You cannot wait for the ‘perfect’ moment, for it may never come. In which case, you will be waiting forever. You must act now, and take action in what ever way you can!
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
ADHD Gothic #1

- it is morning and you have decided that today is the day, today is going to be the day that you quite your life and stay in bed forever. 15 minutes later you arrive at work half an hour late.

- the drive from your house to school takes 18 minutes. you leave 25 minutes early. you still arrive at class 36 minutes late. 

- you don’t sleep at night and your doctor recommends less coffee. but you can’t do it. you drink 5 cups of coffee after lunch, then take a nap for 3 hours. you don’t sleep tonight.

- the chairs in the lecture hall are older then time itself. they squeak when you move. you start to bounce your leg. everyone in the room turns and glares, but you can’t stop. your professor gives you an F. your leg continues to bounce.

- your mom calls to tell you how proud she is of you. your dad sends you an email about how proud he is of you. you start to wonder what you did wrong. but then you realize that it’s your birthday. you are twenty-six today. you could have sworn you turned 15 last year.

- your stomach growls. you haven’t eaten in 72 hours. you decide to eat but then can’t think of anything to make. you end up drinking another red bull. your stomach growls again.

- you texted your friend an hour ago and she still hasn’t replied. you are halfway through digging yourself a grave when she texts back. you realize that you sent the first text only 3 minutes ago. you put the shovel down and meet her for coffee, happy and content with life once again.

- it is morning. you want to die. your brain screams for sleep, and you surrender yourself to the blankets.

- you are Bored. but thinking of something to do is too boring, so you continue to stare at the wall. you wonder if anyone has ever died of boredom.

- ABC’s by the Jackson 5 is stuck in your head. it has been stuck in your head for 2 years now. it will not go away. every song is tainted, because all you hear is baby Michael Jackson’s voice.

- you feel like you are forgetting something, so you go to your desk to look at your reminders. the desk is covered with sticky notes. you can’t remember what color your desk is, because the sticky notes keep multiplying. you pick one up. every single sticky note says the same thing: DON’T FORGET THE THING. you wonder who is doing this to you

- the second hand moves. you can hear it. you glare at the clock. it ticks again.

- you wonder why your emotions are out of control. you’re frustrated with yourself, because you have no motivation. people are always telling you to pay attention. you wonder what is wrong with you, but then the realization hits you: you have ADHD. you have always had ADHD. you take medication for your ADHD. that is why you are having these issues. The next day, you forget again.

stay tuned for ADHD Gothic #2

When You See Their Mansion For The First Time (Requested/Mafia AU)

~Kim Namjoon~

Your jaw dropped. You and Namjoon had been seeing each other for a little over 3 months and this is the first time you had ever visited his home. It was massive, more than anything you’d ever seen. Being raised in a poor family, you were used to a one-story, cramped apartment.

Namjoon tapped your chin up and smirked.

“You’ll catch flies kitten.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin opened the door of the Hummer and watched your eyes light up. You scanned the open terrace and large doors. You grew up with a small front porch and a flower bed. Jin hooked his arm with yours and led you to the front gate that opened automatically.

“Wait until you see the kitchen.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi had money and he knew how to flash it. From picking you up in his exotic sports car to arrive at his mansion on the outskirts of the city. The sleek black fence and paved driveway was the first sign of his wealthy house. When the doors finally open you were frozen in shock. Yoongi stood outside with a smirk.

“It’s even better on the inside.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hobi wasn’t very fond of showing off his wealth. That is until he met you. You were a small town girl who didn’t have a lot of money to spare growing up. So he constantly bought you things to show you how much he loved you. When you rolled up to his mansion, you really saw how wealthy he was.

“I hope it’s not too much Y/n.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin smirked at the size of your eyes. You were gasping in shock at just the gate of his mansion. You never saw anything quite advanced before in your life. You clutched the end of your shirt with a deep gulp. You felt nervous. What if you walked inside and broke a priceless artifact? Or left dirt on the floor?

“Calm down Y/n,” Jimin laid a hand on your thigh. “My home is yours now.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Tae leaned back in his seat as he entered the gate. His hand gave your knee a reassuring squeeze. Your eyes followed the tall and wide structure of the mansion. You couldn’t say you expected any less. But it was HUGE! You loved out of a one bedroom, one bath house your entire life.

“I’ll make sure to show you EVERY room.” Taehyung chuckled.

~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook held your hand as you approached the door to his mansion. You were physically shaking. You didn’t even feel worthy to step on his property. Nevertheless enter Jungkook’s home. The tall doors were pushed open and you felt weak-kneed at the sight. Jungkook smiled and held a hand to your back.

“I can’t wait to show you the bedrooms…”

In the Heat of the Moment (M)

Originally, I didn’t write this for a request. But as I went through my list, I realized that it did fit one, so it’s getting posted early! This is for @spiritemofashion, who reblogged my first smut and asked for a Yixing or Kyungsoo smut. I hope it meets your expectations! ^^

Genre: X Reader, smut, werewolf AU (does not relate to Blood for Blood)

Member(s): Yixing 

POV: 2nd Person

Warning(s): Swearing, cringy dirty talk, and of course, it’s smut, so…you know ;)

Summary: Your very lovely boyfriend has been in an unlovely mood lately. I wonder why…?

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

The morning light filtered through the window, giving the room an ethereal glow. Your eyelids fluttered open, but not because of the light, or the chirping of birds outside your window. Not because of your alarm, which isn’t supposed to go off today anyway, since it’s a Sunday. No, you woke up because of a certain someone who was rutting his hips against your behind.

You could hear his soft whimpers, his breathing uneven. You were used to hearing your boyfriend’s snores at this time of the morning, so the fact that he was panting instead was kind of concerning.

Carefully, you tried to turn your body to face him without waking him. It wasn’t an easy task, considering that his arms were coiled around you, holding you in place. You managed to swivel around, his warm breath now tickling your cheeks. His hips continued to buck against you, and you could clearly feel his heated erection, even through the layers of clothes separating your bodies. He let out a low whine, his arms tightening around you and pulling you closer to his chest.

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

I want to share some reasons to stay alive with you - reasons that are a bit more specific than “Hot coffee and rainy days”. While those are certainly good reasons to stay alive and I encourage you to cling to even such seemingly small things to stay alive for, I know that sometimes all the coffee and all the rain in the world are not enough to tame the heartbreaking feeling that things will never get better. 

I understand. I’ve been there.  I know how that feels like. 

But I also know how it feels like to think “Wow, life is good, I can’t believe I ever wanted to throw that away.”, and I want to share some lessons with you that I learnt along the way:

-  Not everyone will support you, and you’ll be okay with that. I’m not going to promise you you will one day be surrounded by only people who will 100% support you but I can promise you that you will survive that. You will learn to stand above it. 

As a child or young person the thought of someone not accepting you is very scary because you either depend on them (parents etc.) or can’t simply walk away from them (school etc.). Of course that still applies to a few people or situations in your adult life but you gain a lot of independence simply by getting older. You gain freedom. I’ll never openly talk to my dad about my romantic attraction - so what? I don’t need him or his approval. He’s just one person, what does it matter to me. 

- While I can’t promise that everyone will support you, I can promise that you will meet people who do. You may not know any yet but the circle of people you know will change and evolve during your life quite a lot. Maybe your whole school class is homophobic and mean but I promise, those people will not mean heck to you in ten years. You’ll meet new people, and some of them will be amazing. You’ll meet people who get to know you as the one you truly are. You’ll meet people to who it is normal and great that you date people of the same gender or that you use they/them etc. 

- You’ll get to know other lgbt+ people! We always find each other, online or offline. We are nice. You’ll like us. 

- Circumstances change. The situation in which you don’t want to live now will not exist like that forever, please stick around to see those changes. You’ll not go to that school forever or live with your mom forever or have that transphobic coworker forever or even necessarily live in that country forever. You may feel stuck now but life is so fluid, it’ll change so much. I promise.  

- Help is available. If you struggle with mental health problems (or think you might) or don’t know how to deal with a painful memory or are in an abusive relationship or fear that your alcohol habits got out of control… None of those problems are not solvable. There’s professional help and support and comfort available. You deserve to use those resources (and no, they’re not all lgbt+-phobic - there are even lgbt+-specific resources. If you need help finding some, don’t be afraid to ask!)  

Please stay alive, my dear, I love you. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

The Seven Kinds of Love

Words: 7984

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut

Summary: Love - an intense feeling of deep affection.

Originally posted by sugataecups

One; the first time you feel love for something other than Mr. Sprinkles, your stuffed rabbit, is at age five.  

Barely crawling from your mother’s embrace and still scared of skeletons in your closet; you were a tiny child with big dreams in the cruel world. Your parents shielded you from the harsh realities and you lived within a glass bubble but it was perfect.

One sunny afternoon, the playground looked like a dazzling place to be. So, you squirmed out of your mother’s embrace and despite your father’s worried shouts, you ran to the slide and Namjoon slides, quite literally, right into your life.

You bonk heads together and the first time you turn to him, your eyes are blurred through salt water. He’s startled when you begin to cry and he follows with his own wailing after. Both parents come running and when you point to each other, they exchange apologies. Your parents cradle you in your arms and you are sheltered before love could ever hurt you.

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"Frienemies" to Lovers pt.4

Originally posted by fullfangirling27

Third PoV

You were waiting for Jin to get ready and for everyone to get emotionally ready for you to leave. And to be honest, you were waiting to see if Yoongi would say goodbye. You shook your head in disbelief, thinking the unbelieveable but even so you still liked Yoongi. But since he’s happy with her, then you’re happy. God, your love life is sad like Author Nim’s.

“Noona, are you really sure about leaving?” Jungkook asked. “Because you’re never a burden for us, Noona.”

“Hey, I gotta move on anyway, kid. Besides I brought the house and it’s fucking beautiful. I can always visit anyways.”

“Everyone, get in!” Jin called out. “Jimin! Is Yoongi coming?” Jimin shook his head as Jin sighed.You entered the front passenger seat as everyone else got in.

“Noona, I’m gonna miss you!” Jimin pouted.

“I miss her more!” TaeHyung popped in.

“No I do!”

“No I do!”

“Guys, it’s only been 3 minutes and I haven’t even left you guys yet.” You laughed. 

“We don’t want you to leave us!”

“I’ll be able to visit!”

“But Mina ssi will be there more than before…”Hobi frowned. “…Truth be told, we don’t even know why he started dating her.” You perked up at that. 

She’s not even close to his type…why would he date such a person? You shrugged off the thought as you arrived at your new place.

“It looks beautiful, noona!” Hobi exclaimed. “How much money do you really have?”

“More than you think.” You chuckled as you and Tae grabbed your suitcases.

-time skip-

While you were having fun with the others, Yoongi was basking in his guilt. You had no one to help you, BTS saved you when you wanted to just quit everything. They were your life savers and you trusted them with everything you had. Yoongi destroyed your trust with him. He could get his heart stabbed 1000 times but just seeing you look up to him with tears would feel more painful to him. He just couldn’t understand why. He had a girlfriend that he was happy with until you came into his life. He hated you at the start, his heart would beat faster, his blood would rush to his cheeks, and he hated that you made him like this.

Why am I feeling like this… He thought as he payed no attention to his girlfriend. His hands curled into fists whilst he hit his hands against the table. 

“Oppa, are you okay?” She asked.

“Not in the mood, Mina.” He snapped.

“Oppa, is it that ugly girl? Did she distract you with her weirdness?” Mina asked.

“She’s not ugly!”

What the fuck, Yoongi… aren’t you supposed to be angry at her? He buried his face in his arms as Mina only babbled more shit about you and asking Yoongi why he was taking your side.

“If you think she’s pretty to you then go to her!”

“No!” He spat at what he called a girlfriend. Now that he realizes it, what did he see in her? Now he thought, what does he see in you?

“Please let go of me, Tae” You looked down at the puppy like adult as he clinged onto your leg again.

“Noona! I wanna stay!”

“Jungkook, assistance please.” The maknae nodded and pried Tae off with his maknae pig muscles. 

“Are you okay, noona?” Namjoon asked. You were taken off guard by the sudden question.

“W-what? What do you mean?”

“We all know you still like him…” Namjoon treads on his words slowly, hoping to not trigger any emotions, “…are you really okay?” You dryly laugh.

“I’m not okay and you all know it. But If he’s happy,” you smile as you think about Yoongi’s sweet gummy smile you rarely saw, “I’m happy.”

“Well, if that’s what you say.” Namjoon smiled.

“Bye noona. We’ll miss you.” Hoseok cried out, hugging you.

“I’ll miss you all.” You smiled sadly.

“Bye, please take care of yourself and don’t overwork yourself. Eat well and–”

“I get it, Jin oppa. I’ll be fine. I’ll call when I need help.” They were about to leave but you stopped them.

“Wait!” They looked back at you. 


Please don’t be mad at Yoongi and take care of him for me…” They nodded and smiled at how even though you’re feeling so crushed, you still put others before yourself. You would carry the burden with a smile even if you were in the worst of states. “…he can hate me all he wants, but I want to see him smile and be happy with or without me.”

The 6 boys were shocked by your statement but agreed to do it because you were their best friend.

“You guys should head home. It’s starting to get late.” You smiled as brightly as you can. They finally said their goodbyes and they head home. As Jin unlocked the door to the dorm, a strong scent of soju hit them.

“What the heck is this?” Jin asked as he started picking up the empty soju bottles and starting to recycle them. Then he heard moaning and bed creaking. “Namjoon, go check mine and Yoongi’s room.” The younger nodded and went to Yoongi’s room with the sounds getting louder. He opened the door and saw Yoongi and Mina doing the fuck.

“HYUNG, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Jungkook went to look at the scene but Namjoon covered the maknae’s eyes. “You rarely fuck her at the dorm! Let alone in yours and Jin hyung’s room!” Yoongi stood up–luckily clothed– and wobbled his way over to the younger.

“You shut up!” Yoongi slurs.

“Why are you doing this hyung? y/n wanted you to be happy and not-” Yoongi glared angrily at him.

“Don’t ever say her fucking name to me.”


“y/n is dead to me, got it?” 

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I am now planning on making these longer for you all so…yeah

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Zukka fic recs? All these posts are starting to make me ship it. (Honestly, it's a wonder I didn't ship it before- my one requirement for a ship is "person A makes person B happy", and Sokka would definitely make Zuko happy.)

I’ll tabletop you any day

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Under Wicked Sky

Good Job, Universe

Pairing: Jordan Fisher x Reader

Word Count: 2,392

A/N: Just want to thank the @hamwriters group chat for this wonderful idea based on somebody’s personal experience with my baby, Jordan Fisher. So basically, I took all of @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait‘s tweets and made a fic out of them bc how could I not?

With tears running down your face, you stood and clapped with the rest of the audience. You watched as the cast made their way back onstage and bowed. It was obvious they enjoyed performing the show every night. They were beaming, smiles on every face.

As you looked down the line of actors and actresses, your eyes stopped on the tanned, curly-haired young man who played John Laurens and Philip Hamilton. You recognized him instantly from his role of Doody in Grease Live. He had a smile on his lips, just as everyone else did, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

Call it intuition, but you could tell he was upset about something. You wished you had the means to go and talk to him about, but you didn’t have those kinds of connections. You were lucky enough to see the show.

So you just clapped harder and shouted louder, attempting to make your gratitude heard.

As soon as you exited the theatre, your phone was out and you were opening Twitter. You found his Twitter handle quickly while you were muttering to yourself over what you should say. “Great performance? No, Y/N, everyone says that.” You declared quietly. “A show for the ages. What is this, a wrestling match? C’mon, think.”

Then it came to you. You tried not to seem too eager as you typed out a couple tweets.

I love Anthony so much but watching @Jordan_Fisher tonight in Hamilton was so amazing. He’s so talented, and makes an adorable kid Philip.

@Jordan_Fisher the animation that he acts with is totally unmatched from any other show I’ve ever seen, and that’s all Broadway shows.

@Jordan_Fisher I’ve never cried from seeing a performance, but seriously, you made me cry numerous times. Reynolds Pamphlet, Stay Alive, etc

@Jordan_Fisher I can’t wait to go back

You knew you probably seemed like a crazed fan, but once you started typing, you couldn’t stop. You let every emotion that he’d made you feel that night embody itself in those four little tweets. You hoped that they would brighten his night. He deserved it.

Monday came around faster than you’d hoped, but you decided to take the day off from work. Your job could be crazy stressful; a deadline here, a meeting there. You were all caught up on your work, and even a bit ahead of the game, so you didn’t think twice when you called in “sick”.

You noticed that you had a few Twitter notifications, so you unlocked your phone once more and opened the app. You gasped when you saw your notification tab. You couldn’t believe it.

Jordan Fisher liked every single tweet from last night.

A smile took over your face as you saw his reply:

@Y/T/H I can’t thank you enough for those sweet words. Truly.

If this wasn’t the best start to a day, you didn’t know what was. You had never, in a million years, thought that he would see your tweets in the midst of all his mentions, let alone reply. This made your day. And quite possible your life.

Of course, you didn’t know what to do with this information except repeat it to yourself over and over again with a grin splattered on your face. It was like you were in a dream that you never wanted to wake up from.

You got up from your bed and did your morning routine in a daze, a grin plastered on your face. You hummed one of Jordan’s songs as you showered and made up an embarrassing dance number to go along with it as you were making breakfast. After a particularly daring move (which totally didn’t cause you to almost fall), you went to grab some coffee from a cabinet, but there was no sign of coffee anywhere.

You didn’t let that get you down though. You decided to get dressed and take a small walk down the street to get buy some coffee from a nearby grocery store.

As you strolled down the street clutching your coat closer to you as the wind blew, you saw a figure hunched over near a door. You looked closer, seeing a man who was attempted to pick the lock. You’d been through this ordeal before, locking yourself out, so you felt bad for the obviously freezing and annoyed guy.

You neared him as he groaned and kicked the bottom of the door in defeat, “Stupid door.”

“You know, you should probably call your super.” You advised. “They should have a spare.”

He didn’t think twice about answering a stranger as he stood up straight, looking up at the sky. “I locked my phone inside.” He shook his head as he threw his hand in the direction of a window. “Left it on my bedside table.”

You tilted your head as you thought you recognized his voice. It sounded awfully familiar. He wasn’t fully facing you, so you thought about what you could do to get him to turn around. “Well,” You started, “You can borrow mine, if you like.”

He spun on his heel to face you, and you couldn’t believe your eyes. To be frank, he couldn’t believe his eyes either. Of course you were standing in front of Jordan Fisher, how could you not have known? And you? You were the girl who tweeted him the sweetest of praises the night before (which was a horrible day, he recalled).

“It’s Y/N, right?” He asked, his cheeks red (from the wind, obviously).

“Um, yeah.” You sputtered. You were taken aback; you didn’t expect him to be on a first name basis already. “How did you-”

“You tweeted me!” He said eagerly. He quickly noticed how excited he seemed and stuffed his hands in his pockets, trying to calm down a bit. “I was having a bad day yesterday. Stuff with my family back at home, and tour planning. Not to mention I was running late.” He rambled. He looked down and away, struggling to meet your curious eyes, “Basically, I was having a terrible day. Your tweets, they just reminded me why I love my job, why I love performing every night.” He found himself getting lost in your eyes as he spoke. “For you.”

You blushed and looked at the ground, not believing that this was actually happening. When he realized what he said, he immediately started stammering over his words, “I mean for people like you! Not you, specifically. Not that I don’t think you’re-” He stopped as he noticed you giggling at him. “I swear I’m normally cooler than this.” He told you.

“I’m sure you are.” You laughed. “How did you get stuck out here anyways?”

He pointed to a trash bag on the sidewalk, “Went to take out my trash and left my keys on the table.”

“Smooth move.”


You retrieved your phone from your pocket and handed it to him. “Call your super. Then we can talk about how much cooler you normally are.”

He chuckled nervously with his head bowed and thanked you. You leaned against the brick wall and waited as he made his call. His eyes widened as a sigh of relief fell from lips, “Thank God! Ben, I’m locked out.”

He paused for a second and furrowed his brow, “What do you mean, how? I left my keys inside.”

You giggled once more, only covering you smile when Jordan turned and gave you a playfully poignant look. “Alright, when can you come unlock the door?”

The frown on his lips was contagious as you watched him let out an exasperated sigh. “What am I supposed to do until then?” He asked. After mumbling an okay, he returned your phone, obviously upset with his current situation. “What did he say?” You asked.

“He won’t be able to unlock it until tonight.” He answered glumly. He cracked a small smile as he looked up at his window, “You wouldn’t happen to know how to pick a lock, would you?”

“Sadly, no. My criminal skills are subpar.” You answered, delighted that you made him chuckle. Suddenly, an idea came to mind as you perked up, a smile on your lips. Jordan looked back at you with a small amount of amusement in his eyes, “What?”

“I was going to go to the store to get some coffee and then head home to eat breakfast. You could join me, if you want.” You offered. When a smile started to break on his lips, you began to ramble, “My place isn’t too far from the theater either, so you could just walk down there at your call time. Or I could drive you. I mean, that would be a waste of a gas, it’s like a ten minute walk, but-”

“Y/N!” He stopped you with a chuckle. “I’d love to join you.”

You grinned shyly as beckoned for him to follow you. When he got to your side, you bumped shoulders with him, “I’m normally cooler than this, I swear.”

“You think you’re funny, don’t you?”


You both laughed and started to walk back towards your house. You stopped at the corner, waiting for the light to change when you remembered the coffee. Jordan looked at you, containing his laughter, when you spun on your heel and looked in the opposite direction. “The grocery store is definitely that way.” You chuckled.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything.”

You were surprised at how well you two got along. You’d always heard that meeting celebrities could be a huge let down, but Jordan didn’t even see himself that way. He seemed extremely unaware of the talent that he possessed, and you made it your duty to let him know. You talked about everything from the passion he put into the Stay Alive reprise to the musicality of each and every song on his EP.

By the time you both arrived at your apartment, he was practically begging to hear more about you. “There’s not much to say.” You told him as you opened your front door. “I work in communications at an advertising company. I make people look good.”

“And you don’t think that’s interesting?”

“It’s interesting enough.” You chuckled. “Coffee?”

He nodded and sat down at the island in your kitchen, watching you walk back and forth. It was fair to say that Jordan was developing a crush on you, and he was easily becoming nervous over it. He knew that when he had a crush, he immediately lost any coolness he usually possessed and became a sputtering fool. Lucky for him, you were the exact same way, so he had nothing to worry about.

As you approached him with a plate of food and a mug of coffee, his head turned to the side. “Do you hear that?”

You furrowed your brow, “Hear wh-”


He got up and followed the noise as you giggled at him. When he got to the doorway, he stopped then turned left. Once he was sure it was coming from that direction, he pointed down the hall and dramatically started walking. As you laughed, you never realized how silly and playful Jordan was. It was almost like he was an overgrown child. “Don’t do anything creepy!” You called after him.

“Oh no, you’ve foiled my plans!” He returned sarcastically.

“I’m just saying,” You said, “Normally, strangers don’t just go roaming through people’s houses and - Are you singing?”

Jordan’s voice got closer as you chewed on a piece of bacon. You sat confused, jokingly asking him if he was going to serenade you. “I don’t think you need me to do that.” He responded.

“How are you singing and talking at the-”

Much to your despair, Jordan was standing in the doorway with your portable speaker in hand, a smirk on his face and his EP playing from the device. You slapped your hand onto your face as you groaned. “This is so embarrassing.”

“I appreciate the support, really.”

“Don’t make fun of me!” You defended as you went to retrieve the speaker from him. He held it high above you head, laughing as you reached for it. “I was really excited, okay?” You whined.

“Of course.” He grinned. “I just think we should take a moment-”

“Jordan, give me that speaker!”

“And appreciate how well the universe did-”

“I will tackle you, Fisher.”

“Putting this day together - Oomph!”

He hadn’t thought that you were serious when you said you would tackle him. You landed on top of him with a grin on your face as you retrieved the device. You sat up, one leg on either side of Jordan’s waist, and turned off the music with a cheer, “Victory is mine!”

After the laughter died down, you were both painfully aware of your position on the floor. You gasped as you stood up and offered your hand to him, which he graciously declined due to his sweaty palms. “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to, uh. You know.”

“Yeah!” He stuttered. “I totally get it. You weren’t trying to.”

You both stood awkwardly in front of each other, nervously chuckling over your physical encounter. Jordan didn’t know what got into him though. He didn’t know if it was the innocent look in your eye or the way you nervously bit your lip to refrain from saying something stupid, but he had to do something. Just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“Do you, uh,” He started. “Do you mind if I try something real quick?”

“I guess not.”

That was all he needed to cup your cheeks in his hands and press a soft, sweet kiss to your lips. Before the kiss could go any further, he pulled away with a smile on his face, “Yup, you’re the one.”

You were confused, but the grin on your lips didn’t show it. “What?”

“My mother always said I’d know the girl of my dreams when I kiss her.” He breathed. “I just kissed her.” You giggled as he pecked your lips again and again. Your stomach was so filled with butterflies, you barely registered that you’d mindlessly agreed to go to dinner with him between kisses. When he finally pulled away, you narrowed your eyes at him playfully.

“Was that a pick up line?”

“It was good, wasn’t it?”

cosmically fond. #1

Originally posted by haru-haru10

drabble #1.

  • pairing: alien!taehyung x reader.
  • genre: fluff galore.
  • words: 1.520
  • summary: you help taehyung battle a devious enemy.

–> #2

“Human! Human, you must help me at once!”

On a quiet Saturday afternoon - a rare day off you had acquired from your usual hectic and bustling schedule – your small apartment was once again interrupted by the deep, gravelly voice you had grown so familiar with over the past five, long months.

Without tearing your gaze from the pages of the worn book nestled on your lap, the words practically begging for you to keep your attention solely on them; to not look up at the current hustling body running into your room in a rather frantic state, you sighed deeply in return.

“Human! I am under attack! The enemy is fighting back with lethal force.”

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Being tempted feels a lot like having a pesky stray hair clinging to your arm. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that bad at first, but the longer it’s there, the more unbearable it becomes. Many times, you can’t see it without a change of perspective - looking in the mirror after you brush your hair, the light hitting your shirt a certain way, or even a friend pointing it out to you & asking if they can help you get it off, but no matter how you discover it, you know that you would do anything to get rid of it. Often, it’s somehow managed to become so embedded in your clothes that you have to tug quite a bit, & you probably aren’t even sure how it got in there that deep, but once it’s gone, you see it for what it is - light as air, dispensable, unable to hold you back any longer. It might be a challenge to get rid of, but with the brightest of light, solid friends, & a good look at your own reflection from time to time, it doesn’t stand a chance. Today, do the hard thing & ask Jesus what the “stray hairs” are in your life. Ask His light to give you a new perspective & illuminate dark places in your heart & mind that you might not have even realized were taking root. Surround yourself with close friends who have your back & aren’t afraid to lovingly tell you that some things might not be quite right in your life. Take an honest look at your heart & ask yourself what’s holding you back from being more like Christ. Walk with the confidence that Jesus has given you the power of the Holy Spirit & an abundance of His grace to pluck those “stray hairs” off of every part of your clothes - for good.

down the river

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Genre: fluff, one shot
Pairing: fem!reader/yoongi
Length: 3.1k

Summary: It only took one night at the river for everything to change. [Requested]

A/N: it’s 2:30am and i haven’t proofread once but hopefully it’s readable

No matter how many times you tossed and turned, you weren’t getting to sleep. The sounds of the cars driving by seemed to be louder than usual, and you could feel the springs in your bed digging into your shoulder. You flipped onto your back and sighed, staring up at the ceiling in annoyance as headlights lit up the swirled pattern. Your curtains didn’t help; the soft beige colour did nothing against the light of the moon, leaving your room in a dusty darkness instead of its usual jet black. 

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Block Your Shot - Zach Werenski #9

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about/request: Can you possibly do something where werenski does something that really hurts you (find out he cheated/ your relationship started as a bet) and you end up crying and he has to make it up to you

warnings: none

authors note: super cliche but i haven’t written anything close to a ‘relationship as a bet’ thing in a while so i tried my hand at it again. i hope you like it!! i’m also sorry there isn’t much of a him making it up to you part because i got really into my strong, independent woman feelings woops

word count: 1372

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Sweet Enough.

A/n: This was a request, which is super scary because I don’t want to let anyone down, so I really hope it turned out okay!

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (gender neutral)

Word count: 1816

Warnings: None! Just fluff.

Summary: “May I ask for a Bucky imagine where your great grandma used to run a little bakery back in the 40s and buck came there everyday. Now in the future you own the little shop and buck still comes by and meanwhile you got really close friends. One day he comes there, looking sad and bothered so you bring him his favourite muffin and sit down with him trying to find out why. Then he shyly admits how much he likes you and asks you for a date.” 

Thank you @tieddown-withbattleshipchains!

Bucky isn’t that shy but apart from that I basically followed the prompt exactly.


The tiny bakery you have inherited is barely more than a counter and back room where the magic happen, but you love it dearly. Somewhere along the way a tiny bar had been fixed to the wall opposite the cash register, allowing a few lucky costumers to enjoy their cakes and pastries in the comfort of the shop, but most of your trade is from busy professionals rushing between meetings so the lack of seating isn’t really an issue. 

Recently, though, you have thought that maybe a couple more stools would help, as one of the few you have squeezed in now has a pretty permanent resident. Bucky Barnes had quite literally burst into your life about a year ago, and it doesn’t look like he is leaving it any time soon.

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Cory Price- Brendan Gallagher

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Ok y'all so I think I’m back. This one flowed pretty decently after I got a unique idea from @thewanderingdreamer! So everyone give her a thanks! I hope you guys like it and thanks for sticking with me through everything even when I haven’t updated it two weeks! You guys are awesome! So enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Can you do a Brendan Gallagher imagine where he meets you when he stops for the fans and notices you have a chucky jersey. He finds you very cute and gives you his number and ya! Thankss😂❤


              You stood along the wall, playing on your phone.

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