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From where should I start telling you the story of what happened when you were sleeping
I’ve come to tell you a story that stretches for billions of light years
But for now, it is enough to just be able to see you with my eyes

The “Your Name” AU no one asked for. I was a sobbing mess watching the movie and it is everything that I love??? In the AU, Hux is about 18 years old, Kylo 15 years old. And here’s a way long summary of the AU if anyone is interested :)

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anonymous asked:

Lea is as average as any pretty girl. She's not 'stunning' and doesnt have a quirky model look. She is only a model because of who she knows

Well I’ll start out by quoting a line from SKAM. 

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind Always.

So anon I don’t know what you’re going through that would make you feel the need to bring someone else down. We all have a right to our own opinions but I also try to live my life with the adage of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Why take someone else down when you can instead lift someone up? Who do you love in SKAM? Why not make a post celebrating them. As Jonas said in the final episode:

Fear spreads, but fortunately, love does too.

Also Henrik Holm just said today in an interview:

Alt er Love has almost become a religion in itself.

I want to be a part of that religion. Helping spread love far and wide. Spread acceptance far and wide. Spread empathy far and wide.

I hope you can take a breath and refocus your passion towards something positive and join us on the ALT ER LOVE train. 💜💚


“I always think I’m going to fall over, but it’s like my head is trying to mess myself up on the catwalk ‘cause I’m going ‘you’re going fall, you’re going to fall, you’re going to fall!’” [x]

you ever noticed how in the modelling industry models of colour have to embody astronomical levels of perfection & (eurocentric) beauty in order to gain even a fraction of the recognition of the most mediocre white models anyway i’m tired of white mediocrity

I grabbed these handheld LCD Simpsons games this week and I’m blown away by how damn charming they are. They were released by Acclaim in 1989. I love Simpsons merch from this era because they show was so young and they didn’t have the brand totally figured out yet. The premise of the games is so bizarre and the little drawings are all quirky and off model. Total eye candy.


First time having new friends over in Tokyo.

I am a huge seasonal-hermit, and the fact that I spent 3 months rent on a Tempurpedic mattress (sidenote #1: me and my husband didn’t have a wedding OR honeymoon so we long deserved the splurge) really doesn’t HELP me to get out of the house in the winter months. I don’t like to go to model clubs because I’m in the age-range of all the creepy finance dudes that are there to pick up 18 year olds, and I don’t have any cool Japanese hipster friends to take me to cool Japanese clubs. The whiskey bar I patronize, I guard to my chest like a straight flush. I only take people there who are kindred to me, or too drunk/new in Tokyo to find their way back to the spot. Mean, I knowww, but my greatest fear is walking in and seeing sexy young foreigners gulping vodka-sodas instead of Japanese grandpas sipping whiskey and smoking Hope cigarettes.

is the code of travelers for a reason. 

I’ve had one looong-time friend/practically-sister from Australia sleep over for a night, ONLY ONCE. Like my mother, I seem perpetually preoccupied with the notion of visitors judging my accommodations. Maybe this is something we all inherit from our mothers. Case in point: we briefly had a cleaning lady visit our house a couple times when me and my sister were young and my parents were working full-time; I distinctly remember my mother tidying up frantically before the cleaning lady would even arrive. This seemed redundant to me then, but I recently turned down a cleaning lady who offered me her services by gasping aloud and saying my house was FAR TOO messy to employ her. This was kind of also code for I CAN’T AFFORD IT. Some how I would prefer people to assume I am messy & rich than tidy & poor.

Did I get this from my mother, too?

As we get older we sort of forget the power of sleepover parties and staying in with our girlfriends. When we are old enough to go to bars, clubs and age-appropriate social gatherings, we lose touch with the part of us who wants to hook-up iPhone speakers and play show-and-tell with our quirky collections (sidenote #2: my apartment is a museum of quirky collections from my modeling days. Don’t really fuck with snowglobes, but I do have penis amulets from antique markets in Paris, I have vintage black velvet bibles from Germany, black sand in a tiny jar I scooped up from a beach in Costa Rica and an impressive collection of stolen Japanese toilet paper rolls–they look different here TRUST!)…

Somehow at 31 years old, I reclaimed the pieces of myself that were comfortable with pillows on the floor, gossip on the bed and drinking from the can. Yeah, in some ways modeling may have stunted my growth into a true adult. From an outsider perspective, I’ve spent the last 7+ making a career out of the fact that I still look 25. When in reality, I’ve spent the greater part of a decade learning to show people why my personality and my life experiences make me unique from other women. It’s the things we take with us that make us special. What we choose to hold onto and why. 

Whatever you do in life, it’s what you choose to do differently that makes you who you are. 

The signs as models
  • Aries: Fierce as heck, very relaxed never complains, probably eats while having makeup put on.
  • Taurus: A natural beauty, everyone wants them but they are so picky that they can be super hard to work with.
  • Gemini: Always tells the photographer they are wrong and THIS is their better angle, but also very unique and quirky model.
  • Cancer: Would be a classic at it, but they get very fidgety and nervous and end up looking stiff, when they relax, they are the queen.
  • Leo: Ruling everything, they can pull of anything and they aren't afraid at all to try something new, they were born for the camera.
  • Virgo: Very quiet, usually pretty peaceful, can be awkward on camera but manages to work through it usually.
  • Libra: Almost every angle is amazing and they always look graceful and elegant, they talk a lot during the shoot and move around, but it always turns out.
  • Scorpio: Can't take themselves seriously so contuisouly makes funny faces, give them some time to warm up and they look amazing.
  • Sagittarius: A very wild shoot, you never know what will end up happening, but a exotic shoot too.
  • Capricorn: They have the power to model, the face and everything but they get so bossy no one wants to work with them.
  • Aquarius: Very playful and unique, jumps around a bunch, probably a very cutesy model.
  • Pisces: Very ethereal, likes music playing while they are shooting and often prefers to smile then frown.

If anyone ever wonders how Phil can be so amazing, adorable, and a literal ray of sunshine….he clearly got it from Mama Lester.  😃

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