kansiedade asked:

could you recommend any blogs similar to yours? Or some of your favorite ones? Thanks!


Here are some blogs that are similar to mine:

@misangrellama, @thisisnotlatinx, @reclaimingthelatinatag, @quisqueyameetsborinken, @iztac-coatl, @latinarebels, @latino-diversity, @latinxpositivity, @holaspanishwords, @gamedevlatinos, @fuckyeahmexico, @chifladazine, @latinorebels, @latinownedbiz, and @latinxs-unidxs are some Latinx blogs (and I personally enjoy those pages a lot). Very informative blogs.

Some other blogs that I enjoy that aren’t primarily Latinx focused blogs are @reverseracism, @angrywocunited, @dearwhitefriends, @thisiseverydayracism, @intersectionalfeminism101, @susiethemoderator, @stopwhitewashing, @thewhitewashfactory and @celebritiesofcolor

Thank you so much! :) followers, don’t be afraid to add to this list!


A skinny Big Pun.


Big Pun Facts

  • born Christopher Rios in South Bronx on November 10th, 1971; died on February 7th, 2000 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, NY.
  • active in the music business from 1993 up to his death.
  • was associated with Terror Squad, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Joe, Wyclef Jean, and Cam'ron.
  • he performed with his best friends, Cuban Link and Triple Seis (both blacklisted by Fat Joe after Pun’s death).
  • died at 698 pounds of a fatal heart attack and respiratory failure; was pronounced dead at the hospital when paramedics were unable to revive him.

Zoe Saldana

  • born as Zoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazario on June 19th, 1978.
  • her parents: Aridio Zaldaña (Dominican) and Asalia Nazario (Puerto Rican).
  • most of her childhood was spent in Queens, NY and she moved to the Dominican Republic to live with family at age ten; returned to Queens at age seventeen.
  • performed with the Faces theatre troupe, which did performances to provide possitive messages for teens dealing with issues such as drug abuse and sex.
  • enlisted and performed with one of the most prestigious dance schools while living in the Dominican Republic.
in regards to the possible meet up

stephen and i have spoken to the admins of tumblricans patricia and daira and we are still working on planning an actual meet up (possibly with the help of kemetically-afrolatino and pocmeetup).

although daira is in puerto rico, patricia (lavagatrabajadoble) is here in nyc in spanish harlem while i am down in greenwich village and stephen is in queens.

so we have decided to attempt a joint meet up and kemetically-afrolatino has offered to help promote it and actually attend (OHMAHGAWD).

the locations we have picked so far are:

  • spanish harlem/ harlem (manhattan)
  • morningside heights (manhattan)
  • washington heights (manhattan)
  • lower east side (manhattan)
  • corona (queens)
  • jackson heights (queens)
  • south bronx
  • greenwich village (union square area- manhattan)

if anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to drop them right on in our inbox. 

feel free to also to drop date suggestions. we really want to make this happen.



Okay, it appears to be that time of year again where I am on an active hunt for a new admin. Instead of one this time, I would love three. Three new admins would be absolutely lovely because as you all can see, the blog dies early in the day and only two out of the three us are currently contributing. School is coming up pretty soon and I suspect the blog will be deader than it currently is, which why I am looking for three.

I’m not looking for anything special. I just need someone that will actually keep this blog running when I’m not able to. After maybe three months and I feel that you’re doing an absolutely magnificent job, I will actually give you full on admin powers such as:

  • access to the queue and drafts
  • customization
  • and all that jazz

I can’t deal with this blog being dead any longer. It makes me sad.

- Jillian

Hey there everybody,

I hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday. I would just like to let you know that I am looking for one more person to help co-run the blog along with Stephen (hiphopandinsubordination), Jowell (queerplatano), and I (deux-zero-deux) to make sure that the blog doesn’t continuously die out, especially with the last semester of my junior year of college coming up in a couple weeks.

So if you’re interested, please feel free to message me. If not, please reblog this post and spread the message.

** Just a side note: We do need a Dominican admin.

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Por Un Segundo- Aventura.


Si No Le Contesto- Plan B.


Una Vaina Loca (Hold You Remix)- Fuego.

La Musica del Futuro, <3