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Hey Raph! Its me. So I was wondering, my dad started teaching me how to use a bow and arrow yesterday but I didn't quite get it down. Do you have any tips for me? Thx. :)

You’re not gonna master it in one day. It’s gonna take time and a lot of practice. All I can suggest is, Make sure you got a good strong stance. A firm proper grip on the bow with your fingers hooked around the bow string.

Have your bow arm raised slightly above your point of aim, Draw back and go for it!


I’ve been workin’ on the railroaddd…and by that I mean costumes! I was drawing in the student commons between classes again, heh. A faculty member popped up behind me to see what I was doing and it gave me quite the fright!

one of my classes has as a waterproof notebook listed as a “required textbook” like technically this means non-ideal things in the form of class in the rain (though personally I hardly care I do like the rain quite a bit) but tbh it made me giggle it’s quite cute to me


Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less…A shadow on the wall, yet shadows can kill. And ofttimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow.


i really don’t want to come across as rude or mean but getting requests really stresses me out which is why i say so many times that i do not want people to send requests. i stated in my faq, in my description, and on my ask page that i do not take requests, but people still send them and i’d really appreciate if they didn’t. (to the person who sent the ask i used in the pic: thank you so much that you like my art!! but i really wish you’d respected that i don’t want anyone sending me requests. also this isn’t directed specifically at you, this is for everyone who still sends me requests even though i don’t take them.)

i hate the feeling of liking or even loving a celebrity/famous person/youtuber because at the end of the day you don’t really know them. you only see what they want you to see and you only hear what they want you to hear. you’re falling for the idea of a person that you have created in your mind and if anything happens that doesn’t fit that idea, it crushes you. you can convince yourself like “they always say how grateful they are and how much they love us so therefore they are what i believe them to be” but do you really believe it?


We managed to organise a Dragon Age cosplay meetup at this year’s gamescom. The combined talent and amazingness of it all is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome. I absolutely had to take a few pics (hence why Cole isn’t in any of these … just imagine he’s turned invisible to burn a few turnips idek). If you or anyone you know is in one of these pics please let me know so I can credit you properly. Meeting you all was incredible and you all looked super gorgeous!

Morrigan | zombietwin
Dagna | potpourris
Inquisitor Trevelyan | ladytenebraetabris
Calpernia | bluewishdust
Fenris | nightsinneon
Maeveris Tilani | thegrimshapeofyoursmile
Sera | ribbonandcrown
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Detroit W12D1 - easy 5

I’d like to title this recap: “A Recovery Run”. These were my rambling thoughts during this run.

*starts running* wow okay calves are super tight. I’m sure they’ll loosen up.
*0.5 miles in, stop to stretch out legs* okay stretching will help. It’s really hot out today though. I already have elbow sweat.
*1 mile in stop to stretch again* okay legs still feeling like shit. Maybe this means I should cut it short? Don’t want to push it. Let’s aim for 3 and see how I feel. It’s so hot.
*runs to 1.5 miles* okay still not feeling great. How about I run 3 and then walk 1. Yeah walking sounds good.
*runs to 2 miles* well it’s only half mile more to get to 5. You can walk up the hill to get to 2.5. Compromise.
*runs to 2.5* okay yayyy down hill after this!
*runs to 3.5* water break nice. Okay only half mile and then one mile left you can walk. Waking will be nice.
*runs to 4* hey my calves don’t hurt any more! Maybe there is some reason behind this so called recover run.
*starts to walk final mile* well shit it’s faster to run! Might as well get this over with!
*gets back to apartment, drinks a gallon of water, and falls to floor. And stretches a foam rolls a lot* *and then meets friend at Olive Garden where I ate my weight in salad and breadsticks*

The End :)


“Harry, you have to get a tree,” Eva said, tugging on the ends of his scarf in an attempt to move him off of the bed. “You’re finally at your house during the Christmastime and my place is too small for a tree. Therefore, by default, you must get one.”

“Or neither of us could get one and we can spend the rest of the night cuddling because I missed you while I was gone,” Harry suggested. “I will even let you be the little spoon for once.”

Eva narrowed her eyes, folding her arms across her chest so it covered the snowflakes on her jumper. “Or we can get a tree, decorate it, then cuddle so I can still be the little spoon.”

“This is not a negotiation,” Harry pointed out. “Is a tree necessary? I’m so comfortable,” he whined.

Part seven of In Your Atmosphere will be posted around 7:30PM EST on Thursday!


My internet isn’t working, I can’t sleep, and I think my addiction to Camren fan fiction is resurfacing. It’s not a great night. 😅