Artist Transforms Famous Landmarks with Quirky Paper Cut Outs

London-based artist and creative specialist Rich McCor transforms some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including Big Ben among others into playful scenes. With the sole use of paper and a pair of scissors, McCor designs quirky cutouts, which enhance the playful nature of some of the most prestigious manmade landscapes. 


I always love either super sunny quirky character designs, or really dark creepy ones… There’s no in-between. SHSLs Inventor and Folklorist from Danganronpa V3. They’re my favorite for now, both because of their design and their talents!

SHSL Inventor

  • Design and talent-wise, Souda was one of my favorite DR2 character, so of course I like this girl!
  • I love here steampunk vibe! Goggles!!! Also her tentacle hair. 
  • Her talent will probably be (too) helpful in-game. I don’t think she’ll survive… :-(
  • That said, I see her as a cackling over-the-top mad scientist murderer, not a victim. She’ll be my first suspect if the Kiibo (the robot) “dies”.

SHSL Folklorist

  • I’m curious to learn about obscure japanese folklore… Except his dialogue will probably be toned down by the translation.
  • It would be very cool if he actually survived the game. I don’t think people expect the deadly looking guy to stand a chance (at least I don’t). Post-game, he could make the story of DR3 into a legend!
  • But it probably won’t happen.
  • He looks so chilling. I imagine him not realizing how much he scares people with his stories (or totally doing it on purpose and smiling behind his mask). 
  • Maybe someone will strike to shut him up. And/or he’ll die in an urban-legend themed murder. (2nd case anyone?)
  • But let’s face it, he looks like a designated villain/killer to me and he’s my favourite guy.

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Hi Zoe, I am interested in shifting towards buying more sustainable clothing pieces, but find it hard to find outlets that offer clothings that are both basic and generally affordable. I understand that the pieces will generally have higher prices but I find most 'slow fashion' outlets' offers are either extremely pricey, and most pieces have rather unique and quirky designs that I find hard to wear in a day to day basis. Just wanted to ask your opinion on this? Thank you & have a great day :)


I actually linked a few sites as recommended by Alyssa in my latest post here:


Though I can totally understand what you’re saying about the prices, I’ve realised that buying fewer but more expensive items is a lot more gratifying, though of course you can find some medium-range products that are really cute too. Another good site is Need Supply~

I also buy a lot of second hand, and occasionally browse Etsy, which is great for affordable and unique accessories. 

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Little witch academia?

Best anime ever? Well at least it’s my personal favourite! This series is so full of good feelings of hope, wonder and imagination and not to mention some wonderful quirky humor! The design of the characters, the environments, all the unique and little objects in the world, you can tell there’s a lot of care put into to it and it’s so endearing and importantly entertaining! It’s not surprising I invested in both the kickstarters for the OVAs and have been following the TV series religiously. There are few shows I have had such pure enjoyment watching in the last couple of years as much as this one ;u;

Design Session 11: Flashback

It’s been a long time since i’ve done a Design Session like this, so I’m gonna explain it to everyone who’s followed my blog since the last one. Each Design Session, I focus on a certain mechanic and try to design two-three quirky or interesting designs with it. I’m going in order from oldest mechanics to the newest mechanic, exempting the evergreen ones. Today, it’s time for Flashback!

Flashback <cost> (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

The first design is fairly straight forward, and was designed to fit the white/red archetypes in kaladesh. The second design does something a bit weirder and changes it’s affect if you cast it for it’s flashback cost, making it almost like a double-sided sorcery.


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