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giraaffee  asked:

Any Christmas (gifts maybe) DIY? Your blog is an amazing resource!

Thank you so much!! Glad to be of service! Here are some of my DIY suggestions for gifts.

DIY Cute Animal Socks

Transform a set of new socks into cute gifts for friends. Who doesn’t want some adorably funky socks?

DIY Wool Felt iPhone Sleeves

Easy to sew and handy to use. Mix and match your gift recipient’s favourite colours, there are plenty of colours to be found in wool felt!

DIY Word Up Hair Grips

Go with the recipient’s favourite phrase, name of character, show, fandom, etc. Personalize it, make it fun!

DIY Emergency Chocolate Craft

Enough said.

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

Supernatural gif drabble

From @trisscar368

It was very important to Castiel that Hannah not just follow his orders because it was her job, or because she trusted him exclusively. He really wanted her to understand and value the human experience the way that he did. He wanted her to see that humans were equal to angels, that they were at least as valuable.  Walking past a storefront full of quirky gifts one day, he surprised himself by hatching a plan.

“What is this?” Hannah asked confused.

“It is a surprise” Castiel answered observing her suspicion carefully. Angels rarely had an occasion to experience surprise.

“What’s the surprise?”  She looked uncomfortable.

“Open it.” Castiel encouraged.

Hannah took the little box out of the plastic bags and held it in her hands. It declared ‘Would You Rather’ in big letters on a brightly colored backdrop. She was at a loss.

“What is this?”

“It’s a game humans play sometimes.  Take out a card and read it." 

Castiel watched her suspicion continue to grow as she opened the box and remove a card.

"Would you rather be forced to know the day you die but not how, or the way in which you die, but not when.”  She was silent a full minute then met his eyes with a look of horror.

“Is this a demon deal?”

“No, of course not. It’s a human game. You make a choice, and then explain why. The things do not actually happen. They are theoretical.”  He watched her try to grapple with this.

“But… but what is the right answer? How do I know what to pick?”

Castiel felt pleased. This was going to work. 

“There is no right answer. Humans must make choices all the time without divine guidance. Choices about their values, their priorities, their day to day lives, that have no right answer. They simply have to take their best guess. This game is like that, a way to practice thinking through choices and deciding. Try it, pick one.”  

Hannah now looked skeptical but also thoughtful.

“Ok. I suppose I would rather know the day I die so that I can stay safe and avoid dangerous situations that day.”

Castiel nodded. Glad she had made any choice at all. 

“I would choose to know the manner of my death so that I could avoid the circumstances that would lead to it.”

Hannah’s face fell.  "I chose wrong. You trusted me with this game, and I failed you.“

"No” Castiel tried to be encouraging, “This is good. This is human reality. You and I think differently, so we approach the problem differently. Not wrong, just differently. That is the beauty of choice. Choose another card.”

“They do this for fun?”

Hannah drew another card from the box and read it. “Would you rather spend a week as a monkey, or as an elephant.” She hardly paused this time. “Well those are both rather appalling but I suppose I would rather be a monkey because swinging in branches might seem similar to flying, and I think I would like eating seeds and berries. I appreciate a good berry.”

“I think I would prefer an elephant” Castiel replied, “I have always wondered what it would feel like to be able to lift things with my nose.”

At that Hannah actually giggled a little. “I’ll pick another card” she volunteered. This was going better than Castiel could have hoped.

anonymous asked:

A seven planet stellium?? Wow. Is it visible to you how this affects your friend?

Oh hell yeah. It’s super visible, especially since it’s an Aquarius stellium in the 11th House. She’s probably the most Aquarian person you’ll meet.

For starters, she literally knows everyone and has been friends with almost everyone. It’s very hard to not be friends with her. Massively popular and friendly. Very liberal and quirky. Very logically gifted and inclined - not so much an emotional person. It’s hard to dislike her unless you want to be jealous of her lol.

I just want someone who can make me happy. Show me new things. Make me laugh hysterically. Play video games with me. Buy me quirky gifts. Make me feel a little bit less insecure. Talk about nonsense with me. Let me feel happy, all day, every day. Bake with me. Make me smile for no reason. Face my fears with me. Look after me. Support me in all that I do. Give me butterflies but in a good way. Hold me when I’m scared. Make me unable to stay angry. Mess about with me. Call me at 1 am. Be by my side. Make me feel loved.
—  I just want someone to call mine.