Julie update ✿

Hey cuties! Just a little check-in here.

First off, a huge, HUGE thank you for helping me get halfway to my GoFundMe goal! It’s a gigantic help in the publishing road I’m about to go down :)

Second, I went out and applied for a job today! (This is a big deal for me because I have crippling anxiety in the face of people and germs, eep!) It’s for a tiny florist shop near my home - I talked to the owner for a long time, it went very well, and I’m a perfect candidate for the job - she’s gonna call me tomorrow to let me know if I got it! *panicked-but-happy-screaming*

(*cough cough* I also think it’s really cool because I wrote Claudia as a florist and Talia as a botanist ajshdkjahskdjhak)

And last, I’m finishing up drawing #3 as I type this. I’ve also been making big progress in Book!Home, and I’ll be launching that blog soon so you can see all the artwork :)

Thank you for your kind messages and never-ending support! <3


MxPx - Quit Your Life 

love this song so much so so cute

He was from a middle class home. He was an average student. He graduated and got an average job in the same place that his father worked. He got married to a girl that he went to school with. Together they had two children that looked like two children. He lived the average life of the average middle American.
—  Henry Rollins - Black Coffee Blues

anonymous asked:

imagine Harry and he's like someplace alone and he meets y/n by accident but he's feeling spicy so he starts talking to her and getting to know her then he realizes she's really a cool chic and gets her number and they hang out a couple of times but he has to go away soon but he doesn't wanna leave her so he's like daym girl come on tour w me bc I don't wanna be alone (ykno as a friend but really 😏😏😏😏 Harry has other plans) omg my heart SWELLS that's like tHe fantasy sign me UP

“feeling spicy” LOL harry’s turning into paprika on us

but then you’re kind of like, “harry, I can’t just- I can’t just leave,” you start, completely thrown for a loop. “I have school, and a job, and, well, quite frankly a life.”  Your mind was throwing logic out your mouth, but your heart was telling you other things, buzzing your entire body with excitement at the possibilities of being on the road with harry, alone, together, exploring the world in his down time, late night conversations when he comes back all sweaty and high off adrenaline.

“It’ll be here when yeh come back, I promise.” Your raised brows tell him that was the wrong thing to say.  “Y/N, the first day we hung out you said yeh wanted t’see the world. I’m givin’ yeh that chance.”  There’s a pleading quality to his voice that tells you he’s quite desperate for you to say yes, but his words still ruffle your feathers a bit.

“Gee, thank you Saint Styles.”

“You know wha’ I mean, I want yeh t’come with me.  I”- he exhales with a smile and a slight shake of his head- “really want y’to. So can yeh stop woundin’ m’pride ‘n say yes? Promise tha’ you can leave after a week if yeh don’t like it on the road.”

“You’ll make me stay a whole week? Can’t leave earlier?” you tease.  The pulsing of your heart is starting to push all logic from your mind, and you surprise yourself with being a little more than willing in letting the rush of warmth kick logic out the window.

“First stop’s in France, thirty minutes from the riviera” he said, and that’s when that logic fell flat on the pavement.  You’ve always wanted to see France, and the smirk on his face told you he knew it.

“I suppose…I suppose I can ask if I can work away from the office for a bit, take some classes online-” but that’s all you got to say before harry’s scooping you up with a triumphant yes! and a boyish laugh that makes your heart twist.