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So if you have to give us like a personality trait of yours or like a quirky thing that you do - what don’t people know about you specifically — I have a real fear of anyone or anything touching my belly button … don’t try and do it if you meet me please because it freaks me out… 

Fanwork Appreciation

Since it’s fanwork appreciation day I’ve compiled a list of my top stormpilot fics and art for your own use. I would highly recommend the things on this list, but there are so many amazing fanworks out there that I couldn’t possibly include them all! My love goes out to all the amazing creators who work so hard to supply our fandom with such amazing content, you all deserve so much love! Now, without further ado, my recommendations…

Fic Recs

Everyone has scars by @beautifullights1

This series is absolutely stunning. It’s angsty as fuck, and has a lot of really intense themes (torture, potential rape, PTSD etc.) and I swear it’s the embodiment of the ‘Poe Dameron hurts so prettily’ tag, but it is all so amazingly written and it confronts all the issues so well! It’s also crazy long, so I’d advise setting aside a nice big chunk of time to read it…

Doubt thou the stars are fire by @linatrinch

You know those brilliant bodyguard AUs that you need in every fandom? Well this is it, but so much better, because it has dramatic plot twists and slow burn relationships, and sub-plots that will blow your mind with their complexity. It’s perfect for anyone who likes a good bit of prince!poe, and even if you don’t like that trope it’s worth a read! 

Incendiary materials in war by @deputychairman

This series is stunningly complex and is definitely the epitome of ‘slow burn’. I reread this series almost constantly, because I just love the finer plot details. In essence, Poe is smitten for Finn, who thinks they’re only fuckbuddies, and a lot of mistakes are made. Mainly by Poe. But no, it’s just generally amazing, 10/10 reccomendation.

Favourite Fanart

Star wars 20s AUs by @radio-silents 

1 2

I am of the opinion that these two bits of art are the coolest things I have ever seen, and I wish I could will my brain to write a twenties fic inspired by this, but the juices just aren’t flowing that way. I think (and I apologise here because I know fuck all about drawing so my description is poor) that the way the characters have been drawn is amazing and I love the individual characterisation to fit the AU. It’s just all-round amazing!

Stormpilot Witch AUs by @saraduvall

1 2

I could trawl through @saraduvall‘s art tag for ever, but this AU set really stood out to me. I really love the bright colours (apologies again for how bad my description is) and the quirkiness of the ideas included in the art. There’s also a brilliant fic inspired by this (not by me though) here by @linatrinch

And of course lets not forget all the absolutely amazing contributions to Stormpilot Week, everything I’ve seen has blown my mind with how awesome it is, honestly this fandom is so talented it’s unbelievable! 

I wish I could compile a list including every single thing that I adore, but I’m fairly sure it would never end. So if you’re reading this I want to thank you for all your contributions, even if it’s just reblogging something and making an author or artist or other creator’s day! You are what keeps the fandom going!

All my love x

RFA: Childish MC

All of the guys + s/o who reveals she uses infantilism/ageplay as a NON SEXUAL way to cope with her problems

Thank god you said non sexual… Daddy kink just reminds me of incest… >_<


- When you dragged him to the seesaw by his sleeve, he was confused

- But he was definitely not complaining 

- That day, the two of you played on the park’s playground equipment

- Pushing each other on the swings, giggling on the seesaw, and getting stuck on the slides

- After that, the two of you went to a nearby cafe and got smoothies, sipping them as you strolled around the park

- The date ended with snuggles on a park bench, giggling when the other got a brain freeze from their drink

- Being pretty childish himself, he didn’t mind being dragged around in your childish date ideas 


- The two of you were out taking a walk on a date when you suggested something 

- “You.. want to go draw hearts on the sidewalk?” He asked, tilting his head in confusion

- He laughed a little, but went to buy some chalk at a small stationary store

- As you sketched a small heart on the street, then another, then another, Zen watched with an amused smile on his face

- “Babe, you’re so cute…” He chuckled, patting your head gently

- He gave you a little peck on the nose before putting his hand over yours, drawing a heart together

- He already thought you were adorable, but now that you began suggesting even cuter ideas, he felt like he was about to explode from love 


-  When Jaehee arrived home, she froze in the doorway

- “MC… What’s this..?” Jaehee put her bag away, and cautiously walked to the mess of cushions in the living room 

- You peeked out from under a blanket, and called her over 

- Proudly smiling, you displayed the iPad and snacks you set up 

- That night, the two of you snuggled in the warmth of the pillow fort, watching Zen musicals and eating snacks

- Jaehee was the opposite of childish, but she didn’t mind your quirky ideas 


- You pulled on the sleeve of Jumin’s suit jacket. “Jumin..? Can you do my hair for me?” 

- “But… why?” He asked, eyebrows furrowing as he tried to understand

- “Because it’s a nice thing for couples to do together!” You say, excited

- Slightly reluctant, Jumin agreed to style your hair, and sat you down in front of him

- He combed and twisted your hair, and you tried not to scream at his occasionally painful tugs

- In the end, he proudly took you to a mirror, only to see a mess of knots and pins adorning your head 

- Because he was so proud of his work, you couldn’t tell him it looked hideous

- “We should do things like this more often” He told you, smiling at you while caressing your cheek. 


- Approaching the working redhead, you hugged him from behind

- “Ah! I have been contacted by a goddess from the stars!” Seven grinner at you, and you let out a laugh in response 

- “Hey Seven, do you want to come on a date? But not any kind of date…” You smile at him mischievously, and his eyes lighted up

- “What if we went to random places and did little plays in front of the security cameras?” You asked, eyes shining as you described your plan 

- Seven agreed enthusiastically in a heartbeat, and he drove the two of you to a random restaurant 

- With your hand in his, the two of you dashed to a secluded camera 

- Throughout the night, Seven and you danced and did silent plays in front of random security cameras 

[V and Unknown]

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Week of February 19 - 25, 2017

Killer Snails again?

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

In relation to an upcoming battle coming up - gurl, you need to calm the fuck down. I think it’s great that you have chosen to pick a side, but you don’t have to get so damn vocal about that shit to the point of shoving it in our throats. Give the rest of us a chance to formulate our own opinions and be respectful of whichever side we choose – even if it’s shitty, okay?

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Bitch, you are so intent on plunging into the next thing that you’re not thinking straight. Because if you were, you’d notice that you have a lot of unfinished business to attend to. And not getting that shit straightened out will have a profound impact on that next big thing you’re so fucking amped about. It won’t hurt to take a few steps back and to make sure you’ve crossed all T’s and dotted them I’s.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Why are you sticking with this bitch who doesn’t believe in you? I know, I know, she’s some big-name ho in your career world and she could really make or break you. But gurl, relying on her is not going to do you any favors in the long run. You mustn’t live in fear, dearie. If your shit can slay, then you don’t need this nasty queen.

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Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of February 19 - 25, 2017

Killer Snails again?

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

In relation to an upcoming battle coming up - gurl, you need to calm the fuck down. I think it’s great that you have chosen to pick a side, but you don’t have to get so damn vocal about that shit to the point of shoving it in our throats. Give the rest of us a chance to formulate our own opinions and be respectful of whichever side we choose – even if it’s shitty, okay?

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Bitch, you are so intent on plunging into the next thing that you’re not thinking straight. Because if you were, you’d notice that you have a lot of unfinished business to attend to. And not getting that shit straightened out will have a profound impact on that next big thing you’re so fucking amped about. It won’t hurt to take a few steps back and to make sure you’ve crossed all T’s and dotted them I’s.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Why are you sticking with this bitch who doesn’t believe in you? I know, I know, she’s some big-name ho in your career world and she could really make or break you. But gurl, relying on her is not going to do you any favors in the long run. You mustn’t live in fear, dearie. If your shit can slay, then you don’t need this nasty queen.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

There is so much going on in your life, that you’re having a difficult time tracking the things you’re saying to people. But then you get all cranky when something appears inconsistent in your eyes, regardless of whether that’s the case or not. Quite frankly, it’s driving the rest of us crazy! If you don’t watch it, we’re gonna start audio recording the shit out of you.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

There is a predicament you’re in and you can’t pinpoint why that shit looks familiar to you. My dear, it’s time to go back to the library of your past. As you’ll see, that shit has gotten dusty. Now, once you’re in there (and vacuumed), make sure you only take the books which contain the lessons you need to battle your current situation. Don’t get stuck in the past, gurl.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Here’s the thing about debating on social media. No matter how you paint it, no matter what privacy settings you may have, Facebook is sort of a public space. And in front of peers and temporary tricks, no one wants to appear wrong - coz that shit is humiliating. So when you’re exchanging words with another ho on there, keep what I just said in mind. If two people keep insisting on being right, then that’s just wrong, gurr.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You tend to keep an eye on the prize without considering the consequences. You may be in a situation where you’re so consumed with getting your own shit together that you forgot to clue in your loved ones of your plans. I know that multi-tasking is hard for y’alls, but at some point, you’ll have to relinquish some control. Because the big surprise is that, your loved ones can actually help you out with some of that shit - if you let them.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

There is a truth that lies beneath the several colorful options you like to obsess on. And the truth is something you may be refusing to look at. Gurl, I get it. But at some point, the options will run out and you’ll have to take a long hard look at that T. It’s better to tackle that shit now before it gets worse. And just between you, me and my 5,000+ followers, this can get real fucking bad real fast.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

You’re mentally vain these days. You’re getting so caught up in your own concepts and ideas that you’re beginning to reject other bitches’ opinions. And look, a lot of queens out there are stupid, I get that. But I know you well enough to trust that the kind of hos you associate with are level-headed, smart people. I wouldn’t completely negate what they have to say.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Okay, so there is such a thing as having too much perspective. And honestly, some of us bitches can stand to learn something without you having to dictate that shit to us. You are a huge proponent of growth – gurl, I’ve seen you check out guys’ crotches at the gym – so why not let the rest of us evolve through our own clusterfucks?

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Shit is getting real in your gayborhood. Normally, you’d choose to tuck yourself away in your Architectural Digest worthy queen cave, but this time, there’s a possibility of this clusterfuck hitting too close to home. I suggest that you use that same determination you employ when you’re clawing your way to the top of the workplace food chain, into making a difference in other poor bitches’ causes.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Vocalizing your wants and desires, no matter how weird they sound in your mind, is the key to surviving this week. Holding back that shit will cause them to accumulate in your head and all of a sudden, you don’t have the capability to think of other things. The big surprise here, is that a lot of bitches can actually relate to some of your quirky ideas. It’s okay to speak out, queen.

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

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Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Dates: January 20th - February 18th

Symbol: The Water Bearer (♒)

Element: Air

Duality: Masculine

Quality: Fixed

Planet: Uranus

Rules: The Ankles

Aquarius is the 11th astrological sign in the Zodiac. Its planetary ruler is unique Uranus, making Aquarius a very “weird” sign. Aquarius individuals are unique, in that sense. They don’t follow the crowd, they’re naturally rebellious. Aquarius is an Air sign and just like Air signs; Gemini and Libra, they have a strong sense of justice and are social. Aquarius is humanitarian, almost always socially concerned. They’re definitely far from selfish. Aquarius usually enjoys coming up with different, quirky ideas. They live in their head a lot and thus they seem rather detached from the rest of the world.

anonymous asked:

can you suggest clothing items that give off a quirky yet cute vibe?

Patronus - Calico Cat

As a calico cat, you know when it’s time to let yourself go wild, or lay back and relax. No matter what the situation, your colourful personality brightens any conversation, whether it be with a quirky idea, or simply your smile.

This aesthetic board was made by my wonderful new helper, @percyjacky123!

@espersona week Day 2: Awakening

I’m posting this so late at night and incomplete looking because 1) I got busy today and 2) this is embarrassingly personal. it looks better if you click it at least


I’m really dang good at stressing out and the last year of high school was hell for me because of terrible emotions and constant breakdowns so if anything were to awaken my powers it’d be that so here’s me accidentally constructing barriers due to wanting to close things out

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Undiagnosed!Autistic!Tony with Good!allistic friend Rhodey (lets him stim, infodump, and hide when overstimulated.) and Bad!allistic friend Pepper (tries to force him to behave like a normal person when he isn't)?

You had me excited up until bad!ally friend Pepper. Pepper was Tony’s employee before she was his friend. Tony might not be diagnosed but like hell he’d put up with an employee making him feel like shit. So I feel like if Pepper tried to force him to behave like a neurotypical person, he would have canned her immediately. (And Rhodey would back him up one hundred percent.)

If you want to keep the bad!ally Pepper, someone can be a bad ally without being a bad friend. Maybe she just doesn’t understand how to help sometimes, and she does the wrong things, and Tony is too afraid to tell her because she’s so good at everything else. I mean it’s amazing what a person will put up with when a person as a whole is pretty great. Maybe she doesn’t force him to behave like a neurotypical, but she has expectations that she thinks are reasonable that actually aren’t because Tony has trouble explaining things. Especially considering that Tony is undiagnosed. Pepper can’t be expected to be a great ally if she doesn’t know. She might suspect, of course, but she could also just think he’s quirky.

 Horoscope and Tarot Overview for April 11, 2017- 

Full Moon- Mercury Rx- manylighthands.com

The Moon stays in even handed Libra until this evening, opposing the Sun in Aries for a Full Pink Moon at 2:09 AM, EST, highlighting issues where we use aggression or impatience rather than balance and calm. It may be difficult to reconcile feelings for significant others because we would rather explore freedom instead of compatibility. Our tasks are related to finding blocks to intimacy, opening candid communication and realizing what our needs are, while knowing what our loved one’s needs are also.   

The Moon also opposes Uranus this morning assuring most of our internal discoveries can come at quite a surprise. We are attracted to wild ideas and quirky things to do, which may or may not warrant further exploration. Think about what you want to stay carefully before opening a can of worms you cannot close.   

Later this afternoon the Moon sextiles Rx Venus in Taurus, helping to ground our emotions and move us into a more solid, sensual base of commonality. Review money, spending and savings techniques. We are far more in touch with what /how we need to go for the gold.    

Tarot Cards of the Day- The World, Queen of Wands and Queen of Swords-we are within reach of our goals if we learn from our mistakes and speak with an open mind but a compassion heart. Be extra mindful while pursuing goals and make sure to get legal advice if needed. 

Chakras: third eye and throat
Crystals: clear quartz and blue sapphire
Aromatherapy: lavender and lemongrass essential oils
Yoga-a gentle hatha flow with inversions  

anonymous asked:

I was talking to my dogs and only half paying attention to the screen when I saw your post about the other schools' heroic students so I read heroic students ... Haikyuu... and thought you wanted the BNHA students to play volleyball or wanted the Haikyuu students to have quirks :P (which actually could be pretty fun but did feel a bit random at the time) - Cy

Lmao. Okay but like that’s such an interesting idea. What would volleyball look like with quirks?

Imagine Hinata and the others are Yuuei students in the general education stream.

And while Izuku and the others are off saving the day and tangling with the baddies, the volleyball club is just trying to get through the school year.

Imagine Kageyama sees Hinata jump for the first time, and he’s not at all impressed.

“You may have a decent quirk, but you know you aren’t allowed to use it in official games, right?”

And Hinata looks puzzled and says, “But my quirk is just the ability to slightly manipulate people’s moods? Why would I want to use that in volleyball? That isn’t even helpful?”

And Kageyama is suddenly terrified because holy shit, that means that jump Hinata just did was pure physical ability and now he’s kinda terrified of this smol beast but also kinda excited to play on the same team as him.

Grouping The Personalities, Part 3: Value Groups

What we here at TBMPT like to call the Value Groups are also known as Quadras; which is of the core theories in the Russian typology system called Socionics.

In this system, the sixteen personalities were divided into four groups based on what cognitive functions are valued and whose use is encouraged in communication and decision-making. We here at TBMPT believe that this grouping, while valid, is the least useful in determining type because of its abstract nature; unlike Interest Groups or Temperaments, understanding Value Groups/Quadras takes more experience and knowledge – both of the system itself and of the people involved.

Either way, the Value Groups are valid and important to understand if you wish to gain a well-rounded knowledge of Typology. Their most important use becomes apparent when you gain an understanding for intertype relationships, another Socionics-based topic that we will be covering later on. But for now, let’s get down to Grouping the Personalities, Part 3.



The types of the Alpha grouping value Si, Ne, Ti and Fe.

As a group, Alphas tend to be emotionally positive and place a strong emphasis on this, encouraging a merry, happy and relaxed atmosphere where people can talk about their interests, ideas and beliefs in a relaxed manner. Theoretical discussions and concepts are usually considered stimulating and a source of interest, yet rarely are they given serious long-term treatment; instead being a source of fun rather than a source of practical merit. Due to the relaxed nature of Alphas, they tend to view formalities, melodrama and seriousness in a negative light, instead preferring laid-back jokes, funny moments and general light-heartedness interlaced with imaginative ideas and quirky observations.


The types of the Beta grouping value Se, Ni, Ti and Fe.

Betas are the most emotionally expressive of the Value Groups, and encourage or pressure people to participate in this emotional atmosphere. Fun is taken seriously by Betas, and almost all activities are collective; group discussions, group jokes, group games, everyone participates. But due to their collective nature, it is the Betas who are most likely to avoid long-winded monologues, one-on-one conversations and open criticism of other people in group contexts. At the same time, Betas are usually bored by quiet and relaxed groups and impersonal discussion, preferring situations to be loud, passionate and emotional. Generally Betas have strong and serious views about politics, social issues and such, and will often express their views and concerns with a certain a dramatic, poetic and theatrical flair. Essentially, apathy and indifference on such subjects is the polar opposite to the Beta way of life.


The types of the Gamma grouping value Se, Ni, Te and Fi.

Gamma groups can be characterized by their small size, subdued emotions and somewhat serious demeanor. Of all groups, the Gammas could be characterized as the least laid back and creative, instead valuing a realistic, materialistic and somewhat forceful and direct outlook; Machiavellian intelligence is highly valued by Gammas. When stories and experiences are discussed in Gamma groups, the intent usually isn’t to be humorous, but instead insightful; delivering an inherent lesson which can be drawn from the story being told. These discussions do tend to be personal in nature, with a focus on past failures and future successes, prospects and enterprises. When there are jokes and humor in Gamma groups, the serious demeanor changes slightly. Emotions remain subdued; outright laughter is somewhat rare, but smiles and amused smirks become common in lighthearted situations. Gamma humor is generally blunt and sarcastic, often appearing cynical to outsiders. Another characteristic of the Gammas is a certain sense of chivalry; loyalty to one another is highly valued, as are deeds and self-sacrifices, provided they have an actual affect on someone or something. 


The types of the Delta grouping value Si, Ne, Te and Fi.

The Delta group combines the individualistic, creative attitudes of the Alphas with the objective and serious outlook of the Gammas. Deltas typically value a live and let live, noncompetitive attitude with other individuals and groups. Of all the Value Groups, the Deltas tend to be anarchic, leaderless and the most likely to splinter into smaller groups, based on their current interests and sentiments. In discussions, Deltas tend to speak about personal experiences and sentiments with an insightful goal in mind, but also like talking about new experiences and new facts, or even old facts with a new perspective or idea. That being said, theoretical discussions and concepts are usually discussed with some productive and tangible goal in mind; which is what separates Deltas from Alphas. Humor is generally subdued and sprinkled throughout the discussion, and Delta humor is characteristically dry and sarcastic, but usually not as blunt or cynical as that of the Gammas.


Well. That’s the end of our second topic of discussion. Groupings are extremely helpful for typing people, but also for understanding some of the behind-the-scenes mechanics of social dynamics. For our next topic we’ll either cover the cognitive functions in a deeper detail, or start publishing our brief overviews of each of the sixteen personalities. What ever option we choose; you’ll hear from us sometime next week.

For any questions, advice or input, feel free to send us a message.


The Bohemian Maverick Typing Team,