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let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17


Just Hold On by Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson sign language cover (PSE)!

Learn how to sign this song here and here.


Layer gifs of best Hannibal art

Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks for sticking around. I joined the fandom just this May and I’ve felt so welcome. Onward to a bloody new year! 


Rupert Grint  - Lego House (2011)

“Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, tweeted about my music, so I got in touch and said thank you. We just got in touch and it got to a point where we’d done a music video for “A Team,” we’d done a music video for “You Need Me,” and it came to “Lego House” and they were like, “We need a cool concept, we need something no one has ever done before.” I was like, “I’ve always wanted to get Rupert Grint to play me in a video, so shall we just get him?” They were like, “No it’ll be too expensive and he won’t have the time.” So I reached out to Tom Felton and asked if Rupert wanted to do it. He was, and he did it for free, and found the date. It was wicked.”  - Ed Sheeran.


—  Aaron & Robert | Tell Me You Love Me

161226 SBS Gayo Daejeon Masterpost (BTS)


Redcarpet (BTS)

Namjoon’s narration

Opening dance performance (Jimin)

Modern dance performance (Jimin)

피 땀 눈물, 불타오르네 (BTS) {Official}

Jin and Namjoon Intro cut


Mamamoo Reaction (sitting next to Daesung and Seungri from BigBang)

- J-Hope -

Fansite: HopeSmiling

- Jimin -

Fansite: JamJam Park



Reaction to Blackpink, “Playing with Fire”

Fansite: To My Darling V

Fansite: My Little Valentine

Most fancams from the fansites I follow are currently just previews (recording of their camera screens), and I will wait for a proper HD upload whenever that happens. Hopefully more than just the Tae fansites will upload reactions/cams. ;_;


If Bangtan was even in frame whatsoever cut

I will continue to add and reblog as I come across new additions


Margot on Joker and Harley’s relationship :)