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If Regis and Ravus Were Party Members... (Banter)

Because @ghostocelot (why you no tag??) suggested that the dad get the chance to make an appearance. :D

Ignis: “As someone who is trusted with the protection of the royal family, I can’t help but find this situation to be…”
Gladiolus: “Troublesome?”
Prompto: “Sketchy?”
Noctis: “A nightmare?”
Regis: “I don’t know about the lot of you, but I find this adventure of yours to be quite entertaining. It reminds me of the days when I was young and reckless.”
Ravus: “Now you are simply old and reckless…”

Regis: “Noctis, remember what I had told you before you departed on your journey?”
Noctis: “Yeah. You said ‘Walk tall, my son.’”
Regis: “And why haven’t you taken my words to heart? Stand up straight, otherwise you’ll end up curling in on yourself and implode.”
Noctis: *sighs* “Yes, father…”

Regis: “So all of you are well acquainted with one another to give each other nicknames?”
Prompto: “Y-Yeah! The Prince is Noct, I’m Prom, Iggy is Iggy, Gladio’s the big guy, and Ravus is-“
Ravus: “Dare refer to me as such a name in front of the king, and I shall unleash a hell far worse than what the Astrals can do, Argentum.”
Regis: *chuckles* “Ravus certainly has quite a bark to him. Just like Sylva.”

Ravus: “Your Majesty, how well-acquainted were you with my mother?”
Regis: “She was a dear friend of the royal family. A beautiful and brave woman who aided us in times of tragedy. If only I were there to aid her when tragedy struck in Tenebrae.”
Ravus: “Yes. If only you were.”

Ravus: “Why did you do it? Twelve years ago, why did you abandon the people of Tenebrae? Why did you abandon my mother and leave her to such a horrendous fate?!”
Regis: “Because fear is an emotion that can leave the clearest mindsets clouded and unable to think about anything else except for the things they care about most. So in that time, the only thing I could think about is making sure that Noctis was safe and out of harm’s way. Just as your mother could only think about protecting you.”
Ravus: “It was foolish of her to do such…”
Regis: “Perhaps. But nevertheless, she would repeat the same action over again to protect you and Lunafreya.”
Ravus: “Yes… I know she would have.”

Regis: “Ignis, why are you driving so slow? Ducks could walk faster than us.”
Ignis: “I am merely remaining cautious of road hazards, your majesty.”
Regis: “Meaning you’re driving slow because I am in the car?”
Ignis: “That’s not-“
Regis: “I am a king, not a ‘fun-sucker,’ as they say. By all means, you’re allowed to drive faster.”
Prompto: “Whoo! Yeah, Ignis! Gun it!”
Ravus: “I suppose this is how we all perish in the end. A pity…”

Regis: “So what is this mobile device game that you all seem so keen on at the campsite?”
Ravus: “From what I process from it, it is called Kings Knight. It appears to be some sort of cooperative game that they play with one another.”
Regis: “Why would they wish for a Kings Knight, when they are soon to become kings and knights as it is?”
Ravus: Finally. Some sensibility and logic to this situation.”

Noctis: “Prompto, did you teach my dad how to take selfies?”
Prompto: “Well, yeah. He asked me about them, so I told him.”
Noctis: “Great… That explains why he stole my phone, and took two dozen blurred selfies of himself. Thanks a lot…”
Regis: “You’re quite welcome, my son.”

Regis: “My son.”
Everyone: “Yeah?”
*they stare at each other*
Noctis: “Why are you guys answering to that? He’s my dad.”
Gladiolus: “Pretty sure he calls all of us that.”
Ravus: “As if I share enough with you all as it is…”

Noctis: “Gross… They put everything in my burger when I told them no vegetables.”
Regis: “Is seems that you’re in quite the pickle, my son.”
*they all stare at Regis as he eats*
Ravus: “…Now I remember why I decided I was better off without a father in my life.”

Bloody and Bruised

***PLEASE NOTE: This is a series. You can find all parts linked below.***

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Requested?: Yes, it was!

Prompt: “Oh sorry I got so excited I didn’t think to read the tags.. I’m a ditz sometimes. Number 7 or 11 with Lafayette x reader then. Sorry! (11. I found you bloody and bruised in a strange alleyway, so far from home.)” (P.S. you’re not a ditz my friend)

Words: 1.6k+

Part One | Part Two

A/N: so I was given a sentence for a drabble and this happened, haha. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it but @secretschuylersister convinced me to post this so enjoy! 

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You stepped out the back of the club for some fresh air. Being a bartender was hell when it was a Friday night and everyone in the city wanted to come to the “hottest club in the tri-state area”. You install a few blacklights and suddenly everyone is amazed that their white shirt glows in the dark. You rolled your eyes, pushing the loud, drunk customers to the back of your mind as you stretched. You froze when you heard a groan to your left. However, when you turned your head, nobody was there. You shrugged it off, leaning on the brick wall behind you when another groan came from the same direction.

“Help…me…” a voice croaked out.

You walked down the alley, pausing when you found a man laying in the middle of a pile of full trash bags.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” You asked before you could think about it.

Of course he isn’t okay, in the dim lighting of the alley you could see blood, a lot of it, staining the white shirt the man wore. His body language screamed fatigue and his voice was shaky and weak.

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Tea Party

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1,434

Summary: Kim Taehyung is the class clown who you’ve really never had time for, but when your parents invite his over for dinner, you find yourself getting to know him in a way you’d never anticipated.

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Homra Dance studio Au? And Yata trying to teach Fushimi how to dance...

So say this is one of those AUs where Homra runs this dance studio for underprivileged kids and helps get them off the street. Yata’s been working there and living in the apartment above the studio with a bunch of the other guys for a few years, he got kicked out of the house after his mom remarried and had some trouble living on the streets before he ran into Totsuka one day who convinced him to come to the dance studio, thinking Yata’s moves on his skateboard were cool and that he could be a great dancer. Yata was reluctant at first, immediately assuming that dance is for girls, but then he sees Mikoto’s cool hip hop dance moves and becomes entranced, determined to become just as good a dancer so that he can be part of Homra’s crew. After that Yata joins up, he’s one of the younger members of the group and being in Homra’s given him some much-needed stability and focus, like Kusanagi home-schools some of the younger members of the troupe and while Yata’s not the brightest bulb in the drawer he respects Kusanagi and wants to do his best even with stuff like learning because Kusanagi tells him that if he wants to go further with Homra he needs brains as well as moves.

Then say a few months have passed since Yata joined up and he’s picked up the moves quickly, he’s already featured in some dances and he’s finally feeling like he belongs somewhere for the first time in his life. That’s when Totsuka brings home a new stray human, this sullen skinny kid in glasses who claims to hate dancing and doesn’t see the point in being dragged to the dance studio. Fushimi ran away from home to get away from his abusive father but anywhere he goes Niki seems to find him, Homra was his last resort because they don’t keep electronic records of who’s there or anything. Yata initially dislikes Fushimi on sight, like this guy has a bad attitude and does nothing but disrespect Homra why do we even want him here. Totsuka keeps telling Yata that he’ll understand eventually, Yata doesn’t realize Totsuka’s meaning until one day he decides to sneak out of his room at night to go down to the studio for some late night practicing and catches Fushimi there doing like this amazing ballet routine. As it turns out Fushimi was forced to take lessons as a kid, his family wanted him to be a great ballet dancer but he ran away in part to avoid those expectations. Yata doesn’t get why Fushimi doesn’t want to dance though, like he thinks Fushimi molding his ballet skills into Homra’s hip hop style could do something great but Fushimi thinks it’s stupid and refuses.

Maybe then it turns out there’s some kind of big dance competition coming up and Homra desperately needs to win in order to have enough money to keep everyone housed in the building and safe. Yata’s determined to do what he can to make sure Homra gets the prize money and he thinks that with Fushimi as their secret weapon they could do it. Fushimi of course has already decided he wants nothing to do with dance or even Homra, he’s just using them for a roof over his head, but when Yata starts talking about how amazing Fushimi’s dancing was Fushimi finds himself suddenly not hating his skills as much as he once did. Yata convinces Fushimi to enter one event in the competition, the duo section, where he and Yata will form a team and dance together. Fushimi complains that he doesn’t work with a partner and beside their styles aren’t compatible at all but Yata’s already decided that he’s going to make this work. He choreographs this whole amazing routine that incorporates Fushimi’s ballet moves and then takes it on himself to teach Fushimi how to dance in Homra’s style. The more they dance together the more they both start to discover how much they enjoy it, like at first they’re just bickering and tripping over each other but Fushimi’s a quick study and he starts to find it exhilarating trying to keep up with Yata’s moves, matching him step for step, both of them moving in perfect sync with each other as if they’ve known each other forever.

Come with me - Michael Gray

Summary: Ever since Tommy came and told Michael who his biological family was, things haven’t been the same between you both. Every week he comes to meet you, in the meadow near his old town, where you both spend some time together. But over time the meetings become less frequent and you find yourself missing him more and more. 

A/N: Sorry, I got a little carried away with this. I just thought of the idea today and I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with it, but I hope you enjoy! 

Gif by me 

You decided to sit just outside the line of trees, hidden among the tall grass. It was your usual spot to meet, the linen sheet still laid out from the last time you were here. It was a warm Sunday afternoon and you were wearing a lightweight cotton dress- just above your knee- with a matching ribbon in your pristinely pinned hair.

Your meetings were becoming less frequent ever since Henry’s (or should you say Michael’s) biological family came looking for him. He promised he would always come back to you, but with his new life came new responsibilities and more reasons not to see you. Although, you tried your best to be happy for him, knowing he was never satisfied with the small town life he had here.

You waited almost an hour before you realised that he wouldn’t be showing; the sun had already begun to take its effect on the basket of food you brought with you. You were readying to leave when a low rumbling noise made you pause. With your hand you shaded your eyes from the sun, peering down at the road to see a car heading towards you.

Smiling giddily, you ran down the small hill towards him as he parked the car just off the side of the road. Almost knocking him to the ground, you wrapped your legs around his hips, bringing your arms up to his neck and kissing him. Chuckling against your mouth, he loosened your legs letting you slide down.

Placing your chin against his chest, you stared up at him, as he swiped some loose curls from your face.

“Hey,” he smiled.


After nibbling on ham sandwiches and forcing down a few gulps of the now warm milk, you sat with your head against Michael’s shoulder as he stroked your hair. Despite not seeing him in so long the silence was comforting, you didn’t have to say anything to prove how much you missed each other.

You lifted your head as Michael shifted to face you, a small smile playing on his lips. Burying his hand into his front pocket he pulled out a small silver tin, flipping the embroidered lid open with his thumb.

“Woah, wait… is that?”

“Drugs.” He answered, retrieving two small pills and throwing the tin to the side. Popping one into his mouth he swallowed dryly before gesturing for me to open mine.

“I don’t know…” I hesitated. “What if it doesn’t taste good?”

Throwing his head back, he let out a burst of laughter. “I’m offering you drugs and the one thing you’re worried about is how it tastes?”

Turning your head down, your cheeks warmed as you giggled.

“Here,” plucking on of the raspberries from its container, he placed the pill inside, licking the red liquid that now stained his fingers. “Open.”

Hesitating, you placed your tongue out slightly. The refreshing sweetness of the fruit hit your taste buds as you close your lips over his fingers, licking off the remaining taste as he slowly pulled them out.

“Better?” He muttered, tracing the line of your lips with his thumb.

Nodding, you leaned back against the blanket, looking up towards the clear sky. It had only been a few minutes but you could already feel the warm fuzzy effect it was having on you.

Michael remained staring down at you, his eyes hooded. He always thought you were very beautiful, especially now as you lay sprawled in the sun like a cat. He never regretted leaving the village- he fucking hated it- but he always found himself missing you. You both grew up together, your mother was friends with his and they always chatted about how they knew the both of you would marry one day. 

Leaning over he pinched the inside of your thigh where your dress had hiked up, revealing the top of your legs. Squeaking, you swatted it away, giving him a warning glare.

“You’ve always been ticklish.”

Without giving you a chance, he pinned you to the sheet with his legs, using his hands to squeeze and prod at your hips. Tossing your head back you let out a fit of giggling shrieks as you tried to shift from underneath him.

“Stop- Michael!” You were both panting when he finally stopped.

You were both extremely close to one another now, your faces inches apart. Shifting your head slightly you poked your nose against his, causing him to finally close the gap and place his lips against yours.

Your back arched, stomach grazing his as you pulled him closer to you, deepening the kiss.

Pulling away, Michael brushed your cheek, pecking your swollen lips one last time before sitting up and placing his forearms across his knees as he sat facing away from you.

Lifting yourself up, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, kissing his clothed shoulder.

“What is it?” you whispered, leaning your cheek against his back.

He was silent for so long you almost forgot you even asked him a question, focusing on the relaxing movements of his back slowly rising up and down.

“Come with me,” he muttered.


“Come back with me.”

You were stunned for a moment, pushing away from him as your brows furrowed.

“Michael, I can’t-”

Suddenly, he turned to face you, his eyes pleading as he placed both hands on your face. “Come on, you know you’ve always hated it here! This small town was never good enough for us.”

Swallowing, you tried to grasp onto what exactly he was proposing.

“You wanted to go to London, right? I can take you. I have this life now… with opportunities and freedom to do whatever the fuck I want.” He smiled.

“But where would I stay, I couldn’t just intrude on your family like that.” You said doubtfully, shaking your head from his grasp. “Besides, I can’t just leave my mum on her own. It would kill her.”

“My biological mum- Polly, she will love you.” He encouraged.

Sighing, you swiped some hair back from your face. Of course, you wanted to go with him, but it wasn’t fair to just up and leave; your mother adored you, you were all she has.

Noticing the uncertainty on your face, he reached over and grasped your hand. “How about for the weekend? I can introduce you to my new family… then we can figure out some sort of arrangement.”

A smile tugged at your lips. This was what you wanted, deep down you knew that. You still wanted to be apart of his life.

“Okay.” You whispered.

“What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you-” he joked.

“Okay!” You shouted, laughing.

You both stared at each other, smiling contently as he slowly took your head in his hand and kissed you sweetly on the lips.  

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The New Dragon

After becoming friends during your time at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, you now traveled with Newt Scamander the magizoologist. You both shared an interest in magical creatures, caring for them in particular. It also meant that you got to travel the world in search of the creatures. You were both so passionate about this that Newt decided to plan on writing a book on how to protect and look after those fantastic beasts. 

You were tidying up the shed in the suitcase. It was not that messy but various herbs needed to be reorganised to make them more accessible for the both of you. After dusting off your dress, you excitedly walk out into the enclosures. You could not wait to see what Newt was making. 

Walking towards you was the familiar silhouette of Newt. He was wearing a mustard coloured waistcoat, white shirt and dark trousers. His green eyes were partially covered by his reddish brown hair.
“Is it finished?” you ask excitedly as you bounce up and down. 
“It’s ready.” he replies laughing at your excitement. “W-would you like to have a look?“ 
You smiled as you nod your head. "Ok” he chuckled “but close your eyes. I want it to be a surprise.” You knew that he had been working on it for a while, so he had every right to build up the suspense. As you closed your eyes he gently held onto your hand as he guided you to your destination. 

“You can open them now.” he said whilst releasing your hand from his. As you opened your eyes you almost fell backwards in awe at what was in front of you. Luckily Newt held his hands on your shoulder and back to steady you.
“It’s perfect.” you said as you gazed at the beauty in front of you. The space looked like a vast grassy but rocky field with a pool of water in the distance. Hidden was a cave lined with various rocks. You both stood in the centre of the brand new enclosure. It resembled the landscape of the higher mountain regions in Wales. 

You looked at Newt who you didn’t realise was staring at you to see your reaction. “Does this mean we can go and and get her?” you ask. 
“Yes, it is time.” he replied smiling.
You both practically ran to the shed and then up the ladder and out of the suitcase.

Newt had heard of a female Common Welsh Green dragon that resided in the mountain regions of Wales. Townsfolk had been complaining that something had been feeding on their herds of sheep. Lately it had been eating so much that soon Muggles would notice that something unexpected was the culprit. 

Steadily you both walked on the rocky terrain, which proved challenging in your boots. Newt held the suitcase in one hand and kept a firm grip on your hand with the other. He was scared of you falling over. Finally the ground leveled out as you looked at the field in front of you. Newt had received a tip off that the dragon was already out, gazing hungrily at the herd of sheep again. Everything was quiet until a roar boomed in the distance, somewhere behind the field. 

Newt could feel your hand trembling in his and he looked at you with a worried expression. You were nervous because this would be your first ever encounter with a dragon. Remembering your lessons at Hogwarts about how dangerous dragons can be, made you shake a bit more. "It’s alright. Just follow my lead.“ he said reassuringly. 

You copied Newt as he began to walk with silent, lengthy strides. As you both walked further, a large silhouette began to become visible. "Dragons can be a little unpredictable but as long as you appear confident then they won’t see you as an easy target.” he whispered. 
Both of you stood up as straight as you possibly could, to make you look bigger than what you really were. 
“But how is it going to get into the case?” you asked with a concerned look on your face. 
Newt chuckled. “Offer it something that it loves.”

You opened the suitcase and laid it on the ground. Slowly Newt pulled his wand out of its holder. “Wingardium leviosa” he said in a quiet voice. A toy of a sheep moved out of the case and around your feet. Newt was controlling the spell in such a way that the movement of the sheep decoy looked realistic. 

As soon as she caught sight of it, the dragon’s eyes were fixed on the toy. The large creature began to stalk it. You remember reading about these dragons and how competitive they can be. When they spot that another creature potentially wants the food that the dragon has its eye on, it then becomes an obsession for the dragon to get the food, no matter what it is. 
“We should begin to move forward now that she’s seen it?” you whispered. Newt nodded. You both began to dart forward a step towards the toy sheep. The dragon caught a glimpse of you both. The game was now on. 
The dragon lunged forward towards the toy and followed it. You noticed that there was something a bit odd with the way she moved. With a wave of Newt’s wand, the sheep decoy jumped into the case. The dragon froze in front of it. It knew that it was too big to fit in it. 
Newt darted towards the case. Not to be beaten, the dragon jumped forward. She stumbled into the case with a lot less grace than you thought it would have. 

Back inside the suitcase you rush over to the enclosure Newt built, to see your newest arrival. You cautiously approached the area. Even though this breed of dragon were relatively subdued, it is important to give new creatures their space so they can grow accustomed to their environment. 

Newt was holding two buckets of meat and handed one to you. Both of you emptied the meat into the cave, making sure that the dragon was watching you. It was important to show a new beast that you are there to help provide and care for them.
You looked at the dragon, amazed by her gorgeous green scales and ferocious presence. Newt stared at you with a smile on his face. He loved watching you as you studied the creature with fascination and pure joy. Newt was glad that you shared the same passion for magical creatures as he did. 
You caught a glimpse of Newt staring you, causing a light blush to fill your cheeks. He quietly chuckled at your reaction. "It’s amazing what you’ve done Newt. Building this and housing these amazing beasts.“ you say whilst looking at the puzzled expression on his face. "It really is.” your words now caused him to blush. 
“I’ll just return these buckets to shed.” he said smiling proudly whilst he took the bucket from your hand. 

The dragon began to walk around to get used to its new home. There was still something not quite right about the way it moved. It was as if it was limping slightly as it walked. Your eyes studied the body of the dragon until they focused on a drop of blood running down its side. The contrasting red line on its green scales stood out just behind the wing. 

“Newt, I think that the dragon is hurt.” you called whilst keeping your eye on the dragon. You moved further towards the back of her to try and get a better look at the wound. You could see that the dragon was following your movements with her eyes. For a moment you stared at each other and you couldn’t quite explain it but it was as if you both knew what the other was thinking. Slowly the dragon lifted her wing, revealing a large branch that was impaled under her scales. The size of it must be causing her great pain and definitely explained why she had trouble moving. 

You slowly walk towards the dragon, making sure to look at her face the entire time incase she did not want you to. The scales looked even more beautiful up close, like shards of shiny green shell. Blood continued to trickle from the base of the branch but there were patches of darker red. It must have been there for days if not weeks. Looking at her face again, it looked as if the the dragon knew what you were planning to do and was bracing itself. Part of you knew that you should wait for Newt to get back so he could help but you had come this far, the dragon was ready and looked like it wanted it taken out as soon as possible.
“Shh” you soothed, though it was more to calm your own nerves.

Slowly you grabbed the base of the branch. You could not believe that you were doing this and that you were touching a real dragon. Looking at where it was, it was going to be easy. You were so focused on the task that you did not notice the sound of footsteps in the distance. Mustering up all of your strength and courage, you pulled the branch out in one swift movement. During this action the dragon squirmed in the brief pain. That’s when suddenly. 

It all happened so quickly, that you did not have time to reach for the wand in your pocket. The dragon unconsciously raised its claw and scratched your arm. Great pain searing through it. You let out a scream as you stepped back several paces out of the enclosure. You had not seen your injury but you knew that you should not appear weak or hurt in front of a dragon. 

“(Y/N)!” you heard Newt yell as he ran towards you. Looking down you could see your blood soaked sleeve as your arm grew warm and wet. The cut must have been deep as you were losing quite a lot of blood. Feeling dizzy, your legs give out and you sit in the floor. The pain in your arm and the shock made you shake. Newt rushed to your side and knelt down beside you. “Merlin’s beard.” he exclaimed as he looked at you, worry etched on his face. 

“I’m so sorry Newt. The dragon had a branch lodged in her side and it was hurting her. I managed to get it out. This was only an accident.” you whispered, breathing heavily. He glanced up and saw the bloody branch on the ground. 
“I know.” he soothed as he gently stroked your face. Trying to keep his composure, he lifted up the soggy sleeve of your dress. He looked at your blood covered arm and you start to do the same. “(Y/N), keep your eyes on me.” he said whilst trying to smile reassuringly. Damn your arm must be worse that you thought. Obeying his wishes you focus on his face, slowly getting lost in his green eyes. He was deep in thought whilst looking at your arm, though a smile flashed across his face as he caught a glance of you staring at him. 

“There’s too much.” Newt mumbled as he lifted his waistcoat slightly. He ripped a couple of strips of fabric off of his white shirt. Using one strip he wrapped it tightly around the top of your arm to lessen the blood flow. He picked up the other piece and hesitated. “This is going to hurt a bit.” he said softly. You could see in his face that he did not want to hurt you in anyway. Slowly you lifted your other arm and took his free hand in yours. He stroked your hand using his thumb. 
Using the fabric he started to clean up the wound as gently as he could. You squirmed as your arm stung, a few tears rolling down your cheeks. Newt looked away in guilt. 
Feeling tired you begin to close your eyes involuntarily. Newt squeezed your hand to force your eyes open again. You looked at Newt’s face again. 

“Sorry I hurt you. I had to do it so I could see what I’m doing.” he said, his voice cracking slightly, with red tear filled eyes. You could see how uncomfortable he was with hurting you.
“You are silly.” you giggled. He smiled in response whilst taking his wand out of its holder. Waving it above your arm he said a healing spell. You looked at your arm, all that remained of the cut now was a small scar. 

Looking back up, Newt’s eyes meet yours. 
“Thank you” you said smiling. 
“For what?” he said with a confused expression. 
“For being amazing.” you grin. 
Newt’s cheeks flushed red as he chuckled. 

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Hi! I adore all of your stories, thank you so much for sharing them with us! I was wondering if you could write one where obi wan faints from a combination malnutrition and exhaustion and is unhealthily thin with anakin being all protective. Once anakin realises this has been going on for years he sets out to ensure obi wan is taken care of and addresses his self-worth issues to make him see he's important.

The world was spinning unsteadily and Obi-Wan struggled to make sense of the words being spoken to him as he leaned on the holoprojector. He had to pay attention, they were suppose to infiltrate a suspected Separatist factory and confirm what it was for, droids or supplies while gathering more information.

But it was so hard.

Force how long ago was it since he had eaten?

He lifted a shaking hand to his face and pressed it over his eyes, trying to get his mind together and pay attention.

Force was the room spinning?


The familiar voice, so close and then a light pressure on his shoulder. And then things went black.


He barely has time to catch Obi-Wan before the other can hit the floor of the command center, giving a surprised yelp as Obi-Wan becomes dead weight in his arms and almost brings both of them down.

There’s a clamor of surprised shouts and curses as the clones, Ahsoka and Mace watches Anakin quickly kneel down with Obi-Wan’s upper body settled against him, the knights quickly putting two of his flesh fingers to the others neck to find an uneven pulse.

“Knight Skywalker?”


Both voices makes Anakin look up, looking from Cody to Mace. “He’s passed out. Not sure why. I’ll take him to a medic but I think this closes us out of the operation tomorrow.” He said firmly and watched Mace pinch his lips together before the Korun agreed with a sharp nod.

“I’ll have Master Luminara and Padawan Barris take over. Send Master Fisto with them. They’ll handle the factory.” The holo looked down. “Send us any reports on Master Kenobi’s health when you can. Windu out.” He deactivated the holocall.

“Skyguy, what’s up?” Ahsoka questioned softly, eyes on her grandmaster.

“I don’t know. But I’ll find out.” Anakin slid his arm around Obi-Wan’s back and under his knees. And then promptly almost overbalanced, eyes growing wide as he looked down at the slight weight in his arms.

“Force fuck a sith.” He hissed in shock before marching out to get to Kix in the med tent.

Where he had expected a full grown man in armor and had prepared himself to lift just that, he had instead gotten the weight he would have guessed Ahsoka to be and had promptly almost fallen over from that when lifting Obi-Wan.

He had a horrifying suspicion that Obi-Wan fainting was a result of that lack of weight and the actions that lead to that lack of weight.


Obi-Wan is muscle, bone and skin. That’s it.

No fat.

His stomach caves in ever so slightly and his ribs are faintly visible along with the bones of his wrists and ankles. Anakin has a suspicion that if not for the beard, they would see the gaunt of Obi-Wan’s cheeks and its clear how pale the others become now that he’s been undressed and redressed in medical garb.

Obi-Wan can no longer hide in his robes and his armor.

Not anymore.

Helix and Kix has argued about the best way to proceed, what to do and Anakin?

Anakin has informed the council that Obi-Wan is basically a skeleton and had then submitted Obi-Wan’s weight to them.

There had been a few seconds of chaos, even over the comms Anakin had managed to hear the chaos of them speaking together, their shock, surprise and even something he’d call guilt if he thought the Council able to feel it.

But for Anakin…

He sat with Obi-Wan, the other Jedi close to waking as Anakin could feel him.

“…Before you ask, I don’t know.” Obi-Wan mumbled before opening his eyes and looking at the blond, looking dull and exhausted.

“You don’t know if you want tea?” Anakin quirked his lips.

“…Ass…you know I want tea.” Obi-Wan tried to smile.

It came out as a grimace.

Anakin reached out and took the others hand, holding tightly onto the others hand and ignoring the coldness of Obi-Wan’s hand. “We’re going to talk about this you know, even if you don’t like the idea.” He said seriously. “The council removed you as the lead general, Plo has taken your position for now.” He squeezed carefully. “We are returning to the temple. Kix and Helix has told me that you need to gain at least 25 kilos.”

Obi-Wan stared at him before he sighed and closed his eyes. “I see…the council agreed?”

“Yes. I don’t know why you did this to yourself Obi-Wan but I’m not going to let you get away with it anymore. We will be going by the healers when we get back so you know. And I’ve taken the liberty to inform both Rex and Cody of the state of affairs.”

The two stared at each other before Anakin quite loudly sighed and squeezed the hand in his. “Honestly master.”

To his utter mortification, Obi-Wan felt tears press and closed his eyes tightly a second time even as Anakin leaned forward and pressed a soft, reverent kiss to each of his eyelids. “I’m sorry.” He hiccuped, his voice surprisingly timid.

“Its alright. I’m here. I’ll help you.” Anakin whispered.


Helping Obi-Wan is harder then expected.

His problems is rooted far into the past with the feeling of inadequacy and a lack of self worth that Anakin is desperate to help the other overcome, to make him know how much he’s worth and how many people worry about his safety everyday.

So Anakin resorts to holding Obi-Wan everyday, talking quietly to him, ensuring that the other knows he’s wanted.

Not because of his mind or because of his battle experience.

But just because Anakin enjoys his company.

He tries to make Obi-Wan laugh, tries to make sure he eats more and tries to ensure his rest is relaxed.

And slowly he sees a change, the gloss of Obi-Wan’s hair returning and a spark in his eyes as he allows himself to be manhandled to the couch with a bowl of popcorn of all things and blankets to sit with Ahsoka and Anakin for what has now become a weekly thing, movie night.

He’s no where near healthy, but he’s getting there with Anakin and the healers help.

And for now that’s enough for Anakin.


Questions: Draco x Reader Imagine Pt. 3

Part One HERE
Part Two HERE

Summary: Reader goes to lunch with Draco Malfoy and spends time with him for the first time, getting to know each other slowly but surely.

Word Count: 3377

Warnings: very light allusions to the deed

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You woke up on Saturday morning at 7 AM, groggy eyed and exhausted, but you were unable to fall back asleep despite the previous late night.

Part of it was excitement; you had been on a date with the handsome Healer. The other part was also a certain nervous fluttering in your stomach, which you attributed to your agreement to have lunch that day with Draco Malfoy.

You lay there for twenty minutes before accepting that it was useless. Sighing and rubbing your eyes, you slowly swung your legs over the edge of the bed and hobbled to the bathroom to shower and begin getting ready for the day; there was no use in trying to sleep longer. You would simply have to function on copious amounts of caffeine instead.

As you showered, you thought about your plans for the day further, and specifically, the man they were with. You ran through all the things that you knew about Draco Malfoy in your head; or the things you thought you knew.

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“see you around”

kim minseok imagine - part i.

summary: working at sm ent. will change your life forever.

“You need to put every box into their practice room. At midnight they will load start loading the boxes into the car, so we’ll place them in the practice room so they can locate all the boxes quickly.” Mrs. Kang told you and Yeeun, and both of you nodded as she further explained what was going to happen.

You were working at SM Entertainment. Yep, it seemed unbelievable. You had always loved writing, but you were craving for more. So one day, you attended a song-writing course, and you just knew it. The teacher for the course told you that you had a gift, and you needed to do something about it. Ever since that course, you write songs frequently. The whole thing made you realize that you wanted to do this for a living, and you wanted people to see your songs and writings. 

One day, you went to one of your best friends, Gayoung, and you joined them for family dinner. When her mother asked you what you were doing these days, you mentioned about your passion for songwriting. The dinner continued as normal, but at the end of it when you went to the kitchen, Gayoung’s uncle followed you and asked you more about your song-writing. You told him about it, even showed him some of your pieces. That’s when he pulled his SM Entertainment card and said “I work as a producer for SM, and if you apply for a job there I’ll put in a good word for you.”

Long story short, you applied for a job there, and you got it. You later called Gayoung’s uncle, and asked him if he could give you some advice. He told you that there were many people with the same dream as you, so you had to do as everyone else; start from the bottom and work your way up. 

You were now working as an assistant for Mrs. Kang, one of the stylists for Exo and Red Velvet. You had been working now for a few months, and it felt refreshing to finally be going somewhere. It’s not the ideal job but it’s something, and it’s in the same industry. 

Mrs. Kang was now packing Exo’s clothes, and she had already been packing for a whole week and there were already hundreds of boxes. After all, Exo are going on a world tour. 

Mrs. Kang was leaving tomorrow morning with them, but you were gonna stay back here in Seoul. Mrs. Kang told you she really wanted you to come, but Exo had all the people they needed, and SM really needed to save money as they had blown all kinds of budgets to make this world tour happen. You were probably going to become NCT stylist assistant now, or something.

You and Yeeun, the other stylist assistant, started carrying all of the boxes into Exo’s practice room. When Yeeun opened the door, her eyes widened and her cheeks turned red. As we walked into the room the whole group was there. 

You wanted to apologize for interrupting whatever they were doing, but you knew they were wayyy above the two of you and you weren’t sure if it would be considered rude to talk to them. You placed the two boxes you were carrying carefully on the floor, and as you stood up you could feel someone’s gaze on you. You carefully looked to your right, and saw a beautiful pair of eyes glued at you.

It was Xiumin. You had always admired Xiumin. Whenever you watched music shows, your eyes would be stuck on him. There was just something about him that made you curious about this guy. You noticed you had been staring at each other for quite a while, you quickly walked out of the room to get more boxes along with Yeeun.

“I didn’t know they were gonna be there!” Yeeun whisper shouted, looking all nervous. “Chen is so handsome I can’t fuction normally around him.”

I breathed out. “I know.”

Hours went and we still weren’t finished with bringing all of the boxes. Boxes were stacked on the one side of the room, as Exo was still practicing there.

Your arms were so tired and you couldn’t wait until you could go home. There was still a few boxes and you were so tired. You walked back into the practice room, and you saw the boys had started to fool around. Chanyeol and Baekhyun were basically running around the room, so was Xiumin and Chen. Yeeun needed a break so you were the only one working.

You walked to the huge stack of boxes and stood on your tip toes, trying to reach the top so you could place the box there. You were just about to get it until Chanyeol apperantly tripped into the huge stack of boxes, causing the boxes to fall of.

You didn’t have the time to react, covering your head with your arms, waiting for the impact. However, you could hear the boxes falling down around you, but not on you.

You looked up, and saw someone covering you with his whole body. After the boxes finished falling, the two of you stood up properly and you saw that Xiumin had been so nice and covered you from all the boxes. He gave you a smile, and you could literally feel all the butterflies in your stomach going crazy.

“I’m so sorry stylist noona’s assistant!” Chanyeol runned towards you and started to pick up the boxes like crazy. Chen, Xiumin and Baekhyun also started to put them back.

“No, stop. You don’t need to do it. It’s fine.” You bent down to pick up a box, but Xiumin grabbed it before you could.

“You’ve been stacking up these boxes for hours, you look exhausted.” He said.

After the boys put up the boxes, they started to run around again and it was only you and Xiumin left. “I’m sorry if you hurt yourself.” You said, unable to hide your smile.

“Ah it’s okay.” He said smiling.

“Thank you guys for helping me putting them back, my arms are so tired.”

“It’s no problem. What’s your name by the way?” Xiumin asked.

You really couldn’t believe this. “Uhh, Y/N.”

“Y/N, ah, beautiful name. You’re going with us tomorrow?” 

“Uh sadly no.” You chuckled.

“What a shame.” Xiumin smiled looking down at you. You looked up at him, and his black hair, adorable eyes and astounding smile was just too much for you to handle.

“Y/N you coming?” Yeeun peeked into the room.

You were snapped back into the reality, and you looked at her before saying “Yeah.” You gave Xiumin a brief smile before lightly running out the door.

Your heart was racing as you got out of the room, and you stopped just so you could freak out for a few seconds. You collected yourself and caught up with Yeeun, who noticed your mood. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” You smiled, and she knew something was up but she wanted to go home as much as you wanted, even more, so she kept quiet and the two of you continued to work. You were now even more pissed that you couldn’t go with Mrs. Kang on the tour, ugh.

When you walked back into the practice room with new boxes, the boys were still fooling around. You tried to avoid Xiumin just so people wouldn’t see your smile, but when you looked at him once he was already staring at you with his beautiful smile.

You and Yeeun finished at midnight, and you almost fell asleep when taking the bus back to your apartment. When you arrived inside your apartment you stripped off all of your clothes and crawled into your bed, falling asleep immediately.

It didn’t take long until you were woken up. Your phone had been ringing like crazy. You pressed on the green button and brought the phone to your ear, “Hallo?”

“Y/N! You’ve been requested to come with us, you need to be ready in three hours! Be by the practice room at 6AM!” Mrs. Kang said stressfully.

“Wait what who requested me?” You asked confused.

“I don’t know, the manager told me to get you here as soon as possible.” Mrs. Kang said before she hung up. Was I still dreaming?

You stood up from your bed and ran into the shower. You quickly fixed yourself, putting light make up on. You packed your things really quickly, and got dressed.

Mrs. Kang said there was a car waiting for you, so when you were finished you locked your apartment and jogged lightly to the car. It didn’t take long until you arrived in front of the building, and you saw that Yeeun also was there. “Wait did they request the both of us?” You asked her as you got out of the car.

“Wait what? Mrs. Kwon just told me to get here.”

This was all so confusing. The two of you took your suitcases, loaded it in the van with the other stuff and you took the elevator up to the practice room. 

The two of you walked towards the practice room, and the door was open. You looked in and saw that the manager was giving everyone a speech. You peeked inside, and saw Xiumin standing there with the rest of the members. 

Mrs. Kang saw you and walked towards you. “Come here.” she waved you over, and you walked into the room and towards her.

The manager ended the speech with a “fighting!” and then everyone went back to work.

Mrs. Kang turned her attention to you. “Be by the car in fifteen minutes.” 

You nodded, and then she left. You were about to go out of the room, until someone poked your shoulder. You turned around and saw Xiumin standing right besides you. “Hey.”

The fact that he was standing so close to you made your heart flutter. “H-hi.”

“Oh so you are joining the tour?”


“So you were lying before?” He smirked, which made you chuckle.

“I literally got the message two hours ago, someone requested me apperantly.”

Xiumin gave you a little smirk. “I wonder who.”

It took you a few seconds before you realized what he meant. “You?” you pointed your index finger at him.

He raised his eyebrows and shoulders. “Who knows. See you around.” He said smirking before leaving the room, leaving you shocked.

You were left shocked, confused and so excited at the same time. God knows what will happen at this tour.

The Woes of Having Neighbors Part 5

Rowan sighed, utterly content with his life.  He’d just gotten a raise at work, his apartment was finally clean after what felt like weeks of procrastination, and his date with Aelin was going fabulously.  It was late, and they’d gone out for dinner earlier to celebrate Rowan’s raise, and now sat on his couch watching a movie.  Aelin was tucked beneath his arm, she snugged up against his side and warmed him in the most pleasant of ways.  Her head was within easy kissing distance of his lips, which he took advantage of every few minutes.  He’d sneak a kiss to the crown of her head after she laughed, or commented on the movie and would take in a deep breath, relishing in her aroma of jasmine and lavender. He could’ve stayed that way forever, with Aelin huddled up close, a blanket covering the both of them, and a fan favorite movie playing on the screen before them.  Rowan felt like he’d found paradise.

And then the knocking began.

At first, it was just a single knock on his door, and the two love birds ignored it easily enough, thinking it was just a passing neighbor bumping into the door.  Then, after just a brief thirty seconds–just long enough for Rowan to assume he was safe from the outside world–the knocking began again.  It came harder this time, more purposeful.  Three hard, loud knocks, then a slight pause before another round of three knocks were heard against his door.  “Rowan!”  A familiar, if not slightly muffled voice called from the hallway.  “Rowan, we know you’re in there your anti-social fuck–let us in!”  

Rowan winced and Aelin snorted, tilting her head back to look at him, “Friends of yours?”   

“You could say that,” he replied evasively.  Pulling his arm back from around Aelin’s shoulder’s Rowan mentally prepared himself to shoo away his friends so he could continue his date.  Before he could even stand up, though, he heard the soft click of his lock turning over and with a sinking dread, Rowan remembered he’d given Gavriel a spare key.  “Shit,” he hissed, but it was too late.  The door had opened.

The first through the threshold was Fenrys, the owner of the voice that spoke through the door earlier.  His long, golden hair was pulled back in a bun and his brown skin seemed to shimmer in the dull apartment lighting, telling Rowan he’d been out at some club earlier that night.  Right behind him was his twin brother, Connall, who was his mirror in looks, but his opposite in personality.  Where Fenrys was all boisterous snark and charisma, Connall was soft spoken cleverness and intelligence.  Vaughan was right behind them, all height and gangly limbs, with short dark hair and the nose of a blood hound–he made his way straight to the kitchen to find Rowan and Aelin’s leftovers.  Last through the door was Gavriel, his golden blond hair catching the light just enough to make it look as if his hair was gilded.  He was Rowan’s oldest and closest friend, and the first to realize they’d just interrupted something intimate.  

“Ooh, dessert!”  Vaughan’s voice cheered from the kitchen as well as the sound of tin foil being torn.  Rowan sighed and rolled his eyes.  Aelin hadn’t said anything yet, but sat propped up on her knees watching the men strut about the apartment with amusement.  She bit down on her bottom lip to keep the giggles from leaking out.  

“Whatchya watching?”  Fenrys slid onto the couch’s arm and grabbed the remote from the coffee table before him.  He didn’t even cast a glance towards Rowan as he did so, which was why he still hadn’t realized Rowan had company.  Connall, on the other hand, had.  But he merely observed from the other side of the couch, his head tilted in a way that was all too lupine.  “Why’re you watching a RomCom?”  Fenrys grimaced and immediately changed the channel.

“Ah, Rowan,” Gavriel spoke slowly, carefully.  As one would to a wild animal.  “Are we … interrupting something?” 

Fenrys snorted, “What could we be–”

“Fenrys,” Connall easily grabbed his twin’s attention and nodded his head towards Aelin.  

“Hey, what’s up with all the good foo–holy shit are you on a date?”  Vaughan stopped dead in his tracks as he returned from the kitchen and caught sight of Aelin next to Rowan on the couch.  

“A what?”  Fenrys yipped, abruptly standing from his seat on the couch’s arm and staring down at Aelin as if she’d just materialized.  Brow furrowing, Fenrys hummed and stepped in front of the only woman in the room and poked her shoulder.  “Well I’ll be damned, she’s real!”

“No shit,” Aelin rolled her eyes, but the corners of her mouth twitched in barely contained amusement.  She didn’t hate them, which Rowan supposed was a good thing.

Breathing through his nose, Rowan asked through a clenched jaw, “Was there a reason you all came here?  Uninvited?” 

“There was, actually,” Gavriel said, attempting to diffuse the situation.  “Lorcan’s coming into town tonight.”  Rowan’s head snapped to attention, his green eyes seeking out Gavriel’s tawny ones.  Aelin’s eyes flickered to him, noticing the change but not saying anything.  “His flight lands in a few hours.  We thought we’d go and pick him up.  Obviously we had no idea that you were on a date.”

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G,”  Fenrys sang, his voice off key but he didn’t care.  Connall rolled his eyes at his brother, but didn’t even try to reprimand him for his childish behavior.  So long as Rowan didn’t rise to his bait, Connall found no need to get involved.  

Aelin’s brows raised, but a puff of laughter escaped her lips.  “That was the idea.”  Then, turning to Rowan, she asked, “Who’s Lorcan?”

“Just another one of my friends,” he answered simply.  Aelin hummed and quirked a brow, not quite believing him.  They stared at each other for a few moments, quietly having a conversation with only their eyebrows.  

“More like our fearless leader,” Vaughan elaborated from his place behind them, pulling Aelin’s attention away from Rowan.  “We haven’t seen him in years,” under his breath, he added,  “thanks to Maeve.”

Thankfully Aelin didn’t ask who Maeve was as Rowan really didn’t want to open that can of worms so early in their relationship.  “That’ll be fun,” she said, turning to face Rowan.  Her eyes were so bright and blue and earnest and dammit he wanted to kiss her senseless just then.  “How long will you all be in town together?”

“About a week, maybe more,” Gavriel answered easily.  Looking at his watch, he added, “We should get going if we want to make it to the airport on time.  Rowan, I’ll call you later–we’ll get together tomorrow?”

“What?”  Fenrys and Aelin asked simultaneously, though Fenrys’s tone was a tad whinier.  “You’re not going?”  They asked, staring at Rowan.  Their synchronized questioning was rather disturbing and caught the white haired male so off guard he couldn’t answer quickly enough.  

Gavriel blinked, then his gaze darted between Aelin and Rowan several times before he swooped in to the rescue.  “I, well, I assumed Rowan would want to finish his date with you, ah–” Gavriel caught himself and blushed, realized he hadn’t introduced himself and hadn’t gotten Aelin’s name.  “I’m sorry,” he reached out his hand for her to take.  “I’m Gavriel.”

“Aelin,” She nodded and shook his hand.

“Fenrys,” the blond male on Aelin’s other side waved, “And that’s Connall.”  Connall nodded his head in greeting.  “And the glutton eating your food is Vaughan,” Fenrys added dryly, watching the dark haired male continue eating food straight from the tin foil packaging.  Vaughan merely shrugged and grunted.  Rowan sighed and leaned his head back against the couch.  

“It’s nice to meet you, Aelin,” Gavriel said, bringing the attention back to the matter at hand and away from the distraction that was Fenrys.  “But, as I was saying, we didn’t realize Rowan was on a date, so we’ll just meet up with him tomorrow and–”

“What?  No!  We were almost finished with the movie, anyway.  Right Rowan?”  She looked at him and he slowly nodded.  “Don’t reschedule on my account.”  Softly, just for Rowan–although the others could probably hear her good and well–she added, “Go see your friend.”  You miss him, I can tell, her eyes said.  I’ll be here when you get back.    

He nodded.  Thank you, his eyes responded. I owe you one for this, he smirked. 

Quirking a brow, she grinned in return, I know, her skin around her eyes crinkled with mirth, and I intend to collect.  “You’re here a week, right?”  She asked Gaviel. He nodded slowly, his expression one of confusion after having just watched their silent conversation.  “Have any plans on Saturday?”

Rowan knew where this was going.  He knew where it was going and he had to stop it.  To nip it in the bud before–” No,” Gavriel answered honestly, not aware of the danger.

“Great!” Aelin clapped her hands once, “I’m having a few friends over to my apartment that way.  You should all come!”  

“Party?”  Fenrys asked, and Aelin nodded.  “Hell yeah, we’re coming!”

“Thank you, Aelin, that’s very kind of you,” Gavriel officially accepted the invitation, not noticing or just ignoring Rowan’s twitching eye and faint grimace.  Attending Aelin’s parties were one thing, but attending her party with his cadre?  The white haired male barely suppressed a groan.  He didn’t know it he’d survive the experience.  Add Lorcan into the mix?  Rowan shuddered.

He was in for a long week.               

(Drabble) Dog Dean

Leave it to Dean to get turned into the most large, threatening dog. Not a cute golden retriever or playful a cocker spaniel like the rest of you would. No, Dean was a german shepherd-esque dog but quite a lot larger and with darker fur. Longer fangs and larger paws. You wouldn’t be surprised if the dog — Dean — was heavier in this form than his human. If he stood up on his hind legs (that was a very weird thing to even think — why are your lives like this), he would be taller than you. Which, admittedly, human Dean was too, but that Dean wasn’t scary. Your big brother basically looked like one of those fairytale werewolves. Obviously not the real ones, because you knew they didn’t look like this. Otherwise, you would have said he looked like one. So here you were, a huge wolf-dog in front of you — that could give anyone a heart attack, and was now basically rolling its (his because it’s Dean) eyes at you. Let’s just say you couldn’t quite wrap your head around it.  

You and Sam stared at each other with round eyes, not knowing what to do. What do you do when your big brother had been turned into a dog?

Sam gulped a little. ”Dear god…”

And then you both looked at Dog Dean again, who looked up at you with dark, round puppy eyes.

You could practically hear Dean’s voice, trying to joke it all away, ’hey, at least I’m not a chihuahua.’

Dating stefan would include:


-hugs from behind


-“I love you,you know that?”


-forehead kisses


-“your so goofy”


-long road trips


-“where are we going” ~“to hell if I know”


-deep 2AM conversations


-“please be careful”


-wearing his shirts to bed and him loving it


-“do you want me to go ripper on your ass???”


-hanging around with the mystic falls gang


-“no Y/N it’s not fair I’ve known them for years and they still prefer you”


-joking about his hero hair


-pet names like “darlin” “beautiful” “princess”


-keeping him human in as many ways possible


-“stop buying me things!!!”~ “but you deserve the world princess”


-being best friends with Damon


-Damon constantly telling you to “get a room”


-drinking bourbon with the salvatore brothers


-“Y/N did you drink all the liquor?”


-using his vamp speed to sneak up on you and make you jump


- Damon asking you how stefan styles his “hero hair”


-letting you see his vampire side


-“your mine and I love you”


-telling you about the olden days and his stories


-singing each others favourite songs


-staring contests


-“Damon quit walking in on us!!!!”


-so much PDA because he’s so proud your his


-hiding from him and him saying “really Y/N? You know I can hear your heartbeat right?”


-when your alone,you always mess about


-"only you can get away with things like this baby”


-going on picnics because he’s a tragic romantic


-spending days snuggling in bed


-talking about what your kids would be like


-always getting hit on by the Mikaelsons because they love to mess with Stefan


-"don’t worry Steffy you know I only love you”


-klaus shouting back “that’s not what you told me last night love!!!!”

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Cherry (Part 31)- wolf!jikook story

“Jungkook, it’s your turn!”

Hoseok, with his unusually bright smile and groomed ears, holds out the empty pickle jar. Inside are four slips of paper with four names; Jimin, Guk, Tae, and Hoseok.

In any other circumstance, Jungkook would’ve grabbed a paper without any worries. However, this one has his tummy jumbled and tail stiff. It takes all of his effort not to show his slightly shaking hands or to nervously lick his lips.

Something just feels wrong about what they’re going to do. Jungkook’s never kissed a stranger, only his Jimbles. Allowing an unknown male to kiss him, to let him hold Jungkook in his arms…

“Are you scared?” Taehyung snorts against Hoseok’s side, clinging onto his arm. Their ears flick together as Taehyung stares at Jungkook, a mischievous smile on his face. “See how cute he is, Hoseok? He’s like an innocent baby.”

At this, Jungkook bites back a sigh. If he was given a dollar for every time Tae called him a baby, he’d be a millionaire. “It’s just a kiss,” Tae continues, flicking Hoseok’s ear with a finger. “Don’t be shy and pucker up!”

How this is starting to sound like those movies Jungkook’s mother likes to watch!

They’re in the middle of their weekly sleepover playing the “card kissing” game. Whichever paper they pick, they’re forced to kiss that person whose name’s written on the slip. Perhaps Jimin wouldn’t be on edge if Tae hadn’t brought over Hoseok, a new wolf that keeps sniffing around Jungkook, smelling so strongly of freshly squeezed oranges it reminds him of his field trip to an orange farm.

Not that Jungkook minds the other wolf’s curiosity. He has a feeling that Hoseok’s motives are nothing more than friendliness. Still, imagining this wolf he doesn’t know very well kissing him has him more nervous than his third grade speech.

“He doesn’t have to do this unless he wants to,” Jimin gives a warning growl, watching Jungkook’s hand slip inside the jar intently.

“I think he does,” Hoseok taps Jungkook’s doughy cheek, noting the way Jimin’s hands clench in response. Eyes flicking to Jimin’s, Hoseok whispers, “C'mon Gukkie, let us see. I hope you get my name.”

“I hope he doesn’t,” Jimin hisses out, scootching closer to Jungkook. The way he’s sitting, it looks as if he’s about to pounce. There’s an anger scent drifting from him, his body unusually warm. Perhaps it’s from the cup of hot cocoa that they shared?

Opening the slip of paper, Jungkook’s eyes flick over the name.


“He has-” Hoseok’s smile immediately fades when Jungkook shows off the paper. “Taehyung?”

At his name, Taehyung claps his hands together. “Let me pick!” Thrusting his hand into the jar, he plucks out a paper and gasps at the name. “Jimin, I got you! Reminds us of those days when we’d experiment together, huh?”

Both Hoseok and Jimin seem quite unhappy as they silently stare at each other. Hoseok’s got a hand around Tae’s shoulder, fingers tapping against his skin.

“They’re not kissing.” Jimin’s voice breaks the quiet spell upon them, causing the tension to slink out of the room.

“I think we should kiss who we want to,” Hoseok agrees, hand drifting underneath Taehyung’s chin. “I’m kissing Tae.”


Before Jungkook can say who he wants to kiss, Jimin’s already kissing him quiet, hands slinking around his skinny shoulders.

Now this is nice. It’s his familiar Jimin, chest warm against his, so kind and caring but equally possessive sometimes…

Jungkook would have it no other way.

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show us your analysis of call me maybe i am ready for this

i hope you’re ready for this because i’m about to go hard at it

I threw a wish in the well: our little lesbian carly is feeling rather lonely and sad and hopes the moon will send her a cute girl to makeout with
Don’t ask me I’ll never tell: however, she’s still not ready to come out and let her folks know she’s gay, so she’ll keep it a secret and if you ask her about her sexuality, she’ll most likely deny it
I looked at you as it fell: a cute girl comes to her life and she’s instantly bewitched by her
And now you’re in my way: she’ll obviously keep bumping onto her (whether it’s intentional or not)

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Red Lipstick |

Hyungwon x Y/N

Word  count: 1,373 words

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“Hey, guys,” everyone looked up to Shownu, who’s currently walking towards us with a red envelope on his hand. “We’re invited to Wook’s party and we have to wear something formal.” Shownu’s expression was pretty blank. “Let me see the invitation.” Wonho said as he grabbed the envelope from his hand and read it. “Wait, he said he’ll be sending us some clothes to wear that he hand-picked for us and a dress for [y/n].” Everyone was pretty blank, still deciphering every single word. Finally, Minhyuk was the first one to react. “Woah! That’s so cool! If we’re going to wear something that formal… does that mean that we’ll be able to eat steak?!” All of their eyes lit up. “Steak and wine!” Kihyun beamed, a big smile plastered on his face.

The boys did a small victory dance. I actually don’t know why they fancy steak and wine that much but I guess it’ll be a fun evening with these guys around. “Before you guys continue your victory dance, shouldn’t we all prepare ourselves now?” I suggested to which made them froze on their spots. “But we don’t have our clothes–” I.M was cut off-ed by Jooheon who showed us eight fancy looking paper bags. “The clothes are here.” Distributing the paper bags to their owners, everyone immediately checked their clothes out. “Wait!” I stopped them before they reveal their outfits for later.

Everyone stopped and looked at me. “What if we don’t show everyone what we’re going to wear for later?” I suggested. Excitement filled the air as everyone started to grin from side to side, nodding their heads to that idea. All of us scurried to an empty room and started pepping ourselves up. The dress that Wook chose for me was a simple yet elegant black dress. It wrapped perfectly around my body. I twirled in front of the mirror and looked my self. Damn, I looked hot in it. I decided to put on some bb cream, eyeliner, mascara, a little bit of blush and some red lipstick. My hair was wavy already so I decided to just let it down and do some magic with it.

Wook also prepared a diamond necklace for me and a pair of black stilettoes. I wore the necklace and the pair of stilettoes. I popped my head out of the door and yelled, “Are you guys ready?” The boys replied immediately. “Yes!” “[Y/N] can you help me with my necktie?!” Laughing at their silliness, I yelled once again, “Let’s come out in the count of 3!” All of us started counting down, “3. . . 2… 1!” Coming out from our rooms, we were all stunned by our outfits. “Woah. . you guys look so good!” I said as I looked at them. The boys were wearing suits and they fixed their hairs. They looked so freaking good.

“[Y/N] can you help me with my necktie?” Hyungwon came up to me with his eyes fixed on his necktie. “Sure, sure.” I said, grabbing the tie from his hand. Looking up from his necktie, our eyes met and his eyes widened. I saw his adam’s apple go up and down. His lips quivered, “Y-you look so hot.” He whispered, loud enough for the two of us to hear. I could feel my cheeks heat up from his sudden remark. “Damn, didn’t know you had some booty in you [Y/N].” Wonho teased, earning a smack from Kihyun. “Don’t mind him [Y/N], he’s just jealous!” Minhyuk said, making me laugh.

“We’ll wait for you guys at the car, [Y/N].” Shownu said, gesturing everyone that they’ll go. “Okay.” I nodded and saw Jooheon and Minhyuk giving some aegyos while I.M facepalmed himself and pushed the older men to the door. Silence filled the air once the guys left. My heart started to beat really fast. I decided to do Hyungwon’s neck tie. I made mistakes here and there as I felt Hyungwon’s stare but I was able to tie it properly .“I-is something on my face?” I awkwardly asked right after I finished tying his necktie.

He shook his head and said, “Your lipstick.” I unconsciously puckered my lips. “Is the color not nice? Should I change it?” I was about to go to my room to look for another color but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. Butterflies took over my oh-so-calm stomach. My heart starts beating really loud, scaring the daylights out of me. “It looks really good on you.” He stared right at me, probably looking at my soul.

Unable to look away from his stare, we looked at each other for quite some time. “A-are you sure?” Stuttering, he chuckled and said, “If it didn’t look good on you, would I even do this?” Before I could ask him, he crashed his lips on to mine. His thick, luscious, plump lips. Rather than pulling away, I kissed him back. He pulled me closer to him as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I then pulled away, realizing that my lipstick was probably all over his lips. “Hyungwon, y-your lips.” Panicking that the guys would see my lipstick stains on his lips, I grabbed some wet wipes and was about to wipe the lipstick stains off from his lips when he just laughed. “You should look at yourself, [Y/N].” His laugh was genuine. I looked at the mirror and saw that I looked like a clown after kissing him. Little did I know that I was turning red as a tomato.

“You’re so cute, [Y/N].” Hyungwon grabbed the wet wipes from my hand and made me face him. He gently wiped my lipstick off. His touch was so warm, making the butterflies on my stomach go wild. I couldn’t take my eyes of him. “You do know that staring is rude.” The old Hyungwon is back. I rolled my eyes and said, “Yeah, yeah. Says the one who kissed me out of the blue.” He looked at me and said, “Well, it’s your fault that I couldn’t resist kissing your luscious lips.” I grabbed the wet wipes from him and wiped the lipstick stains on his lips. I could still feel the warmth of his lips on mine, making me feel warm.

“Why would it be my fault? It’s your fault that you couldn’t control your hormones!” I talked back, and saw how serious he looked right now. Wiping the last lipstick stain on his lips, I grabbed the red lipstick from my clutch and applied it on my lips. “Why? Is it my fault for falling in love with you?” I froze on my spot and looked at him. He was really serious, his eyes were staring at me once again. “Is it also my fault for falling in love with you too?” I returned the question back at him, unable to hide my feelings for him. Everyone knew that I had feelings for him except him, of course.

Hyungwon laughed and said, “I guess it’s both our fault for falling in love with each other then.” I smiled and nodded. “You know, ever since we met I knew that something clicked between us. And I can’t even believe that I’m saying this to you right now.” He continued, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. “Well, you’re not the only one who felt that way,” I paused and realized that everyone was waiting for us. “Let’s get going, everyone’s waiting for us.” I was about to leave when he grabbed me by my wrist. He pulled me and placed a kiss on my lips. It was quick but I was still able to feel his lips. “I love you.” Hyungwon said, staring at my eyes lovingly. I softened and said, “I love you too.”

“Finally! Now let’s go, you lovebirds!” Jooheon exclaimed, making us turn around to look at him. We both laughed and left the place. Once we arrived at the van, everyone was smirking at us. Hyungwon and I just laughed it off and sat beside each other. During the ride, Hyungwon slipped his hand onto mine and whispered, “You look hot with that red lipstick of yours, by the way.”

The quiet ones

(A/N): I honestly love Timid/Shy requests

Request: Hey can you please do a Steve x reader where you’re his super shy/timid and quiet girlfriend and he lets you join the team and at first no one can understand why and question him until they all get captured on a mission and you save them by yourself

Warnings: swearing

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   Steve smiled sweetly at (Y/N) who was nearly clinging to him at some avengers party. They had an iron tight grip around his upper arm and if anyone so much as looked at them they’d cower in fear.

    (Y/N) had been with the Avengers for a few months now but no one could really see why, perhaps Steve had just taken some pity on the kid, or maybe they were a somewhat good fighter, but no one knew. They were so shy that any conversation anyone tried to have with them would immediately die so most times no one would even try, leaving (Y/N) on their own.

   But that very night, the same night (Y/N) had clung so desperately to Steve was the night everyone realized exactly why Steve recruited (Y/N) to the avengers. 

   The team had been having a great time chatting away and sipping on wine when they all got the call. 

    “We’ve got an emergency A.I.M attack,” Friday calls over the speakers. “A.I.M agents have invaded top secret bases in Siberia.” Everyone shares the same scared look before springing into action, grabbing suit and needed supplies before boarding the Avenjet.

   “Steve,” (Y/N) complained as the man got suited up, not even giving them a second glance. “Let me come with you guys, I promise I can help-”

   “(Y/N),” Steve states calmly, turning to look at them as he laced up his boots. “This mission is going to be too dangerous, I don’t want you coming along-” 

   “But I can really help! I promise!’ 

  “I know you can doll,” Steve whispers as he places a quick kiss to (Y/N)’s lips. “But I don’t want you getting hurt, okay? I don’t want your first mission to also be your last,” (Y/N) sighs as they fold their arms over their chest, huffing slightly. 

   “Fine,” Steve smiles softly, pecking their lips one last time before grabbing his shield and nearly rushing out the door.

   “I’ll call you if I need anything, okay?” 

   “Okay,” (Y/N) smiles softly, waving goodbye to Steve as he all but rushed to the Avenjet. 

   “(Y/N), this is my call for help, It’d be great if you could drop by the mission and save our asses,”

   “Why?” (Y/N) asks, already changing their outfit. “What’s going on?”

   “A.I.M got to us, they’ve taken Clint and Nat as prisoners and their starting to get to Bucky and Sam,” 

   “Fuck, yeah, kay, I’ll be there in half an hour,” 

   “We’re all gonna be goners by then (Y/N),” 

   “You guys took the Avenjet and technically I’m not supposed to be using Shield issued jets, so I can either let you guys get captured or I’m gonna be a few minutes late,” 

   “I- ugh, fine, just try to be careful, okay?” (Y/N) smiles as they grab Steve’s ID, most likely to break into Shield headquarters. 

   “Shouldn’t I be the one telling you that?” 

   “Touche,” Steve’s voice cuts out slightly as the signal falls just a bit, crackling and a number of horrid sounds taking his place. “(Y/N) need help,” Steve’s voice makes it through the crackling before the line falls completely silent, leaving (Y/N) to assume the worst. 

   Stealing the Shield jet was easy (God, Shield really needed to up their game) but what was hard was landing the damn thing without drawing any attention to it. (Y/N) didn’t have time for stealthiness however and rather than waste their time trying to find somewhere to park the thing they merely touched down in front of the base, grabbing a weapon of their choice before marching straight into battle. 

   Steve glared at his captors with an angry look, his eyes narrowed and lips nearly snarling at the suited men. 

   “Don’t look so angry Cap,” One of the agents calls, no doubt smirking to themself like an idiot. “Boss just wants to talk to you a bit,” 

   “You mean me?” Tony asks, smirking despite the situation. “He wants to talk to me and he used my team to get to me,” 

   “Guess you’re not as thick skulled as we thought you were,” The agents chuckle together, obviously finding themselves rather funny. However, their laughter stopped immediately when a small thumping sound came from the outside of the door. 

   “Sh, sh, sh, sh, shh,” One of the agents whisper, their hand falling to their gun. With soft steps they walk to the door at the front of the room, making sure to stay below the small window that it had. The agent grips their gun a bit tighter as they press an ear to the door, listening for any sound. All seemed quiet, eerily quiet, but only for a moment before the door was being kicked in and two guns were being aimed directly at the two agents standing watch. Everyone squinted against the lights behind their savior, attempting to get a good look at them. 

   “Holy shit,” Tony whispers, his eye sight having returned the fastest. Standing in the doorway was none other than (Y/N) themself, standing taller and more confident than the avengers had ever seen. 

   “If anyone moves I’ll shoot, anyone so much as breathes I shoot, got it?” One of the agents shifts a bit and (Y/N) pressed the barrel of the gun directly to their skull. “I said got it?” The agent nods quickly, raising his hands in defeat. “Now, I’m just gonna go untie these nice people and you two are going to stay completely still, if you so much as move a muscle what am I going to do?” The agents remain silent, quivering in fear. “I asked you two a question,” (Y/N) growls, their sweet persona completely gone. 

   “Y-You’re gonna shoot us?”

   “Damn right I’m gonna shoot you. So what are you not going to do?”


   “Good job, you guys catch on quick,” With one last threatening press of the gun against the agents head (Y/N) quickly moves over to the group of chained heroes, keeping their guns aimed directly at the agents. Without taking their eyes off the two (Y/N) begins to untie Steve’s restraints, quietly engaging in a conversation with him. 

   “Thanks for the help,” Steve mutters, rubbing at his wrists as (Y/N) began to untie Bucky’s very well knotted arms. (Y/N) casts Steve a small smile, quickly moving onto Nat’s restraints next. 

   “It was no big deal…not so bad for a first mission though, huh?” Steve smiles as he crouches beside (Y/N) to assist them, quickly freeing Sam of his ropes. 

   “Not to bad at all,” 

   “Is no one going to talk about the fact that (Y/N), the shy sweet one of us totally just came in here and threatened these agents lives?” Tony asks, squirming a bit when Bucky broke his bonds. Steve chuckles a bit, standing once everyone had been freed of their bonds. 

   “(Y/N)’s not as sweet and shy as you think they are,” Steve crouches down,  grabbing his shield and locking it onto his back. “Why’d you think I let them join the team?” Steve smirks a bit as he passes Tony, taking (Y/N) by the hand and leading them out of the small room. Everyone else stares at each other in shock and surprise, not quite knowing how to interpret the situation. 

   “Damn,” Tony finally replies, smirking as he nods his head a bit. “Steve sure knows how to pick ‘em,” 

Jason and s/o headcanons

-him being supportive if you’re not straight
-like his initial reaction would be: “does that mean we can check out girls/boys together?”
-“I fucken hate you”
-“I love you too”
-him finding you irresistible in his clothes
-“oh so you can wear my clothes yet I can’t wear yours???”
- Disney movie marathons
-think you’re too old for pillow forts?
-think again
-“Jason! Jesus fuck what happened to your face?”
-“uhh…I tripped”
-you bandaging him up when he clearly can’t do it himself
-“are you sure you’re not apollo’s kid?”
-more cuddling
-“ok but hear me out, red hood needs a side kick”
-“if you bring this topic up again red hood will give you a kick”
-texting each other the ’( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’ face
-“quit staring at my ass”
-“quit pointing your ass in my direction”
-“Jason you fucken told me to turn around just so you could stare at my ass.”
-if you know more than one language, prepare to have _____-lish conversations
-“I fucken love you.”
-“oh fuck me!”
-“you want me to fuck you?”
-“Jason I swear to god.”
-but when he’s actually in the mood he’d back hug you and press himself up against you
-but in the end he loves you and you love him and that’s all that truly matters