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4.2k of smut, I’m not even sorry

‘OUCH! Stop, st- STOP IT PANSY! Argh, fuck, I think I broke a rib.’ Draco sat down on his bed, a painful expression on his face which was paler than usual.

‘You’re an ungrateful bastard’ Pansy flopped beside him, pouting ‘the whole Slytherin house knows I’m the best on giving massage’

‘Well, I better look for someone from other houses then’ Draco made another pained expression as he got up. ‘I can’t, I can’t walk. Argh, fuck!’ He laid down slowly. Pansy only stared at him from the door, the look on her a face a mixture of pity and remorse.

‘I’ll get someone. Even though you were a little bitch just now.’ She glared at him before leaving.

It’d started three days before then. He was getting ready on Wednesday morning to practice quidditch. Everything was fine when he bent down to tie his shoelaces, but the second he straightened his back an acute pain hit him on his hips. It’d gotten worse the past two days to the point now he couldn’t even sit properly without feeling it.

He laid there, thinking maybe he would have to look for Madam Pomfrey after all. But fuck, those potions always messed up with his stomach, he’d do anything to avoid taking them even if it meant asking for someone he didn’t know to give him a massage. Pansy had told him she knew what she was doing but at the end it’d only worsened it.


‘It’s for a friend, you see. He’s in a lot of pain at the moment and I was hoping you knew someone good on giving massages’ Pansy flopped down on a chair at the eighth year common room.

‘Well,’ Hermione started, closing her arithmancy book. 'I do, but… who exactly is this friend of yours?’ She gave Pansy a look that could be translated as 'Are-we-talking-about-who-i-think-we-are-talking-about?’

'Draco’ Pansy sighed, predicting the other’s answer. 'But… I swear he’ll behave. And you owe me this one, right? After I brought you those French hair products’ Pansy smirked.

'You really are a Slytherin’ Hermione sighed 'but they were actually amazing. I’ll help you with this one but I can’t guarantee it’ll go well.’

Pansy gave her a quick hug, grinning. 'Who is it then?’

'Harry’ Hermione murmured to herself.

Pansy gasped and then laughed until tears were streaming down her face.

'Holy. Shit. Are you sure he’ll want to do it?’

Hermione gave her a little smile.

'He owes he a favor’

Pansy’s giggling was catching the attention of everyone around them.

'Who’s the Slytherin one now?’


'Tell me how amazing I am’

The girl bursted inside his dorm an hour after she’d left to find Draco in the same position.

'You found someone?’ He got up, regretting the decision immediately. 'Ah, shit! Are they outside? Please tell me they’re outside’

'They’ll be here in ten’ Pany sat by his side and poked his cheek 'go on, tell me how amazing I am’

'You’re amazing’ he grunted. When he looked at his friend, though, she wasn’t paying attention, busy with a little pink bag Draco hadn’t noticed she’d brought before. 'What-’

'Oils. For the massage’ she smirked and Draco felt blood going to his cheeks.

'There’s no need for that’

'They have properties. They could help’ she started to take the little flasks with different colors out of the bag and pile them on Draco’s bed.

A light knock on the door told them Pansy’s friends had arrived.

'C'mon in!’

'I just don’t understand why… No. No fucking way.’

'Harry, please, Pansy said-’

'What the actual fuck, Pansy!’ Draco started talking at the same time Hermione tried to stop Harry from leaving the room. 'This is… ah, shit shit- ARGH!’ Draco’s attempt to get up brought back the striking pain on his lower back and he felt his knees failing. The next second he was tumbling to the ground with a loud thud. Tears came uninvited to his eyes and he bit his lips as hard as he could to stop from screaming.

Draco didn’t look up to see who it was that was trying to help him get up. A firm hand went on the underside of his thigh as the other grabbed his shoulder firmly, pushing him to his feet just long enough for him to get to his bed. When he collapsed on his bed, flushed cheeks and tears still streaming down his face, everything he could think about was that maybe his time had come. Die would be better than suffer so much humiliation in front of Saint Potter, who was panting by his side.

Harry stared down at the boy in front of him, Malfoy’s face twisted in an ugly expression. It was like he was trying to sneer at Harry but the pain was too much even for that. Harry sighed and turned to see he was left alone in the room with an incapacitated Malfoy. Well, shit, that was just great. Why couldn’t people just leave him alone? Peace, it was all he was asking for after everything. But, oh no, he had to have asked Hermione for help with his potions homework the week before, and now he owed her this. Harry wouldn’t have denied giving a massage to any of his friends if they’d asked him. He’d helped Hermione, Ginny and even Luna in the past. But Malfoy? Give Malfoy a massage, after everything, almost sounded funny.

Except it wasn’t because Harry had a hero complex and he knew Malfoy wouldn’t ask for such a thing if he wasn’t desperate. It wasn’t even Malfoy who came looking for Hermione, it was Pansy, which meant he probably was in a lot of pain. He couldn’t walk, from what Harry could see.

Small flasks caught his attention, all of them pilled up beside Malfoy.

'What’s this?’ He grabbed one and put it against the light. The liquid inside was thicker than water.

'Oils. Pansy brought them. She said they could help. Not like you need to know this anyway since you won’t use them.’ Malfoy spoke through gritted teeth, facing the wall opposite to where Harry stood. So he was expecting him to leave, that cocky bastard.

'Take off your shirt then’ Harry levitated all the tiny flasks to the ground and picked up one randomly. When he opened it the smell of cinnamon filled the room. Malfoy stared at him like he’d gone insane.

'What do you think you’re doing?’ he asked slowly.

'Well, maybe a massage since that’s what Hermione asked me to do and I can’t have a fucking moment of peace in this castle. And since you seem to be unable to even walk I advise you shut the fuck up and take off your shirt so I can see what’s wrong and finish in time for dinner’ Harry looked up to find Malfoy gaping at him.

'Do you even-’

'Yes, I do know how to do it, you prick. And I’m using this one, so take off your shirt’ Harry signaled to the open flask in his hands as he sat down on the far end of the bed.

He didn’t quite know how the oil would help since he’d never used them when he gave massages before. He liked the smell of it, that was all.

Malfoy struggled to sit down. He undid his tie, opened every button and started to take it off, really slowly trying not to move too much, wincing everytime he did. He folded his shirt and put it on the chair beside the bed. Harry couldn’t help staring at the huge scars on his chest he knew he was responsible for. Guilt settled on his stomach as he tore his gaze away.

'Lay down on your stomach’ Harry got up and sat beside Malfoy’s body as close as he could without brushing their thighs. It was ridiculous, he knew, since he would be touching him quite soon. Malfoy did as he was told and stilled, realising what that meant.

And what it meant was that, like that, he was completely vulnerable. He turned his face to Potter’s side and searched the other boy’s face for any sign of danger but all he could see was a frown as Harry dripped the oil in his fingers. Draco felt his cheeks heat up for some reason he didn’t understand.

'I’m going to start’ Potter’s voice was low when he spoke. Before Draco could say anything Potter’s hands were on his shoulders, placed at the same distance from the centre of his back. They were warmer than Draco’s skin, soft and sticky with oil. His breath got stuck on his throat  when Potter squeezed and, even though his lower back still hurt, Draco felt some of the tension leave his shoulders. He exaled, relaxing into the matress.

Harry maintained the rhythm for a while, squeazing and releasing Malfoy’s shoulders, his thumbs pressing small circles on the other’s neck as he did. Harry, then, started to let his hands go lower, maintaining the pressing of his thumbs as he did until he reached the high of Malfoy’s kidneys. He stopped there to smear his hands with more oil.

'Where did the pain start?’ Harry found his voice was hoarse when he spoke.

'Hm… my hips’ Malfoy sounded sleepy when he spoke. He was so relaxed Harry had to hold back a giggle. He must really be great at giving massage if it meant even Malfoy was enjoying it.

He stopped shortly.

'Your hips?’ Shit, he wasn’t expecting that. 'Er… okay. I’ll- I’ll need you to lower you trousers a bit.  

'What?’ Draco opened his eyes, snapping out of his daze. What did Potter just say?

'So I can reach your hips. I can’t do much with them in the way’ he said slowly, almost like he expected Draco to start yelling at him.

'So you want me to take off my pants?’ Draco couldn’s believe what the fuck was going on.

'No! Just- Just open it, okay? I can do the rest…’ Draco stopped for a second. He reached for his buttons, opened them and laid down again. He turned his face the other way since he was pretty sure he was blushing. Shit, Potter better know what he was doing.

Harry exhaled gradually. He most definitely didn’t know what he was doing. Well, he did, but he shouldn         ’t be doing this. He should’ve stopped, told Malfoy to go look for Pomfrey and got out of there.

Instead he placed his hands on Malfoy’s lower back again. He rubbed his thumbs in circles there, with less pressure this time, and started to press lower as he did. He reached his trousers but since the buttons were open it hang loose on Malfoy’s hips. Harry let his thumbs go under the waist and Malfoy froze.

Harry exhaled again. 'This will probably hurt but if it doesn’t work I’ll know what I have to do, okay?’ He pulled his trousers lower until he could see the other’s boxers. They were black, just like his trousers. Harry could see the fine blond hair that covered his lower back was up.

'Just don’t break my bones’ His tone was sarcastic.

Harry had his weigh on one knee which was pressed against the matress, both hands on Malfoy’s hips.

'Inhale’ Harry instructed. 'Hold’ Malfoy did as he was told.

'Exhale’ he pushed all his weight on his hands as quickly as he could. Malfoy screamed and Harry cursed. They were panting, Malfoy still too shocked to say anything.

'It won’t work, not like this’ Harry got off the bed to take off his shoes. When he looked back Malfoy was staring at him with a strange expression on his face, fear mixed with something else. Was it anticipation?

'This will work’ Harry got on the bed again and before malfoy could say anything he passed one of his legs over the blond’s body, straddling him. Harry sat on Malfoys thighs, trapping him so he couldn’t turn around.

'WHAT THE FUCK, POTTER?’ Malfoy tried to free himself but Harry pinned both Draco’s hands above his head in a strong grip.

'I’m telling you this will work! Stop fidgeting and shut up!’

But focusing on Potter’s words was hard since all he could sense was the warmth and pressure on his thighs, so close to his ass. He’d never felt anything like that before, something disturbingly intimate and his whole body was reacting as if it was. He closed his eyes, cursing inside his head as blood rushed into his cock. Fuck fuck fuck, this wasn’t happening, it couldn’t be…

'Inhale’ Potter’s words resonated closer to his ear than before. He shivered, inhaling as deep as he could. 'You need to relax’ Potter’s voice came out hoarse, his thumbs still tracing circles on his hips. Draco shuddered but felt his shoulders lose tension again.

'Inhale’, Harry repetead. 'Hold’ And Draco did.

Potter shifted on his thighs and Draco almost forgot what he was supposed to do.

'Exhale’ he did it again, placing all his weight in his hands, his thighs pressing hard against Malfoy’s as he did. A loud crack made Harry smile and Draco scream.

And then Malfoy let out a loud moan and Harry lost his train of thought.

Suddenly all the blood in his brain was going down, making his pants too tight. His ears felt like they were full of water when he heard Malfoy hum against the pillow.

'It worked’ Draco breathed, lifting his hips a bit to check if the pain was still there. The motion caused his ass to rub against something hard.

Draco gasped.

Harry moaned low.

Draco’s hips rose up again, higher, rubbing harder against what he knew was Potter and fuck, he didn’t know what he was doing anymore. And then Potter pressed down, literally pressed against Draco’s ass so he could feel it, the whole length even through the fabric. Potter was hard, really hard and Draco felt his own cock twitching at that.

Draco moaned, the sound ringing in Harry’s ears. He should go, he knew he should, but Malfoy was panting, and lifting that roundy ass for him, to rub against him, and Harry saw his face when he turned his head to the side. His cheeks were flushed and lips parted.

Harry pressed again, leaning forward until his mouth was just above Malfoy’s left ear.

'Do you want me to go?’ He needed to be sure, to be certain he wasn’t imagining all that.

Malfoy gasped, his eyes tightly shut. 'No’ He lifted his arm, grabbing Harry’s thigh and craving his nails on it. Harry bit his earlobe, went for his jaw and started sucking there.

Draco’s cock was throbbing beneath him, so hard he was sure he might faint any second.

The next minute the pressure against his ass was gone making a small cry escape his lips. Fuck fuck, Potter must have come to his senses before he did…

His pants were suddenly yanked down to his knees, his boxers with them. The sudden movement ccreating friction against his cock, now leaking on the matress. Draco was sure he couldn’t blush any harder but it didn’t stop him from moaning when hands grabbed his arse cheeks. How come he didn’t know he could get pleasure from there? Potter’s hands were everywhere, squeezing, pinching, scratching the soft skin.

Harry opened his cheeks, exposing his hole and run his thumb there tentatively.

'Ah- ha fuck…’ Draco buried his face in the pillow again. This wasn’t right, this was so fucking wrong, what was he doing moaning for…

'I wanna eat you up’ Harry didn’t mean to let the words escape his lips. His gaze was fixed on Malfoy’s pink hole and when it contracted under his thumb the thought of licking there, fucking him with his tongue, assaulted his mind immediately. Malfoy shivered under him.

'Wh-What are you saying?’ the tips of his ears were even redder from where Harry could see them.

Harry got off of Malfoy’s thighs and pushed them apart. He grabbed Malfoy’s hips again, pulling his ass up a bit. He could see the blond’s cock was hard and swollen, rubbing against the matress. Harry got on his elbows, squeezed Draco’s arse again and bit the already marked skin.

Draco gasped, his head jerking to the side so he could get a glimpse of Potter between his legs. Potter was sucking him at the spot he’d bitten before, his hands massaging the place where his thighs met his ass. He run his fingers there, grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled them apart. Draco drew a sharp breath.

He could hear Harry fidgeting with his own pants followed by the sound of clothes hitting the ground. Draco waved his hand towards the door, a click signalling it was now locked. He couldn’t even begin to think what would happen if anyone decided to come in.

Draco felt something wet, warm and firm press against his hole.

'Fuck fuck, you can’t- ah… ahhhh P-Potter this is…’ he gave a choking moan when Harry began to lick him relentlessly, his own moans reverberating in Draco’s skin.

Harry licked, savoured until his tongue got past the tight ring, and then he was fucking Draco, fucking him with wet and hot thrusts of his tongue. Draco kept pushing  back, gasping as he did, completely out of control.

Harry had never done that before but the second he had laid eyes on Draco’s ass, naked before him all he could thing about was opening him, filing him up to get all those delicious sounds out of him.

Draco moaned, and moaned, louder each time. The words that came out of his mouth were incoherent, interrupted by sharp intakes of air.

'Yes… This- fuck Potter… I-deep-deeper’

Deeper, he wanted it deeper. Harry grasped the tiny flask he’d left on the ground and smeared his fingers with the oil again. He retreated his tongue earning a whimper from Malfoy that turned into a sob the second Harry’s middle finger replaced his tongue, getting in smoothly. Draco gasped, shivering uncontrollably and Harry just stayed there, mouth hanging open at the view. His finger disappeared and reappeared, Malfoy sucking him in while rutting against the matress. Harry curled his finger experimentally getting Malfoy to jolt and scream, throwing his head back. Harry caressed his thigh marked with purple bruises, another finger going inside his hole. The blond hissed but didn’t tell Harry to stop so he thrusted them to the base.

Draco’s brain was shutting down. The lewd sounds filling the room paired with the smell of cinnamon overstimulating his whole body. He wanted more heat, more pressure, more skin against his but the words kept getting lost in his throat everytime he tried to voice his needs. And Potter, fuck, he knew what to do with his hands, with his mouth. That fucking tongue worked like magic inside him. Potter was moving his fingers inside him in a way Draco didn’t even know was possible, scissoring them, thrusting them to the base.

The fingers were suddenly gone. Draco inhalled sharply but before he could complain Potter grabbed his shoulders and turned him around. He laid there on his back, legs spread open, cock dripping with pre come. And Harry stared him down, took in every inch of his light skin shamelessly. Draco felt exposed even though they were both naked. His hole twitched, stretched and leaking all the oil Potter had rubbed inside him and Potter stared. He fucking stared, jerking himself as he did.

Draco grabbed his own cock and began to do the same. It was unfair, having to do it all by himself after all Potter did, that bastard. The gesture caught the Golden Boys’s attention, though, and Draco smirked.

'i want,’ Harry bent down, their chests flushed against each other, his mouth whispering in Draco’s lips. 'I want to put it in you’ he sucked Draco’s lower lip. Holy fuck, he was on the edge already. Potter moved his lips to Draco’s ear and shifted, the head of his cock now poking Draco’s entrance. Draco felt it tingle as Potter cast a protective spell. 'I want to fill you up’ he whispered against his ear.

'Fuck, fuck…’

'Has anyone ever done that?’ he nuzzled Draco’s temple, his glans rubbing against his hole. 'I’m going to take you’ Harry hold his cock steadily as he pushed an inch, stretching Malfoy for him. The blond was panting on his cheek, small sobs inbetween gasps for air.

Harry’s ability to dirty talk, even as his own mind wasn’t working properly was something he didn’t know he could do. He was blushing, panting, but the possessivness he felt made him talk. Malfoy was his, all his, he just never thought that that anger, the rush of adrenaline he felt every time they were close could be hiding something else. He always thought Malfoy was his to take down, to fight against. But he also was his to consume, to bury himself into.

Harry thrust slowly, taking in the tightness, the heat engulfing him. Malfoy was fisting his cock under him, eyes tightly shut and mouth hanging open. Harry stopped Malfoy’s hand with his own and, with a tight grip, trapped them both above his head. Malfoy opened his eyes, his grey irisis thin rings around blown pupils.

'Touch my cock’ he whispered against Harry’s lips, more a command than a pleading. Harry smashed their mouths together instead, refusing to let go of his grip. Draco shivered under him, opened his mouth, let Potter invade his mouth with that tongue. Fuck, that tongue that’d fucked him just minutes ago. And Harry kissed him, his cock deep buried to the hilt inside him. He was full, so fucking full he felt his whole body collapse when Potter started to pull back.

He thrust again, the friction, the pressure, sending shocks of pleasure to Draco’s cock, up his spine, everywhere. Through half opened eyes Draco saw Harry gazing at him, his glasses gone, his lips red, parted as puffs of air escaped them. Harry thrust hard when he realized Draco was staring back. His complex changed immediately.

'I-yes fuck ahh-ah…’ Draco’s whole body was trembling, his ass thrusting back against Harry’s cock, trying to get him to go deeper.

Harry released Draco’s hands, grabbed his thighs instead and lifted them, shoving in until his fingers were numb from the tight grip. He’d leave marks there, crimson lines, and the thought made him moan. Harry bent down again, his mouth reaching Draco’s neck. He sucked him there while he fucked hard and fast. Draco fisted his cock with one hand while the other scratched Harry’s back repeatedly.

His moans were louder now, loud enough Harry was sure people could hear them from outside the dorm. Draco didn’t seem to care, or even realize he was making those sounds.

The next moment Draco was contracting around him, trembling violently and coming on their stomachs. The pressure was enough to send Harry over the edge, his thrusts erratic as he came deep inside Draco.

Draco moaned again when he felt something hot filling him up, Harry’s last thrusts too much to handle.

Harry flopped beside him, his limbs drained of strengh.

'Merlin’ he whispered to himself.


'That was…’


They didn’t speak for the next couple of minutes. When Harry got up to leave, though, Draco reached for his arm.

'You could… we- uh… we could…’

Harry kissed him softly, almost clumsily before speaking 'Yeah, I- I’d like that’


Draco sat down that evening with Pansy and Blaise at their common room to warm themselves in front of the fire. He couldn’t help wincing a bit when he did.

'What’s wrong? I thought Potter had fixed you back’

Draco felt his face flushing immediately.

'He did! I just…’

'I’m sure he did. Just remember to go somewhere else with thicker walls next time you call him to fix your back’ Blaise didn’t even care to lift his eyes from the book he had in hands.

His cheeks were in flames and the expression on Pansy’s face wasn’t helping.

‘You owe me two favours now!’ She smirked, leaning against the couch like she’d won a bet.

‘What- Why two?’ Draco shifted and winced again at the new burning ache.

‘Because,’ She stuck up a finger like she needed to count all the favours Draco owned her. ‘I found someone to fix your back’ She lifted another finger. ‘And,’

Right that second Potter walked through the portrait followed by Granger and Weasley. He spotted Draco immediately and, well wasn’t that great, strode towards him, leaving Weasley with a confused look and Granger with a knowing one. He glanced at Pancy and saw her waving at the Gryffindor girl. Fucking amazing.

‘Hey,’ Potter stood awkwardly there before sitting on the arm of Draco’s chair. Draco knew his cheeks were already flushed but when Potter bent down and whispered in his ear he was sure he probably looked like a tomatoe. ‘Fancy a game of Wizard’s chess later?’

Pansy was shaking trying to keep herself from bursting out laughing.

‘Your dorm?’ Draco found himself playing with the hem of Potter’s hoodie. The bastard blushed at Draco’s words, but nodded with a smile on his face.

He’d barely turned his back when Draco heard Pansy’s voice loud and clear.

‘And, I got you a cute boyfriend. Two favours!’



okay but…james rhodes’ mad scientist aesthetic. the kid went to MIT to study aviation engineering, he is a little nerd, okay. so like. imagine mit era rhodey and tony renting out a lab space in school to share for the school year (other science/engineering students are like “???are they allowed to do that???” and honestly the professors don’t know but they’re pretty sure howard stark came and made the dean cry when he tried to tell them no so they’re just letting it happen.)

everyone expects Tony’s half of the lab to be messy and for him to always have something slightly on fire.

what they don’t expect is rhodey’s fucking catastrophe of a work station. there are spare piece of metal everywhere, empty coffee cups, old to-go boxes. his computer is missing its back panel because he cannibalized it for parts. he once fell asleep there with goggles on and had an indent on his forehead for days. There was an Incident That We Don’t Talk About™, that left his neck and chest GREEN. (D O N O T A S K W H Y H E I S L E G A L L Y N O T A L L O W E D T O S A Y) He’s not quite covered in oil or grease, but his dark circles are in a league of their own, and his hands and arms are permanently littered with bruised and cuts and burns from building prototypes, and experiments gone wrong. Just, James Rhodes’ being a scientist.

In this ungodly hour of the night I have insomnia and more gifts in the form of mitjo

submitted by anon:

Jonas would be the first to admit it was weird. Beyond weird. Creepy even. You could be sure he knew that first thing first… that didn’t exactly stop him from keeping the jacket that smelled like Mitch Mueller though. He had been out Saturday night when he saw the teen and his friends barreling down an alley. His former bully helping the other two jump the fence before he hoped over himself. However the hood caught and without a second thought he ditched it. Maybe it had been the sirens close by, or he might tell himself that it was because everyone knew who’d own a jacket with a chicken and cow painting a sign that read ‘eat more dick’ but Jonas unhooked the jacket, shoving it in his backpack and headed home. Sidney was still at space camp for two weeks so he had no idea what to do besides sit in his room and stare at the offensive article of clothing questioning what the hell he was thinking.

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“Fingers On Lips” - Digital Oil Painting

A different Doctor for ‘fingers on lips’ this time around! :D

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair.

environmental rambles #1: the market is unequipped to handle the fight against climate change

It just occurred to me that for all I post about politics, I don’t actually post about my area of expertise—that being environmental policy and sustainable measures. And as I’m getting deeper into conversations with people, I forget how much I just assume is known. So here’s a loose series I’m going to begin. I have no outline or general idea about how long these posts will be.

The key issue when tackling *climate change* or environmental degradation (ugh do I have to write a post that explains how this is a real problem? Please no.), and frankly the key issue when tackling anything in this political climate, is money. Because solving any problem usually requires shelling out, and we have a very entrenched economic system where profit is valued above all else. For instance, with healthcare, consider how many conversations there were about the burdens on small to mid-sized business, or costs shifting to states, or how best to implement price controls. It’s the first thing anyone looks at.

Climate change is tough, because our largest sources of GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions are electricity, transportation, and heating. It seems logical to tackle the actual shit we burn to power this stuff, which is why there’s a push for renewables, or for nuclear energy (97% renewable, but that 3% is a Problem). Ditto for mixing our gas with ethanol (there’s claims that GHG emissions are net-zero because corn fields act as carbon sinks, but honestly, corn production in the USA is its own damn topic), or the push to mass transit, telecommuting, the purchasing of off-sets for travel, and electric cars.

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Fic 464: Go Ask Your...

We’ve all seen the jokes about the “team mom” and “team dad”. Here’s just one take on it.

“I am not certain what the two of you hoped to accomplish with this.” Medic shook his head as he flipped the switch of the infirmary’s Medi-gun. “No matter how often Soldier insists upon it, man is not capable of unassisted flight.”

“Hum muh…”

“And no, a pair of fabric wings attached to a bicycle does not qualify for assisted flight.” He added as Pyro sheepishly set down the smashed remnants of what looked to be dragon wings made from a pair of standard Mann Co. issued blankets.

Scout harrumphed from the gurney he’d been wheeled in on as he watched his femur slowly retract back into his leg under the pale light of the Medi-gun’s beam. “I donno. I think we almost had it that time. I almost cleared the electric perimeter fence!”

“And you are lucky you decided to take off from my infirmary roof. Respawn is not on right now. If I had not heard the crash…”

“Aw, Doc, it ain’t that ba-YEOW!”

“It is not that bad?” Medic’s eyebrow arched behind his glasses as he shoved the wayward femur back in the rest of the way. “I did not sign on to this assignment to play nursemaid to children.”

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Distillation of Essential Oils, Part Two

Hydrosols: A By-product of Distillation

Hydrosols (also known as hydrolats, floral waters, distillates, or “water of _____”) are the by-product or product (depending on the distiller’s purpose) of the distillation process.

Hydrosols are fragrant waters that contain the essence of a plant in a milder, more accessible, and easier to use form than essential oils. They are suitable for all manner of applications for which essential oils are too strong – for example, they are clothing safe, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and pet safe (provided they are the hydrosols of plants that are non-toxic and poisonous to pets, for example, lily hydrosol would be dangerous to cats, but most medical grade essential oils are dangerous to pets due to chemical burn concerns.)

They are quite like essential oils, but are far less concentrated. During distillation, the water-soluble constituents of the aromatic plant and the essence of a plant is released as steam, which condenses into two products – the essential oils, also offered through Haven Craft, and the hydrosols.

Hydrosols also retain a small amount of essential oil. Every liter of hydrosol contains between 0.05 and 0.2 milliliter of dissolved essential oil, depending on the water solubility of the plant’s components and the distillation parameters.

*Please Note: The addition of essential oils to water is not at all the same as true hydrosols, and it is recommended that you read the ingredients label on products to ascertain whether or not you are getting a true hydrosol. When water and essential oils are mixed together with or without a dispersant, this is called a “spritzer” or “aromatic spritzer,” and this product should not be confused with a true hydrosol.

Hydrosols do not need to be shaken before use.


Expression, also referred to as cold pressing, is a method of extraction specific to citrus essential oils, such as tangerine, lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, and lime. In ancient times, expression was done in the form of sponge pressing, accomplished by hand. The zest or rind of the citrus would first be soaked in warm water to make the rind more malleable in the pressing process. A sponge would then be used to press the rind, thus breaking the essential oil cavities. The sponde would then absorb the released essential oil.

Once the sponge was filled, it would then be pressed over a collecting container. The expression would then stand to allow for separation of the essential oil from any released water or juice. The essential oil would then be siphoned off.

A more modern method of extraction, much less labor-intensive, has been termed the “ecuelle a piquer” process. It involves a prodding, pricking, sticking action to release the essential oil.

During the ecuelle a piquer process, the rind of the fruit is placed in a container with spikes that punctures the peel while the device is rotated.

The puncturing of the rind releases essential oils that are then collected in a small area below the container. The end process is the same as above.

The majority of modern expression techniques are accomplished by using machines using centrifugal force. The spinning centrifuge separates the majority of essential oil from the fruit juice and water.

Some aromatherapy and therapeutic oil companies sell both a distilled and an expressed citrus essential oil from the same species. The main differences between a distilled and an expressed citrus essential oil  are their toxicity, volatility, and aroma.

Distilled citrus oils deteriorate more quickly and are considerably more unstable than the expressed oils. Distilled citrus oils are not recommended for aromatherapy use.

The one exception would be for distilled lime essential oil, which is considered to be superior in aroma to its expressed counterpart.

Both the expressed and distilled essential oil of bergamot contains the phototoxic furanocoumarin, bergaptene. The aroma of distilled oil is considered to be of lower quality than the expressed oil.

Expressed lemon oil contains the phototoxic furanocoumarin, bergaptene, where as the distilled lemon oil is considered to be non-phototoxic. And like bergamot, the aroma of the distilled oil is considered to be of lower quality.

Expressed lime oil contains the phototoxic furanocoumarin, bergaptene, whereas the distilled oil is not considered to be phototoxic. The main difference with lime is that the distilled essential oil is considered to have the superior aroma. The distilled lime is considered the superior of the lime oils because it has greater similarity to the natural lime scent.

Extraction Techniques for Absolutes (Extracted Oils) & CO2 Extracts


Flowers were being processed via enfleurage in the Grasse region of Southern France long before the modern method of solvent extraction was in widespread use. In the antique perfume trade of France, many flower scents were extracted via enfleurage.

Enfleurage is now considered an ancient art that is passed down through family lines, from generation to generation.

Enfleurage is a cold-fat extraction process that is based upon the principles that fat possesses a high power of absorption, particularly animal fat. The fat used must be relatively stable against rancidity. It is a method used for flowers that continue developing and giving off their aroma even after harvesting (e.g., jasmine and tuberose).

This technique involves placing the flower petals on a layer of glass that is first spread with a thin layer of fat, called “chassis”. The volatile oil diffuses into the fat, then the fat is collected and the oil is extracted from the fat using alcohol.

Once the alcohol evaporates what is left behind is called the absolute.

Today, Grasse continues to be one of the few areas in the world that continues to employ enfleurage as a method of extraction, although it is rare in the aromatherapy market due to the expense. If one finds a jasmine enfleurage on the market, this would typically be considered an absolute.

Some of the therapeutic grade absolutes (extracted oils) carried by Haven Craft were created using enfleurage.

Solvent Extraction

Some plant material is too fragile to be distilled – the heat will break down the material to unusability long before oils are released – and so an alternative method must be used. Solvent extraction is the use of solvents, such as petroleum ether, methanol, ethanol, or hexane, to extract the odiferous lipophilic material from botanicals.

The solvent will also pull out the chlorophyll and other plant tissue, resulting in a highly colored and thick, viscous extract.

The first product created during solvent extraction is known as a concrete. A concrete is the concentrated extract that contains the waxes and the fats of the botanical material, as well as the odoriferous oils from the plant.

The concrete is then mixed with alcohol, which serves to extract the aromatic principle of the material.

The final product is known as an absolute or as an extracted oil.

Solvent extraction is used for jasmine, tuberose, carnation, gardenia, jonquil, violet leaf, narcissus, mimosa, and other delicate flowers.

Neroli (orange blossom) and rose can be distilled or solvent-extracted.

The name neroli typically implies the essential oil, whereas the name orange blossom is commonly used for the absolute or hydrosol of neroli. The name rose is used to describe either the essential oil or the absolute.

Companies selling essential oils should rightfully clarify whether the product you are purchasing is an essential oil or absolute. This information should be on the label and in the product catalog. It often isn’t, though, so reflect upon the price – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

After the solvent extraction process has been completed, the resulting absolute will have an extremely low concentration of solvent residue, approximately 5 to 10ppm (parts per million). The current European Union standards are for less than 10 parts per million solvent residues in a finished absolute.

This does not interfere in their use as therapeutic oils – some believe it does, but my teacher did not.

It may interfere in their use as medical grade essential oils. Even with such a potentially small residue (less than .0001%), many holistic herbalists disagree with the use of absolutes for individuals with a compromised immune system, due to the potential effect of the residual pesticide.

However, absolutes do have therapeutic value and are often used for psychological purposes and for animals, particularly horses. Many therapists incorporate absolutes, such as rose, jasmine, and tuberose absolutes, as a valuable part of their therapeutic applications of aromatherapy. Ultimately the decision to use absolutes is up to the practitioner and personal preferences.

Absolutes are used extensively in the cosmetic and perfume industries due to their strong aromas – they often smell more like the botanical material than essential oils do.

There are also different grades of absolutes.

The top grade is the uncut, which can be a thick or semisolid substance, making them difficult to work with.

Less expensive grades are diluted with alcohol or a carrier oil, called a “filler”, to make them more user friendly, although often the strength of aroma is slightly diminished.

If the absolute pours very easily and is thin or runny, it has likely been “cut” or “filled”.

Most bath oils and gels, candles, shampoos, toothpaste, fly spray, aromatherapy suppliers, and air fresheners (somewhere around 98 percent), use absolutes rather than medical grade essential oils.

CO2 Hypercritical Extraction

Hypercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is a relatively new process, developed for for the extraction of aromatic products.

CO2 under pressure will turn from a gas into a liquid, which can then be used as an inert liquid solvent.

This liquid solvent is able to diffuse throughout the botanical material, thus extracting its aromatic constituents.

CO2 extracts contain most of the same constituents as their essential oil counterparts, although they can contain some elements not found in essential oils. For instance, the essential oil of ginger (Zingiber officinale) does not contain the bitter principles, however the CO2 extract does. Also, the CO2 extract of frankincense (Boswellia carterii) has immune enhancing and anti-inflammatory activity not found in the essential oil.

CO2 extracts are known for their strong similarity in aroma to the actual plant aroma, sometimes stronger than the abolutes produced from pressure extraction.

Other common CO2 extracts on the market include German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and Calendula (Calendula officinalis).

The three main disadvantages for this process are cost, potential pesticide residue, and the lack of information regarding their safety, therapeutic benefits, and medical benefits.

With regard to pesticide residue, carbon dioxide extraction has been demonstrated to concentrate from 7 to 53 times more pesticide residues in the final extract. Therefore, it seems pertinent to only use organic plant material for CO2 extraction.

Perhaps as more CO2 extracts become available and more practitioners use them, further details regarding their applications will become apparent.

Two of the most common essential oils available via CO2 extraction include frankincense and ginger.

Phytonic Process

The Phytonic process is a one of the newest methods of extracting essential oils using non-CFCs (non-chlorofluorocarbons). It is also called Florasol Extraction. The oils produced are called phytols.

The oils are promising and are very close to nature; however, it does use fluoro-hydrocarbons which can be potentially harmful. The process also has some potentially negative environmental effects that need to be addressed.

More research needs to be done into phytol oils and the process itself before Haven Craft will carry phytol oils.

Warm Oil Infusion

It is possible to extract the volatile oils from plants into warm carrier oil by gently macerating the botanical materials and placing them in a carrier oil and slowly bringing that oil up to heat. These are not considered essential oils or absolutes, but they are good for home therapeutic when a great deal of oil is called for, such as in producing a salve or balm to be used all over the body.

Freeze Distillation

There is a method of solvent extraction that can be done at home to obtain a kind of extracted oil. It would not be considered a therapeutic or medical grade essential oil or absolute, but it is considered an alchemic oil and suitable for use in magick.

The process generally uses undenatured ethyl alcohol or very high proof grain alcohol. It does not use rubbing alcohol.

The plant material is macerated in alcohol for some time, then the plant material is strained out. The alcohol is then placed into an environment below the freezing point. The oil will congeal on top of the alcohol, which will not freeze, and can then be extracted. This method is very good for delicate materials that will burn before steam distillation releases the oils, such as jasmine.

Two Powerful Potions for Flawless Skin

My baby sister has been taking her exams lately, and stress is giving her a nightmare-scenario when it comes to acne and oil. This isn’t helped by her use of concealer to cover the pimples, which is well-known to make pimples worse once the concealer is rubbed off. This inspired me to create a potion for her to use as a way of treating her poor skin, and helping her become stronger and more confident in her appearance to reduce stress and help her do better. Here’s that potion, for those of you who might desire skin that’s smoother, softer, and more easily tamed.

This is a two-part potion! One part is a drink that you should drink morning and night for as long as necessary, and the other is a poultice that you should prepare overnight, then apply to the skin almost like a mask.


For the drink, you will need:

  • Dried calendula petals (2 teaspoons) 
  • Dried olive leaves (1 teaspoon)
  • Dried spearmint leaves (3 teaspoons) 
  • Dried chamomile flowers (2 teaspoons, not from the supermarket)
  • Honey (1 teaspoon) 

Take a medium sized, thick-bottomed saucepan, and add 500ml of boiling water to it (that’s about 17 fluid ounces). Bring the water back up to the boil, and add the dry herbs to it, then bring the water down to a simmer. Put the lid on the pot, and keep the heat on it for 5 minutes, then turn the heat off and take the pot off the heat. Keep the lid on for at least 30 minutes, then remove the herbs from the water and throw them away.

Pour the mixture equally into two mugs. This should be approximately 1 cup of brew per mug, but a little more or less doesn’t matter. If you want it a little sweeter, add some honey to the brew, but not too much because it’s still sugar! 

Drink one of these mugs at breakfast, and then keep the other in the fridge. Just before bedtime, take it out and put it in the microwave to warm up a bit, then drink it just before you go to bed. You can drink it cold if you like, but trust me it’s better warm.

Drink this potion twice-daily, and over a week or two you’ll notice your skin visibly clearing up!


For the mask, you will need:

  • Calendula petals, fresh preferred but dried is fine (2 tsp if dried, 3 tbsp if fresh)
  • Dried chamomile flowers (1 tsp)
  • Dried olive leaves (1 tsp)
  • Dried gingko leaves (1 tsp) (Not essential, but very beneficial if possible)
  • Yarrow stalk (fresh preferred, 2 tsp dried, 2 tbsp fresh)
  • If you can’t get yarrow, use the same quantity of thyme. It’s not as good, but it’s quite close.
  • Eucalyptus oil (1 tsp)
  • Cornstarch, a lot, as much as it takes
  • Kosher salt

If using fresh ingredients:

Take the fresh ingredients, and add them to a large pestle and mortar. Put in a couple of pinches of kosher salt, and grind with the pestle until the contents are a sort of paste. Add this paste to a small bowl, and wash out the pestle and mortar. Dry thoroughly. Continue on with the recipe.

If using only dry ingredients, start from here.

Grind the dry ingredients with a pinch of salt until they’re as powdered as you can get them. A small coffee bean grinder might make this faster! Tip the result into a small bowl (with the paste if using fresh ingredients), and add in the eucalyptus oil. Mix this well, then add in two tablespoons of hot water. 

Leave this to sit, covered with clingfilm or a tea-towel or something, overnight. At least 6 hours is necessary, but up to 24 is just fine. Do remember though that it’s not got any preservatives in it other than a little salt, so you might want to refrigerate the mixture if it’s quite warm in your prepping room.

From here, it’s a bit touchy-feely. Add some cornstarch, and begin to thicken the mixture up. Get it really thick, until it’s kind of the consistency of toothpaste. If you want to make it into an exfoliator as well, add some fine sand at this point and mix it in really well.

Smear this mixture over your face in the evening, over the bits that are affected by acne. Leave it on there for at least an hour - it might tingle a bit from the eucalyptus, that’s totally normal. If you like the tingling, you can add some more oil, or you can even put a TINY bit of cayenne pepper into the mix too, which is a vasodilator and will help absorption into the skin. Wash it off like any other facial scrub, and keep the remainder refrigerated until next usage.

Use it daily for a week or more, and it’ll do wonders!


So there you are my lovelies! Two skincare potions for beautiful Witches! Stay gorgeous in mind, body and soul everyone.

– Juniper

My Skincare Routine

[Two photos taken in similar conditions 6 months apart: freshly cleaned, no makeup, tinted lip balm, similar lighting, no post processing/Photoshop. Click to embiggen.]

I’ve talked briefly about my skin here before. I’ve also talked about how it’s been a trial to me since I hit puberty, and how my insecurities concerning it compel me to trowel on the makeup and airbrush before uploading photos on the internet. We talk so much about fat acceptance and body image (in my corner of the internet, at least) but rarely is the topic of skin brought up, if at all. For my part, the state of my skin has played as great a role in my negative body image as my fat. Most of the “you’ve such a pretty face, if only you lost weight” comments directed at my teenage self were also appended by “…and if you could fix your skin.” This would usually be followed by a list of ‘helpful’ suggestions, none of which I surely could have tried before! Here’s a non-exhaustive list of various unctions, gels, creams and cleansers I’ve slathered on my face (and body) over the past 18 years in an attempt to achieve clear skin:

♦ Mud packs ♦ Coal tar+camphor ♦ Retinoic acid ♦ Ozone facials ♦ Clindamycin ♦ Benzoyl Peroxide ♦ Soluble sulphur ♦ Gentamicin ♦ Erythromycin ♦ Azithromycin ♦ Salicylic acid ♦ Cetaphil ♦ Adapalene+Clindamycin ♦ Clarins’ acne range ♦ Dermalogica’s acne range

There’s pretty much nothing that I didn’t try, except for isotretinoin. I kept saving that as the last resort, as did my dermatologist(s) - a weapon to be deployed only at the bitter end. By the end of last summer, my skin was the worst it had ever been. I was 28, puberty was little more than a shadowy memory, and yet, my skin was breaking out like never before. In my desperation, I finally caved in and convinced my dermatologist to prescribe me the magic pill. I took it religiously for a week. Predictably, nothing happened, but then, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen that soon. Alright, I tell a lie. My skin showed no signs of improvement, but I got the stomach cramps I feared I would, my mood started dipping, and in any case, that shit was expensive. Isotretinoin had failed me. This was the end of all hope.

Last summer was also the worst time in a very long time, as far as my health was concerned. I was hardly eating or sleeping, and mostly subsisting on a diet of nicotine and caffeine. After smoking for about a decade, my addiction had shot up to 25 a day on my good days - the bad ones were worse, much worse. This was aided and abetted by my newfound vice: mugs and mugs of instant coffee. My skincare routine was as pared down as I could make it, and involved coating myself from head to toe with shower gel and washing it off. Looking back, it’s not really surprising that my skin just…gave up.

Luckily for me, by the end of summer, my wheezing and smoker’s cough got so bad that I was forced to cut down - in small degrees at first, and then drastically until I quit for good in December. It’s funny how last year seems so scripted in terms of my fall and eventual redemption, but that’s exactly what happened. If summer was about the destruction of both my physical health and sanity, autumn and winter brought me recuperation and healing. Not only did I quit smoking (and caffeine), I also tried to eat better, stay out of stressful situations, and generally get the kind of physical and psychological respite that I needed. (I also fell in love, and it helped, but that’s beside the point.)

Sometime around October, I also decided to switch over to no-poo for my hair. My hair had been growing steadily ever since early 2012, and in absence of any sort of maintenance and upkeep, it was little more than a shaggy, brittle mess. Raw honey was the first no-poo alternative I used, and while it didn’t work as intended, I found that I really loved it on my face. A bit of internet research indicated that raw honey was antibacterial and moisturising, which made sense, because the more I washed my face with it, the softer and smoother my skin felt. This led to an epiphany of sorts. Maybe, I thought, maybe I’d been going about things the wrong way all this time. Maybe, instead of trying to dry out my skin as much as possible, I should moisturize it. In any case, winter was on its way and winters tend to spell a terrifying combination of dry, flaky, peeling skin and aggressive acne for me.

[The saviours of my skin. I prefer a Lotus Honey I get from Nepal, but this is what I use when I can’t find it.]

Fucking hydration

I decided that every dermatologist I’d ever seen was utterly wrong, and my skin needed to be hydrated as much as possible. The first thing I threw out was the soap - dermatologists had always been insistent on foaming, detergent rich cleansers twice a day, which had ever done me any good. Instead of washing my face with soap, I started coating it with raw honey 15 minutes before washing with warm water. I’d do this once a day.

The magic of the green

Then, while my face was still wet, I’d moisturize liberally with my hemp body butter from The Body Shop. This has been my moisturizer of choice for years, mostly because nothing has ever hydrated my scaly winter skin as efficiently (and I am a firm believer in the magical properties of weed anyway.) I’d have preferred to use their hemp face protector, but The Body Shop seems to believe that their customers in India prioritize skin lightening over efficient moisturising - that’s the only explanation I have for their bizarrely incomplete lines in this country, and the addition of a “fairness” range I don’t recall seeing in the UK. In an ideal world, I’d have made my own moisturizer with hemp seed oil, but that’s not something which is easily available to me.

My current skincare routine

After a bit of experimentation, I finally settled on my ideal skincare routine. I wash once a day with raw honey, and moisturise with the hemp body butter. Depending on the amount of humidity in the air, I reapply the body butter from anything between 1-4 more times at different hours of the day. I tried adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil to one of the applications every day, but it dried my skin out, so I suspect this is something I’ll find useful in the summer.

Once a week, I do a brown sugar and raw honey scrub. This exfoliates my face (and body if I’m feeling super energetic) without making it break out like other exfoliators.

Oil cleansing

When I wear makeup, I remove it with oil cleansing. My initial attempts to oil cleanse were disastrous since I was using olive oil. After consulting this chart, I switched over to primrose which works much better for me. I’d personally prefer hemp seed oil, obviously (if anyone has a source for it in India, please let me know!) Oil cleansing with my washcloth is also a decent alternative to exfoliating with raw honey and brown sugar but I’ve found that honey suits my skin best in the long run. 

Products and products similar to what I use

Since I started my ‘natural’ skincare routine, I’ve only had one breakout when I wore makeup three days in a row. I’ve been trying to avoid makeup since then, and I only dabbed on a bit of concealer around my eyes and on the blotchy bits of my face for the last outfit shoot. My skin looks less perfect and featureless than usual in those photos, but I eventually hope to come to a point where I can feel confident with just a tinted moisturizer. Not only is my skin clearer now, my undereye circles and lips have become lighter as well. I don’t think my skin has been this good since I was 10 and crashed into puberty like a brick wall. I’m certainly not going to claim that going all new age-y and hippie is going to work on everyone’s skin, or all kinds of acne, and some people might not respond to anything other than isotretinoin and its like, but I think there’s some truth to the fact that in certain cases, acne can be exacerbated by aggressively drying out skin as dermatologists recommend. I’m not a medical professional by any stretch of the imagination, but I have suffered quite badly because of my zits and the resulting insecurity/ low self esteem for an awful long time now, and this was something unexpected that worked for me. So if you feel like nothing short of nuking your face is going to get rid of your zits (and if you aren’t allergic to any of the things I listed) you could give this a shot! And even if it doesn’t work, you won’t have spent a fortune, AND you’ll have some delicious raw honey for your pantry.

For more information on oil cleansing, you could check this out.

Also, it’s important to distinguish raw honey from commercial varieties, and this is an useful guide.

Essential Oils Masterpost (part 1)

This is part one in my series of essential oils. Here, I talk about the basic essential oil starter kit and crucial things to know before you get started working with oils. If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to message me.

To see essential oil recipes in part two, click here.

How to get started
If you want to start using essential oils, but don’t know where to start, the following oils blend well and can be used for a wide variety of things ad makes a great starter kit:
Roman Chamomile
Citrus oil (choose lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, lemongrass)

If you’re doing aromatherapy for pain relief, as well as the ones above you should check out these oils:
Black pepper (warming, stimulates blood flow and lymphatic system
Clove (warming, natural anaesthetic)
Spanish sage (great for circulation)

You should also pick up some carrier oils:
Coconut oil - antibacterial, highly moisturising, good for massage, but can cause break outs on acne prone skin, quite costly
Olive oil - moisturising, affordable, great for skin, doesn’t clog pores
Jojoba oil - moisturising, great for sensitive skin, soothes skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, sun burn, acne) buy hard to find and can be expensive
Vitamin e oil - makes excellent addition to other carrier oils, amazing for skin problems, speeds up healing and leaves skin silky soft, but very sticky on own and a little pricey.

If you want to diffuse oils, it’s worth investing in either and oil burner (x) or oil diffuser (x). Be careful because some oils can be poisonous, so always research your oil before using. If you have asthma the diffuser can cause breathing problems and even trigger an attack so please avoid.

And finally, get yourself a good reference book. I recommend wholeheartedly ‘The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils: The Complete Guide to the Use of Oils in Aromatherapy and Herbalism’ by Julia Lawless. It’s available very cheaply on amazon (x).

Things to be aware of

  • Unless you know what you’re doing, you should never use oils neat, even the gentle ones like lavender oil. You can put yourself at risk of sensitization – when your skin develops a sensitivity to certain oils, so you won’t be able to use oils again.
  • Always research each oil thoroughly before using. Just because oils come from a natural source doesn’t mean they can’t be harmful or even deadly if misused.
  • You need to be aware of oils that can cause skin irritation or sensitivity: allspice, anise, bay Laurel, benzoin, black pepper, cassia, catnip, cinnamon (bark or leaf), citronella, clove, dalmation sage, fennel, fir, lemongrass, may chang, melissa, oakmoss, oregano, parsley, Peru basalm, spruce, tagetes, thyme.
  • Test drop of diluted oil on the patch of skin behind ear and wait 24 hours. If no irritation occurs, you can use the oil. Always know the risks of each oil and take proper caution to dilute appropriately.
  • As always, pregnant people should avoid use of essential oils, unless they’re recommended by a professional. Do not use essential oils on babies and children under 7. For children use a lower concentration of oils.
  • If you get any essential oils in your eye, do not rinse with water. Oils don’t dissolve in water so it won’t get rid of it effectively. Rinse with olive oil and then put some warm water in an egg cup, hold to eye and blink into it. Repeat until oil has gone. Seek medical advice as soon as possible.
  • Essential oils should always be kept in a glass container away from direct light as they can erode plastics and discolour over time.
  • Real sandalwood is extremely endangered so it’s very expensive and unethical to buy. You can get Amaris sandalwood, but it’s not real sandalwood, smells crappy and has none of the benefits. Do yourself and the earth a favour and don’t use sandalwood.
  • Pure rose oils are very expensive for a small amount. Rose absolute is cheaper, but is almost always diluted in liquid coconut oil. This is okay because it still smells amazing and has great benefits, plus it stops you accidentally using too much.
  • Don’t buy cinnamon leaf (unless you want it for specific benefits) instead of cinnamon bark oil because it’s cheaper. It smells weak and has none of the benefits that cinnamon bark has.
  • When massaging, you should always direct the flow of massage towards the lymph nodes. Look at this chart to see where the major lymph nodes are.
  • You can consume some oils (like peppermint and lemon), providing they are medical/food grade and in small amounts. Organic oils are usually safe to consume because they have no poisonous pesticides on them.  Research each oil thoroughly before consuming.
  • If you’re allergic to the plant, you will most likely be allergic to the oil.

ok but

what about credence and non-consensual piercing?

what about credence admitting that he’s afraid of lashing out when it happens, crossing his wrists gently, asking mr. graves could you please– don’t let me, because neither of them are quite sure what will happen in this strange and wonderful experiment, but that’s why they’re doing it, isn’t it

and graves, gracious man, he says of course he will and pulls credence down the way that oceans do, the undertow, and seals credence’s thighs to the straight-backed chair and his hands to the tops of those and the boney pins of his shoulders to boxed-out wooden ones, not because credence will protest but because his body might, it really could, and he looks good sitting at Victorian, acerbic attention anyways

thank you, says credence

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anonymous asked:

Sooo, if you are taking prompts, could you do one where Ciel insist on giving Sebastian a massage to switch roles and, for once, make the demon come undone with his own hands. But then Ciel fails miserably because he is too small and weak, and Sebastian too enormous and he starts to get frustrated. Finally, I do really love your writing, so thank you very much for sharing your work with us!!

Thank you anon! I think we all need a bit of fluff right now.

Ciel’s P.O.V.

He was always so good at this, I thought if I just did the exact same things then I would be too. Surely it wouldn’t be difficult - it was only a massage, after all.

He always made me take off my clothes and lay on my front with my head comfortably resting on a pillow. Then he would straddle me, still in his butlers uniform with his knees either side of my hips and the warmth of his crotch pressing against my rear.

I was wearing my nightgown, of course, but it shouldn’t matter. I eyed the perfect, long line of his flawless body where it stretched over my bed, his head resting to the side and watching me with amusement at my unusual orders.

“Close your eyes” I snapped, wondering how on earth I could get my leg to swing over him gracefully.

He obeyed, though his expression didn’t change in the slightest. And here I was trying to do something nice for him. Damn demon.

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Condition oil and dressed candle clearance post!

Alright, you guys. I am going to be moving again in a few months, am going back to Haiti to get married to my spirits, and am going to be changing up packaging in the future, so that means…

Time for a sale! I’m clearing out my stock of condition oils and dressed candles, which means good deals for you on handmade materials for your own spiritual work.

All condition oils are handmade by me with natural and/or organic materials, and have ‘cooked’ and worked for at least a year, if not longer. Natural preservatives give it a long shelf life, and all color and fragrance are naturally occurring as a result of the ingredients and process. Oils can be used to dress candles or objects, added to your own work, applied on the skin (patch test first, please), or however seems best for your goals.

Candles are dressed, pressed, and prayed over in preparation for your work, with all natural and/or organic materials. Candles can be be burned with petitions for work, on altars, on jars, or for larger work.

Here’s what’s left:

All oils are bottled at roughly 1 1/3 oz, so you’re getting quite a bit. Oils are $7 each, plus $3 shipping.

Glass candles are $12, plus $5 shipping.

Chime candles are $20/set of 4, plus $5 shipping.

I combine shipping for multiple items.

FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION OIL: Potent oil suitable for heavy duty protection work. I have used this oil on walls/windows/doorways of my homes, and to lock down mirrors. Contains irritants. 7 bottles left.

INFLAMMATORY CONFUSION OIL: Heat your target up, make their head spin, and leave them disoriented and confused. Good for revenge work and to make someone squirm. Contains irritants. 4 bottles left.

CROSSING OIL: Fuck'em up. Tie up their luck, turn opportunities against them, and make them wonder how they ended up being the toilet of the universe. Dark and murky, a little goes a long way. Contains irritants. 5 bottles left.

PEACEFUL WAY OIL: A gentle road opener for when things need to change and obstacles need to move, but you’re not looking for explosions or earthquakes. Contains blessed palms. 4 bottles left.

SWEET DREAMS OIL: Creates a state more conducive for vivid and prophetic dreaming, and can aid in the remembering of dreams. 3 bottles left.

FEMININE PROTECTION OIL: Geared towards feminine folks of any gender, limited batch was made at the request of a friend who was being harassed because of their feminine gender expression. 1 bottle left.

JUGGERNAUT OIL: This was made as a joke, except it really does it’s damn job, really REALLY well. It is an oil that was designed to open stubborn spiritual ears to hear what the divinities were saying, especially when one is doing divination. SOLD.

LUCKY IN LOVE CHIME CANDLES: Set of 4 chime candles dressed with suitable love-drawing herbs, curios, and oils. Suitable for any gender. 2 sets left.

I have quite a few glass 7 and 14 day candles dressed for clarity/spiritual discernment, luck and/or money drawing, protection, love and/or lust, and I have materials to custom dress for your cause/condition. Pick your poison, all priced the same.

First come, first served!

Just a tip: Johnson’s baby oil is quite an amazing invention

Need something cheap to shave with? Baby oil.
A shaving cream that also reduces razor burn? Baby oil
Shaving cream that is also safe on your bum/privates? Baby oil.

Something to remove makeup? Baby oil.
A makeup remover that also won’t hurt your eyes? Baby oil.

Dry skin? Baby oil.
Moisturizer? Baby oil.


A crash. The flash of light across his window as the lantern out by the barn was moved. Mako grumbled as a hand reached out to turn his clock to where he could see it.

3:39 am.

He was going to kill Hayseed. He knew better than to make a lot of noise that early in the morning. They’d discussed it after a week or so of knowing each other and agreed on no noise until the rooster woke up. Maybe it was an accident. The tools in the barn weren’t stacked amazingly well and it was probable that something had just gotten knock-

Nope. There was more sound coming from outside. He couldn’t quite make it out, but that didn’t matter. Forcing himself to sit up, he groaned at the ache in his back. It had taken hours to finally fall asleep without the help of pain medication. Who knew how long it would take him now? Oh yes. That scarecrow was definitely in for it. 

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