quirky rings

lorde literally had four onion rings on her ‘secret’ onion ring account. like why the fuck is this news? shocking? i don’t…like… she couldn’t even make it to a full dozen? i’d be more impressed if someone had been secretly running a fried vegetables account for, like ~years~ or whatever and it’s FULL of photos and rankings and was this legit thing, only for it to be revealed that, like, kstew is the person behind it. 

Where Did You Get Your Rings?

Accessories can make (or break) any outfit. Of the most common accessories, rings are my favorite because of the many ways that they can be arranged according to one’s own taste. Additionally, they can contribute to the mood for any event, whether it be a festival, a dinner date or even just a day in the city. Get my top favorite stores for rings in this article!

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