Everything You Need to Know About A Very Potter Musical

Lauren Lopez is perfect

Lauren Lopez falls off furniture rapidly


Dumbledore gives 0 fucks

Harry gives 0 fucks

Snape also gives 0 fucks


Everything about Hermione is perfect

Ginny is literally me if I ever met Darren Criss

Annnd last but not least, ZEFRON JOKES

Seriously guys why are you reading this post why haven’t you seen it already head over to youtube RIGHT NOW

I’m really shipping Quirrel and Voldemort because of AVPM…. Help.

I mean loook at them….

Comeon…. How can’t you…..

(I couldn’t find a gif or image, but Quirrells asks if okay is good)

come on guys…. seriously

Look at these adorable losers…..

Then can we just talk about this….

It gets better….

They adopted a child…. they are daddies together….

I’m in too deep…. send help