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Pacific Rim AU: Part Two

Levy and Gajeel’s first attempt at drifting together did not go well. Gajeel ended up chasing the RABIT and almost shot the Shatterdome to shit with Crimson Magnolia’splasma canon, and it took him several minutes to recover after Levy pulled him out of the harness. After being put on hold by Makarov, Gray and Gajeel got into a heated argument that almost went to blows before Levy intervened. As the two pilots were walking away, Gray called out one last snide remark about how Gajeel really can’t drift with anyone, and before Gajeel can turn all the way around, Levy already has Gray’s head pressed to the floor under her boot. 

The two go to spar some more, during which time Levy’s leg folds under her and she can’t get back up. Gajeel helps her rub feeling back into her leg, and when Natsu and Lucy come in to help take care of Levy, Natsu mentions that the trust they have for each other is already almost on par with how comfortable he and Levy were after 2 months of drifting together.

The rest of the plot plays out much like the movie (Except none of the pilots die because that would break my heart, though I haven’t figured out how I’m saving them), and Levy is the one to stay inside Crimson Magnolia as it falls into the Breach and sets the nuclear reaction off, escaping in the nick of time. Cue Gajeel and Levy’s Big Damn Kiss.