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Seventeen reaction

“Svt hyung line reaction to you taking care of them when they are sick”

Seungcheol: He’d be really touched that you wanted so badly to take care of him. He’d be the squishiest patient ever. *gif* he’d try to guide you through what to do since he knows what works best for him. The fact you are taking such good care of him made his heart swoon.

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Jeonghan: Jeonghan would love.. love the attention you were giving him. He’s already quite baby like and whinny (I’m sorry hehe) but he would be extra baby like the whole time he was sick, cuddling to you and hugging you. “What would I do without you here baby.”

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Joshua: Joshua would be appreciative of everything you did for him when he was sick. He tried his best to not be overly demanding and needy. He’d lay with you, his head in your chest. He would be different than usually, more talkative and more complainy. “Everything hurts babe.. I want to feel better”

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Jun: Let’s be honest, he’s so touchy and kissy with you chances are you are both sick. Overall, he wouldn’t want you to take care of him no matter how sick he is. He’d be extremely thankful of your effort your to help. “You don’t have to do this, it’s just a little cold”

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Hoshi: He would be a lot like Jeonghan, he would love the attention but truly feel bad for burdening you with his sickness. He’d be a little more affectionate than usual “I don’t need medicine just lay here with me”

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Wonwoo: Wonwoo would feel extremely bad that he was putting all of this pressure on you to take care of him. Although he was sick, he rather take care of himself and just have you there for comfort. “I’ll be okay jagi, I can take good care of myself”

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Woozi: He would appreciate the fact you wanted to help him get better, but wouldn’t like the fact you were doing so many things for him. Even if he felt really under the weather, he’d fight through what he could. “I’m feeling better babe you don’t have to worry any more”

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