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International Cooking Series
Beautiful Quisqueya: Ayiti & La República Dominicana - Part 2

1. Diri ak djon djon 🇭🇹

2. Tres Leche 🇩🇴

3. Griot 🇭🇹

4. Flan de auyama 🇩🇴

5. Pâté 🇭🇹

6. Asopao de pollo 🇩🇴

7. Macaroni au gratin 🇭🇹

8. Pica Pollo 🇩🇴    

9. Pikliz 🇭🇹

10. Plátanos al caldero 🇩🇴

the U.S. fought/ actively fights to keep Haitian minimum wage below a dollar. They (Obama admin) legit thought giving them 31 cents was too much in and of itself recently not like 50 years ago or something but now. Think about that for a second. These people got robbed of most of the Earthquake donations, AP reports Haiti only got a penny of every dollar received for donation, and the U.S. thought making moves to stop Haitians from making more than 31 cents was right. Now you tell me the U.S. got no interest in keeping this island a wreck and more so for Haitians and Dominican of Black ancestry.


International Cooking Series

Beautiful Quisqueya : Ayiti & La República Dominicana - Part 1

1. Los Tres Golpes 🇩🇴

2. Kremas 🇭🇹

3. Chimichurri/Chimi Dominicano con Batata Frita 🇩🇴

4. Poisson Gros Sel avec Diri ak Pwa 🇭🇹

5.Moro de Guandules/Arroz con Gandules y Albóndigas con Tostones 🇩🇴

6. Salad Betrav avec Poule en Sauce 🇭🇹

7. Croquetas y Pastelitos 🇩🇴 

8. Accra 🇭🇹 

9. Morir Soñando 🇩🇴

10. Sancocho 🇩🇴

Some historical facts:

Ancient name of Hispaniola: Ayiti, Quisqueya, Bohio

Names given by the original inhabitants who occupied the island before Christopher Columbus. Ayiti means “mountainous land” in the language of the inhabitants of the island. Quisqueya, means “big land” to the natives of the islands surrounding Ayiti. Bohio means “rich in villages.” AYTI (or Ayiti) is composed of three roots: “A” meaning flower; “Y” meaning high; TI meaning land or region. AYTI hence means “flower of high land” or “mountainous land” or “land of high mountains.”

When Christopher Columbus discovered Ayiti, it was inhabited by the Carib tribe and Tainos of the Arawak tribe. It was also divided into five kingdoms named Caciquats: Magua, Marien, Xaragua, Maguana, and Higuey.

Los blancos, morenos, cobrizos, cruzados,
marchando serenos, unidos y osados,
la Patria salvemos de viles tiranos,
y al mundo mostremos que somos hermanos.

The white, the brown, the copper, the mixed,
marching calm, united and brave
let’s save the motherland from vile tyrants
and show the world that we are brothers.

—  Juan Pablo Duarte,  One of the Founding Fathers of the Dominican Republic