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☼ cards agaisnt humanity // join us ☼

so we’re doing an online game of Cards Against Humanity and we need at least 5 more people (we don’t have to be mutuals). The password is “happily” !


Never Alone 

developed by Upper One Games.  

I quite enjoyed playing through this recently.  I really liked the atmosphere and the main characters (the story was rather anticlimactic to me), and kind of just wanted to hang out with my fox most of the time.  Hence. I decided to make a bunch of GIFs of us relaxing in various spots.

As you can see, we went to the beach, went swimming, and even had time to go to a musical concert. ;)

I uploaded the higher resolution versions to an imgur album, which makes it a bit easier to see the owls bopping their heads to the music.  

I did a bit of searching to see what kind of Never Alone GIFs were on Tumblr already, and I came across this awesome illustration by Abigail L. Dela Cruz (“hyamei”) which kinda sums up what I like about the game.

You can see her Tumblr here.

U kiss Kevin apologised to the fans for the nature of their newest video, and it makes you think: how old were these people and did they not prepare themselves when they saw the 19 rating? An artist shouldn’t have to apologise for his groups MV people need to stop being so prude, yes they were grinding against girls but god forbid it be one of your biases. Take the ratings seriously, makes you think their fandom is a bunch of 12 year olds.