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You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is


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falcon-eye said:
… How do you think reuniting with the rest of the UD crew would go?

Quite a few people asked for this.. but that’s a lot of characters to draw …lol
So here is one that I care about. Yes, I like Sam :3

ficcyshit said:
…Also please give it a name/tag. I am so ready to be a part of this and I wanna be able to find it…

This was another one that several people asked for so I’m just gonna start tagging all my headcanon Josh’s postings with: 


If anyone want to add something to this headcanon, feel free to tag those postings with that :3 

forgive me for this nerdy ass post but

the thing that gets me about all these people who are furious that there’s more content for gay ships than their het ships is just how often they’re plain wrong

i mean, take dragon age for example where the fandom is notorious for making post after post about how maligned their precious f/m is because people dare to prefer the m/m version of the romance. by the way they’re talking you’d think het ships would be sinking under the m/m juggernaut.

you wanna know what the reality looks like?


yep. there’s literally more het fic for dragon age than m/m and f/f combined.

why does this happen? why is it such a phenomenon that people whine and scream and cry about how much the mean gays are taking over fandom when the reality is that gay people still draw the short end of the stick on top of getting yelled at for it?

imo it’s because hets don’t notice het content because they subconsciously categorize it as Correct and Natural but are hyper aware of gay content because they feel it’s somehow the opposite of that.

part of that is probably because of how often het content is canon compared to gay content– so many het ships aren’t even counted as het but are seen as “gen” just because they’re canon compliant. and making content for the actual happenings of the narrative is seen as somehow different than inventing content. so it slips under the radar.

the other is obviously that they’re much more likely to discount gay subtext and validate het subtext due to heteronormativity. the smallest scene is proof that a het ship is real and ~obviously people would create content for it but gay subtext is far fetched and outlandish and therefore worthy of special attention.

the other side of the equation is the way fanfic is seen as the be-end-all measuring stick of fandom content output. i know it’s because ao3 with its nice screenshottable numbers is easiest to use as a reference point (i did it myself). but that’s inherently a flawed metric because

a) canon ships are much less likely to have the same fanfic output than non-canon ships for the simple reason that less wish fulfillment is needed if the canon is giving you the content you want. guess hard whether het or gay ships are more likely to be canon

b) ao3 skewing gay is not a surprise considering it was partly intended specifically for the gay fic that was banned on other fanfic archives (have you never wondered why it’s called ‘an archive of our own’?). you used to get deleted for posting gay stuff on ff.net (idk if it still happens i haven’t posted there in ages), and fandom-specific fic archives and later LJ/DW comms were (and, tbqh, still sometimes are) rife with homophobic rules banning or heavily censoring gay content. if you visit any other fic archive the numbers will look a lot differently, i assure you (and yes, they /are/ still active), people just can’t get statistics as easily from them.

c) tangentially related to the above point, people forget that fandom isn’t just the people they follow on tumblr. using dragon age as an example again, reddit, the BSN boards, ff.net, etc are all part of the dragon age fandom and as someone who spent a lot of time i should have honestly applied better on the BSN boards i can tell you they were suffocatingly heterosexual (and homophobic!). i can’t vouch for reddit personally but i have friends who can and who had the same experience there. the fact that gay people have to cluster in specific spaces like tumblr tags and ao3 because they’re entirely unwelcome in literally every other general fandom space is not some sort of privilege, lmao.

d) and honestly most importantly: fic is not the only fandom output. like, i can’t believe that even has to be said but fanart, gif sets and graphics, fanmixes, meta, fanvids, even shitposts! are all also fandom output. they just don’t get counted because they’re much harder to quantify. but if you look at e.g. which tumblr tags are most active (as for example curated here) there is quite obviously a ton of het shipping happening on tumblr (the most popular ship last week was a het ship– mike and eleven from stranger things). you just don’t recognize it as such because the medium isn’t fic. this is again related to how likely gay ships actually get satisfying in-canon content– the fact that gay ships often get a lot of fic is because we gay people have to turn to fic for what canon refuses to provide for us. het ships have tons of content and active tags, but it often consists of e.g. gif sets or meta because they are far more likely to have canon content to rely on with no need to invent anything on top of it.

the reason why f/f sometimes runs counter to that rule and produces a lot of fic for canon ships is imho because quite frankly… canon f/f ships make up most of the rare occasions in which two female characters get to have a complex, interesting and well written relationship that isn’t almost entirely overshadowed by how their narrative revolves around a man. there’s also a lot to be said about why the numbers for f/f are small most of the time that would require a whole huge ass separate post and i am a tired lesbian and do not have the energy.

i also don’t really wanna get into why these accusations are often hurled at gay people. i’ve been called a misogynist for not giving a shit about het one too many times by people who can’t fathom that a lesbian might find m/f content a hundred times more alienating than any m/m content could ever be. but the fact is that it’s all too often based on an entirely fabricated idea of how the fandom landscape actually looks like, and i just wish we could stop entertaining that lie.

She was killing before killing was cool. She’s so cool so cool. So. Cool.

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help me dear Shan scholar, people are telling me Theron is white using Annihilation cover art as source and I don't know what to say anymore...

(First of all, thank you for the kind compliment but I am not nearly a Shan scholar lol. Just an obsessive fangirl. :P)

Oh dear lord. The Annihilation cover art never fails to piss me off because they made Theron white in that cover. Like hooooooly shit.

First of all, the cover in question. Just for… making me angry’s sake lol.

Ugh. Just, ugh. Okay, yeah. That’s a white man. 100%. BUT IT’S ALSO BULLSHIT and here’s why.

…..I’m not putting in a cut because I’m pissed. I’ll tag this post with “long post” and people can scroll. :P

This is the in game model. His facial structure honestly looks nothing like he does in the Annihilation cover. This is Theron Shan in the most canon thing that exists for this GAME. His face, in my opinion, looks far more like Eugene Lee Yang (my personal fancast) or Daniel Henney (who I know a lot of other people use as a fancast).

(Here, have a Eugene Lee Yang picture because I’m angry now and his face helps make me not quite as angry.)

But okay, maybe you argue that the model is weird (even though that’s kind of a bullshit argument considering this is a goddamn VIDEO GAME and the MODEL should be the most canon thing). Fine, whatever. Let’s look at his parents, shall we?

This is Satele Shan. Interestingly enough, also very much NOT WHITE. Which, you know, automatically makes Theron NOT WHITE. But if that’s not enough, there was actually a face model for Satele Shan! Her name is Sno E. Blac. (Source. Though unfortunately I can’t access her actual blog post anymore as a primary source, I did find this vlog.)

She looks like this:

Ummmm, yeah…. (I believe she’s part Korean, iirc? Don’t quote me on that, but I’m pretty damn sure she is part Asian.)

WELL WHOOP-DEE-DOO, NOT WHITE. Ergo her son? NOT WHITE. THAT, my friends, is basic genetics.

Anyway, let’s move on to Jace Malcom, shall we? Here’s a shot we have of him from the Hope trailer.

Yeah… he ain’t white either. Skin tone wise, okay, he’s pretty damn pale. But those features? THOSE ARE NOT WHITE PERSON FEATURES. NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

(Unfortunately, I can’t find anything about a Jace Malcom face model through a simple Google search, so I’m not sure if they had one or not, but if they did, I DOUBT HE WAS WHITE.)

So yeah, with a non-white mom and a non-white dad (at least in part on both sides), Theron Shan will never be white.

Also, let’s be real, Bioware has a problem with whitewashing, so it can’t be super surprising that they’re gonna do that at some point. But when it comes down to the VIDEO GAME that is Star Wars: The Old Republic, in game models (and the cinematics) are gonna be much more accurate representations than the cover of a companion novel, you know?

tl:dr: Theron Shan is a non-white bi man and that’s the end of the story.

(Disclaimer: I’m not sure how compelling this argument is going to be for someone who pulls the Annihilation cover as source material but it does not change the fact that the man on the Annihilation cover is white. But maybe this’ll help. And quite frankly, WHY THE FUCK IS IT A BIG DEAL THAT HE ISN’T WHITE? He’s still Theron Shan, actual human disaster. Just draw him like he looks in game, you cowards!)

I hope this helps, at least a bit, nonny. >.>

Edit to add: And yo, followers and other SWTOR fans, if you want to insist Theron Shan is white, unfollow me and block me right now. I don’t want to interact with you.

Rivals Top Tens

Recently I’ve had quite a few asks about Top Ten things in the Rivals universe and quite  few people have asked for a link so that they can find all the posts easily. I have now added a shortcut in my useful links page which you can find here http://kazliin.tumblr.com/useful+links or you can search my blog for the tag top ten lists. 

I am having way too much fun coming up with these lists as it give me a great chance to get creative and do a lot of worldbuilding. I have a few more top ten prompts in my askbox at the moment which I am intending to answer as soon as I can, it just takes me a little longer to do those ones as I need time to think of a good answer!

So far still to write I have:

-  Top 10 Memes Inspired By Yuuri Katsuki

-  top ten Viktor Nikiforov cheesy ig posts about yuuri

-  Top 10 Katsuki/Nikiforov Moments That Had Everyone Swooning

- Top 10 texts/sexts list

If there are any other top ten lists you want to see feel free to send your prompts as asks!

Like many people, I wasn’t really happy with what happened between Alec and Magnus in 2x07. They deserved more. More conversations, more intimacy, and more (screen)time. Magnus especially deserved to be heard more. 

Never fear, as usual fandom provided, and like many people, I’ve been reading coda, episode tags, and lots of fix-its.

Below, you can find my favorites, to tide you over until the new episode arrives. If you’re looking for even more fic recs, you can find all my shadowhunter bookmarks here and my tumblr fic rec tag here.


So Quite New by succor

Alec proposes sex. Magnus is emphatically on board with this plan.

Lapse by sailec | @sailec

Magnus trips a little over his own feet as Alec backs him further into the bedroom, making their hold on each other tighten. For a moment it’s impossible not to get lost in it, not to open his mouth for Alec’s tongue and grab at the back of his shirt, allowing Alec’s big hands to hold him steady while he kisses him deeper.

“Wait,” Magnus says and finally breaks away, the two of them still standing so close he can feel Alec’s breathing, the way it’s gone heavy. He closes his eyes, the tips of Alec’s fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, and the want in his body curses the words that come next. “We should – wait.”

Of Laughter and Lima Beans by ACGfics | @ameliacgormley

This seems to have come out of nowhere. One moment they’re making their first tentative forays into heavy necking and light petting and suddenly Alec is talking about “the next step.”

‘I think we’re pole-vaulting over a few steps here, my dear.’

The sudden leap shows. The energy in these kisses is all wrong. Thoroughly pleasant and full of potential, yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. But still wrong. Not since he charged the wrong way down the aisle at his own wedding has Alec kissed Magnus like this, as though afraid that if he doesn’t keep plunging ahead, he’ll falter and turn back.

Maybe that was necessary at the wedding. For Alec to stop his life mid-course and veer off in an entirely new direction took tremendous courage and one hell of a leap of faith. Magnus knows that. He’ll be eternally grateful that the leap carried Alexander in his direction.

But sex between them shouldn’t be something Alec needs to psyche himself up for.

shine a light by ithilien22 | @ithilien-writes

The last time Magnus let someone in, it nearly destroyed him. He’s not sure if he can do it again.

If It’s What You Want by oncethrown | @oncethrown

They both know that there’s something special between them. They both know that being vulnerable can open you up to amazing things some times.

Sex, though.

It never goes the way you imagined.

Magnus knows that. Alec doesn’t.

Warm In Your Light by RedOrchid | @actuallyredorchid

It’s far too easy, letting himself be swept away.

Anafase by rikke_leonhart | @rikkeleonhart

There are different kinds of want and they are learning them together. A conversation that should have been had.

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Let me put a Lauren’s twitlonger on this.. guys. 

here’s the like

I think it’s time to charge my phone adress this.. sorry for my english mistakes blablabla i don’t care at this point.

That’s certainly not the 1st time we share my work without credit  -which is funny because most of the time, the copy get more recognition than my orignal- and that’s may be the 2nd time a girl liked my fanart on someone else’s account.

Usually, I tend to just ignore it because I would rather spend my energy on drawing than running after every account sharing my (fan)art without putting my name on it. And trust me, I’m here since 2013 and I’ve been stolen quite a lot already..

But rn I’m slightly annoyed because I’m not even enjoying it. I’ve been waiting so long for my illustration to be noticed, especially by Camila and yet I’m here, looking at my work being anonymously praised while I’m still struggling to promote myself as a fanartist/artist.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t draw just for my artwork’s'’’’’’’’’muses’’’’’’’’’’ to notice me, I don’t even ask people to tag them on my comments but I can’t deny that it’s a valuable part of my motivation.

Actual footage of me reacting to Camila’s like

And don’t say “don’t put it on the internet if you don’t want to be shared”

It’s a trust abuse.. When someone’s posting a cover song, you just don’t post it on your channel just because you liked it. 

When someone’s write a great piece of fanfiction. You just don’t distribute it freely on your blog like it was a vulgar brochure, it’s someone else’s work

In our langage so I can be understood, someone else’s blood, sweat, heart, and tears. (see what I did here hehe OK NO it’s a serious topic)

It just doesn’t.work that way.

Someone with whom you share the same interest wanted to share something they worked on -oftenly for hours- without asking anything else but for people to be respectful of their ‘little baby’. 

They scheduled it on their free time and spent the same time everyone spent on doing something else just so this art could exist.

they just want people to know their work, to be encouraged to continue and why not to build a small fame

No money, no interest, just your trust. 

We often don’t sign our illustration by pleasure or by narcissism, because it doesn’t serve the aesthetic purpose at all but we need to do it. (I even saw one of my animation being cropped so ppl won’t see my tumblr’s URL) We do it because we want ppl to know it’s from us, we want ppl to find us and give us their opinion on it and yes we want people to follow us. How selfish.. 

When a fanartist or an artist sign their work, they show their wish to be reachable and to be named. It’s like a trust agreement saying ‘don’t forget it’s from me but you guys can see it’

Sadly, internet is way too active to be moderated everywhere. So an artist just have trust and ethic left.

So when you share someone else’s work without credit, you deliberately disrespect someone’s else wish.

This is not illegal, this is just poorly moral but hey I’m not your Jiminy Cricket I’m just here trying to defend my work and (fan)artist’s condition on the internet. 

Stop thinking artwork are acquired like you were still in elementary school.

They’re free and here just because someone wanted it to be. And if one day this person doesn’t want to do it anymore or make it free

you won’t have any right on it, like you never actually did.

I’m done.

-pen drop-


However, on a positive note

… I’ve gotten more respectul people sharing my stuff than the other ones, also followers that put my name bellow my fanart when someone forget to do it are validating my trust on a daily basis.

I really want to thanks them. 

And most of the time, it came from my followers.

I also appreciate people that warn me when someone’s sharing my fanarts without credit, like I said I don’t really act on it but I appreciate the gesture.

And sorry anon, that’s not the excitement you were waiting for but I’ll be hyped the day I will be truly notice, thanks for sharing and have a great day!

hi !

i’m gonna write this in english (assuming all the frenchies here can read it (of course you can))

You’re beginning to be quite a lot of people here and I’d like to thank you all for giving me self-confidence about posting stuff online, whether you’re here for the original art, fanarts, animations etc. I read every single tag and every comment you add on my posts and it make me so glad and I’m SO sorry I can’t reply directly (camilleto is not my main blog), so the only way to be sure I react correctly is to send me messages or asks, I always answer them anonymously when it’s possible.

“Let’s change that.”

A Sam Holland meet-cute for my girl Tori @lovelyimagines !!!

You had laid out a large picnic blanket in your local park. It was a gorgeous day; the sky was cloudless, the sun shone strong, and the birds sang. You brought some snacks, a book, and your sketchbook. Even though your sketches weren’t always the most artistic, it was entertaining to people watch. 

Playing your music softly, you began to survey your surroundings, your pencil at the ready. There were kids, playing tag or throwing frisbees, families, enjoying picnics, and lots of dogs. 

One dog in particular caught your eye. It was quite a large dog, gray with a white patch on its chest, and had similar features to a pit bull. It was running around wildly, retrieving a stick thrown by its owner. 

“Come here, Tessa! Good girl!”

Your eyes followed the voice, landing on quite a cute boy. He had many freckles, soft brown hair, and big eyes. You smiled and began to sketch the boy and his dog. 

Lost in thought, you didn’t notice when the dog bounded over to you, placing the stick right next to your blanket. You placed your sketchbook on the blanket, drawing your attention to the dog’s affections. 

“Oh, hello,” you laughed, as the dog sniffed and started to lick you. 

The boy appeared, breathless: “I’m so sorry. Tessa, stop!” He gently pulled at Tessa’s collar, trying to persuade her to leave you alone. 

“No, no, it’s fine! I love dogs,” you beamed up at the boy. Now that you could see him more clearly, you took in all of his features. He had shaggy brown hair, big hazel eyes, a strong jawline, and freckles scattered across his face. 

“I’m Sam, by the way,” he extended his hand. “I’m sorry, again… for her.” He bent down to pick up the stick when he caught a glimpse of your sketch. “Not to… bother you further, but is that… me?” 

You blushed profusely: “Um, um.. yeah. I was just sketching some people in the park, and Tessa caught my eye.” 

“Are you sure that I didn’t catch your eye?” a smile tugged on his lips. 

You blushed a little harder and paused: “I don’t know you well enough to make a good comeback.” 

“Well, let’s change that.”

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Why do people think there are hardly any leafy blogs?

I’ve seen a lot of people when saying there are active leafy blogs they only mention about 5 or 6. There are wayyyyyyyyyy more leafy blogs that are still active. You just have to find them. I know quite a few, some are well known, some are not as well known but still my favs <3 Here they are ;)

@isleofcalvin @love-me-leafy @leafy-cult @nayeli-winchester @leafy-intolerant @leafygirlishere @leafyhere @leafyiscalvininamask@roastmeleafy @itsleafboi @leafbot777 @cinnamonleafy @leafydrabbles @leafythepositiveviber @caleafy @leafyismylizardgod @leafy-s3npai @leafyisnowhere @ya-boi-leaf @coffeemaahtay @leafyisherereptile @leafyishereedits @i-hear-you-leafin @leafyisheremorelikeleafyiskawaii @leafyiscreamy @leaf-y @smileafy @inlovewithaleaf@leafyishere (for some reason the last one wouldn’t tag)

Some of them you may already follow there are heaps more but i’m too lazy to get up and check what they are I might add them in later but feel free to add to this list!

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i was just wondering (sorry if someone already asked it) but how is sixpenceeee ableist? thanks!

For future reference check my /tagged/answered-questions, because I’ve already answered this question a bunch of times (although not as in depth as this, because this time I finally was on the computer and not mobile)!

This addition to my “sixpenceee alternatives” post does a good job of explaining her ableism, and other problematic things sixpenceee has done, in a quick and to-the-point fashion.

Basically, though, sixpenceee is ableist for:

  • portraying the mentally ill as dangerous
  • finding the mentally ill as inhuman objects that are “interesting”
  • she’s going into a neuroscience field (i forgot which specifically) which is notoriously ableist for its mistreatment of the mentally ill — especially people that are psychotic like myself
  • when called out on her ableism, she was like “i’m not ableist!!! ur all crybabies!” and said that if anyone calls her ableist again she is reporting/blocking them
  • constantly, unapologetically uses ableist slurs that she can’t reclaim (she’s neurotypical and able-bodied)
  • probably lots more

In addition, she also:

  • steals content ideas from other science/horror/paranormal bloggers, sometimes verbatim
  • posts unsourced content (which is basically also stealing)
  • sent science/horror/paranormal blog “competitors” death threats and had her fans bully them off tumblr
  • has openly admitted that her family in India (she’s white btw) has child servants and passes it off as okay “because that’s normal in India uwu” although she makes it quite clear she “doesn’t condone child labor” but it’s “better than working in a factory uwu”
  • will not tag triggers and when approached about it she says she “doesn’t have room” or “it will ruin the story” (wtf)
  • has been called out on sexism (although I haven’t seen any evidence of this but I’m not saying it didn’t happen)
  • and probably lots more as well

Also I was sent some asks with testimonials of sixpenceee stealing content and/or harassing people after making the aforementioned “sixpenceee alternatives” post: here, here, and here.

Here are some blogs/posts with receipts (general trigger warning — especially for #rape and #child sex abuse):

Feel free to reblog this to spread the word, as well.

Today is my 18th Birthday....

Today, October 8th, is my 18th birthday ! To begin with a joke, I can finally read/see NSFW things without breaking any law, as I am now a legal adult in France !
(Since I’ll most likely write lots and lots about myself : there is a “Read more” ! And if you’re tagged, it means I thank you at the end of my rambling, so go read it, I posted comments for lots of you)

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Chapter 1: Under Public Scrutiny

A/N: Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for the support of this story and all the new readers that have joined me on this journey! I am quite nervous to post the first chapter so it would mean a lot to me if you could share your thoughts, good or bad! I would greatly appreciate it! Enjoy xo (sorry my tags haven’t been working but oh well! Here you go!)

Three minutes and six seconds.

That is all it takes to change the course of a life, my life.

No matter what people believe about fate I was never one to fall for it. I knew that I could change the course of my future that nothing was set in stone. I could etch and chisel away at the solid foundation and still change it into a beautiful life, one of my own making.

In the attempts of breaking through those confining walls my birth right surrounded me with, I came to the realization that my life would never be normal. That my life would be the center of attention for the whole world to see. To see every faltering step, every mistake, every time I had my heart broken.

This is my life.

Princess Emilia’s life.

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I saw an artist friend complain about this once before and just now I’ve seen a few other artists getting anons warning them of this, so I went and checked and yep, looks like @rawstucky is reblogging people’s art but deleting all the artists’ captions in the process. This is extremely rude and I think a lot of people around here follow them, plus I have many artists friends so, guys, consider this a heads up.

you know what tumblr fandoms should consider more?


there needs to be more lesbians 

Some gift art I did for the awesome artist Skymachine. I was a big fan of their Smokescreen posts way back in the day, so I’ve been planning to make art for them for years now. And I finally did it! Success! It’s my design for anthro!dogformer!Smokescreen arm-wrestling their fursona, Skye.  Also Skye is a LOT bigger than Smokescreen because have you seen lions up close? They’re quite a bit bigger than you think they are, especially compared with relatively small but strong Seppala Siberian Sleddog Smokescreen.

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Do u have any tips for gaining an audience for art?

hmm.. well. this is a question ive gotten several times that I would avoid, because I don’t really know how to answer this question..

Consistency with ‘activeness’ is important, I do a really bad job of that and I notice how much it affects my activity on here when im inactive (which im fine with but maybe helpful for you to know!).

The better you are at art, the easier it is to get noticed, so practice is key!! I used to get only one note for my art when I was a beginner at digital art few years back. Id get more notes progressively through practice. Tag your artwork :) its good organization but its also useful for letting it be seen by others. Also content is quite important? I know that fan art is usually very popular, but I also know a lot of blogs that contain only original content that is “successful” (webcomic or ocs), create something that people would want to see more of :)

I’ll be honest, I still think it all comes down to skill. So don’t give up, draw what makes you happy, and share your art growth consistently on tumblr (i did it this way)! If you need support, im here.