Hi! Um… short answer, yes I do! 

Unnecessary Long Answer: 

Ichiruki has always been the main canon-material pairing in BLEACH for me, but as BLEACH was an action genre, I was very happy it didn’t get into any romance that would get in the way of the series. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t like Orihime’s position in the franchise, because that’s all she was demoted to in the end. 

Ichigo and Rukia had amazing chemistry in the first and best arc of BLEACH. But when the Hueco Mundo arc came around, Kubo kinda destroyed Rukia’s personality. She did hit Ichigo now and then in the first arc when he’d make fun of her, not for just the sake of beating Ichigo up. Ichigo was extremely depressed, injured, and misinformed about the hollow attack. She shows up and beats the crap out of him. She brings him to his senses, but after the Hueco Mundo arc, Kubo butchered Rukia’s caring side towards Ichigo, which I was extremely unhappy about. You’d think considered Kaien’s death she’s be far more caring and considerate…… but no. Just down the gutter. ESPECIALLY when Rukia forced Ichigo to apologize to Orihime. That was not acceptable. Orihime and Chad ran into the fight of their own will, its not Ichigo’s fault they got hurt and he should not take blame for that. Orihime did try to reason with Ichigo that she ran in of her own accord and that he shouldn’t have to be there to protect her all the time. This set up the whole gary-sue trope for Ichigo, and ever since then he was the only one to ever actually progress the BLEACH series and things just got sickeningly repetitive. 

Now…I apologize if I’m side tracking but I have to talk about my stance on these pairings again: 


….Orihime was shown to have a crush on Ichigo throughout the entire manga, but never had any real reason or explanation behind it. 

Seriously? Why????? She literally would give up her life for a mere highschool crush.. who does that? Its been stated she didn’t develop a crush for Ichigo until she saw him in Highschool. She stalks him and constantly gets in his way. 

Ichigo has never once shown any interest in her at all, he’s brushed her off and ignored her everytime she approached him, and yet Kubo has the audacity to co-author a book and release it about Ichigo saying he knew about Orihime’s crush this entire time and even asks her out? I’ve never heard something so ridiculous in my entire life. 

I saw a video released recently about one of the BLEACH editors saying Orihime was the heroine of the series which is entirely false. Out of the entire series (besides filler arcs), Orihime has only defeated ONE enemy. Which was a weakling hollow in the first arc. That’s literally it. I don’t think heroines are defined by the amount of people they’ve healed, but regarding that, her healing abilities could be replaced easily by Hachigen or Unohana. Hachigen told her she had the ability to bring things back to life without needing a body, and yet her power couldn’t even HEAL a body like Ichigo’s in the Ulquiorra fight. She’s no heroine. She was demoted to a side-character. 

Back to her crush on Ichigo, remember the ONE time she actually defeated an enemy? That was for TATSUKI. TATSUKI WAS THE ONE WHO AWOKE HER POWER, AND THAT’S WHEN ORIHIME GAINED INDEPENDENCE TO FIGHT. But when going to rescue Rukia, she was really only there to “protect” Ichigo for no real reason as to why besides her crush that she doesn’t even know if its requited. 

Orihime had the ability to reverse time. She was given many opportunities to actually make a difference in the series that only she could make. But none were taken. She didn’t reverse the Hougyoku, she couldn’t stop Tsukishima, and despite having “god like powers” her power does jack-shit to the soul kings. As to how she wasn’t killed in the Yhwach vs Ichigo battle, and as to why Ichigo and CO. even let her come along on this mission will forever be a mystery to me. She’s the weakest character out of the original team of 5, by all means, she should have been killed. Even Renji knew she wasn’t a warrior, so why was she there? Her only significance in the final battle was fixing Yoruichi’s arm, that’s it. (and giving birth to Yhwach Jr. but that’s a cluster fuck to analyze for another time) 

Orihime was reduced to pure fanservice waifu-material. Her breasts were 4X the size of her head in the quincy arc, and her power has been completely useless overall the entire series, especially if others can replicate her abilities to an even better extent than her own. (Like Hachigen.) 

The fact that there’s no soul king and Ichigo wasn’t allowed at home due to his power issues, and the fact that they’re even allowed to have children in the world of the living, this is the most baffling, false, and culture shocking ending to a series I have ever seen. I feel like this ending is legit a dream world that Ichigo is having as the new soul king considering this ending is literally not possible reflecting on all the information we’ve been given this past arc. Yikes. 


“Knowing eachother for a long time” is weird in itself considering time passes differently in Soul Society than in the human world… which Kubo seems to have forgotten. As to why they’d have a child that is somehow the same-looking age as Kazui perhaps around the same time as Ichigo and Orihime is a bundle of confusion already. But these two didn’t talk for 40 years, then Renji shows up and beats her up and slices her, threatening to KILL her, where URYU HAS TO STEP IN. HOW BAD DOES THAT LOOK WHEN A QUINCY STEPS IN-BETWEEN A SHINIGAMI QUARREL. Renji and Rukia have had absolutely zero romantic interest the entire series. The only one time Renji ever seems to actually like her was when they were children. But RenRuki has never had any one-sided love confessions like Orihime. THis is the least developed pairing out of the two. 

(and also for Orihime to make Rukia a wedding veil out of strawberry flowers… REALLY? I MEAN…. no wonder there’s Ichiruki/Ishihime cheating AU’s going around right now! I mean can you imagine Renji seeing his to be wife marching down the aisle with strawberry flowers? Considering this anime has heavily implied name association (Princess Orihime, Sado Yasutora the Tiger, Yuzu-Ichigo-and Karin being named with homonyms for fruits, Ichigo addressing his name with the number 15 on his door, Kon being direct from Konpaku..) For Renji not to pick up on that, especially with Ichigo probably attending their wedding….he’s gotta know something is up. I mean how did Renji even know about Orihime’s crush on Ichigo let alone “know” Ichigo has a “crush on” Orihime too? Zero context for that too. Lot of plot hole issues with these pairings. )) 


now Uryu. Precious Uryu. He deserved the world and got nothing. An anti-social who ends up making friends only for them all to become distant from him once more. The original quincy who gets nearly zero spotlight in an arc dedicated to quincy. A man who stood up for ex-shinigami Rukia when she was getting sliced up by her “future husband” Renji. A man who noticed, reassured, encouraged, and was amazed by Orihime’s abilities and kindness. A man who would lay his life down for her after spending nearly the entire Soul Society arc with her. Orihime was the closest person in the group with Uryu, they even shared the same aspirations. They were both top in their sewing class, had quirky designs and tastes, and in the end were both interested in the medical field. They even had a close relative they adored die before their eyes when they were young. For this pairing not to be canon is a crime to me. These two deserved so… so much better. 


I honestly could live with Renruki. That’s a whatever for me for it to be canon. But Ichihime makes zero sense with the plot. That’s my main issue with the pairings. For Ichihime to be real, Ichigo and Orihime have to be in soul society. But even so, if Ichigo was in soul society, that means more time with Rukia, so at that point, who knows which way the pairings would go? 

That being said, I would not want a forced Ichiruki BLEACH ending if it meant there’d be no soul king and massive gun-shot plot holes and contradictory storyline like Ichihime left.  

I completely shipped Ichiruki in the first arc, but as I said, Kubo changed Rukia’s personality (and her friggen backstory? He made her out to be one of the weakest shinigami and yet she had a shikai like… when did she obtain this? If this was before she lost her powers then I’m at a loss as to how she couldn’t defeat a simple hollow, Kubo is a complete liar he legit had no idea where he was going with the story.)Maybe her desire to get rid of her powers and die because of the Kaien incident would make sense at the time, but other than that her being weak was weird, especially now since she’s defeated one of the most powerful underling quincy and obtained a bankai. How can that BLEACH editor say she’s not the true heroine of the series? She can fight and heal injuries, she’s got the training for it. 

So I absolutely love Ichiruki. As an AU. Because with the way Kubo set Ichigo up to really be the only soul king option besides Aizen, Ichiruki couldn’t be canon along with Ichihime. If the quincy arc diverged away from that where there was no desperate need for a soul king, Ichiruki should have totally become canon because of Ichigo’s bounds to Soul Society and given their chemistry. 

Orihime was jealous of Rukia because Rukia was always the one who could reach through to Ichigo no matter what. Orihime was never able to do that (besides that time in the Grimmjow fight, but the reason Ichigo was upset was because of her in the first place so it makes sense as to why he’d only listen to her that one time.)  For Orihime to still hold such good ties with Rukia all the while hating her on the inside for being closer with Ichigo is a surprise to me. She’s strong with her kindness, I’ll give her that. But regardless, she was helpless to save Ichigo, even with her powers. The only time she successfully healed him was during the first arc up to Grimmjow’s fight. After that, she just couldn’t seem to heal him anymore because her power is “no match” against the reiatsu inflicted wounds. 

Renji said Rukia’s faced never looked so alive when he mentioned traces of Ichigo sightings in Soul Society. Ichigo, a guy Rukia only knew for a little while, rushed in with little to no shinigami experience to save her, while Renji sat back hopeless knowing he could do nothing despite her being his only friend for so many years. He BEGGED Ichigo to save her because he couldn’t. 

Orihime and Renji could not once reach out to the ones they “loved” this whole series. They both held a jealously towards their “spouses’” significant other because they knew they couldn’t do the same. That says a lot about this entire situation. 


To have two main characters: male and female… have such a great start off friendship…. to have the female character have a back story involving a guy who she loved who was so similar to Ichigo its uncanny, to have Ichigo quote something he heard from Rukia an entire arc ago when addressing his father’s shinigami powers, to have Orihime fear Ichigo turning hollow when Rukia fears FOR Ichigo as a hollow, to have ichigo constantly be concerned for Rukia’s well being during the Orihime Rescue mission ready to drop everything to go save her first if she was in trouble, to continuously joke about Ichigo and Rukia’s close “romantic” relationship in canon and filler arc along with rumors being spread that the two are dating within the highschool in the first arc, to have an entire movie dedicated to Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship where Ichigo remembered Rukia so quickly, while her future HUSBAND RENJI FORGOT HER COMPLETELY, to have multiple parallels of “sun and moon” yin/yang - clad-type finale white and black bankai moves -  similar Masaki-Isshin forbidden meeting parallel not to mention the parallel of Ichigo/Isshin saving Rukia/Masaki savior scene nearly laid out the same way, to have a PTSD rain significance with Ichigo’s memories of his mother dying- and when he saves Rukia he says the rain stopped because of her, to have Isshin and Ichigo’s family accept Rukia as a third daughter/sister and have her sleep in their house treating her as part of the family while Isshin and Yuzu listen in on Rukia and Ichigo’s conversations in the bedroom along with Yuzu being concerned because Rukia seems more girly and romance material to Ichigo than Tatsuki was, to have ichigo miss his power that he dreams about Rukia, to have Ichigo think of Rukia as the last and strongest pride he had as a shinigami when trying to gain his fullbring, to have Rukia swoop in and save him when he’s crying his eyes out to help him regain his power- to be the only one in Soul Society to be against the idea of Ichigo becoming Soul Society’s enemy and spying on him, when Ichigo ends up seeing Rukia’s butt in the hot springs and he and the other guy think of peaches….., when Renji forcibly picks a bloody defeated Ichigo off the ground Rukia tells him to wait and  that Ichigo might not be in good shape for a lecture despite that being her job the past few arcs, to have Yhwach say he’ll show up when Ichigo and his friends are at their happiest and he chooses to show up during Ichigo and Rukia’s 10 year reunion and not their weddings or baby-showers, to have Ichihime and Renruki become the “canon” pairing and having their children be the focus of the final chapter and yet the finale book cover is Ichiruki, to have a co-author novel with the suspicious title “We do KNOT always love you” featuring Renji and Rukia’s wedding and Ichihime confession, to have Ichiruki be voted the most popular BLEACH pairing and to be promoting the final BLEACH manga with Ichiruki advertisement bait….. to have the last image we see of the main group be of Ichigo and Rukia who hardly acknowledge their spouses the whole chapter?  

and Tite Kubo FRIENDZONED these two? 


I’m glad Ichiruki didn’t get in the way of the story like Ichihime did, so at least that’s a positive. 

Mitsuro Kubo, the creator of Yuri on Ice did in 12 anime episodes what Tite Kubo couldn’t do in 10 years. 

Create a believable, developed, romantic relationship with a good plot to back it up. 

and the best part is, Mitsuro Kubo did it with non-heterosexual characters. 

For Kubo to rush in with this light novel to try and force in “romantic development” to try and explain pairings he literally only splooshed together for the sake of children.. and to attempt to explain it in a single light novel when he had wasted a ton of plotline set ups that went no where that he could have spent developing said relationships in 10 years time? To have him claim this is an action genre only for him to approve of a light novel based around forced romance and not filling up the hundreds of plot holes he made in the series? Sure we get insight on a couple character’s status and whereabouts but uM WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED… TO THE SOUL KING? THE ZERO SQUAD? Y’KNOW… THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO THE WORLD BEING ABLE TO LIVE? HE DEEMED PAIRINGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT?

If Kaien Shiba claims our hearts are in our fists, I think there’s a lot of bleach fans out there who would love to introduce their “hearts” to Kubo’s face… as harsh as that sounds. He and his entire editor team just continue to ship bait and lie to their fans. It’s very disrespectful, kinda giving fans a reason to be upset with them aside from their other choices. Still don’t approve of the harassment going on though. Nothing is gonna change it now besides us. Its up to us to patch up what’s left of BLEACH’S dignity by continuing to improve and create better plot lines that Kubo pulled out of his garbage can. 

So yeah. Ishihime and Ichiruki were, without a doubt in my mind, canon in the first arc. The amount of time and care each exhibited toward eachother throughout the arc says it all. The end game pairings were DEFINITELY not planned from the beginning. Kubo never had a hold that good on the plot of his series past the first arc. Its just… its not believable. Can’t buy it no matter how hard I try… 

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,,Oh my god, I was just joking, you didn't have to buy me for that" Thaanks❤️❤️love your writing

Request 08: You Can(t) Always Get What You Want

Warnings: None? Fluff???

My requests are open. xx.

You had a very different interior taste from Harry, that was for sure. Where Harry was all black and white, clean lines, and modern furniture, you were into the quirky aspects of design. You loved anything vintage, loud, and different. Somehow your styles inside your home had managed to go together despite their obvious differences.

That night, you were scrolling through your phone, a sneaky look on your face. Harry was checking e-mails next to you, glancing over at you every so often to see what you were up to. “I know tha’ face,” he commented.

“What face?” you asked, your eyes not moving from the screen.

“The face when yehr up t’ somethin’.”

“I am not-” but you couldn’t finish, because Harry had snatched your phone out of your hand, inspecting the images on the screen.

You bit your lip and leaned over, resting your chin on his shoulder. “It’s cool, huh?” you wondered out loud, hoping he agreed.

“Babe, wha’ are yeh gonna do with tha’?” He looked at you, a sense of doubt washing over his face.

You shrugged. “Maybe fix it up? It’d be cool just to have it… or I could take the top off and make this really cool project I found on Pinterest!”

Harry grinned at your enthusiasm and handed the phone back to you. “Love…” he said with doubt in his voice.

“It was just an idea, H. I wouldn’t really know how to fix it up anyway. Plus, I don’t really have the time.” You tried to hide the disappointment in your voice.

Haw leaned over and pressed a kiss to your cheek. “Maybe we’ll talk ‘bout it, yeah?”

You gave him a tight smile and you both returned to your phones.

Two weeks later, when you’d somewhat forgotten about that night when Harry so easily shut down your spontaneous idea, he came waltzing into the house with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“What’s up with you?” you questioned, closing your book.

“Come outside,” he said. He held out his hand.

You slowly stood, giving him a wary look. “Why…?”

“Jus’ come outside,” he repeated and led you to the open front door once your hand was firmly grasped in his.

As soon as you stepped through the threshold and your eyes castes up from the ground, you gasped. There in the driveway sat a 1972 Volkeswagen Bus Deluxe. The roof was rusted, the wheels were barely attached, and you could smell the mold on the seats from where you were standing. But it was beautiful to you.

“Oh my God, I was joking, you didn’t have to buy me that,” you lied, trying to contain your smile.

Harry released your hand and knocked his shoulder into yours. “Yeh weren’t jokin’. I could see yeh really wan'ed it. ’S yours. Yeh can do whatever yeh wan’,” Harry explained.

You squealed and threw yourself into his arms, your smile too big to contain. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” you gushed.

Backing away from him, you gripped onto his shoulders and looked into his eyes. “Have I told you lately that I love you?” you whispered.

Harry nodded and then cheekily added, “Just not this quietly.”


((Since I’m indecisive on what I wanted to do today, have some old Buggy art I did a few years ago :’D 

Truth be told, aside from Big Mom and her family getting me back into One Piece it was actually Buggy that got me into One Piece to begin with back in 2012. His quirky designs and awkwardness really got me into OP and I’m glad it did. He was my first favorite character from OP and will always be a fave of mine! <3 

I will resume back to replies after I post one more OP-related thing!))

FF Fandom Meme #16

Question 16: The game with the best cast of characters

My favorite cast overall definitely inhabits the world of Final Fantasy IX.

The game’s selection of party members is full of stand-out characters, who all have bursting personalities. Well, they all need to have big personalities or they’d get completely overshadowed by the other party members. And this team just has the best interactions amongst its members. They argue amongst themselves, they support each other, they grow to understand one another. It’s great. And all these characters have so much story potential that every time the party splits up in a town, you get access to a selection of cut scenes about what they get up to.

Never mind the supportive cast! Final Fantasy IX’s world feels alive and whole primarily because of the colorful NPCs, who all have their own places, jobs and dreams in the world. The band of thieves Zidane has to leave behind in order to go on his world-saving quest are the best example. These people have aspirations even outside of their group, with Ruby wanting to make it big in the acting business but still coming back to help her friends put up a play and the rapscallion Blank actually having a big heart that wants to help everyone in need. Generally, the inhabitants of the world of FFIX are a likeable bunch.

Of course, not all characters need to or should be likeable in order to make a great cast. Final Fantasy IX has a lot of villains from the well-intentioned Beatrix to the tragically misguided Brahne and Kuja, who regret their actions in the end, to the genuinely horrid Black Waltzes 1-3. The moral splits between the villainous characters are even further emphasized by just how different they all look from each other and this is where FFIX’s quirky character design style shines. This world is just filled with vibrant individuals.

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I think that an occasional quirky design set such as all creatures or no creatures is fun and I doubt I'm the only one who thinks this. You run the risk of sets being homogenous if you don't go out on the design limb once in awhile. Let the pendulum swing way out there and hit a different audience. You always say you design for many audiences and us quirky booster lovers haven't had anything since alara reborn.

We do quirky design. Double-faced cards, Energy, Vehicles, Meld cards, Manifest, Aftermath. The booster pack doesn’t have to all be the same card type or missing a card type to be pushing boundaries.

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Hi friend! I just saw your antisemetic taako post and i wanted to let you know that in DnD elves have green, purple and blue skin. Like its not an antisemetic thing its an actual canon dnd type trait for elves to have. I thought I would let you know so you didnt think a lot of artists were being antisemetic on perpous :)

nah dude i understand what the post is about, i know nobody here is tryin to be antisemitic

and like ive been playing dnd for 9 years, i know about funky skin colors and i am All About that, but in this specific instance the combination of green skin + big nose + hat + theft is pretty uhhhhhh not good

all those things minus the skin just make for a quirky design, and please correct me if im wrong but that all seems chill, like wizard hats are a wizard thing and big noses are a normal, real people trait. the skin color on the other hand is too inextricably founded in negative portrayals of jewish ppl, so that kinda ties it all in

yeah I’m not going to shut up about Prime 4, I grew up with Metroid Prime

those games ignited my love for science fiction, with the huge worlds and detailed scans about EVERYTHING, the bizarre and wonderful creature designs, the quirky and weird characters

but it’s so meaningful for me to see Samus Aran, my childhood hero, finally put in the spotlight again, after being done wrong so many times

my mom @geminiloveca grew up with Wonder Woman, and I saw how overjoyed she was when we saw the movie. I wasn’t even really a fan of Wonder Woman, but seeing a woman in red and gold armor take on the world struck me

But now, MY hero is back!


Despite the interesting title and never-before-seen take at Scooby-Doo, Scooby Apocalypse is not the end of the world for us Scooby-Doo fans. On the contrary, I see bright, prosperous days ahead for the Scooby-Doo franchise as a whole. 

It was late January 2016 when we heard the announcement of the Hanna-Barbera reboots that would be released by DC Comics. Scooby Apocalypse was the widely discussed reboot after seeing the cover artwork by Jim Lee. It was met with both excitement and criticism but people tend to overlook the substance of a story and judge a book by its cover. Literally. 

Scooby Apocalypse reboots the story of four mystery-solving teenagers and their talking dog and places them in a world that is “going to hell in a handbasket”. The gang receives a new origin story and new character designs; both of these being criticized heavily by the Scooby-Doo fan base. The two redesigns that have been discussed the most are Shaggy’s new hipster appearance and Velma’s exaggerated petite figure. 

Yesterday I purchased my copy of Scooby Apocalypse Issue #1 as well as all seven of the variant covers including the Adult Coloring Book Variant Cover and the Blank Variant Cover. I dove into the story the moment I got to sit down with it. 

I’m going to start with talking about the artwork of the comic. There are many artistic talents that have been involved with this story and they for the most part nail it! Scooby Apocalypse opens with an eerie night at a Burning Man festival with thousands of interestingly-dressed attendees. This introduction sets that spooky mood that fans thirst for in Scooby-Doo. The backgrounds are very detailed and the colors are vivid and fun to look at. 

Now I’m sure you guys want to know my opinions on the character designs because that’s definitely a big part of the artwork and honestly I really enjoy the new looks. I think each member of the gang has received very fresh and modern appearances that really add to the fantastic environment. 

I think the design I like the least is Fred’s. I only say this because a majority of the time I look at Fred in this style, he looks like he’s wincing or not content. And his facial expressions are very exaggerated. His eyes sometimes don’t look “right” to me. 

Daphne is still the beauty of the group (Shaggy remarks her as a “smokin’ hot babe”). Velma’s tiny figure is actually something I really like. I think it adds to her personality very well since the writers are trying to take her in a mysterious scientist direction. She’s blunt and she talks to herself. She’s just a really quirky yet sassy scientist and I love it. 

Scooby’s redesign is one that some fans were skeptical about. He’s in a limbo zone between cartoon dog and realistic Great Dane. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing in my opinion; I still look at him and think Scooby-Doo. But I can see where some people are coming from when they say he also doesn’t look “right”. The artists had attempted making Scooby a realistic Great Dane but he wasn’t recognizable. As a result, they exaggerated some of his features similar to what Iwao Takamoto did to Scooby’s original character design process when Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! was still in the works. 

Shaggy’s redesign is my favorite. Scooby Apocalypse is an attempt at placing Mystery Inc. in an apocalyptic climax that occurs modern day. A problem with Shaggy’s traditional appearance is that his appearance has become less and less relevant as time has passed. Shaggy portrays the stereotypical hippy teenager of the late 1960s/early 1970s. This portrayal was appropriate at the time but it’s not as effective today. I’m not saying Shaggy’s traditional design is bad or that its a detriment to the quality of a Scooby-Doo incarnation but it does lose its purpose over time. This new version of Shaggy better represents the kind of style that is popular in this day and age. He’s gone from hippy to hipster and I believe the artists did an excellent job with this transition. I enjoy looking at Shaggy because he’s the member who’s received the most change in this story and it actually looks good. (I think he’s more attractive than Fred in this reboot)

Now lets talk about the story itself. To those who have not read the book yet, don’t worry, I won’t be spoiling anything for you. 

Scooby Apocalypse possesses something that few other Scooby-Doo incarnations even hint on: an origin story. A Pup Named Scooby-Doo explores their childhood together and What’s New Scooby-Doo? explores their hometown a little. And lets not forget Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins which was entirely an origin story (not that it was a good story but that’s not what we’re talking about today). 

The story introduces us to a former journalist who is now the star of a low-rated mystery-hunting show, Daphne Blake as well as her cameraman Fred Jones. They’ve received a tip to meet with Dr. Velma Dinkley, a scientist who works at the mysterious Complex which also employs Norville “Shaggy” Rogers. Shaggy is a dog trainer for the Smart Dog Program at the Complex and has a special bond with one of the early Smart Dog experiments, Scooby-Doo. 

I really appreciate this origin story (does anyone else get the reference to Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island when it comes to Daphne and Fred’s careers in Scooby Apocalypse?). The plot is interesting and truly excites me. However, I will say that Scooby Apocalypse has a lot of exposition that wasn’t necessary. I would’ve preferred to learn some of the information we gain in this issue through character development. I figure that this exposition makes the story more comprehensible for younger Scooby-Doo fans who still want to read this reboot but it’s a weakness I perceive being an adult fan who seeks better storytelling and complex characters. I think the characters in this story are interesting and definitely mysterious but I don’t need them telling me everything about themselves and their priorities in the first issue. Some of the actions of the characters that did occur in this issue would’ve sufficed. 

I think Fred’s character in terms of personality is very underdeveloped right now. I don’t find him particularly interesting compared to the rest of the gang. He’s Daphne’s sidekick in this story which is non-traditional as it’s usually the other way around. He seems slightly dimwitted but not nearly as such in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated or What’s New Scooby-Doo? Fred appears to be impulsive which may be an interesting personality trait later on but in this first issue, he’s just kind of there (not looking “right”). 

Shaggy and Scooby’s friendship can’t be missed in this story and I really enjoy it. Scooby Apocalypse doesn’t fail to keep their almost 50 year-old bond intact and it also doesn’t fail at explaining it. The first issue contains a sub-story that reveals how Shaggy first meets Scooby in this rebooted universe and it’s really cute. I think it just emphasizes the passion that Shaggy has in this story when defending Scooby. 

Scooby doesn’t talk that much in this story either. He’s capable of talking but it’s limited and that’s where his new emoti-goggles come in. They use a technology that expresses Scooby’s emotions and opinions through emoticons that Shaggy can see using some special contact lenses and Velma can see using her special glasses. 

Velma is like I said earlier when talking about her new character design: quirky and sassy. She speaks her mind (sometimes when she shouldn’t) and talks to herself multiple times in the story. She has no problem being blunt when conversing with any of the other characters. At one point Velma calls Scooby a failure with Scooby right there listening. I’m not too sure how I feel about that yet because we’ve seen Velma portrayed as a sassy teenager before but I may still be trying to ease into a new route at emphasizing this trait in Velma in a new medium. And as always, Velma seems to still have good-hearted ambition despite the world she lives in. She’s sincere and this is going to evolve into something interesting as the story progresses. 

Daphne is by far the most different in terms of personality. She is arguably one of the most complex characters when looking at the franchise as a whole. Don’t believe me? Lets briefly discuss her role in the gang over the 46 years the show has existed. She’s been the damsel in distress, the team leader, the obnoxiously rich kid, a handy-dandy street-smart woman, a karate black-belt, a smitten high-school student, a theater actress, and lets not forget her multiple interests in the most recent TV incarnation Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! She’s been shown to have journalistic ambitions before and that’s something that’s emphasized in this story. I see her desire to be famous again being a priority that could cloud her judgment in future events in Scooby Apocalypse. She has a good heart in this universe, I know she does. But she’s a lot more confrontational and like Velma, she speaks her mind. I predict the girls of the group having more emphasized roles in this universe and they’re going to clash. It’ll make for good drama. 

I’ve read a couple articles reviewing this comic series which do touch base on the high amount of exposition as well as the character designs but they’re also discussing something I don’t see as a detriment to Scooby Apocalypse: the tone. The reviews I’ve read comment on how Scooby Apocalypse lacks the humor that fans have come to expect when they hear “Scooby-Doo”. They say that this story’s darker tone is not something that properly reflects the classic and traditional Scooby-Doo-formula. All I have to say to that is, “What were you expecting?”

Scooby Apocalypse is the writers’ attempt at doing something that Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! set out to do: Set apart this story from the others. There have been many variations of Scooby-Doo in the 46 years that the franchise has existed. When the stories lack contrast and don’t take risks, the overall story loses its luster and that’s something I really appreciate about Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Both of these TV shows made it a mission to set themselves apart from the rest of the series. The former took a darker approach to the lives of Mystery Inc. and created an overarching mystery in a beautifully animated world. Meanwhile the latter is visually unique, crisp, and fresh while containing smart humor and fun characters. 

Scooby Apocalypse is trying to be its own thing as well. The characters and their individual lives and passions are being taken into account while being submerged in an unfamiliar world of chaos and horror. The artwork is astoundingly detailed and brilliant. I read a review that perfectly described the art as being a nice middle-ground between a Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode and a superhero comic book. And while this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen Mystery Inc. encounter real supernatural phenomena, this time they’re taking on the world. 

Just because this story isn’t supposed to be a fun traditional Scooby-Doo mystery with a chase-scene and an unmasking of a villain saying the meddling kids spiel doesn’t mean it can’t make you smile. There are some funny moments in this comic book that do make me giggle. If someone criticizes this story because it doesn’t embody the humor seen in past incarnations, I really don’t know what they were expecting. That’s like walking into a horror movie and giving it a rating of 4/10 because it didn’t make you laugh. 

Scooby Apocalypse is by no means perfect and it won’t appeal to every Scooby-Doo fan. No version of Scooby-Doo sits the same in every fan’s stomach and that’s okay. But for the fans that are skeptical as to whether or not this story is going to flourish, I strongly encourage you pick up a copy and at least give it a try. I believe Scooby Apocalypse is going in a good direction and is a great way to make Scooby-Doo appeal to older audiences. There’s definitely a mystery in this story and I’m excited to get to the bottom of it with the gang. The next issue is set to release on June 15, 2016. 

I’d love to hear your opinions on this as well. What do you guys think of Scooby Apocalypse? Who’s your favorite character so far? Do you disagree with anything I wrote about in this review? Will you be purchasing Issue #2? 

AU/Headcannon battle: the results

These are all of varying degrees of seriousness, so please don’t expect them to all be good:

Au where Matsuda is Kira

Au/ Headcannon where L has social anxiety and extremely low self esteem, hence why he never shows his face

Coffee shop au where Light works at Starbucks and L comes in every day for coffee and sweets

1800s au where Light is an author and L is a faceless publisher that guarantees the success of your book~ he nitpicks Light beyond belief because he knows Light is capable of more

Fantasy au where Light is a prince and L is his consult who constantly corrects him and it makes Light really frustrated because he knows that L is right, but he doesn’t want to admit it

Headcannon that watari constantly tries to get L to take cough syrup when his throat is raw during long cases, but L despises it because he claims the substance makes him feel intoxicated

Au where L and Light write au ideas instead of threats to each other and scream aus at the other while they’re handcuffed- everyone else thinks they’re insane

Au where both L and Light get arrested and must work together to escape from prison

Au where Light is actually the one that knows multiple languages, whereas L knows only a few, but Light refuses to translate for the man or speak slower just to get on L’s nerves

Hacker au where Light is a hacker for the Japanese government and one day someone better than him steals information on a case. Over time, the enemy hacker continues to hack in, but not for dangerous information- only for interesting cases. Light always loses, but he enjoys the challenge. Eventually, he and this hacker meet.

Stripper au. Enough said.

Au where L and Light are rival gang leaders and L always wins.

Au where Light is from the future and time travels back, but L immediately meets him head on, frustrating Light to no end. His nerves are especially aggravated when L isn’t even shocked by Light’s futuristic technology because (plot twist) L is from the future too

Pop star au where they’re both constantly trying to make better songs than the other and it gets insanely competitive, but then they’re forced to collaborate on a song. It’s chaos at first, but as soon as they work out their conflicts, it’s SO GOOD.

Assassin au where L and Light are both competing for the same spot and are constantly using not-so-nice traps on the other person to make them “mysteriously late” or randomly hurt, but the other infuriatingly ALWAYS escapes.

Fashion designer au. One- most likely L- is that quirky style of a designer that people love for reasons that the majority of the average population can’t fathom, and the other-Light- seems to know exactly what people want to see and what will be popular at the time, helping him rise up as well. They compete for the title of “top designer”, and it is cutthroat.

Headcannon: when L annoys Light, he gets revenge with tickles

Au where they’re both unstoppable serial killers who work together

Imagine: Dabbing

Headcannon: L gets annoyed and develops the habit of randomly kicking Light’s chair (the rolling kind) away while the younger is trying to type, so Light convinces Watari to bold the chair to the floor. The next time L tries to kick Light away, he kicks so hard that he tips over himself. Light can’t restrain his laughter. (Just imagine L’s face)

For a few years, especially during my college career as I was trying to put on more of a “professional” online persona, I was very ashamed of having a wolfdog as my fursona, or personal avatar. I felt like it was a direct nod to an animated film I grew up with, “Balto,” and I felt like that was childish. Like it was fanart-esque or overdone, or just. Not like most industry based artists , who had these cute, quirky, character designs for themselves.

But as I got older I learned how both a domestic dog, and a wolf really connect to me as a person, and how I play both roles archetype-wise. I’ve noticed that people either love me or don’t. They don’t hate me but they just. Don’t. Really decide to be part of my life at all, it’s like an avoidance thing or a forgetting thing. It make sense to me and my hybrid symbol. You either see me as a dog, or a wolf.

Symbolically dogs are loyal, silly, lovable. They’re man’s BEST friend and are wonderful companions. It reminds me of my few, but tightly knit bonds I’ve created. My friends and family. Cheering them up by making them laugh, either with wit or with my own gawky, clumsy charm. Being very devoted to the people who let me in because like I’ve explained, the line has always been split down the middle for me. And of course being more than thrilled to see those I love when they come by, even if it was a relatively short amount of time since we’ve last met, haha. I’ll eat your leftovers. I can’t lie without making a ridiculously obviously guilty face (please don’t ever tell me about surprise parties.) And I’m a total ham that loves attention from the people I love.

Wolves on the other hand, are typically seen as wild and dangerous - but they are also seen as wise teachers, leaders, passionate souls and are often deeply misunderstood. I can be observant, quiet, and I’ve been told by multiple people that I was hard for them to approach or scary to try to talk to. It shocks me, because. That’s the dog side talking - “but I’m so silly and nice, how on earth could I be hard to approach???” Then again, I apparently have resting bitch face. On the other hand, many people have described me as an old soul - and while I’m not traditionally wise, I have my own way of giving what is apparently very good advice. I feel as though I’ve been through a lot more than people think, and I carry a lot of life lessons with me that I hope I can help others with in order to prevent burden. I never really gave a shit about what other people thought of me - I guess that’s what lead me to be an artist among many other non-traditional things. I preferred to march to the beat of my own drum and would avoid following others. Not purposefully, it sort of was just who I was all my life.

I am wild at heart, and anyone who knows me knows this, lmao. I can’t stand being indoors for too long without getting stir crazy, and I feel far too deeply for my own good. About anything, whether that’s food, a TV show, or someone I love, I’m going to go full into details describing why that thing is so amazing and how it is such a huge part of my life. Or on the negative side, how upset something or someone makes me. Or how angry. And I get furiously angry, especially when I feel taken advantage of by others. My feelings are like tidal waves or forest fires though and they can be suffocating and engulfing. I can be rash, reckless, and too passionate at times. But at the end of the day I just want to feel alive and I love spontaneity and doing things that might seem crazy to others. I love what I love. I also always really loved the idea of a wolf’s howl being compared to a song. As someone who sings, a lot, this really carries through with me, and I love it.

And then there’s the fairytale archetype of wolves which portrayed them as sexual deviants. Okay, stick with me. It’s not going to get as weird as you think, I promise. But as a lesbian, and growing up feeling taboo, and trying to stand up for my sexuality in conservative catholic high school classrooms, and having a hard time communicating to girls I was attracted to that I was interested in dating them without scaring them - made me feel like a sexual deviant. Like. I was bad. Or taboo. Or maybe people just saw me that way. “Here’s the elephant in the room.” Or in this case, that grizzly wolf that’s been staring down that lamb in class and no one really knows if she wants to talk with her or eat her.

I’ve always been half one thing, half something else. Whether that was Polish and Italian. Or my all-or-nothing attitude. Or my weird feminine one day and masculine the next. Or completely loving myself. Or completely hating myself. Extremely funny, extremely serious. I never had an inbetween but both always exist with me.

It’s weird. And it’s weird to analyze myself in this manner without sounding ridiculous honestly. But I’ve been wanting to state the importance of my fursona/avatar/caricature/whathaveyou for the longest time and I’m happy I have.

Strange Lofe

Nope, that’s not a typo–goblins can’t spell.

I found a new animated movie to gush over and a new ship–Butterfly Bog–just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve manage to see Strange Magic twice before it migrated from our theater during it’s short stay. It hasn’t been doing too well due to lack of advertising and bad critical reviews (some of which are downright, needlessly vulgar. If you’re gonna criticize/analyze a movie, even negatively, at least articulate it in a way without elaborate feces metaphors >_>). I, however, found it very entertaining for various reasons;

  • The animation was gorgeous with excellent detail in character design (including realistic, proportional butterfly wings on the fairies).
  • The soundtrack was catchy and well-performed–it’s basically a rock opera with covers of various love songs from Elvis to Lady Gaga. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past few days.
  • The story was entertaining–not the most complex story out there, but with it being loosely based on a Midsummer Night’s Dream, there are Shakespearean antics as various characters get inflicted with a love potion with confusing, amusing results.
  • There are actually alot of nods to other film/stage adaptations of Midsummer Night’s Dream and fey/fairy/goblin folklore throughout the movie.
  • Most of the characters, accenting their designs, were quirky–and many go through major character development. Especially the main protagonist, kickass-fairy Princess Marianne.
  • One of the few cases (I can think of, anyway) where the canon couple is a princess and a “villain”–Princess Marianne and The Bog King (though he’s actually just a dork and Megamind-brand evil). I’m a sucker for beauty-and-the-beast couples.
  • Said couple goes through an epic duel–romance through combat.
  • Alan Cumming voices the Bog King. :D
  • Strange Magic has good messages about how to heal from a broken heart and how to find true love based on deeper connections. 

So if you like fairies and goblins, see this movie. If you like good animation, see this movie. If you like musicals, see this movie. If you like romantic comedies–see this movie!

This piece was also practice digital painting with my new wacom over a fully-toned pencil drawing, done in a single day while I was snowed in my house.

And Bog putting flowers in Marianne’s hair is actually canon in the movie, too.They’re adorkable.