, play nice." 

He turned around, a scowl permanently etched on his face, as he walked forward, kicking all the toys that lay in his path as hard as he possibly could. There were 2 kids to the right, coloring and a little girl who was playing in the toy house all by herself. He chose a spot nearer to the door, sat cross legged, and took to the task of throwing any object in his vicinity as far as he possibly could. He did this for a while, happy with the rush he got every time a toy bounced so hard it almost broke.


He stopped, a toy truck in hand, wheels almost falling off from being thrown numerous times, and looked to his right. 

"I’m April Kepner. But you can call me April. Do you want to be my husband?" 

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anonymous asked:

I'm a native speaker of portuguese. Paying attention of some people pronounce's of Italian words with "gl", I noticed it sounds like "ie" like Portafogli - Portafoie Portafoglio - Portafoio Is this right? If yes, speaking like this makes you sound more like a native speaker?

Before I answer your question I’m going to need you to be familiar with the IPA alphabet. If you are not and need help understand what I’m talking about, then check this page out. There you can click on the /ʎ/ symbol and listen to how it’s being pronounced.

I don’t know how you pronounce “ie”, but the Italian digraph -gl- has two realisation in Standard Italian and they are /ʎ/ and /ʎʎ/ if word-internally, e.g.

  • gli “the” (masculine plural) - [ʎi]
  • coniglio “rabbit” - [koˈniʎʎo]

A geminated (double) /ʎ/ means said consonant is pronounced for a longer period of time. It’s the case of fato “fate” vs fatto “deed”, cane “dog” vs canne “reeds”, etc.

The article and personal pronoun gli is pronounced [ʎi] before a word starting with a consonant,

  • gli stupidi “the stupids” - [ʎisˈtupidi]

and /ʎ/ before a word starting with a vowel or a diphthong.

  • gli elementi “the elements” - [ʎeleˈmenti]
  • gli uomini “the men” - [ˈʎwɔmini]

However, it remains [ʎi] in slower pronunciations ([ʎieleˈmenti], [ʎiˈwɔmini].

I hope this isn’t any more confusing to you and that it actually helps. I know not everyone is accustomed to using IPA when studying languages but on the other hand I think it can be a great tool for mastering your pronunciation.

N.B. there’s quite a number of words in Italian where -gl- isn’t pronounced /ʎ/ and I don’t know if I should make a specific post about them.

Legit I just gotta share this.

So, way back in 2013, when little 14 year old me had just discovered what ‘fanfiction was and still had a major obsession with doctor who, I decided to write a series of one shots for Doctor who about all the doctors and their companions getting stuck in the TARDIS together for the Radarians (the alien race I made up) entertainment.

There was one guest reviewer who, without fail, always commented a large chunk of encouragement each chapter. I would have to actually SCROLL to read her entire comment. And they were filled with such lovely words and the best compliments I’ve ever received on my writing- to this DAY.

To think that someone raved about my stupid, silly, and quite frankly, extremely out of character fanfiction just brings so much light to my eyes even now!

I would start to give up on the story, the negative critic inside me winning. I’d post a chapter, and BOOM, another beautiful comment from this Guest Reviewer would pop up and give me life. I was able to write a full length novel of original content because this anonymous person encouraged me to stick with it.

So when you read a story and you like it, or you find yourself grinning as you spam the next chapter button, I beg of you to take 5 minutes and dump as much encouragement as you can into it. It honestly changed my life for the better.

Thank you, Guest reviewer, you changed little 14 year old me’s world.

True Love - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Jason x Reader with the song true love by P!nk 😊? (requested by anon)

“God! I hate you so much!” You cried out in frustration. He was so obnoxious and frustrations and … and sexy. UGH! You wanted to slap and kiss him at the same time.

“The feelings mutual, missy” Red Hood shot back.

“If you hadn’t knocked that dude out we would be ten steps ahead by now!” You argued.

“No one’s forcing you to stay, [Y/N]. There’s the door. If you’re so unhappy with how I work then fucking leave!” He ordered pointed towards the door. You crossed your arms over your chest, despite everything, despite how much he pushes all your buttons he was your partner in this. You couldn’t do this without him.

“Let’s just finish the job alright?” You grumbled pushing past him.

The two of you worked relatively peacefully (peacefully for the two of you at least) for a while but it was only a matter of time before you started bickering again.

“God why do you always rub me the wrong way! You’re so frustrating!”

“Please, you love me and you know it.” He said teasingly. Your eyes widened and your cheeks reddened into a deep blush. You couldn’t help your panicked response. I mean clearly you didn’t love him, you could barely stand to even be in his presence.

“Pft. As if - I would never … could never! Honestly I’m a bit insulted that you - I mean, quite frankly, how do I know you’re not in love me hmmm?” You stuttered.

“I was just joking.” He said giving you a strange look. “My question is: why aren’t you?”

“I am joking!” You tried to backpedal but Jason saw right through you. He had this excellent but inconvenient talent of knowing exactly when you were lying to him. You were caught but the trouble was you weren’t sure what to say. You weren’t even all that entirely sure how you felt about him.

“I hate every single stupid word you say and sometimes I just wanna slap you in your whole god damn face but … there’s no one quite like you, Jason. Given the choice of a quiet night in alone or hanging out with you I think I would chose you every time.” You admitted, not willing to meet his face. You vaguely heard him take off his helmet and sit down beside you.

“You like me?” He asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I mean, you’re constantly pushing my buttons and sometimes I almost feel like I hate you but I know I push yours too. And if I’m being honest life would kind of suck without you.” You continued. Jason smiled brightly and brought you into a tight hug and ruffled your hair. You tried pushing him away from you but he held you firm in his arms.

“Awww you like me!” He continued ruffling your hair. Finally you pushed him away and you crossed your arms over your chest.

“I regret telling you anything.” You said turning away from him. His hand went to your shoulders to turn you around. When you did Jason suddenly pulled you into a deep kiss. You melted into his kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck and encouraged him to continue. His arms snaked around your waist as he pulled you flush against him.

“Do you regret it now?” He whispered against your lips.

“A little less.” You answered with a smile pulling him back to meet your lips.

Addicted To Him (Mature) (Part 3)

Originally posted by loveviral

Request: Can you please do another imagine with the same nerdy Justin. But can you have like a flashback after Y/N said she’d be his gf when they get back to school she denies it at first bc he’s a nerd at school and Justin gets angry and he gets her alone and is all angry shows and shows his dominance and they have sex (with consent of course)

Part One Part Two

I sat on our bed, surfing through tv channels but nothing seemed to spark my interest. I sighed and turned off the tv. I turned my head to look at Justin, sitting on the other side of the bed on his laptop, working. Suddenly I remember something that turned me on. 

 "Hey jay, remember when…“ 

 It had been a month since Justin and I got freaky in my bed and he had asked me to be his girlfriend. Let me tell you one thing, I’ve never been more content with life. Justin was the sweetest person on the entire planet but it’s not like I didn’t know that already. We hadn’t been able to keep our hands off of each other…well more likely, I couldn’t control my hands. It’s like after our first time, I got addicted to him, I always wanted more. 

 Although, nobody knew about us at school. Justin absolutely hated PDA so nobody had suspected anything going on between us, hence, nobody asked and neither of us told. He would always walk me to my house after school and we would spend time together. I would always go over, mostly because I had grown attached to him but sometimes also because I needed him to help me with my homework. 

 He still got nervous around me sometimes and I would find it absolutely adorable. But for the most part, his stuttering and nervousness had vanished. Surprisingly, half of the time it was him who initiated sex and it would turn me on beyond belief. I don’t know, it was just something about him being bold that did things to me. Maybe it was because he had always been shy around me and it excites me to see a whole new side of me. Whatever it was, I knew one thing for sure, this guy was a keeper. He isn’t someone I want to lose. 

 As I walked to his locker, an amazing idea popped into my head. I wanted to rile him up so he would be more dominating with me. I saw him loading his bag with his books as usual. I went and hugged him from behind. I felt him stiffen, probably because he was startled and I giggled. He loosened up as he realized it was only me. I walked in front of him and wrapped my arms around his neck to hug him. 

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dear ex boyfriend

it’s been a month since you broke up with me. I still think about you before I shut my eyes and you still keep me up even though you stopped texting back.

I hate you for leaving, for walking away, for choosing to blame me for everything, never considering that maybe I had been acting different for a reason.

every single song I listen to you still reminds me of you. your laugh still courses through me on bad days (though it no longer seems to help me smile).

it’s been a month since you decided I wasn’t good enough. that’s not quite what your exact words were, but I got the message.

it bugs me how I never could make you laugh. I met this other guy; he thinks I’m funny.

you used to tell me how smart I was, and how you adored that about me. I’ve been feeling pretty stupid lately. stupid enough to believe you when you said you loved me. stupid enough to make plans for the summertime with a guy who was gone before spring.

I want to scream every time you text me back, because you have no idea how much I crave a conversation with you.

your ex girlfriend

(I wrote this with full intentions to never post it, but)

anonymous asked:

I adopted a kid and you help me take care of them all the time since we’re neighbors, but you came over and got so involved in the kid’s life so much they think that we’re both their parents instead of just me Any version of this for bellarke bc I am trash thank you!

A|N: Prompt is slightly tweaked to fit into S1 canon-verse, hope you don’t mind!


Technically, Bellamy’s not supposed to be here.

They had agreed that heading out on scouting missions- or anywhere outside the camp together, really- was a risk they couldn’t afford. Someone had to stay behind to keep an eye on everything else after all, considering their camp comprised of a bunch of teenagers with a perchance for rule-breaking and blowing things up. (There was also the fact that there was no one else they trusted more than each other, but Clarke’s pretty sure Bellamy would rather be stuck with a month-long latrine duty than admit that.)

But she had needed those herbs from the nearest village for the recent strain of flu going around, and with there being no one else they could spare to accompany her out, Bellamy had volunteered, albeit grudgingly.

(“I could always go alone,” she had pointed out. The scathing look he shoots her in return is all the response she needs.)

It’s a good thing he’s here, she thinks, grim, staring down at the bundle of blankets and the shrieking form underneath it. Because this? This is something Clarke is not equipped to deal with.

Bellamy already has it scooped up in his arms, making soothing noises by its ear to calm it. When he meets her eyes, the look he shoots her is a mix of terror and elation. “Holy fucking shit, princess.”

“Don’t swear in front of the infant,” she says, automatic. He gives an exaggerated eyeroll at that, and it makes her feel normal again. Almost.

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Stars and Dreams

Request by Anon: Could you please make a imagine of dating Bellamy and talking bout their future (kids,marriage) ?! Thank you LOVE YOUR WRITING

A/N: Thank  you! I’m glad that you like my writing and I hope you enjoy this :)

Sleep was becoming an impossible task for me. Since the escape from Mount Weather everything from the past few weeks had finally come crashing down around my ears. But it had recently subsided to being like a gnat hovering around me: always there but never quite possible to get rid of unless I focused on them for long enough.

The camp was quiet; a few people were snoring softly. The odd pair of feet shuffled across the dirt making me certain that some of the Hundred were trying to ward off sleep to keep the nightmares at bay. Every so often there was a muttered conversation as two of the guards met each other, exchanged weary pleasantries and then went about their work.

I sighed before allowing the thoughts of the past few weeks to finally swirl around my mind unhindered. Being sent to Earth; the guard jumping on board randomly; the attempts at normality; the fights, the lack of order and the horrors that had followed; the loss of Wells. But there were other things as well, good things which had cause my heart to swell with excitement. The realisation that there were Grounders; the making of new friends; the adventures that we’d had; and, of course, there was Bellamy.

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On writing horror

I’ve been requested by quite a few folks to give some tips on how to write horror - so here it goes!

1) Start with what you know.  Think about what scares you and then write it down.  Even if you think it sounds stupid or trite, just write it down.  For instance, many people are afraid of spiders.  So write the word “SPIDER” real big at the top.  Then describe everything you hate about spiders.  (They jump, their hairy legs, their creepy eyes, etc etc etc).  Then under that talk about situations when you’ve encountered a spider and/or you would be terrified to find a spider (in the bathtub, crawling along your face, etc).  This your starting point.

2) Don’t rely on cheap tricks.  This means don’t use things like rape, incest, abuse, or mental illness to get a quick plot.  I’m not saying you can’t use these topics (I’ve used them all) but don’t rely on them to carry your story.  It needs to be scary without them.  

3) Be yourself.  You might have a favorite author (cough, cough) but in the end it’s you who is writing.  Your voice matters.  Don’t try to be Stephen King.  Be you!  Don’t know who you are?  That’s OK!  Keep writing and you’ll figure it out.

4) Find the horror in the small moments.  I think it is often tempting to start writing large scale horror.  People go into their first story with the apocalypse in mind.  But remember the small moments.  Think of a time that guy got too close in the elevator or that strange noise you heard in your backseat.  These are where fear comes from.  Once you grasp that, then you can kill all of NYC.

5) Submit your work to be reviewed.  Ge feedback from people you trust  Throw it up on reddit or tumblr and see how it does.  And then take that feedback to heart and improve.  We writers are always working on making our craft better.  Once you think you’re the best you stop growing, and after that what’s the point?

6) MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - Read as much as possible. I guarantee you will become a better writer if you read more.  Read horror obviously; but also just read good writers.  Hell, read bad writers!  The more you read the more you’ll know what works and what doesn’t.  I recommend you start with Nosleep.  It will give you a lot of different authors with a ton of different perspectives.  

I hope these were helpful!  Feel free to send me your writing question anytime on my twitter.

Punk Series: #20 The Breakup (His pov)

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Louis: He couldn’t believe he had fallen into this mess. He tried so desperately tried to steer away from his troubled past and the demons that still seemed to haunt him, even thought that escaping away with you for a romantic getaway would make things seem like his life was perfect. A year ago, after the experience with Tamara that had managed to drastically change him, he was dumb enough to fall in with the wrong crowd, never assuming that one day this would come back to bite him. At the time, joining a gang seemed fun. He had become best friends with the other members to the point where there were more like his brothers than his fellow gang members. It started off as fun when they would just go around and just cause a bit of havoc in their neighborhoods but, as time went on, it soon became serious. One by one, it seemed like the other members kept getting arrested for much more serious crimes than Louis had known they were doing. Vandalism was one thing but robbery or assault was definitely another. His mother was so worried about her son. She couldn’t bear to lose him. She tried so hard to talk him out of it, convince him to quit. But it wasn’t possible to just quit a gang. It wasn’t that easy. Louis’ mother was not only worried about Louis’ future but also her own wellbeing and the rest of her family’s. They were forced to pack up and leave, without a word to anyone else in hopes that this would cut all ties and teach Louis that his actions affect everyone around him as well. And he had never actually believed that until he was forced to ruin your getaway by rudely telling you that you meant nothing to him. He felt like he was breaking apart with every word he said to you. Part of him wanted to sit you down and explain to you the truth about how he didn’t want to drag you into any unnecessary trouble or make you a target since it was clear how much you meant to Louis and that was always the easiest way to break a person; destroy what they love. And he couldn’t take that risk so he had thought it was better to push you away. But now, he just wished that you knew that it wasn’t his decision to push you away. Being with you made him feel as light as air. Nothing seemed rushed or forced. And he never wanted to forget that feeling since he knew he’d most likely never find it again–not without you by his side. He had forced himself to make you return home when he had started receiving these unknown messages. At first, he hadn’t thought anything about it but the messages didn’t stop and his breaking point was when they’d send him a picture of you two at the store, stocking up on some junk food for the hotel, followed by a vague threat directed towards you. Do you think she’d feel the same after she knew what you did? Whoever it was, they knew about you; they knew where you were and didn’t care about what happened to you. They probably wanted to hurt you (or even kill you, if necessary, but Louis couldn’t bear to think about that possible outcome). It was around 3:15 in the morning when he finally quit trying to sleep. He reached for his phone and dialed your number; he just needed to hear your voice once more then he could let you go. He just had to make sure you were alright without him there by your side. It rang five times and Louis felt stupid for automatically assuming that you’d answer your phone at that hour but he froze when he heard you actually answer. He choked out his words, nervous since he didn’t want to let you on to the threatening messages he’d received or the fact that he knew that it had to be his old gang members catching up to him, wanting to make him pay for betraying them. Louis knew he had to choose his words carefully but he failed to think of anything to say. “I-I messed up, y/n.” In every way he had managed to screw up. He very well could’ve ruined your life just because he had loved you and ditched you along with the fact that his former gang members apparently knew that you were associated with him. “What’s wrong, Louis?” His chest tightened when he heard how concerned you were for him. After how bad he had treated you, you still cared. Did he deserve that kind of treatment? Probably not but he was thriving on it. “I did something that I shouldn’t’ve.” So many things that he shouldn’t have done. He should have never joined a gang when he had no idea of the consequences. Never should have been so cold to you after you gave him everything, never should’ve pushed his family away when they only want to help and love him, never should’ve kept such important things from you. “Louis,” He heard the fear in your voice and suddenly wished he hadn’t called. Louis just wanted reassurance that you were fine without him but it was an awful idea to intrude and ruin your task of forgetting him. He always managed to screw up everything he tried to do–no matter how innocent his intentions were. “I-I can’t tell you.” He couldn’t drag you back into this. This call was a ridiculous idea and he couldn’t believe that he had actually thought otherwise. “I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone but I don’t know if I can get myself out of this one this time.” “Louis.” He heard you sigh and wished that he hadn’t called you at all. “No, please, y/n.“ He interrupted. This was the last time he planned on speaking with you so he wanted to say everything he needed to in order for each of you to hopefully receive some closure. "I know that after everything that went down you probably hate my guts and maybe one day down the line you’ll be able to forgive me for being such a shitty person but I’ve probably done the dumbest thing I could’ve ever done and I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me–” “Louis, you’re scaring me. What’s going on? Are you alright?” He cursed for this idiotic idea. He thought this would be closure for you (and him as well) but instead all he was doing was worrying you and he just prayed that you wouldn’t chase after him because of this single call. Louis had to end this before it got too far. "I, uh, I’ve got to go. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even be calling you now but I’m sorry for everything, y/n. Please f-” He hesitated finishing his sentence and decided to hang up before he caused anymore unnecessary damage. He lay back against the hotel’s lumpy bed. Louis felt that something was going to happen and he knew that he definitely wasn’t ready for whatever it would be. He only hoped that you’d be safely out of the way.

Liam: He was glad that it didn’t take very much to convince his mom to move. All he had to do was explain how you two had broken up–being sure to leave out the part of him breaking up with you–and telling her that he couldn’t live day to day and see you with someone else without going crazy. While that was only partially true seeing as he truly didn’t want to stay in that town because he was the one who made the conscious choice to end your relationship before things got too far. He hadn’t felt this way before and he’d never heard any good outcomes to many relationships. Cheating, divorce, deceit and lies are all that seemed to happen from relationships. There weren’t many positive outcomes of love and relationship in this day and age. He was terrified of something like that happening between you two and, therefore, change you forever. His mother seemed to understand this and helped Liam pack all their stuff, occasionally reminiscing on an old photo album or home video that reminded them both of a simpler time. Things were never this hard when Liam was just five years old and only wanted to bring happiness to everyone around him. Now they were forced to, yet again, move to another town to escape his past. He had almost everything packed in his room, besides a backpack that he wanted to leave out during the ride when he noticed a duffle bag still stuffed in his closet. He felt his blood run cold as he instantly knew that it belonged to you. Despite all of his efforts to escape the grip you had on him, he still couldn’t find his way out. The right thing to do was return this to you, but that also meant having to have some sort of conversation with you and he wasn’t at all prepared for what emotions this would uncover for each of you. He needed to do this. He decided that it was easier to just walk over to your house, giving him time to rethink his decision to move and he instantly regretted ever coming to this decision. Liam seemed to suddenly regret every decision he made in the last month. He had his enemies, multiple enemies in this very town who knew that you were connected with him and most likely had no problem using you to get to him. God, he was so stupid for breaking your heart in such a careless way. You would never use him or cheat on him like he had previously thought was the only outcome for any relationship. He took your virginity as managed to break your heart all within a week and he still thought of you as the one who was going to wreck him. God was he a hypocrite. By the time he reached your driveway, he had come to the decision to apologize and explain everything; maybe there was a chance you’d understand and welcome him back with open arms. There had to be a chance. He knocked on your door with a lump in his throat but he froze when he actually saw you open the door. “Hi.” He muttered; it was really all that would out of his mouth at that moment. Holding out the duffle bag to signify why he had come, he shuddered when he saw that tears had sprung to your eyes just from seeing him again. This would never work like he had envisioned. He had already ruined you and what you two had shared. You managed to stumble out his name, not really understanding why he had to return just as you were beginning to recover for your nasty breakup. He was selfish and you both knew it. “I’ve, uh, I was cleaning out our-” He had practically drilled it into his head that he planned on living with you and almost found it normal to call it your shared home but instantly kicked himself at his mistake now. “My– house and I found some stuff that you left there.” He handed the bag to you and you quickly tossed it behind you before he spoke up again. “I hope you’re doing well.” But he hadn’t meant that at all. He wanted to know that you were suffering just as much as he was. He wanted you to give him any reason to even doubt that he had made a stupid, reckless mistake by letting you go because he was ready to jump at the opportunity to win you back. He just needed a glimpse to see if you wanted him back. But you stood frozen and Liam suddenly wished that he had just left the bag on your porch for you to stumble upon at a later date, to avoid this entire conversation. “Well, I, uh, I guess I’ll see you around then, y/n…” He turned to leave since it was clear that you weren’t at all interested in this conversation. Leaving now would save both of you so much pain. But he froze in his tracks when he heard you speak up. “Probably not, Liam, I mean, you’re moving away and I can only leave the house for school, which you just skip now. So I’m guessing that this’ll be the last time we really see each other, ya know?” Nodding in agreement, he made the rash decision to hug you for the last time, counting to ten in his head before he even considered releasing you. Liam sent you a small smile before he turned around to start his journey home. His plan was a bust. He was so stupid for even going there. It only made him regret him initial decision to win you back seeing as he opened himself up only to see that he had caused you to build your walls back up. Now, who knew if those walls could be broken or if he’d even get his chance to be the one to fix them.

Niall: He was a ball of nerves after he dropped you off home and was forced to return home. He knew he had put his mother through so, so much but he hadn’t even thought to give her a call just to tell her that he was alright. She was probably worried sick because he was too caught up in his perfect little fantasy to even consider those who cared about him. He knew he was selfish, he always had been but it had never really matter since it had never really harmed anyone but himself. But he was pleasantly surprised when his mother jumped to hug him the second he walked through the door although that was quickly replaced with scolding and multiple harsh punishments that Niall was positive he deserved but that didn’t make them any better. “I wish you would understand, Niall,” She sighed, not even knowing if she was getting through to her son anymore. She had finally thought that he was changing for the better—that you were the one helping him become the best version of himself possible—but now she wasn’t sure if the effect you had on him was very positive anymore. He did run away with you after all. “Everything I do is to give you a better life but none of that matters if you don’t seem to care about bettering yourself.” She sighed, wanting more than anything for him to realize that she would do anything for her son but he had to contribute once in a while too. She couldn’t do this alone anymore. When Niall saw a single tear slide down her cheek, he had enough. He couldn’t put her through this anymore because he was reckless and too self-absorbed to care about anyone besides himself and his relationship with you. After she had had enough and decided to retreat to her room for the night, Niall quickly found a notepad for the junk drawer in the kitchen and scrawled out a messy note in case his mother woke up, telling her that he was off to go check up on you but promised to return home and not to worry. He had to make up for all the things he screwed up in his mother’s life. It was pouring rain which only seemed to add to Niall’s bitter mood; it was as if Mother Nature felt the exact same way that he did but he managed to calm instantly when he reached your home. Your driveway was empty so he safely assumed that you were home alone. You bounded into his arms the second the front door flung open and, thankfully, Niall reacted quick enough to catch you and instantly wrapped his arms tightly around your waist. He nuzzled into your neck for a quick moment before you pulled him into the dry house and sat him down on the couch, and entwined your hands together. Niall didn’t quite understand why you weren’t fuming at him for ruining your life as well but instead you seemed fine. It must have been because you still looked as if you were on cloud nine from the getaway while Niall felt like a kicked puppy. “You should’ve come sooner, Ni. My parents aren’t punishing me. I just think I’ll have to be a little careful when I see you because I don’t want my father to repeat what happened last time.” He nearly broke when he heard that. Everything would’ve been fine if he didn’t have to do this. If your parents were still mad then this would be so much easier since there would be a reason for this separation but now things seemed to be falling perfectly place and Niall would have to break that off before either of you could even enjoy them. He explained everything; how he couldn’t continue to treat his mother so poorly anymore when all she wanted was to protect and love her son. He couldn’t be selfish anymore. Things have to change. “My mum’s upset.” He sighed, wishing that this conversation never had to happen. He was about to push away the only thing who had ever made him feel like he wanted to be a better person, the only person who made him what to change his ways. And now he definitely was changing his ways. “She didn’t even want to let me out of her sight to come see you but I had to tell you this. I think running off was the final straw for her. Before, she would always put up with it but I hadn’t even told her where I was off to and now she’s really fed up with it.” Niall forced himself to look away when he saw tears well up in your eye, knowing that he was the one doing this to you. “Does this mean we’re…?” He nodded, feeling like the world’s biggest jerk for making the girl he so desperately loved feel like she was more alone than ever before. She had let him in and, in turn, made both of them become better people and this was how he thanked her for that. “I can’t see you anymore, y/n. You know that I love you, y/n, and I don’t want you to ever forget that but I can’t go against my mom any longer. You’ve opened my eyes and made me into a somewhat different and better person but I can’t put her through this anymore…” He reached out to wipe your tears that had finally overflowed down your cheeks but you jerked away from his touch before he had the chance to. And he shouldn’t have been nearly as offended as he was because he knew that he deserved it but he still didn’t want to be the cause for your tears. Niall just had to do what he believed to be the right thing for the first time in his life, no matter how much it hurt him. “So that’s it? We’re over then?” You snapped, clearly angry after everything he had put you through. He weighed his options, he could either apologize again to make sure you knew that he truly loves you and that this wasn’t all a game, it was as real as could be, to him or he could push you further away in hopes that it would allow you to move on from him easier when you realized that he was an asshole. He apparently took too long to decide and you spoke up again. “You should go, Niall.” He nodded and showed himself to the door but not before he heard a quiet, muffled sob leave you. Everyone who interacted with him always managed to get hurt. It didn’t matter if he tried to avoid the inevitable; it always caught up to him. The rain felt like it was mocking him as he walked home. Everything that he had taken granted for only a month ago was now gone and it was unlikely that he’d ever get it back. He remembered how sassy you were when you were first assigned to be partners and you snapped at him for flirting and calling you babe. You had quickly set the terms for working with him and, even then, he knew that you’d be a tough girl to crack and he was definitely up for the challenge since he had nothing to lose. But, now, it felt as if he had just lost everything.

Zayn: He took you back home expecting trouble; he just hoped that he’d be able to wriggle his way out of this like he has with every other troubling event he’d ever encountered. Though he wouldn’t admit it, he was scared. Jail time was never something he had planned on whenever he thought about his future but he knew that avoiding it would only make things much, much worse. He slightly hoped that you’d be able to talk to your parents and change their biased view of him but he honestly wasn’t expecting much. That entire thought came crashing down upon him when he had been dragged out of the safety of his home and into some dark, dreary room and was questioned about everything about the peaceful escape from this small town drama he had shared with you. The police claimed that it wasn’t an interrogation, just a friendly questioning to try and determine what the truth was and what was not. Zayn knew that it wouldn’t matter what he said—they’d take one look at his appearance and add that to what they’ve heard about his reputation and instantly think that he could only tell lies. But this friendly questioning seemed to look like every police interrogation that he’d seen on those crime shows you always loved to watch. He’d try to text or call you every day—sometimes twice a day—but would receive no response which only made him more nervous. If this is how they were treating him then what was it that you were going through? He had lost all his basic liberties as the police controlled his schedule and practically monitored who he did, or in his case didn’t, see. He’d see you at school and sigh, knowing that you were so close to him at school but would face serious repercussions if he was caught even attempting to speak with you. This was never what he wanted you to have to go through. He was well aware of your father’s social status and connections to all the right people but he’d just assumed that he would be the one person who would be forced to clean up the mess, but now he knew that you were cleaning things up just as much as he was. Every day, he could see the events wearing on you and felt like an egotistical jerk for dragging you into it all. While it made him feel self-centered when he noticed that you were also upset about not seeing him, he also liked knowing that you missed him as much as he missed you. It was about a week or so after your return home when he finally decided that he was fed up and decided to visit you. It was like there was a flame burning bright inside of him that seemed to be fueled by you but dulled the longer he went without you by his side. He parked a few houses down, across from the park so nothing would look suspicious and circled around to your back yard to avoid getting caught. It was easy to jump your backyard fence but seemed to be much harder to capture your attention without attracting any unwanted attention from loyal neighbors who would be sure to rat him out. He planned this visit when he was positive your parents weren’t home for this particular reason as well. “Y/n,” He shouted and felt his heart pounding within the moments that it took for you to peek your head through the window. You spent a moment taking in his run down appearance that was a moment that he couldn’t waste. “C'mon y/n, I can’t afford to be caught here. I’ll only get into even more trouble.” You quickly nodded and retreated back inside and Zayn rushed back to retrieve the car. It’d be much easier to talk in private, where he was sure nobody could eavesdrop and get him into any more trouble. He pulled up just a minute before you came bounding outside and climbed into the passenger seat. Zayn hadn’t really planned out this conversation yet but he knew that there were many things that needed to be said but not all would be able to be discussed at that time. He’d never broken up with someone before—he’d never been in a serious enough relationship that required a conversation about it. He was used to fucking some girl and just leaving before she could even question his nonexistent feelings about her. So he really just knew about that stereotypical ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ sort of break up scenarios. “We’ve got to talk y/n.” “Zayn…” You protested but if Zayn let you apologize—like he was sure you would do since you were never the type of person to place the blame on someone else—he would lose the only bit of confidence he had been saving for the purpose of this conversation only. “No, y/n, please.” He interrupted before he estimated several miles away from town to be a proper amount before he pulled off to the side of with road that seemed perfect for cover seeing there weren’t any streetlights for onlookers. “I know that when we left I said that I don’t care how much trouble I got in for all of this but I never expected this much to happen. I’m capable of dealing with everything that they throw at me but I think it would be much easier if we don’t see each other anymore…” Zayn twisted a bit to face you and dared to reach forward and intertwine his fingers with yours before you shut him out forever after you heard what he had to say. He watched your facial features change as you tried to understand where he was going with this conversation.  “You mean…?” He nodded before you even finished that thought, both of you knew what he was talking about though neither of you expected this to come so soon—if at all. He tried to make this easier for you and hide his true feelings but it wasn’t as easy as he had expected it to be and took much more focus that it should have. “But you have to understand, I wouldn’t be doing this if I had another choice.” “W-What do you mean?” He heard your voice crack and decided that it would be easier to focus on your entwined hands rather than glance up to presumable see your tear stained cheeks. This was for the best. It might not seem like it at first but, in the long run, it definitely will be. He had to be direct so there would be no more confusion and you’d be able to move on without dealing with repressed feelings for him. “I mean that I can’t drag you into my troubles anymore.” “But Zayn, it’s not y-” “No, y/n, I can’t protect you from everyone’s harsh words as well as protect myself. I’m doing this for us. I want you to be able to go day to day without worrying about me or what I got us into. I started this and I’ll be the one to finish it.” This was definitely a spur of the moment thing, considering that he had decided to see you to replenish his craving to see you but quickly and unexpectedly changed. “Zayn, Zayn, no, no, we can’t. We’ve overcome so much in the short time we’ve been together and you know that I’ve never had anything that felt like this before and you said it yourself that you’ve never been so open with anyone else.” You shook your head as if you were trying to shake of this idea and Zayn had to force himself to stay focused on the task at hand. He had to stay strong and do what was best for you as well as him. Staying together, sneaking around, constantly avoiding being caught by anyone wasn’t something either of you planned on having to encounter in your relationship but this wasn’t what he wanted you to have to deal with in order to simply stay together. This was too much trouble for a relationship that should feel effortless. “Y/n, I’m only looking out for you. That’s all I ever wanted to do.” He sighed, thankful for the sudden rainfall to distract him for the tension in the car. The rain was thick and thudded heavily against the windows and Zayn felt that this sad weather perfectly reflected the atmosphere in the car. Why did reality have to be so harsh? This wasn’t like any of movies where all his problems could be solved with a single kiss from you. “Please just trust me, y/n. We should get going. It’s getting late.” He was tired, emotionally and physically drained. Not bothering to wait for an answer, he started the car back up and turned around, back towards your house before anyone had noticed your absence. This would hopefully be the best for both of you and, if Zayn happened to be wrong about this, then he hoped you would eventually find it in your heart to forgive him for all his idiotic mistakes.

Harry: He already felt so weak after he had made a scene in his car. Harry was never one to cry let alone the type of person to let someone else see him cry. He opened himself up when he was weak and careless but he wasn’t going to let that happen again because there was no telling what else he would reveal without thinking again. You were his obvious weakness and he wanted the best for you, even if it meant the worst possible outcome for him. He meant every word he had said to you in that car and now every word seemed to haunt him and fuel his decision to keep some distance from you. It was much harder than he had expected since he hadn’t quite realized how much of his time he had actually spent with you so now his days were void. A week went by and Harry was listless as he opted to hide away at his house instead of doing all the productive things he actually should have been doing. He hadn’t even realized how badly he had become at taking care of himself. He’d sleep only three hours a night if he was lucky since even when he was tired he couldn’t find sleep. It felt awful since he had nothing to do when he was awake yet, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t sleep away all his problems. He felt like a ghost and he just wanted things how there were with you. How had he managed to take those moments for granted when they were all he yearned for now? It almost seemed like a God send when he heard the doorbell ring and saw that it was you on the other side. As soon as he opened the door, he regretted not glancing at his appearance quickly since he knew he looked awful but he still didn’t want you to know he was feeling this way. He made this decision on his own so why was he having such a hard time dealing with it? “Y/n… Are you alright, did something happen?” Assuming that you’d never even want to see his face again, he was surprised to even see you, let alone having you be the first one to approach him. He automatically assumed the worst because of that idea and expected there to be some sort of danger behind you. And he was more than prepared to defend you if it came down to it—not that it would be that hard of a decision to protect you. He stepped outside, ushering you into the safety of his home while he scanned the neighborhood for the assailant. When he saw nothing strange, besides that old man who always sat on his porch to feed the birds at all hours of the day, he retreated back inside after he made sure he dead bolted the door. He could never be too careful. “Are you alright?” He repeated as he sat on the opposite side of the couch to give you space since he wasn’t sure how you were feeling and he didn’t want to push his luck and cause you to leave. “I’m fine. How’ve you been?” You reassured, though he didn’t feel reassured at all. If you were fine, why would you come to the first guy who broke your heart? Most people would curse that person’s name but you willingly came to visit him. He didn’t understand this at all. While a part of him wanted to treasure these extra moments with you, he also didn’t wanna lead you into something that he couldn’t finish. “Why’re you here, y/n? I thought that I made my intentions on our future together clear.” He was gruff but he had to convey his points. He couldn’t let you fall back into his grasp again, no matter how much he would love to be able to hold you again. This was how things had to be. He noticed you tense and take a moment to absorb what he said before coming up with your own response. “C-Can we just talk? I don’t really think we ended on the right foot.” Your voice shook and Harry couldn’t even bare to look at you without feeling guilt eat him alive. All he wanted was sitting directly before him yet he couldn’t do anything about it. He was a selfish dick ninety-eight percent of the time but this time he couldn’t let himself destroy your future. Harry had to get this through your head one last time so that he wouldn’t have to endure this type of situation ever again. “There’s nothing to talk about, y/n. I chose what was best for you and that is why it’s better if we’re not together. I carry a lot of baggage and skeletons in my closet and someone like you shouldn’t have to deal with that. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me now but I know that, one day, you’ll be thanking me for not dragging you into all my problems.” It was clear that you hadn’t expected that from him, probably coming here with the idea that maybe things could be repaired even if that meant remaining as friends. This moment would be it. Harry could manage to finally seal this relationship up once and for all. But he would end it on a high note. He crossed back over to you, hoping not to upset or anger you but sighed in relief when you didn’t cower away. “Don’t get me wrong, y/n, you’re my dream girl and I’ll probably spend the rest of my life regretting that I let you go but I’ll just have to remember that everything I did was for your future and to keep you safe. I just want you to have the best possible life you can have and, I know, that life doesn’t include me.” His mother had always told him that honesty was key and he was finally going to live by that rule, even it if was just for a few minutes. His forehead pressed so gently against yours and his eyes bore into yours and he wanted to pretend the breakup never happened but that would be stupid and greedy. “It’s for the best, baby.” Maybe he was reassuring himself more than he was hoping to reassure you—though he hoped you would feel a bit better by his words as well. He wasn’t thinking rationally when he pressed his lips to yours. It was more living in that fantasy of his and craving for love and comfort again than considering all the consequences this would cause. He traced his tongue across your lips, begging for excess while he tangled his fingers in your hair to keep you close to him. He wasn’t ready to let go just yet but when you finally allowed his tongue access, he couldn’t live a lie anymore, no matter how perfect that lie was. It wasn’t real. “You should go.” Harry choked out, feeling upset about his behavior in every way. He always thought he had a good amount of self-control but this event just reiterated the fact that he was a selfish dick who only cared about himself. He stood up and headed toward the front door because if he didn’t move away from you then he never would have had the incentive to stop. “Harry…” You said, following him while he couldn’t even stand to gaze at you again. His mother always wished he had found a nice girl who could tame him. And he did. God, he loved you so much but for once in his life he was determined not to be a selfish dick. It wasn’t like him to really care about reciprocations to his actions but he couldn’t stomach the idea of something happening to you because he was a stupid idiot who forget to think about others. That one kiss would have to be enough to last him until he could get himself out of this rut that breaking up with you had caused. As soon as he returned to his normal, selfish self, he’d find some willing girl and release all his anger and jealousy by convincing her to spend a single, lustful night with him. But for now he’d have to deal with these gross, longing feelings that made him want to cringe. “Maybe I’ll see you around, y/n.” He watched as you left, hoping that you both got what you needed from this.

Niall Cheats (Part 2)

Here's Part 1 :)

The normally short drive from the studio back to your shared house with Niall is taking too long this time. You couldn’t get there fast enough to get the hell out. It didn’t dawn on you right away that you would have no where to go but you would deal with that later. Your family had moved to America once you had moved in with Niall and you hadn’t lived in town long enough to make friends.

After what seemed like years, you arrived “home” and rushed through the door up to your shared bedroom. You tried to push all thoughts out of your mind except packing up and getting the hell out of that house. If you were to stop and think about the weight of the situation, surely you would break down. You throw everything that’s yours from the closet in your suitcase and carelessly dump toiletries and anything else you see of yours on top. Luckily, the packed bag zips with not too much trouble. Now to get out without seeing…

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Playlists for the Signs When it Comes to Love: Sagittarius

Warning Sign by Coldplay: “When the truth is, I miss you
Yeah the truth is, that I miss you so and I’m tired, I should not have let you go”.

Love Game by Lady Gaga: “I wanna kiss you but if I do then I might miss you, babe. It’s complicated and stupid…Hold me and love me just wanna touch you for a minute.Maybe three seconds is enough for my heart to quit it”

Boring by Pink: “If you want me, you’re gonna have to catch me”

Tiny Vessels by Death Cab: “All i see are dark grey clouds
In the distance moving closer with every hour
So when you ask "was something wrong?”
That i think “you’re damn right there is but we can’t talk about it now. 
No, we can’t talk about it now”

Come Talk to Me cover by Bon Iver: “In the swirling curling storm of desire
Unuttered words hold fast…Darkness creeps in like a thief and offers no relief. Why are you shaking like a leaf? Come on, come talk to me…

Preference #58 Curse

Liam-You and Liam were driving back from the beach listening to some rock songs of your choice when all of a sudden this driver honks at you and cuts the street you were driving “What a dickhead! I wasn’t even doing anything wrong!” you shout getting frustrated. Liam chuckles at your aggravation “Baby, you just cursed” “Oh, well yeah he deserved it” he touched your thigh and agreed with you. He secretly loved it when you got angry.

Louis- One year you were dating this one guy and then called it quits because Louis got your attention. He liked you but he thought you were still dating your ex so the next year he dated the most annoying flamboyant girl in the school to get over you. This cycle has been going on for 3 years it was like a curse you couldn’t get out of. You liked each other but always found a way to not be together.

Zayn- “Fuck Zayn, you always do this to me” you complain as Zayn starts leaving love bites all over your neck and leaving lingering kisses all over your face “Babe I need you so bad right now” he would whine as you tried concentrating on the movie which was already hard enough to understand since it was foreign “We can’t, there’s a dog watching us” you smiled pointing at the screen of the tv; he turned his head and sighed deeply “curse this dog and movie, I’m gonna show you some real entertainment tonight” he said as he lifted you up to go to your bedroom.

Harry- “Harry?” you questioned, “Yes Y/N?” “Do you ever curse, like, do you not like it or.."you trailed off not knowing how to put it. You cursed a bunch of times each day and he never seemed affected by it but now, you were wondering if he disliked it on some level, "I do, but I don’t like to do it around you” “Oh” you started thinking about what he thought about when you did it, and as if reading your thoughts he proceeded, “Don’t worry though, when you do it I think it’s quite hot” you flushed and stopped worrying about these stupid irrelevant things about your relationship.

Niall- Irish people had a tendency to curse at every other word in a sentence and Niall’s friends did just that. You found it humorous because of their accents making the words sound differently but Niall got embarrassed thinking about how girls usually hate bad language “Alright that’s enough lads, let’s not scare my lady here” he half joked. You smiled at him thinking how considerate he was and reassuring him it was fine. He really did treat you like his princess.

LL. Lie&Love. (Nash Grier. Cameron Dallas. Imagine)

ME : Guyzzzzzzzz! This is my first imagine. I’m so excited. OMG. I hope u enjoy. Luv ya 💕😥

“Nash, I’ll stay late at work tonight. Don’t wait for me, okay?”
He sighed hardly, leading his hand through the hair, and said “okay”, putting the smartphone on the bedside-table. The TV was turned on while he was laying on the bed, thinking about his wife and her project which is making her stay late at work for the whole month. He knew it was just a lie and he swallowed that lie, couldn’t even imagine what is hiding beside it.
“What did you say him?”
Interrupting kisses, said dark-haired-boy, inhaling wonderful perfume by Chanel.
“I said that I’ll stay late at work”
Cam laughed hoarsely, holding the brunette tight and making her merge with him. Her long fingers were tenderly ruffling his hair.
“You should think about the excuse.”
“Let’s talk about it later.” said she, passionately kissing him. Here he was ready to rip her dress but stopped, saw the ring on her ring finger then he took this ring of her finger and threw it away.

“Marry me.” Cam quitly whispered these words, carefully ruffling your name’s thick hair.
She kept quite, fondling his stomach and thinking that he will understand her silence.
“Your name, now we do things that are not better.”
“Nobody knows about us now.”
“Do you think Nash is so stupid?”
“Do you think he can imagine me and his best friend together?”
“I’m talking about it, y/n”
She dramatically sat on the bed, angry looking at him.
“Y/n, I love you and I’m sure, that Nash will understand if we will talk to him. I can’t look him in the eyes, when I know, that his wife doesn’t stay late at
“No, Cam, we will hide from everyone till there will be no necessarity for that. And Nash won’t know about it, ok?”
She fastly zipped up the dress and raised the bag from tge floor, unfolding to the door when his hand grabbed her shoulder and his lips kissed hers.

Y/n quitly walked into the room and lay down near her husband, carefully holding him.
-How is your work?
He doesn’t sleep, just don’t want to see her. She caresses his back, kisses him in the nape and then answers that she is tired. And he swallows that lie because he loves.