Hello there you amazing lovely darlings!

…so I’m under a lot of stress and I have a thing -actually all the women on my mom’s side have this- where under stress or super emotional or random crazy happenstance, my palms hurts, like burning. it is really painful but I got used to it over the years.

But five minutes ago all of a sudden on my right hand’s palm, the line that goes from my pinky to the moon mount started to hurt, and got longer than it was, also it looks a little bit more defined than it used to. Also, the line that starts on my ring finger and ends almost at the bracelet lines -going between the sun and moon mounts- is hurting as well, but I can’t see any changes on it.

I don’t know if anyone has a theory of what this means, I’m all ears and thankful for every idea.

so, any thoughts?