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Rapier Squadron was a T-85 X-wing starfighter squadron that served as part of the New Republic’s Starfleet that was led by Commander Poe Dameron. The four-member squadron was assigned to patrol the Mirrin sector and protect its trade lanes from the Hutts, the Guavian Death Gang, and Kanjiklub.

Oscar Isaac as Commander Poe Dameron (Rapier Leader)
Tessa Thompson as Lieutenant Karé Kun (Rapier Two)
Daniel Henney as Lieutenant Iolo Arana (Rapier Three)
Rahul Kohli as Lieutenant Muran (Rapier Four)

erlkonigstochter  asked:

If Nehl had survived, how would he and Dorian have gotten along?

I like to think that they would have gotten along well enough! It’d take a while for Nehl to warm up to him, both because of his Tevinter-ness and, well because he’s a man (while Nehl doesn’t mind Fael’s being gay, he still hasn’t really witnessed him being in a permanent relationship with someone. Don’t worry though. It takes him far less to wrap his head around that fact than around the Tevinter thing) 
Nehl is a really dalish dalish, so he’s not so quick to separate the Tevinter from the mage. Or the Dalish from the family duty etc.
After realizing Dorian is alright though, and he’s not going to hurt his little brother, I like to think they’d be friends :D

did I ever tell you guys about the time my parents came up to visit and me and my mum ended up getting quite drunk at dinner (tbh a lot of my stories start like this)

and I want to take them to this cocktail bar me and my friends visit; so we end up walking down the road, me and my mum giggling about stupid things and gossiping about the actors we fancy while my dad practices his patented ‘Why Me’ face. we get about halfway down the street, and I end up telling my mum about the time my best friend dared me to ask for a Screaming Orgasm from the hottest bartender at this place

and my five foot, born-again christian, little welsh mum pats my arm, looks at me sincerely, and says ‘oh, well, hannah, that is something I hope you get to experience’

because yeah, I think about that quite a lot

oneeyedtragedy  asked:

Your art is perfect and you are stunning! I can't get enough of your blog!! Btw how do you feel about the possibility of Larcade not being Zeref and Mavis son? It's upsetting me quite a lot tbh. I grew to love him so much because of you

Thank you for your message! <3

I’m not upset… More like.. Disapointed? I didn’t loved Rahkeid just because he was ‘’ Mavis and Zeref ‘’son’’’’ But because of what we thought he was like. We all thought that he was unloved since his birth and was wandering between good and bad, but now……. August was just talking about himself. :|

So……. I just hope Mashima won’t let him die in the corner of the guild and give him some importance. I know he’s not a main character, but he should have more importance in the story, just my opinion.

so like. i do like the divine beasts? i think they were very interesting & the use of the 3d map was really cool.

but i also feel they dont really live up to their potential.

if im honest? botw is a Lot like oot to me - which is to say, its got a lot of potential and a lot of great ideas, but a lot of it falls short, especially the 3d stuff

im just gonna readmore this bc im talking 2 much but anyway

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I wanna make an ask blog for Kii tbh since I do tend to get quite a lot of ask about him. Should I… oh! And thank you to those who gave me the animal suggestions! I couldn’t answer them all, but I saw a lot of “fox” and I do agree! He does fit that sort of characteristics haha.

Wand Headcanons

I’ve seen people speculating about Albus and Scorpius’s wands in light of this post, so I thought I’d dust of my own wand headcanons and join in the fun! 

I’ve actually written fics about all of these, apart from Scorpius’s first wand.  If you’re interested here is little Albus getting his first wand. And here is a two part fic about Albus and Scorpius getting their second wands! I’ve never gone into massive detail about the headcanons themselves though. So, without further ado… here they are! 

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anonymous asked:

Could you please give an in depth reason as to why you hate Caleb so much? I'm just curious, you've probably said before but I don't know when x

I didn’t really used to. Before the time jump, he was decent. He was never my favourite, I think the pushed the “perfect boyfriend” thing too much for me but I didn’t hate him. Tbh I liked him quite a lot when he was going through his absent father stuff but they resolved that and then his storyline existed just to be a lapdog to Hanna.

Anyway. Then the time jump came and I love(d) SpaIeb. Like I thought it was a really great relationship, it was done so well, and it felt natural. Although, one thing I did NOT like about his story in the time jump was his “pick your career or me” bullshit to Hanna (and now Hanna has taken full responsibility for their break up which is complete and utter shit). And he’s genuinely just a dick to Mona.

And then all the drama with Hanna/Caleb/Spencer was just shitty. If they had taken more time and written it better, I wouldn’t have cared so much but god. It’s been what, a week, week and a half since Caleb was living in Spencer’s barn and banging her, and now he’s living in Hanna’s (Lucas’) apartment and banging her? Like come on. Super gross. And they’re just acting like Spencer and Caleb weren’t together and that Spencer wasn’t in love with him. It’s all just bullshit lol

kyansuka  asked:

I thought about it yesterday, I feel there are similarities between both IchiRuki/Hime and Clerith/Cloti couplings regarding the character interactions, relationships, and evidence. In my opinion it's quite interesting.

TBH w/ you, I saw/see a lot of similarities between Clerith/Ichiruki, too. The flower field goodbye, the swearing to protect, even the whole Zack/Kaien aspect is really similar. Oh, and also this

my sister could write a better post about all the similarities between the two but I agree w/ you. I still believe that Kubo was planning on IR being endgame until shit went sour with SJ. But just because Kubo decided to stick it to SJ by doing IH (to tank the sales) doesn’t erase the tons of evidence IR has and will always have. IR has such gold standard evidence IH been plagiarizing it for years. So I’ve got no qualms about comparing IR and CA because both have overwhelming evidence, it’s just clerith became canon whereas IR had an unjustifiably bad ending.

That said, I really never saw cloti in ichihime ever, though. I started out as a neutral in bleach and then towards the end went entirely ichiruki, but pretty much the only thing I ever saw in common between CT/IH was Orihime’s jealousy over Rukia and I guess the large breasts-thing is similar??? I’ve seen some people say both CT/IH were childhood friends but both sides are entirely wrong to say that about either ship IMO. 

But you reminded me of the similarities clerith has with naruhina, too

what denny says: well that definitely improved my mood

what denny means: well cool I don’t feeling like double dying anymore so I guess that’s an improvement?