Full Moon Attraction Spell Day 3: Worry Dolls

Listen we’re just going to skip day 2 because really all I did was drink @jennycalabro​‘s self love rose soy milk tea and do various gushy tarot spreads. Day 3 was really fun though! 

These are Worry Dolls (Muñeca quitapena) that my mother gave me: 

They’re about the size of my thumb nail, made of string, twigs, and paper, and the way they work is simple: you tell them your worries, and place them under your pillow. They’re supposed to take away that worry or fear during the night, so you can sleep soundly. They’re mostly for children, but I’m using them a bit differently here. Almost as poppets! 

Here’s what you do: 

Take two of the worry dolls, one that represents you and one that represents a partner. It doesn’t have to be a specific person, but if you have someone in mind, even better! Hold them both in your hand and whisper to them any fears, worries, or insecurities you have about relationships, love, intimacy, trust, vulnerability, etc. Really think about what personal blocks are keeping you from feeling like you can find the right person and be happy with them, or keeping you from being with someone you have found. What scares you about love? 

Then, tie the two worry dolls together like so: 

 Imagine that they are you and a partner, happy and free of those fears. 

Next, place them inside a jar, baggy, cup or bowl like so (I used a jar because God I love jars) : 

Then fill your container of choice, covering the worry dolls as much as possible, with: 
- rose petals 
- cinnamon 
- brown sugar 

Under these ingredients, the worry dolls lovingly work together to banish the fears and worries you told them about. When finished, it looked like this: 

Hang or place the container next to your bed, and let them do their thing! :) 

Em biết không? Vang còn có một cái tên khác là Quitapenas, nó có nghĩa là Quên nỗi buồn đi. Chị đọc được điều đấy trong một câu chuyện nào đó. Nhưng chị thường ít có cơ hội để buồn dù cuộc đời này đôi khi chứa đựng quá nhiều những nỗi buồn dưới muôn hình vạn trạng. Chỉ là chị thích những tối đẹp trời như thế này, chúng ta hãy chỉ vui thôi! Em biết không, sau tất cả những tổn thương và tuyệt vọng, chúng ta vẫn có thể đặt niềm tin và hi vọng vào chính mình. Cuộc sống này dạy cho chị điều đấy. Em có tin vào chính mình không Di?
—  Chuyện kể ở Floramisu.

Los muñequitos Quitapenas tienen una historia muy dulce y queremos compartirla con ustedes.

Según la tradición de los indígenas mayas del Altiplano de Guatemala, cuando los niños tienen miedo o pesadillas por la noche, se las cuentan a los muñequitos antes de irse a dormir y luego los colocan debajo de la almohada, y al amanecer los sueños feos y los miedos desaparecen. Tan popular se hizo la leyenda que los adultos cuando tenían un problema hacían lo mismo con los muñequitos y según se cuenta estos hacían desaparecer los problemas para siempre.

De acuerdo al folklore, el muñeco se preocupará por el problema en lugar de la persona, permitiéndole a la persona dormir tranquilo.

Los muñecos están fabricados a mano a partir de una base de madera o alambre, con ropa de algodón y cartón para la cara, aunque también pueden estar hechos de barro. Los muñecos quitapenas  son un elemento muy popular de la cultura guatemalteca y también se los encuentra en Perú, Bolivia y norte de Argentina.

Es tan popular la leyenda de la quitapena que hasta existen canciones y versos:

“Los muñecos quitapenas quitan las penas que tengo, se las cuento muy bajito y me las curan en silencio. Y debajo de mi almohada duermen siempre mis muñecos y si tengo alguna pena yo sin ella me despierto.”

Hasta la próxima!

Valeria y Carolina